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Development on Sheldon’s Southwest Side?

Date posted - December 10, 2012

Why isn’t Sheldon doing anything down on the SW side of town near the bypass?

All of the industry is out there. Not to mention lot’s of young singles with more disposable income.

Open something on both sides of the tracks so not everyone has to fight the traffic jam that occurs across from Glen’s.



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28 Responses to “Development on Sheldon’s Southwest Side?”

  1. Jeff says:

    That is not the cool place to be. I have the same thing in another post with regards to property out by rmt, the new feed mill area etc. isn’t that heavy industrial already. But yes good question.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Many years ago, wasn’t Rosenboom wanting to expand and they wouldn’t let them so they opened up the facility up north? Spirit Lake or wherever it is. that could be so discouraging to companies wanting to build and expand. I would hope that the people in the development of our industries now are emphasizing to any potential corporations that we want to encourage growth, not limit it.

  2. jay miller says:

    wrong side of the tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nate says:

    I know we have a million gas stations in town, but when driving out of the southwest side of town, a gas station off the bypass would be handy. Kind of dreaming on this one, but I find myself waiting until Hospers or Alton to get gas, instead of driving back into Sheldon on 2nd ave to one of the many locations there.

    • Rean says:

      Might be a good place for a Kum & Go. Or has Casey’s put the Kabosh on K&G in Sheldon?

    • kelly says:

      It would be great for Maintainer and other businesses out the south side to have some type of store so that they wouldn’t have to drive to Casey’s to get a drink on break or some thing to eat for a quick lunch.

      • Not welcome says:

        What is needed would be a truck stop right by the 2nd ave exit. Count how many trucks go through on 18 or 60 on a daily basic. If only a fourth would stop and spend some money think of the added $$ to the town. Not having a place for trucks to stop keeps them away and some companies too. Right now trucks are not welcome in Sheldon.

        • Lee Ann says:

          It would be great to have one of the big truck stops here off of 60 on the south side. A truck stop with a good sized turnaround, so they have good to move, park, and spend money on food and diesel. Right now a lot of them go up to Sibley. But there aren’t any really big truck stops around here. There are a lot on other highways.

  4. Jeff says:

    Need incentives for builders, developers etc to take the plunge. Once again we need to look to our neighbors (other communities) what they do and offer. I would dare say you’d be shocked and if those ideas were implemented, maybe we might see some development!

  5. Ashshade says:

    The coop owns land there, so they could build a truckstop with quick serve food – maybe car wash? – no.

    Bomgaars could buy old coop location, Jensen Liquor, and Dons sheet metal and build a good store. Or find a better farm store and kick Bomgaars to the curb.

    Jensen could go into old Bomgaars and have something that would compete with hy-vee w&s. Jensen has great customer service – it would be a good move. Well, except for the whole liquor store next to the church part. Stranger things have happened, and its already across the street – sooo. It’s ok.

    Don’s could go into old Southwest Campers.

    Sheldon Business Bingo!!! I win!!!

    • k2000 says:

      Jensen go were movie gallery more parking for customers. I agree about Coop go out by the bypass and actually make a truck stop that trucks can get into.Have a building like Cenex has in Hull for the trucks to pull into to fuel up and place to park to take a snooze. Have a restaurant for truckers to get a meal. Plus not have to worry about get clobbered by a semi out by Sheldon Crossing. Could Bomgaars buy the old Hyvee build more parking space and more space to expand the building when need.

      • Rean says:

        absolutely great ideas! How long will the old Hy-Vee sit empty?

      • Ashshade says:

        I asked someone at Bomgaars about that when the new Hy-vee was being built. I was told that the building was not big enough to make a move worthwhile. That might be the same reason that they never moved into the old Joyces store.

        I forgot about the Movie Gallery, and now we have the old Village store empty too. All the new buildings are great but we need some new businesses to come into town.

        • Babbles says:

          You are correct,, the old Hyvee building was too small for Bomgaars to make the move worthwhile. The Joyces building was nothing but a tax write off for the guys that bought it and gave it to the church. The price of it and and the amount of work it needed was insane. Stripping the fixtures and tearing up the floor for the copper was not the smartest thing to do when you want to sell a building. And the old Village store was sold quite awhile ago to Ultimate Nursing,, so it wont be sitting empty for long.

        • Rean says:

          The old Village Treasure Chest building has already been bought by Ultimate Nursing. Ultimate Nursing is currently located across from Dairy Dandy.

