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Downtown Employee Parking

Date posted - December 6, 2012

I frequent our Downtown Sheldon Stores at least 3-4 times a week. I have also NOT stopped at Downtown stores because there is no place to park. I have seen many others ‘pass by’ our downtown without stopping, because they can’t find a spot to park either. Some are older customers and do not want to, or can’t walk the distance from a ‘back lot’, some just in a hurry.


This is great because it means: Downtown is busy with many shoppers! OR (Some – Not all) Downtown Store Employees are taking up all the ‘Good’ Close Spots in front of stores and business.


I see the same cars parked in almost the same spots everyday – so I am assuming they are employees, not shoppers. It would be wonderful if Employees would park in the larger lots that are further away, so the shoppers can easily get to the Stores & Businesses. We have a great Downtown – Let’s make it accessible to customers!!!


Vickie Stellinga

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11 Responses to “Downtown Employee Parking”

  1. mama says:

    Agree, I think they should make the parking spots on 9th St infront of the movie theater and Radio Shack slanted parking as well. Just like in front of Ben Franklin and the Dollar store. More access to the store you actually want to go to instead of walking 1-2 blocks to get there.

  2. Chuck says:

    Give it time. The parking spots will be taken up by trees and park benches at the store owners expense.

  3. PCA says:

    parking may be an issue downtown, but diagonal parking is a larger hazard than the previous parallel parking was.

    • dg says:

      your right pca, the people who thought that one up really thought that threw.can’t never see when backing out until you almost get hit,my folks don’t even shop downtown unless they can fine a parallel parking place.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I grew up in Colorado, and never had to learn to parallel park. if I can’t find a parking spot on the end, I just keep going around and around. LOL.

      3rd Ave with the diagonal parking is not very safe. If you get in a spot, you can pull out a little, then you have to go back in, then you try it again. I usually wait until I see the light turn red, then I try backing out cautiously. And the street is far too narrow for diagonal parking. But I have no ideas on how to make things better.

    • slz says:

      I so agree with you pca about the diagonal parking. Or streets are not wide enough for diagonal parking and it is very difficult and dangerous backing out. AND I am in total agreement about the employees that park in front of the businesses. The same cars are parked in the same spots everyday. When I worked downtown several years ago we were always told to park in the lot or on a side street — it was very important to leave the prime spots for the customers. There actually are more parking lots downtown now than years ago so there is plenty of space for the employees to park in the lots.

  4. Jeff says:

    I have to agree. I do not like the diagonal parking. Sure we created more space (maybe) but visibilitity is terrible. There have been times I come through town with a larger truck and think this is not a good idea, therefore I bypass the uptwon all together. Only concern by the radio station for me is getting out of my car and hitting the door on the curb but then again, that is my responsibility and not the city’s! Other than that I think the city crew does a good job marking (painting) the lines every year, things are available but not everyone is going to get front door parking accessibility.

  5. cak says:

    I worked downtown Sheldon for many years and my employer required the staff (or employees) to use the community parking lots. Currently you can usually spot the employee’s vehicle in prime parking spots because of license plate ID or as someone stated before, it is in the same spot every day. Perhaps the Chamber needs to put pressure on the employers – let’s keep shoppers coming downtown to shop. Although they wouldn’t think it an effort at all to walk a block to the front door of Wal-Mart. Perhaps certain spots in the parking lots could be designated for different stores with special signage.

  6. Sue says:

    I completely agree! All the prime parking spots are taken by employees. It is fristrating when you can not find a spot to park!

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