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Early Gardens

Date posted - April 4, 2013

Who has their early garden produce in and how is the cold start to spring affecting what you have planted?

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17 Responses to “Early Gardens”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I went to container gardens last year, because I am disabled and coudn’t take care of a garden in the ground. I started my garden last year about the 10th of May. I will probably wait until then this year too. I have tulips and daffodils halfway up.

  2. biker says:

    Alittle early this year. Frost in ground in places. Soil temp needs to be 45 degreees to start things off. Maybe I should just erect a small greenhouse!! Grow grow grow!

  3. Robert Keller says:

    I am wondering if this cold and wet period forecasted will be bad for planting onion plants? I don’t know if they will sit and rot or if it is good for them and they will take off? I have 600 plants to put in and as many sets also.

  4. Stuart says:

    It’s spring – I’m so excited I wet my plants

  5. LazloTu says:

    Sad it is that the pleasant comment posted by Lee Ann drew as many negative responses as positive. Unfortunate also that this little site has resulted in a ‘us / them’ mentality. Lee Ann makes comments others’ don’t like……. Lee Ann gets slapped with ‘dislikes'; Lee Ann makes a harmless comment about gardening……… 50% ‘dislikes’.

    I would propose two things:
    1) Everyone maintain respect, even if you disagree.
    2) KIWA, please remove the ‘dislike’ option; it only invites further negativity.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I realize that NW Iowa is a very conservative part of the state. However, Iowa voted for Obama this time, so it is basically a Democratic state. We are always going to disagree on certain things. I believe in marriage equality, I believe in a good decent safety net for people in poverty. Along with a whole bunch of other Democratic principals. I always thought we agreed on more than we disagreed. Some of you could tell me which businesses to walk into and say loudly, “I am Lee Ann,” and they would be surprised that I do not have horns, I don’t have my hands in their pockets and I am regular citizen of Sheldon. I’m not the only Democrat in Sheldon, you know.

    • Tim says:

      Oh if you do that, lets make everyone put their real and full name on their op-ed. I kinda like the ‘like/dislike’. Lee Ann and I disagree on many things, yet if we met, we would shake hands and be ok with it. Right Lee Ann? LOL. For the most part, I think it is ok. Sometimes they make no sense, but you have to take some of that with a grain of salt.

    • local shopper says:

      Don’t worry about the like and dislike buttons. Some folks do thumbs down for the heck of it, and others will hit whichever one evens out the numbers more.

  6. Robert Keller says:

    This is what hijacking a thread really is?! I have been falsely accused of doing it and also have been guilty of it. After reading Aszlo Tu’s comment, I went to Lee Ann’s first post and put a check mark in the like part of it, so that proves Aszlo Tu as wrong on that point. Lee Ann, if you need sturdy plants for potting out, I am growing tomatoes and also okra bred for containers. I will be at the May 31 first farmer’s market in Sheldon. Tell me you are Lee Ann and I will give you half off on the first plant you get. This is not an offer from one democrat to another either, as my choice for president is kicked back at home and hopefully enjoying watching a national and world situation that he does not have to inherit.

    • LazloTu says:

      Mr. Keller – Your putting a check mark on Lee Anns’s post proves nothing; there are still eight ‘dislikes’ re: that post. What does seem curious and telling is that you seem to have intentionally changed my name in your response. Perhaps that illustrates my stated concern about showing respect.

    • J E says:

      Robert I am interested in the okra bred for containers.. I will see you at Farmer’s Market on May 31!!

  7. Opie says:

    Seems we got a little off track here. Started out to be a nice post about gardening!

  8. B Rock says:

    Everything, including gardening, seems to be political nowadays. Hope and change!

  9. Fred says:

    Looks like the early warm weather last year was an aberration and not due to the settled fact of global warming. :) I’m waiting another month to plant and by July my plants will “catch up”

  10. Tim says:

    I think it was a grandfather or someone in my family that I heard said this: You know when it is time to plant when, you go out to the middle of the corn field and pull your pants down and sit in the freshly turned dirt, now if your butt gets cold, it is too early. I was not out there yesterday, but, it is too cold to plant. LOL

    • Lee Ann says:

      Tim, now THAT’s funny! I just cannot imagine my grandfather out sitting in the dirt with his overalls down. LOL.

      We really need this moisture. I imagine its going to set the planting back a bit. My daffodils are now ready to open, they may do that in the snow in a few days. Last year, it was very warm and springlike when they opened. My grass is green. Spring is here! But it’ll be covered up with 3-5 inches of snow, they say.

      • Robert Keller says:

        My powerline went down Tuesday along with the power pole and transformer for my place, and it and five other poles on my mile are snapped off or completely down and 4 others are bent badly. This is my first time on as I am stealing electricity from a couple of my plant lights to get online. I am very thankful that I have wood heat, a composting toilet, a generator and a kerosene heater if I need one. I am also very thankful to get the electricity off for probably 1 1/2 weeks in the second week of April instead of January.

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