  6. jeff says:

    Rumor has it Hy Vee sold to developer out of town. He is moving his other business there as well. Then re-develope the inside for more potential retail. That is the rumor.

    One seperate truck stop, conveince store, applebee’s, large parking I think would be great. Everyone says it has to stay on East side but heck, 1 mile down the bypass either direction is no nig deal.

  7. Lee Ann says:

    All of the empty business places need new business to come in. But for the truck stop, we should wine and dine one of those really big truck stops like, “Loves”, or a big one like that. Have showers for the truckers, a decent restaurant so they don’t have to drive up into town, an area for sleeping or idling their truck when they can go eat, etc. Town people would use it too, for gas and food. But if we can interest these big companies into building a truck stop, it’d be great. There is not a big truck stop anywhere near Sheldon. The only big truck stop I know of is Loves in E. Nebraska. I don’t drive all over Iowa. But I don’t think there is a big one around here at all.

    • Chuck says:

      Sioux City has 2 of them about 100yds apart just off I-29 by Sams.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Those truck stops are pretty nice. I know where they are. But there are bigger truck stops, with bigger lots. Loves is one, another is Travel Centers of America, which has food, diesel, gas, showers, laundromats, repairs, etc. There are no big truck stops around here.

  8. Tim says:

    How about a real incentive. Lets offer any business that locates in Sheldon, that will employ, oh lets say 20 or more employees, exemption on things like sewer, water, and mandatory sidewalks. If Sheldon really wants these businesses to come here, you need to kiss a little butt! Maybe even go so far as to give them a parcel of land. I seem to recall several years ago, AGP, or what was then BIG 4 Soybean processors, (I think) wanted a reduced water rate to stay in town. The city almost lost them totally b/c the ‘leaders’ didn’t want to give an inch. (someone correct me if I have this all wrong) I seem to recall also that RMT had an issue with some land they wanted to obtain to expand. It almost cost the city the whole business, in fact, perhaps that is why they went to Spirit Lake. (again please correct me if I am wrong) Seems to me, if you want to collect revenue from people entering the city, moving in, building homes and businesses you need to offer REAL incentives. You need to kiss a little butt!! I am not sure if CAT was able to get any incentives to come here, or if they would have come on their own. We want to develop this huge park and fishing pond, with a magnificent sports complex, great, but it costs money. Does our town have the funds to actually support this investment? Are we again looking to build something to attract people? Would that money be better invested first in getting the people and industry here, then giving the people the extra? I am not sure this multi million dollar investment of a sports complex, camping, fishing and leisure is the incentive people need to move here. Sure it is nice but perhaps not first. Now, build your school system, and THAT will be huge draw. We can be very proud of Sheldon’s schools, public and private. I think the city is on the right track, but needs to listen to a few of the ideas floating around. One thing the really need to do, is NOT take offence to someone asking, or showing interest in what they are doing. I feel sometimes our city leaders just want everyone to accept what they do, don’t give ideas, and especially don’t disagree. Those in charge have a big job, I am sure they get an earful sometimes, (or all the time) but, they wanted that position, it is their duty to fulfill it.

  9. jeff says:

    I like TIM’s post. Thing is Caat got a good deal. Every ask about lot prices out there or why other scdc lots prices increase two fold over the last year. Someone on a board told us there is a reason for that – scdc needs to recoup there CAT investment. I think scdc or the council people should be voicing there thoughts on here.

    I no for a fact that a rock valley business wanted to come to town. $15 – $25 / hour. 15 – 20 people employment. They talked to a local bank, a the city and scdc. They were told that there wages were to high and therefore would increase everyones wages in sheldon, (RMT, Maintainer, etc to name a few). They went back to the town and has told the same thing about 3 months later. Reasoning for this (two big empty buildings that they would remodel). Well siince then, 1.5 years ago they now have 32 people working 45 – 50 hours week. They manufacture “things”. The incentive plan, the utilities etc all worked toward there favor and there glad – no looking back.

    Well I love the site here but maybe heading to the southern area for a few months but I’ll try to keep in touch! Merry Christmas!

  10. Rean says:

    Merry Christmas, Jeff!

  11. Possum Belly says:

    Put the truck stop next to the new WalMart Supercenter!

  12. Lee Ann says:

    Possum Belly, do you really want a Supercenter in Sheldon? I know it sounds like a good idea. but I have heard of a lot of towns with problems after Walmart moves in. I think I’d rather have them about 30 miles away, all around us.

