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Date posted - October 9, 2013

Default! Politicians want to panic; yet, they know that federal revenues of $350 Billion per month would be more than enough to pay the $19B/mo. interest payments; the $67B/mo. mandatory payments to Social Security recipients; and, the $68B/mo. pension benefits. And, there is enough to pay $75B/mo. for Defense and $21B/mo. to administer these programs. The rest of government—  education, transportation, welfare, healthcare, etc. are $111B/mo. of deficit spending and ought to be negotiable. If Republicans just cave-in, pass a Continuing Resolution and Raise the Debt Ceiling, spending will increase at an 8% rate and the Debt will reach $22 Trillion. This is unsustainable! The government already spends $1Trillion and the private sector is taxed $3Trillion to pay for healthcare. Obamacare regulations will suppress competition, innovation and profitability so that the economy will stagnate and the Debt will be unsustainable. Politically-connected businesses already get contracts and waivers; while high over-head business down-size or pay fees. Middle-class tax-paying full-time employees will become proletarian tax-dependent part-time workers. With everyone either working for or dependent on government the only people getting rich will be bond holders.


Michael McCarty 

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34 Responses to “DEFAULT!”

  1. Ducky says:

    The republicans in congress can also do the following to cut spending and increase the revenue:
    Stop funding the oil pipeline
    Decrease or stop giving free money to oil companies
    Decrease or stop the NSA’s spying on its own people
    Stop giving billions of dollars to other nations (i.e. Egypt, Isreal, etc.)
    Ease up on the War on Drugs (legalize cannabis and make it taxable for additional revenue)
    Have a more appropriate budget for the military
    Make congressmen pay for there own crap. (offices, staff, gym memberships, insurance)
    Start taxing the rich their fair amount!

    • ha what says:

      Just how much is a fair amount to tax the rich?

      • Ducky says:

        At least the amount that we tax the middle class, maybe more. A CEO of a company pays a lower percentage in taxes than his personal secretary required to. I’d say flat tax straight across the board, but there are families out their that pinch every penny pretty tight as it is.

        • ha what says:

          You will get no argument from me on the flat tax. I would prefer a national sales tax!

          Would you consider someone making more than $200,000 rich?

          • Lee Ann says:

            I would consider someone in NW Iowa making $200,000 fairly rich. but in NY city and major cities in California, $200,000 would be difficult to be upper middle class. Yet in those cities we have people struggling along on minimum wage jobs in fast food and big box stores. So while $200,000 in those cities is not rich. The poor in those cities are really struggling.

            In Canada they have an added sales tax which pays for their health care. If the economy were in better shape, I would favor a national sales tax to cover some of the things we need. But right now, it would unfairly be too much for the poor and needy to pay additional sales taxes.

  2. Biker says:

    Ducky….really? With what experience do you speak off? Don’t be some mind numbing robot or dope smoking peace pansy to legalize this or tax that. Put up or …….

    • Ducky says:

      Biker, you know what? You have changed my ways. Your reaction to immediately throw jabs at someone who thinks logically has changed my political views. From now on, I’ll support over taxing the poor. And the War on Drugs?… Gee, that’s a winning battle. And giving large sums of money to other countries is in the American peoples’ best interest.

      I’m not against marijuana, but I know a big source of cash if I’d ever seen one. We discovered that taxing the middle class more and the rich less lead to an economic crash. Our military has more money than they know what to do with. We’re GIVING money away (and military equipment) when we’re struggling financially ourselves.

      I find your response… very illogical. Live long and prosper. _\\//

      • Old wrestler says:


        Can you show numbers to support what you are proposing for tax changes? What about the legalizing of pot what do you offer to show that it will be the high income producing product that you say it will be? As for the fight on drugs well should we also stop trying to catch murders as we seem to be losing that battle too, just because it seems we aren’t winning means we should stop fighting it? What state would our country be in if we didn’t have the war on drugs?

        I agree we shouldn’t be sending billions to other countries with our own country in the shape it’s in. As for congress I have never understood why they get as many things provided to them as they do. I think there should be a term limit on our congress just as we have on the president. 2 or 3 terms and your time is up, something that I know won’t happen as they would never vote to limit their own job times or incomes but it would be a nice change.

