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For those who complain…

Date posted - November 29, 2012

For those who complain about their community, church, school, when was the last time that you donated to it, time, money, labor, ideas? It seems that all they can do is complain when someone else is doing something, because no one else is.
When someone wants to start a business in town do you go to the SCDC and apply for the grants that are available, or the help that they can give you, and do you have a viable business plan. Money will not be handed out if there is no return on the Investment. Has anyone even noticed that our population went up, and school enrollment is up? Has anyone noticed that the tax levy percentage has been going down, but the valuations have been going up and appreciating? Has anyone noticed that the budgets are always in the black? Has anyone noticed that there is an ongoing updating of water, sewer, and streets, to get everything back into shape? Has anyone noticed that the moneys spent are almost always along with grants, for example the money spent at the airport is offset by money from the FAA and the city only pays about 10%? Has anyone noticed the houses that are being built, and the houses that are getting grant money to remodel and improve energy wise?


And then the highway 18 corridor updating which is ongoing, and the new business that are being built, and the marketing of the old buildings. It’s time to keep up with the news, the city letters and meetings, instead of listening to Rumor Control at the coffee shops.  There are alot of people that are on committees and volunteering. All meetings are open to the public.


Hope to see you at one.


Dave P.

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48 Responses to “For those who complain…”

  1. Tim says:

    I do think Sheldon has a lot to offer! However sell that to someone from a large city or metropolitan area. I was born and raised here, so I know the good the bad and the ugly, I think the good far outway the bad and the ugly. Yet when some of those simple little things that are part of the bad and ugly crop up, it taints the good. That ‘good’ is what we have to somehow portray to those looking to settle here either in business or home. You say our population is up….according to the stats I see, in 1980 Sheldon population was 5003, in 2010 Sheldon population was 5188. Compare that to OC. which was in 1980 pop 4588, 2010 pop 6004. Also SC 1980 pop 4588, 2010 pop 7048. (wikipedia)
    Now explain to me why, when Sheldon is located on a rail line, has the by pass, and has the industrial development area to expand, we have the best school system public and private, why can’t we get the physical bodies we need to support our expansion?
    Help me understand these stats on New Housing Construction permits:
    Sheldon 2007 – 9 Orange city 2007 – 20 Sioux Center 2007 – 28
    2008 – 2 2008 – 10 2008 -42
    2009 – 12 2009 – 13 2009 – 25
    2010 – 3 2010 – 16 2010 -27
    Now for me personally, give me Sheldon over either to live in!!
    Some of us are not complaining, we are simply asking for responsible and reasonable answers.

    • Mad Guy says:

      Lets just say there was someone on the city council who had an appliance store. Lets just say that home depot, menards, or best buy, all of which sell appliances wanted to locate in Sheldon. The question is, would that city council be all for letting one of those businesses locate in our city? If Walmart wanted to come to town, would the city council work with Walmart to come up with a good location for them to put a store in town, or would they just say look elsewhere because we don’t want our few little mom and pop stores go out of business? It would be nice to get some answers. Is the city council willing to put the whole cities best interest ahead of their own personal interest?

      People who love Sheldon seem to remember how Sheldon used to be with it’s bustling little downtown. For some reason, it’s seems to be only those people who chose to stick around. Most people graduating from high school or college now days want to leave this small town and head to one of the bigger cities where there are more opportunities, more restaurants, more retail, more night life, better housing, etc.. Times have changed, and if Sheldon is going to grow and prosper, we are going to have to be more aggressive in recruiting new businesses to town. If we do that, we will see our population numbers go up much faster.

      • local shopper says:

        What about Oldenkamp Detail? Revolution Consignment? Those are just two businesses in town where the owners have graduated from Sheldon HS in the last 15 years. I’m sure there are more.

      • Dave Popkes says:

        I would be willing to let anyone come into Town. Competition is good. When Sears came to town My business increased. So let them come in. Most of the I’M less money anyway.

    • Hank Rearden says:

      I can tell you why Orange City and Sioux Center have grown while Sheldon has seemed to stagnate. It’s all about manufacturing and not retail. Orange City and Sioux Center work to get manufacturing while Sheldon seems to have always tried to keep out what could be competition to certain established manufacturing companies in a vain attempt to keep the wage scale contained. I can remember back in 1980 or so the talk on the street was about a major toy manufacturer looking to locate in Sheldon to the west of what was Alffs, but somehow the deal fell through and the Big Wheels in the Little Town could then rest easy, knowing their employee base and wage scale were safe.

