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EBAY Business

Date posted - January 9, 2014

I have numerous items I would like to sell on Ebay.  Is there a business in the area who does this?  If so please post.

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11 Responses to “EBAY Business”

  1. wtf says:

    It’s simple to do. Unsure of any businesses that do it anymore

  2. jay miller says:

    call pat van horsen in Sheldon 324 3221

  3. Sheldonite says:

    I understand how selling on eBay can be intimidating at first, but as the above poster stated it is very simple once you try it. There used to be businesses that would sell for people (for a fee), but with the increase in eBay’s fees that has largely gone away because it isn’t profitable. I have sold hundreds of items on eBay since 2001 and have only had one inconvenient experience.

    Things to remember if you want to sell on eBay…

    -You are required to have a PayPal account linked to a checking account

    -eBay and PayPal fees will come to roughly 12.9% of the total selling AND shipping price (can vary slightly because of selling price but generally won’t be more than that). This might make it more appealing to sell locally unless it is a totally off the wall item that doesn’t have any demand around here.

    -You will have a waiting period of up to 4 weeks to get your funds from PayPal, especially if you are a new seller. After a certain number of transactions this is relaxed, but for users who haven’t sold items before you will have to wait.

    eBay is great for items that don’t have much demand locally, but other than that it has gotten so expensive with fees that it isn’t very profitable to sell unless you are doing huge volume. For most people Craigslist is a better option, although the transactions aren’t as safe because you don’t have PayPal to insure you.

    Don’t mean to quash your idea, just wanted to let you know that it’s relatively expensive because of fees, and that is why you don’t see any of those “sell it for you” businesses anymore.

  4. Biker says:

    Ebay is fine. Just do it. Sit back and do the process as showed. Sometimes if you want to just get rid of it, market it as unreserved auction plus shipping, your items will go. Set up a PayPal account. It’s cold out, enjoy your time!

  5. JDL says:

    Ebay charges a 9% fee on both the items selling price and the shipping price. Paypal charges a 2.9% fee plus a flat $0.30 per transaction. Once you have done at least 10 transactions thru Paypal there will not be a hold on your money anymore. Until then it is a 10 day hold normally but may be longer( From my experience ) Use the Post office to ship items Priority mail as you can order boxes for free so you don’t have that cost of packing materials unless it is a first class item or Parcel post then you will need to provide your own packaging. You can also schedule a pick up so no expense driving to the post office. As a new seller you will get 50 free listings a month without paying insertion fees and without having to have a store subscription.
    Most places that do consignment for people will charge you all the fees that they are charged and 40% of the selling price so …….I would say try it out yourself first and see if you like it. It is pretty easy and most people are pretty friendly and easy to deal with :o)

    • Sheldonite says:

      “Once you have done at least 10 transactions thru Paypal there will not be a hold on your money anymore.”

      Not true.

      You have to wait for shipping confirmation (either from the seller or by tracking confirmation), after that it takes 3-4 business days for payment to be released, then another 3-4 days for payment to clear and be posted at your bank. Even after you sell more than 10 items you will most definitely not see your money in 10 days. The average from time of sale (assuming 3 business days shipping) to being able to withdraw the funds from your bank is 3 weeks. You are not considering that you have to wait for shipping, then PayPal, then manually transferring funds, then posting to your bank account.

      Might seem like splitting hairs, but I have sold several hundred items through eBay and I just didn’t want the original poster to get the idea that it is quick cash, which it is not.

  6. Ebayer says:

    Ebay is a great selling source. Yes the fees are 13% after the item sells but people from all over the world will see the item. It is a great source of extra income.

  7. eBay seller says:

    I would be more than willing to help out if you are still looking for someone. I have helped several people in the area and would be willing to work with you if you are looking to earn some extra cash. Please give me a call at (712) 363-3159.


  8. yardman says:

    I have had better luck just using the many swap sites on facebook. And no fees at all.

  9. craigslist buyer/seller says:

    I have never dealt with ebay but sounds like a lot of “busy work!” with fees,waiting for your money,paypal etc. When selling items on Craigslist there are no fees and no paypals. We do EVERYTHING in cash. Been using it for, idk, 4 or 5 years and have not had one bad experience. We sell everything from campers to furniture to tools. The buyer just need to understand up front that cash is expected when they come to pick up their item.So,in some ways your selling area is limited to a smaller region if your items are not shipped. However we have sold stuff on Craigslist that the buyer paid us a delivery fee. But, the same is true when you are the buyer. You can pretty much figure they will ask for cash. Money orders are to never to be used. It is so much fun being on Craigslist and very simple and strightforward :) Have fun with whatever you do – you can meet some very intersting and good people.

  10. Citizen XYZ says:

    Ebay is OK, I think the biggest hassle is getting the shipping correct. Either you have to package it and take it to the Post Office and have it weighed and measured and stuff, then you have to enter that in ebay for them to pay for the shipping, which is usually more than one would think. It’s not the greatest and from my experience of selling on ebay, there is a chance the person won’t pay, things sell better in the winter than in the summer, and you have to give as much description as possible to hit as many searches as possible.

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