        • Ducky says:

          The last time I checked, 53% (majority) of Americans supported legalizing marijuana. There is a difference between smoking a little weed and playing Nintendo than taking the life of another human being. Several doctors (unsure of the percentage) agree that there are SEVERAL medical benefits of marijuana from treating pain in people with MS, fibromyalgia, restore appetites in chemo patients, and even treating seizure disorders. And no one has ever died from cannabis. So, to spend thousands of dollars to raid a single Medical marijuana distro in a state that legalized it seems like a major waste of US tax payers money.
          Regardless of your own views on marijuana, the majority does support it. Isn’t that what we, as Americans, are supposed to show the rest of the wold? We promote democracy to other countries (sometimes by force), so let’s lead by example. DEMOCRACY!

          • thequietone says:

            Once again Ducky show me your stats that prove legalizing the drug will be this huge cash producer that your claim states it will be.

            You say that chemo patients will benefit from it, only in some cases. I have first hand knowledge that it doesn’t improve all cancer patients appetites. Have talked to 4 separate specialist who stated that just as with any drug sometimes it will work to help sometimes it won’t.

            You say no one has ever died from weed, can you prove that no one has been hit by someone was high driving a car? or that someone who was high didn’t die while being high because of the slowed reaction times?

            You state stats that say 53% of Americans want weed legalized. Is that based on every single American? No it is based of a sample set they polled which I am sure you are fully aware of as you seem to be an intelligent person who is capable of debating this topic without it becoming an attack. Stats can be used to defend whatever argument you want depending on how you want to use them or how you do the polling to get those stats.

            If someone wants to smoke weed honestly I am not going to think much differently of them, I have friends who I know do it, I don’t but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or that I think they are losers some of them actually have some very good jobs and make plenty more then I do in the income column because they do it on rare occasions. I also know people, not sure I would say they are friends, might have been at one time who have ended up losing out on a lot because of weed and then they sit and complain about how unfair it is.

          • Lyonman says:

            Please go use a different forum to promote legalizing marijuana.You bring no credibility to this sight or to yourself with this stuff.

          • Ducky says:

            How can you say you want polls and then say any poll I give you would be skewed. I’ve taken college classes in both social economics and statistics and I can say…. you’re only slightly right. No poll is 100% percent accurate if it’s solely based on a study group. But mathematicians and statistical experts are aware of this fact also. There is also an equation to factor in on how accurate their own polls may be. This can be factored with the standard deviation. Often, when a statistical chart is used, you’ll see a cross and a minus sign. (+ with an underscore underneath). The smaller the number associated with that symbol (provided that the math was done properly), the more accurate the poll is. The larger the study group, the more accurate it represents the general population.
            This means that 53% answer I posted earlier may either be higher or lower. And because “53%” of the polls support it does NOT mean “47%” are strongly opposed. You then have to break down the remainder with those who are also neutral. This COULD mean (not remembering the other numbers from this poll a couple of weeks ago) That “53%” support it, “30%” oppose it, and the “17%” are neutral.

            Here are some credible sources:
            ABC News April, 2013

            Huffington Post August, 2013

            PEW Research Arpis 2013

          • thequietone says:

            Ducky one thing I will point out is that the poll is based off of how many people? 1,501. Yes your right statistics classes teach us how to use equations to figure what that means for the US as a whole but a sample size of 1,501 people out of what 200 million in the US over age 18 that is what for percentages? .00075% of the population that your asking that question. The 53% that you are using means that 796 people who were surveyed said that they support legalizing it. Not exactly getting a real sampling of the views of the US. Not to mention it says that it was done by a phone interview. How many of us want to sit through some phone poll or for that matter how many completely ignore the call because it is an unknown number or a number that appears to be from a telemarketer?

            Yes they can use equations to say well it should mean this is the way it should figure out to be as you pointed out, having spent 4 years in college and 2 in grad school in math related fields I have taken my share of stats classes and understand that.

            I enjoy debating this with you as you bring up thought out points and actually debate it with thought out post instead of using an argument that is just an attack. I know that I won’t change your view and am sure you know you won’t change mine, but I do thank you for the links as they do have some good information. I wish you luck in your future and once again thank you for the spirited debate.

          • Old Orab says:

            Are your sources biased? Are they? Check your sources often. Hopefully this isn’t the opinions of your friends and your professors. I hope you can come to your own conclussions. Don’t let others make your decisions for you.

        • Ducky says:

          Yes, it is quite nice to have a nice debate with logic and reason. I’ve seen less and less of it on “Two Cents” There are too many people here who only poke jabs at the others who think differently from their own views. I’ve noticed if a post is either liberal, logical, or non-religious, people start casting stones and break out the sarcasm.