      I grew up in Sheldon and moved to Orange City shortly after graduation for employment, and have never looked back. When I first settled in Orange City they were still pretty much known for the Tulip Festival and not much else, and they had the same problem I see in Sheldon now in that there were certain businessmen on the council who would do all in their power to keep any competition to their own interists out of town. I remember at one time in the late ’90s or there abouts a representative for a local company that shall remain nameless ( they color our world and I can picture a little Dutch Boy with a paintbrush in his hand) came to my employer and said he was paying his employees too much and it was making him uncompetative in the labor market. It was a heated confrontation and the owner pretty much told Dutch Boy to go pound sand. I guess this was about the time things started to change in Orange City. I think maybe it’s about time for Sheldon to tell their own “Mr. Potter” to go pound sand.

      Now for retail. If you think you can grow Sheldon with Mom and Pops selling Gee Gaws, Thing a Majigs, Trinkets and Bobbles that sell online for less from non Brick and Morters you are sadly mistaken. Times have changed immensely over the last decade, and people have figured out they can get rid of the middle man by buying online for a fraction of the price and have it delivered by the Big Brown Truck right to your door. No fighting traffic, bad weather or paying for gas to get to the store. Retail like Hardware and Grocery will still do fine, along with certain niche ventures that offer what can’t be had elsewhere, but anything else is folly.

      I suggest Sheldon look west to Rock Valley to see what getting a diversity of manufacturing companies can do, and look to Sioux Center to see what letting in a Big Box Retailer has done, and look to Orange City and Sioux Center to see what a community can do when they have the manufacturing and tax base to fund such projects as golf courses, hospitals and community centers. When I look at Sheldon I see outdated thinking from the community leaders and business community. If nothing changes Sheldon will be a nice little bedroom community and not much else.

    • RR says:

      I am a business owner in Sheldon and tried to get the city to address a problem for over 10 years. With no response, decided to write a letter to the editor which was printed in the local paper. The next day, a certain council member who may own an appliance store, had the nerve to phone me and chew me out. Told me I didn’t have my facts straight. Told me it was my problem to fix. I was very upset and dissappointed in our city council. I am one of the few business’ in town that draws customers from over 90 miles away and this how I got treated. The problem was eventually solved but it was not because of my complaining. I pay my taxes but don’t get much in return from the city. Maybe we need some new council members.
      We definately need more industry and not more retail. Manufacturing that will pay a decent wage and provide health insurance. Don’t get upset when we shop at WalMart, it’s all we can afford with our low wages. It has come down to price. I am going to buy where it is the cheapest.

  2. NewGirlforthePast10Years says:

    Dave —

    Maybe as an outsider (I have only been living in Sheldon for the past 10 years) I can give you some observations from a new perspective.

    I am still an outsider. I have not seen much to that welcomed me to Sheldon. Things are not always posted, store hours, Rides schedules, etc… and when asked I have been told things like “they are the same as they have always been”

    Customer service things in the area are not available on the weekends, ever, like if your water gets shut off on Friday, or you need to renew you license, or get your cable installed. I don’t work in town, I commute and it meant moving in was a lot of days off (getting back from Sioux Falls by 7 on Monday night for those few places doesn’t really work). The response I got was “why should we have to work weekends – you don’t”

    I am a single woman, new to town with then with no family here. The assumption is that everyone here has family to back them up during the business hours for these things to get done — or, of course, as one business offered, I could just leave my door unlocked for them and they would “figure it out”.

    I love my house and I love the town, but I am just saying, the logistics of moving here were much less than pleasant or fun or even remotely welcoming. Maybe that has something to do with the numbers you cite.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I moved to Sheldon in 2004. I like the town, the people are friendly, but a little standoffish. going to events, Church, etc. people smile, chat a bit, but nobody seems to need another friend. they have had friends with them for most of their lives here. It can be a bit lonely,. Lucky for me I do have family here. so I spend a lot of time with family, because everyone else seems to be an acquaintance. Different towns around here are more friendly, at about the same population. People at work are friendly also, but not friends after work. Even going to a church service, people smile and shake your hand, but no one seems to want new friends.

