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Date posted - April 24, 2013

Radio and TV’s ruling commission the FCC has basically said the F-BOMB uttered by Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz wasn’t an issue.  Ortiz was addressing the Fenway Park crowd this past Saturday in a pregame ceremony honoring the victims and law enforcement officials involved with the Boston Marathon bombing.  His “our f-ing city” comment during the address was carried live by radio and TV.  In my mind the comment was bad enough but what made it worst was FCC  Chairman Genachowski tweeting afterwards that because the comment was “from the heart” it wasn’t an issue.  Ortiz’s F-BOMB was a clear violation of the FCC’s indecency policy.

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12 Responses to “F-BOMB”

  1. Doug says:

    If that intentional violation is okay, then first time TV anchor A.J. Clemente’s faux pas shouldn’t have gotten him fired on his first day.

    • Tim says:

      I agree, it is ok for a sports star or the Vice President of the United States to say the same thing, but not for a rookie first time announcer, who btw thought, he was off air. So he gets fired….I don’t agree with what what they did, but what does that say for the authority of the FCC.

  2. Pete says:

    It’s fairly safe to say that the FCC is a joke. The negative PR from fining the broadcasters or the MLB fining him would have taken away from the narrative that is “Boston Strong”

  3. Bob says:

    All is allowed when the defeat of an act of “terrorism” is at hand. ‘Merica!

  4. DUG(the dog) says:

    I am not surprised by the FCC’s actions. Do I agree with it? NO!!!! Especially when the dropping of the F-BOMB is blatantly done. Once again, it just goes to show, it’s not who you know, or how well you do, it’s all got to do with the almighty dollar. Funny thing is that I never heard that word one time when the killings happened in Colorado, or even the elementary school killings happened, so what gives? I guess it’s time for the Prez to step up to the plate(no pun intended)and put a ban on that too huh? Or maybe Congress with just say WTF, we are going to have to put some thought into this, I think we better have an extended weekend to ponder this issue and while we’re at it, since it’s a very sensitive issue, we better give ourselves a raise because that’s what we do best when we are under the gun(once again, no pun intended).

    • oscar says:

      Isn’t it time to take the “F” word out of society? The movies are plagued with the word. Individuals say it, even in front of their kids. TV is loaded with filthy soap operas, women are shown with hardly any clothes on top, the more clevage shown, the better. It is F and sex,in the world. Time to clean up the system!!!

      • Dug says:

        Hey, I have to agree. And has anybody else noticed that even Disney movies are going to that type of language? To me it’s very sad when even those movies are caving into the social pressures. I wanted to let my Grandson watch a movie that was by Disney and right now, I can’t remember what the name of it was, but there was swearing in it!!!! A Disney movie for crying out loud!!! What has happened, I do remember when Disney was for kids!!!! Sad, so very, very sad.

      • Tim says:

        Why I ask?? Why even try to clean up the system? I believe it was on this very forum (on other op-eds) that I have read we need to be more open minded, more tolerant, more accepting, of the change in the world. I believe so many have stated that the world views are changing. Times are changing I believe one writer said. We all just need to get along with each other. We all just need to be happy. I am not criticizing one writers opinion, it is just an overall theme of the world, coming out that I don’t understand. On one hand people say ‘oh we need to accept the views of everyone, all the way from sexual orientation to a another persons view of when life begins. But then we don’t like the violence we see in video games or the sex and foul language we see and hear on the television. Then others don’t believe a person has the right to protect his or her property, or personal self with a firearm.
        My point here is I see a lot of hypocrisy creeping ever so subtly in this world. (and sometimes not so subtly) I may not agree (and I don’t) with some of the horrible language or scenes we see on television, (I choose this one b/c it is what the op-ed is about), but it is ‘allowed’ b/c society ‘allows’ it. On one hand we want to say we (society) are against so many things that 100 or more years ago would have been totally taboo. Yet on the other hand, we (society) allow them on the grounds that we need to be more ‘progressive’, ‘tolerant’, ‘open minded’ with our views or ‘times are changing’ so just except others views. So which is it? Do we (society) want to be more tolerant of the change or do we want to stand up for what we (society) deem best for itself? Is swearing and cursing the next acceptable society behavior?

        • Dug says:

          Funny, we just went over this at our church service this past Sunday. It’s weird that things that were written in black and white over 2000 years ago are not so black and white today. Not that those words have changed, it’s that people have changed…thus they say that maybe, just maybe, the people back then didn’t know about the things that we know about today. Really? They didn’t know about violence, racial issues, defending their own stuff, homosexuallity, murder, theft, etc. Funny, it sounds like the same things that we deal with today and yet the lines have been slurred so bad that now people are starting to make everything a GRAY AREA. As for me and my house, we honor the words that were written long ago, we don’t care what people think of us and our views, because we only have one life to live and we don’t want to end up on the wrong side. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as big a sinner as the next person, but I just don’t get how we can continue down the road we are on and not think we are going to be held accountable for our actions. I don’t blame my indiscretions on my parents, or my bad upbringing or the system, I am the one that has lived my life the way I have and I am trying to make up for the stupid stuff I did in the past. Unlike many of today’s young people that want to blame everything on somebody else. If we don’t take a stand on some of the things we hold most dear, whether it be your gun control(which I’m not trying to make this editorial into), religion(not trying to get into that either), profanity(not going there either), but you get what I’m saying…if we don’t stand up for what’s right, it’s just going to get worse. All I can say is I sure wish that we could go back to when the most we had to worry about was getting home before the whistle blew for supper…ha, just sayin’ thanks for letting me vent.

  5. Bill Brasky says:

    David Ortiz used the word in an emotional speech during an emotional event for an emotional city. Y’all are reading WAY too much into this. As far as that news anchor goes, I doubt he brings in the type of revenue for his station as Ortiz brings to the Red Sox.

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