          • Iowavoter says:

            Why not legalize marijuana? Cigarettes Alcohol and legal narcotics are harder on the body than marijuana. I know the damage cigarettes and alcohol can do to your body. I take a legal narcotic everyday so I can function without being in chronic pain. If smoking a joint reduces the amount of narcotics I take who are you to tell me I cant.

            Legalize marijuana as a crop farmers can grow and sell on the market to pharmacy company’s. Buy it at the pharmacy like you would buy any other precipitation. Take the money away from the Mexican Drug lords

          • Ducky says:

            I never thought about the farmers selling it on their own. “Little somethin’ special” the next time you go to the farmer’s market. Hahaha. I believe your argument would help ease the hatred here in Northwest Iowa. Let’s see here… 20-30 dollars a gram across the United States…. miles upon miles of ditches and several groves that hog up possible farming land….. Wow, the local farmers could make a serious profit with a plant that would cost nearly nothing to grow.

    • Ducky says:

      DUCKY 2014!

    • DUG says:

      Man, I’m all for the legalization of pot, because after this debautchery that we are going through, I’m going to need something to numb my brain. Never, EVER, would I have thought that I would be in the world of hurt that I’m in right now. I work as a Federal employee and it sure is funny how the private sector employees treat me now. I am no longer a symbol of the American public, I am a joke. I had to go and apply for unemployment because my employer is not paying me. I still have to report for work every day(and I work a 7 day work week)(not to mention all leave has been cancelled). I can’t go on strike because it’s against the law. Heck I can’t even get outside employment because it just isn’t feasible(working 11-12 hours a day, hour drive to and from work). Talk about taking it up the old tailpipe!!! Used to be a few years ago, I was proud of my position, now, thanks to my employer’s head honcho, yes, you know who, our illustrious Prez, I think the politicians are nothing but a bunch of trash. I can’t remember who said it, but some politician said, “this will not affect everyone” Yeah, it won’t affect the idiots that have created this problem, because they get paid whether they work or not. We, the people on the front lines, are the ones that are getting screwed. Bills don’t stop coming, but our pay does. All I can say is a big THANK YOU to all of those people that voted for this piece of crap, it’s made my job soooooo much more appealing.

      • LazloTu says:

        I believe the fault lies with the TeaParty and the lame Repubs in Congress. Oh, and don’t forget the Bush/Cheney mob and the mad dash to invade Iraq. Try looking at the facts…..

        • Tim says:

          I have been waiting for this post. What took you so long? I knew sooner or later this situation would eventually be blamed on the Bush era. It is now the Obama era!

          • LazloTu says:

            Perhaps you simply cannot accept history and facts. Sure, Obama is our POTUS now; yet, can you seriously deny that the debt and world hate of the USA was not brought on by bush/cheney?
            The debt from that administration was still coming in long after Obama took office; so don’t panic when I or someone else points out simple history.
            I would suggest that this issue is a bit like the ‘big oil’ people (BP) running ads suggesting that they’ve “invested billions of $ in the Gulf Coast….” to show how much they care about the environment.
            Just an aside thought: what’s your response to the GOP Congress infighting and lack of regard for those suffering from the current charade??
            I believe this comes down to the simple question: ‘What would Jesus do?’ (for Christians) non-Christians most likely have a similar question.
            Peace….. *

          • Lee Ann says:

            Throughout modern history, its been known that there are cycles in government. A recession may start under one President, and continue on through one or two more Presidents. Just as we could not blame the Great Depression on FDR. He spent his time in office trying to fix the damage done before he was elected. Would you say that was FDR’s fault? Obama campaigned back in 2007 and 2008, hoping to do good things to our government, infrastructure, education, etc. Nobody knew the bottom was going to fall out from under all of us. I agree with some that Obama would have been a better President with a far better legacy if he had gotten the government to run that he expected to have. instead he got a mess. History is going to show that he did more than I expected. But I believe his legacy would have been much better if the recession hadn’t been so deep or so long. The obstruction and damage by the right doesn’t help either. But in answer to your comment, “yes, Bush, the two wars, the tax cuts, did cause this recession and deficit. Its not to blame on Obama. But it is his to try to fix. “

  3. Meets says:

    To the original poster….great post!