      • Tim says:

        Lee Ann:
        I am going to say this for my wife, she was from a larger city, so I took her from that environment to small town Sheldon seven years ago. I, being born and raised here, don’t see the same thing you and my wife do. She can not believe how standofish people are and clique, it is like (her words) if you have not lived here all your life, you will not be accepted. Now, put that toward the business environment, and you have a double wammy. I feel sorry for someone moving into this town, let alone trying to start a new business!!

        • Lisa says:

          My husband and I also moved to Sheldon about 12 years ago. When we originally visited we thought “what a nice town”. But, after moving here I can also agree with your wife. You will never be accepted. When we really realized this was when we volunteered to work consessions at a school event. Everyone was working a 2-3 hour shift. When it was our time to work we showed up and everyone else working just looked at us! We introduced ourselves and pretty much felt like fools the rest of the event. Because of this we have never volunteered at another school event. Puts a bad taste in your mouth if you know what I mean!

    • Dave Popkes says:

      I work most days, all day long and nights.

  3. EDH says:

    While I agree that MOST people that criticize church, state, country, city, etc never contribute a thing, I also agree that complaints cannot go ignored or unanswered from ANYONE.

    As a business owner in Sheldon if my customer has a complaint, we make things right whether we agree or not. In the same way City Council cannot sweep complaints under the rug and ignore the issues as if everything is perfect.

    Listen to the people. They WILL go out of town regardless if we have big box stores, mom and pops, or anything else.

    Where are the new homes?
    Why so many vacant buildings?
    How long will we ignore the condition of streets (especially 16th street) and yet force home owners to repair their sidewalks?

    Just some food for thought…

  4. Outsider Looking In says:

    I don’t live here, but I do work in Sheldon, thus I buy my groceries/gas here and if time permits, might venture to Shopko or BenFranklin. From an outsiders perspective, Sheldon does have alot of potential. But seems quite disorganized and non-proactive. My reasons are:
    1. The area at the bypass – why the goofy roads to get to the businesses? Is there problems with easy to read, drive, navigate straight throught streets?
    2. Downtown shopping – was unaware of a downtown area until co-workers informed me, about 3 years after working here. ANy signs or advertisement about it? If you are visiting, you would drive right through town and never know it existed.
    3. Why isn’t there a Walmart, Kmart, Target, Walgreens, ect? Almost every town in the area has some type of store like this and those towns still have a thriving downtown with mom and pop stores too. SPencer, Lemars, Orange city, Sioux Center all have some national chains and local stores. Scared city councilman is what I have heard, which is a shame, that so few can affect the posibilites of so many.
    4. Final thought- kind of a combination of all three before, offer some national retailers space downtown. You bring in a Maurices, Starbucks, or CenterSports like store downtown, it will bring people downtown. Will everyone shop there? No, but those walking to those stores will guarentee exposure to the other stores there already. That is called free advertisement.

    Just my two cents.

  5. also relocated says:

    I also relocated here from a big city and guess what? I am still an outsider!.Even after 15 years! The town is very cliquish, people are friendly, but not really open to new people, yet alone new businesses.
    I am not a huge fan of Walmart, but I can’t see why not having incentives for shopko to grow into a larger building or something. More manufacturers, something to bring in more people.
    I have joined a church, volunteered, and done everything I could to meet people. I just can’t fit in. I have supported the small businesses here by buying local when i can, but i can say the clothing choices for my age group (mid 30s) isnt very good. I bought my appliances from the thread starter and a couple from Sears when Connie owned it.I have just learned to live with the fact I never will. People seem to like me, enjoy talking to me, everyone knows me due to my job. I am just not a life long friend.

    Sheldon needs to open up their minds to people and growth. We can be a successful community.

  6. Red says:

    We moved to Sheldon from Jacksonville, Florida in 1990. Needless to say, it’s been one, long head trip.

  7. Stuart says:

    Spoiled in northwest Iowa

    I’ve lived in several northwest Iowa communities and Sheldon is no better or worse then any other. People are the same all over northwest Iowa good, honest, hardworking citizens. Sure all communities have their snobs, their volunteers, their cliques and their less then desirables but believe me folks there are very few places better to raise kids then in Sheldon or any other northwest Iowa community.

