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City Repairs

Date posted - June 20, 2014

I am wondering, with the new development, sports complex, uptown project, did anyone think about those of us who actually pay taxes in a town where it seems half the storm sewers work? I would like our fair city to look at some maintenance projects rather than making it look (pretty)! After all has anyone driven down 16th st lately, as well as some of our other streets? The storm sewers on half the streets won’t take water anymore and when it rains it floods the streets. I want everyone to understand I am not against progress, I actually favor it, however at the expense of the center mass of those who can’t afford a new house in the nice new part of town? Last I knew this was a town of 5000 people give or take a few, and it seems it still is so why then do we need such elaborate uptown things (the bumpouts suck by the way), new development, well…. Like I said I am well aware we need to move forward but maintaining the center infrastructure of our town is and always should be a must!


ranger 88a

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4 Responses to “City Repairs”

  1. local shopper says:

    I do agree that some of the issues you raise do need more attention. I suggest getting yourself on the agenda for a city council meeting. Another suggestion I have is visiting with a city maintenance worker. My husband did this last night. We learned that the south half of 16th st. is under the jurisdiction of the county. They don’t want to help fix it. We learned that there are several lift stations around town that help take sewer water where it needs to go. I also understand that several of the underground sewer pipes (I don’t know what they are technically called) don’t have a big enough circumference for all of the water that goes through-hence the backup.
    Gather information from direct sources and then speak your mind to those who need to hear it.

  2. what says:

    if the city knows of these deficiencies why not fix them instead of flooding residents basements. Oh and pick up the branches from the storm or provide residents a place to take them since tree dump flooded. Or just do nothing!

    • Chilled says:

      If you can’t get into the tree dump how are the city trucks supposed to? They do a service by picking up the branches, however you can’t expect them to pick them up the next day!

  3. Say What? says:

    I think we can all agree that the amount of rain that we received was not “normal”. That problem was compounded by the electricity going out and sump pumps not working for 4+ hours. Those two issues resulted in a mess for many.

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