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City Easter Egg Hunt

Date posted - April 21, 2014

First of all, I would like to thank the city, volunteers, and sponsors for putting on the Egg Hunt for all the kids.


This was the first year I had my 4 year old attend. I think it will be our last. The signs saying “No parents allowed” inside the roped off area were very clearly ignored by a LOT of people. My daughter got bumped and pushed by lots of parents trying to shuffle their kids around. I was looking forward to a lot of fun and made sure to remind my daughter to be kind of everyone and to not fight. Most parents were treating it like a competition. I have other children that will be old enough to be in the 2-4 category next year, but I’m not willing to put them in potential harms way over a few eggs with candy in them.


The bike raffle was fun. When kids won, everyone clapped. That was nice to experience.

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12 Responses to “City Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Me says:

    I agree. Thank you to the volunteers and sponsors. They try, but doesn’t help when parent/grandparents don’t listen. It’s one thing for parents to just be beside the child for reassurance, not all children like the separation, it’s another when the parents/ grandparents are helping pick up the egg and putting them in the bucket for the child. Parents/grandparents should not be touching the eggs. Should be a limit on how many a child can pick up. Wish they would do each age at different times. Hard when you have different children in different age groups. 10 minutes all finished.

  2. B_Mom says:

    I have attended for the last few years with the grandkids and wonderful job by all the volunteers! It has always been a wonderful experience for our family. We had 3 in the 2-4 yr old area and I watched as they put eggs in a little girl’s basket, only understanding that eggs went in baskets. Their innocent generosity was sweet. Afterwards, the Dad of the little girl, who had also been observing this, came to them and gave them each a piece of candy to say “Thank you for sharing” and being good sports. We can all take a lesson from them.

    • LISA says:

      This is the same reason we quit attending the East Elementary Carnival. After attending only one year we said never again. On the night of the carnival we would tell our children to choose whatever else they wanted to do (a movie, campfire, friend overnight etc.)

      • Wondering... says:

        What happened at the elementary carnival that needs to be changed? I heard the carnival was very successful and well received this year.

      • Parent of 2 says:

        If your kids are still at an age where they might enjoy a carnival, you should give the East Elementary Carnival another try LISA. It was awesome this year–great E4E and student volunteers! Kids (and parents) that went loved it!

  3. KW says:

    It is sad when the kids are better behaved than the parents.

  4. An Idea... says:

    Maybe there needs to be a separate section/category/grouping of eggs where parents/grandparents are allowed to help their “reluctant” child gather a pre-determined number of eggs, say 10 eggs per child. Everyone wins and everyone is safe. Still allow the sections where the more mature and ambitious kids can roam free and gather eggs to their little hearts content. In those sections, the “no parent rule” would be strictly enforced. Right now it’s impossible for the volunteers to properly enforce that rule–the parents that ARE following the rules are actually putting their kids in danger due to the parents who ARENT following the rules. Some kids do need there parents help, but not to the extent where the parent is gathering up as many eggs as they can “for the child”. Maybe they should have a section for parents… THAT would be entertaining!

  5. meet says:

    I agree. My kids will not return. Pushing. Bumped into. Big kid / little kids. Its Luke a competition. Thanks to volunteers but….

  6. Mike says:

    People will complain about everything. Well I’m going to complain about the complainers. How about you try not being so crabby and just have fun like everyone else did.

    • Karin says:

      I have been at many an egg hunt. Years ago, volunteers were inside the fenced off area to keep the adults out. I do agree there should be areas for each age group. The park is big enough and they certainly have enough eggs that they don’t even use. I was happy to see coupons donated by different businesses in them this year besides the same old flavored tootsie rolls. Some kids I know went to other towns, Because it’s just too easy… Not really a hunt. But thank to the businesses for donating the money to put it on and to all the volunteers who helped out. It does take a village to put these and many other things on.

  7. Christina G says:

    I am one of those parents who had a child who needed assistance in the ropes. After watching my 2 year old pick up his first egg, open it, and proceed to try to eat the candy inside WITH the wrapper still on, I let my husband go in to assist him. He didn’t go far with him, just stayed in the same area he was, trying to encourage him to pick up a few more, to no avail, because he was focused on that one piece of candy still, lol. I agree to the pushing and competitive style help parents were giving, but I think when you have 2 year olds in there, you need to realize that they may need a little assistance. And as for the one that said the parents should not be allowed to touch the eggs, I will tell you my husband did pick up about 8-10 eggs for him, and then they came back out and opened them. It’s about respect, and not being greedy that I think is the problem. Not all the parents that were inside the ropes did so because of disrespect to the rules.

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