    There have always been complainers and there always will NO MATTER WHAT COMMUNITY YOU LIVE IN.

    I live in Sheldon now and I am quite happy.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Jeff says:

    Dave P – complaining not really. I don’t see it that way. First off you state about a starting a business. Ok, SCDC we talk to, banker, builders, etc. Put together a biz plan and present to the SCDC. First – that is a mistake. I did that, everyone and there brother knew my business – why, because the people on the SCDC board couldnt keep there months shut. Then I get voted down because my financials were not up to par with what they deemed was right, a few said my business isn’t really needed here, and others said they would not come to me cuz they get there services from another town/provider/etc. Slap in the face that was! Money not handed out – – well lets see the details behind CAT coming to town!!! Then I look again, SCDC now as all new rates on 1 acre parcels – how can I have all this paper work and 6 months later find out that this paper work is shredded material as all lots bascially doubled – no explanation on that as of yet. Then if you do get the money from SCDC it is only is reduction of lot price which will haunt you in the end cuz I pay my fair share of taxes – 1 question where is or are the INCENTIVES??? Ever looked at sibley and there new John Deere Dealership? Take a look what that town is doiing for them. Taxes, utilities, roads, etc. I dare you take a look.

    Grant money is great. I think the city crew do a great job overall. I am sure I don’t see everything as I travel for work but what I do see looks good. The ariport great for them. I hope they maintain this however as sioux center and oc are building a new ariport in the very near future.

    HWY 18 corridor fine, great. Keep updating. What new business is beinig built? Cat? Everything else is strictly RELOCATING. It is a matter of survival for these businesses. Housing that is being built?? We have two right now, one business owner is building and a contractor is specing a home. Then there were what 4 or so built this spring?? Been to RV, OC or SC lately? IF you think this building and booming, those towns will make your head spin. I spoke with the city of SC yesterday, they have 31 new homes under or beginniing construction as we speak. RV told me they had 30 houses this summer. OC had 27. I speak with these people as my job requires. Dave I really dont think you see the picture here, unless your tunnel visioned.

    Coffee Shop rumor mills. Have you ever attended? Me – NOPE. Stop by some time and see who attends these rumor mills. They are what we call our business leaders of this town, yes they own businesses, they serve on boards, they tote there whistel. But thats who we listen too.

    I agree with above statment – times have changed. Time to play ball folks. We need to support our local people. I try to get everything I can in sheldon but there are items that are not sold here that I need. I look at Kubota dealership, Bobcat dealership, GM dealership just to name a few. In RV I see they have all of these but they have no FORD dealership.

    So I really dont think this is complaining, it is strictly telliing and or see how it is. Truth can be daunting. Truth can be scary. Truth is SHELDON needs get going and be aggressive or else close the curtains folks, the show is over.

    • JCS says:

      Cat is the only new business on the east side of Sheldon? What about
      Holiday Inn,McDonalds, the gas station,Memory Lane Restorations,the Mexican restaurant, Pizza Ranch hasn’t been in town
      for years, and how about considering Fareway? Cat the only new business? I think not.

      • Hank Reardon says:

        What kind of wages and benefits can one expect from Holiday Inn, Pizza Ranch, McDonalds, The Gas Station, Fareway or the Mexican Resturante’? The ones you mention are not even close to being on the same level as Cat.

        The discussion here seems to be about good paying manufacturing jobs that are missing from Sheldon, and not low paying service sector jobs.

  9. NewGirlforthePast10Years says says:

    Thanks everyone!!! For the first time moving to Sheldon, I don’t feel quite so alone. Maybe all us outsiders should get together sometime. :)

    In short, it seems like Sheldon is a great town to be born into, grow up in, raise a family in, but not to move to. So, all you natives, if you want Sheldon to grow, I guess you either need to reconsider how you treat people or start making more babies. Maybe it is just all the warm friendly people Stuart references don’t have jobs in any customer service positions here and are harder to encounter.

    The people here are very nice to “strangers”, they will give you directions to absolutely anyplace but their home.

  10. gone south says:

    Lived here for 20yr’s an on the whole ,people are not to friendly in the town of sheldon. Seem’s they are alway scared that people are not trustworthy,sure is a bad way to live for having so many church’s. The town seems to try but doesn’t understand that growth means better jobs an pay,lower house rent an the big one is house prices,for some reason almost every home in town is priced like a mansion,bring the high price jobs an then get the price you won’t fot the homes.