    In Chadron Nebraska, a Walmart Supercenter moved in, they had cheap prices, one stop shopping. Everybody was excited about it. One year later, all the small town stores had closed up. the downtown area died. Then Walmart raised their prices 17% across the board. And they had no competition, and no small stores to take back their businesses. I think we could do a lot better in Sheldon without a Walmart.

  13. Possum Belly says:

    I can find a WalMart without going to Sheldon. The Hy-Vee, Bomgaars, and probably Casey;s and Kum and Go or whatever you call them around here all probably put some mom and pop grocery and department/hardware stores out of business. I worked 6.5 years for WalMart in Worthington, Spirit Lake, and Grand Junction CO. It was a company that treated me far better as a person than I was treated at RMT, Den Hartog(Hospers),Budd Z’s. And I had to treat my employees a lot better too than I would have had to treat them elsewhere. I don’t think the truck stop is a good idea, as gasoline is finite, and sooner than later, it will close and the land under it that could have produced will be covered by concrete. And with exception of the employer in Hospers, it paid me far better too than the others($11.11 an hour in 2004).

    • Tim says:

      You know, I read some of these comments about not wanting a Walmart, or I take that to include a similar store, like Target, Menards, Lowes, or even a bigger Shopko, that type of ‘chain’ store, and I ask myself, ok….tell me how many towns have died out b/c of of one of these. Or…how many have actually grown. How many of these stores when they locate in a comunity, has the corporate office done its own research, and come to a conclusion that that town is not going to die out. So they invest in that town. Lets face it, if you go to another town to shop at a Walmart, do you also go to another store there to make a purchase? I think perhaps we all do. Be honest with your selves, what is REALLY going to make Sheldon, grow? When you ask someone if they would like to live here, do they ask, “Do you have a mom and pop store or do you have a shopping center”? What is the draw? When they enter past on the expressway, do they see the sign for gas that is most times .20 more than 60 miles south or do they see a reason to pull into Sheldon? We can talk all we want about our downtown, and I am for keeping a fantastic downtown, however, we still need to get physical bodies in this town to grow. Ask yourself, what brings them here? When towns around us get a Walmart, or a Menards, did the rest of the town die? NO. In fact take a close look at some of them: Spencer: Walmart and Menards arre both there, yet drive thru their downtown, they fixed the streets some store fronts remodeled. Sioux Center: Walmart went there, guess what, so did Culvers, Pizza Hut, and more. And again look at their downtown, it looks pretty darn flurishing to me! So, to me, this argument that getting a large store like Walmart, or Menards or even some other, is not what REALLY hurts a downtown. We are trying to get our town to grow, it means bodies, one way or another. is there an attitude in this town that competion is going to hurt, I believe there is, a BIG one, it might start with those in charge. Did building a bigger HyVee and a Fareway, help or hinder Sheldon, I submit it helped. Will some downtown business be affectd by larger stores, sure they will. That is definetly unfortunate, I feel for them. But that is where people loyal to the community for years and years come in. Check sometime what you really save buying out of town, I recently purchased a set of tires, locally, and out of curiosity thought I would check what a “big store” (sams) would sell the same tire to me for, guess what, Sheldon beat them out by 15.00 per tire, so.. when someone tells me it is “always cheaper” elseware…Not so. (Did the same thing last week with a freezer,,, same thing.) so I say, bring on the competion, if we can beat them now, we can beat them when they get here. And it will bring in much needed bodies, that bring in revenue!!

      • jake says:

        I like to support local business. I try to buy as many things as I can in town. The one thing I will not tolerate is poor costumer service from a local business. That is supposed to be their strong point. Small businesses should remember that. For the most part Sheldon businesses do great.

  14. Lee Ann says:

    Tom, I guess I agree with you. If we’re going to grow, we need all kinds of stores. I never did like Walmart, but what is funny is I used to work for Target and I love Target’s treatment of their employees. So I guess if I thought about it more, I’d rather have a Target than a Walmart. But I guess its six of one and a half dozen of the other.

    If we are going to get this town growing, I guess we do need all kinds of stores and opportunities. If we were already grown and bigger, a Walmart wouldn’t make much of a difference. I guess I’m just thinking about now when it is still small. If we could get another manufacturer here, a nice restaurant out near the highway, and a few smaller businesses opening up, we would be starting to grow, and then I don’t think a Walmart would hurt. Spencer didn’t die out when Walmart came in. It drew other stores to a strip mall over there.

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