  4. Going Proactive says:

    “It turns out that Constitutional limits and language are only guaranteed to last as long as the people are vigilantly involved. No matter what the Constitution says, it won’t endure if the people don’t closely read it and demand that it be followed: In this sense they are the fourth branch of government: The Overseers.” Oliver DeMille, “Freedomshift”.

    I’ve learned information about why the political, economic and moral climate is what it is, and what can be done in the fight we are in right now: for freedom and against force. This does not just involve waiting for the next election and bloviating. We have to stop leaving the fixing to the “experts” and go proactive, doing our part.

    • Dug says:

      Like what? Write our local congress man? Ain’t nobody there. Even when there are people there, there aren’t. Know what I mean? Heck I can’t even speak to Vilsak and he’s my head honcho. I have tried emailing him even simple questions in regard to my job and he doesn’t answer. Guess he’s too busy down by the pool or golfing or whatever.

      • Going Proactive says:

        “…freedom is incredibly rare in history. It occurs only with an extremely high cost in resource, blood, sacrifice and wisdom, and it is maintained only when the citizenry does its job of truly leading the nation as Overseers. Regular people must understand what is going on at the same or a higher level than government leaders, or the leaders become an upper class and the people are regulated to following child-like as submissives and dependents.
        To elect the right leaders and support the right direction in government, the people must study, watch, analyze and think deeply. They must study and understand the principles of freedom and they must get involved to ensure that these principles are correctly applied.” Oliver DeMille, “Freedomshift”
        We all know freedom is not free and it doesn’t come with an “EASY” button that we can push. We all have been guilty of pointing our finger at the next person because it is easier to examine their doorstep than to examine our own. Get introspective and figure out what YOU can do and quit waiting for the next election. Figure out the difference between a POLITICIAN and a STATESMAN. Huge! Change your information!

        I am changing my information, and with this new information am looking inward and resolving to change things in myself first. An example: “In the early 18th century, three young Colonial Americans resolved to build lives of virtue by studying and applying daily resolutions. These men – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards – transformed themselves by diligently studying and applying their resolutions, thus creating an enduring legacy, not just through what they did, but more importantly, through who they were.” Orrin Woodward, “Resolved – 13 Resolutions for LIFE”.
        I am also studying the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, God’s word, and the most important source of wisdom. I’ve just scratched the surface in this journey. A new way I am learning to live the rest of my dash – LIFE: Living Intentional For Excellence. So far it has been an enlightening endeavor!

  5. Biker says:

    Limbaugh! Close the curtains the show is over before it bagan! Just tune in kiwa 1550 am. Then once you feel enlighten contuining listening to Hannity! That will brighten all your weekends up!!

  6. TM says:

    I like the Daily Show and Cobert Report. I can understand what they are talking about and if you watch both shows its balanced information. I stopped listening to Limbaugh in the 8th grade when I figured out he was an idiot who liked $$$$

    • Ducky says:

      Oh, Limbaugh…. He believes marijuana should be illegal but gets high off of prescription meds in large quantities. That man is a joke, along with Bill O’riely, Glenn Beck, and the majority of the Fox News reporting staff. Don’t get me wrong, there are some other news casters that I don’t like (Helen Hunt). But Fox news is special. They strive on wild goose chases. Anyone remember “Death Panels”, “War on Christmas”, or maybe fake riots in Canada after a hockey game?
      Just saying, I sometimes feel as if they draw topics from two hats. One hat contains adjectives and the other holds nouns.

    • Ducky says:

      And yet, they still tried to place all the blame on the president. I’ve seen Radical GOP Congressmen do some crazy stuff before, but that video caused my jaw to drop.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I would like to see medical MJ come to Iowa. However, my main concern is not about the MJ you smoke, but the hemp that we can grow. Ditchweed is never smoked by anyone, there’s no THC in it. But hemp grown by farmers around here could bring in major money. When they put Prohibition on marijuana, they also put it on hemp. Hemp grows really tall, the threads can be used to make really strong cloth and ropes. The entire rest of the plant can be thrown into an ethanol plant and it is much more efficient than corn, a food product, in making ethanol. Hemp can be grown on hills, on land not good for corn and beans. And it would bring a whole bunch of money into Iowa.

        While not every cancer patient gets relief from smoking Marijuana, if a cancer patient or a person in pain does get relief, its worth its weight in gold. The pharmacists that advise our legislators are using a book from 1972, that says there is no medicinal value in MJ. Which has been changed in more recent books on pharmacology.

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