  11. HA says:

    I’ve lived here my entire life. I don’t fit in because people believe fake rumors and my wallet isn’t thick enough. This town is dead in the water. Ask most business owners how they feel about their business growth for the past and future ten years… Not good…

  12. Jeff says:

    In regards to housing prices. I think the opposite is true in Sheldon. Ever compared prices, sq footage, etc to that of other towns. Also cheap prices are derived by the “slum lords” of Sheldon. They know how to work the system, play with the realitor, and low ball the price. Some of these folks need out of the house and accept the offer. Ever check out The rentals in Sioux center? They are expensive the rent but the price of the rental houses are kept high. The houses are well kept. What I don’t understand is the price of homes. $250k house in Sheldon is worth $300k or more in Sioux center. It keeps tax base up, sure lots may cost more but cement is all the same. Lumber all cost the same. In fact construction price per sq ft to build is actually lower cuz they hammer out houses and they have a system in place to get a house done. I can relate say dodge dealer ship here in Sheldon compard to Sioux center, I know that each car is fairly priced bt dealers, doesn’t matter if that car is bought in sc or Sheldon. My point is same should hold true for housing. Now there is a bomgars in sc as there is in Sheldon, I only assume prices are roughly the same. Gas, not that’s another story. As of Saturday, sc gas prices were 5-20 cents cheaper than Sheldon.

  13. gone south says:

    sorry jeff disagree,look at the cost of housing in sheldon an then look at the jobs offered an the wages that are paid to woker’s,thats why people go out of town to work,s/center,r/valley have jobs,an as for taxes,we all can’t have writeoffs to off set what we pay,just wondering how people pay for all them new house’s that went up on the east side,an what ever happen to them low cost housing in the sunshine edition on the southside?

  14. pev says:

    Seems like every empty building is either turned into a church or tore down and made into a parking lot…..Now there is Growth for Ya!!

  15. Laurie says:

    I am so sorry that you had that experience at the concession stand, Lisa. My husband and I operate the Sheldon Concession stand. We appreciate the help from all the wonderful workers that volunteer to help at the stand and we really try to make them feel welcome and comfortable when they work. If you came in during the half time rush, we might have been crazy busy, but we did not mean to slight you in any way. If you still have a student in Sheldon High School, we hope you will give us another try.

  16. Alice says:

    I have read with interest the comments about the town of Sheldon and I am reminded of a story that I heard as a youth. There was an old man sitting on a bench downtown when a young couple approached him and asked what kind of community this was. He replied by asking what kind of a community they came from. “Oh,” they said, “it was awful. The people were unfriendly snobs and we were so glad to get out of there”
    “You will find the same kind of people here,” he told them.
    A short time later a second couple approached the old man and asked the same question…”What kind of people live in this town?” Again he asked what kind of community they came from. “They were wonderful people, kind and friendly.” the couple replied.
    “Then you will find the same kind of people here,” the old man answered.

    • NewGirlforthePast10Years says says:

      Alice —

      I came from a town with great people, where the city water office was open on Saturdays and didn’t shut your water off until after 60 days of not paying instead of 12 like here, and, if your water was shut off and you got home at 8pm, they would get someone to come out and help. And you didn’t have to take a day off work to get your cable installed, they said, “you are the customer, let’s work around you”. Any they would mail you flags for your big garbage pickup so you didn’t have to take time off work for that. They would post hours of operation on their websites and doors so you knew what was going on… I could go on and on and on.

      Please, before you go assuming we are all complaining for nothing, talk to us…. because, when you don’t you are one of the people we are complaining about.

      BTW — I have offered mulitple times to purchase and pay for installation of more attractive signs for the park and can’t even get a call back, so I totally sympathize with people having problems with the city council. All I wanted was an ok and couldn’t get that, so if you are asking for anything, I could see how frustrated you might be.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I think all of us “newbies” here have said that people are friendly. They are great acquaintances. Nobody is saying they are mean, snobbish or horrible. That seems to make it even worse. Everybody is polite and friendly. then they walk away. Its like they made their quota of friends in school. And they just don’t need any more. I think a business or a manufacturing company would probably do well. If you supply a good product, people will come.

  17. also relocated says:

    I don’t think anyone can argue about Dave’s customer service. He came out to fix my washer at 7 pm once on a Friday knowing I had three children at home and didn’t want me to go the weekend. I will always buy local and from the mom and pop stores if I can, plus the big chains don’t sell the high end product. However the wages will go up and the town will grow if the big employers come in

  18. jeff says:

    In regards to gonesouth about housing. I will agree there has be a corraltion bt wages paid and the price of a house. But you have to agree that just because a home in SC or RV / sq ft has to be roughly the same to build? Why then is my car from Drenkow the same price as that from Vos Motors in SC? Because wages are low here therefore that denotes the value of “stuff” in sheldon? Have you ever checked with P&S construction on an hourly rate? OR gone to John Deere for an hourly rate? I would dare say those hourly rates are some of the highest being paid in NW iowa. Not to argue about the fact of “cheap
    ” homes in sheldon, but go try to build a 1800 sq ft home for under $150K. IT is tough. It will be cheap. Contractors dont want there name on “cheap” reasonable maybe but ……………

    • Sam says:

      You sure have a lot of negative thoughts and complaints about Sheldon and you sing the praises of Sioux Center. Instead of complaining, move to Sioux Center. Sheldon needs people that care about this town, it’s history and it’s future. Every town makes mistakes as it grows. It’s a should a, could a, would a thing. We as a town will learn from our mistakes and other towns’ mistakes. Instead of criticize, volunteer to help this city and this community improve.

  19. Al Als says:

    Sheldon is no SC or OC, so quit YOUR complaining!!!!!!!

    • gonesouth says:

      Your right Al Als,Sheldon is not SC or OC,an they never will be until they get their act together,sure wish i could spend other people’s money an say it’s for the good of the town,just bring in good paying job’s,minium pay just don’t hack it when you have to feed a family-can’t all live in $90,000 plus homes.

    • gonesouth says:

      wow sam, really must of hit home on that statement,you must be a very special person in the town of sheldon-ck the growth of sheldon for the last 20 yrs an then get back to reality,face it- your wrong,the town’s around you are growing an sheldon is not,don’t take my word for it look at the reply’s above an below.hee hee

    • Tim says:

      Sam and Al Als

      I don’t think asking questions is exactly complaining. I think that the more questions asked, the more the status quo will be looked at. Just telling someone when they ask questions or give their opinions to go live in another town, does not solve the problem. If anything it just solidifies what has been talked about in this op ed. Asking for reasponsible and honest answers to facts that involve Sheldon specifically should not threaten anyone. We cannot ignore some of the facts. I think Sheldon is a great town, like all small towns however, it does have its own unique quirks.

  20. Jeff says:

    For those who say this is no sc, rv, oc, well it could be, could off been and everyone needs to learn from our mistakes correct. Well in order to learn from those mistake, shouldn’t we look at others that have been, are and will be successfully? Do we encourage our kids to be losers because we study the great success stories of the USA. You say move there, that’s too easy, counter productive because there goes more population to our Sioux county counter parts. Now I have no children in school no longer, I travel this area for work, I speak with those that are in position, I see how it is. Everyone should take a stroll over to Sioux county. Maybe you all do but won’t admit it. I would like to here Dave p on this issue. I don’t complain. I don’t or try not to worry. My kids are grown and I see what could of, would of, and should of happened. There is hope. But for those that say Sheldon is no Sioux county town, well that where the buck stop for Sheldon.

  21. Oldenkamp says:

    I will say a couple things now that I noticed my business was mentioned. It is difficult to do business in Sheldon and aside from a couple wholesale clients I have locally the majority of my customers come from out of town. I do have a handful of local customers and I appreciate everyone’s business very much. I have priced my product 30% lower then my competitors compared to Rocket Detail in Sioux City and both detail shops in Sioux Center. Sheldon will not be able to sustain new business until it can figure out how to get and KEEP good paying jobs here so those people can drive the local economy. It is kind of a bummer when you open the paper today and see that John Deere is officially done within a few weeks among everything else lately. The average household income is over 10k a year better in our neighboring communities. Imagine if the average adult couple had an extra $800 a month in there pocket and we had some larger retailers here….

    Back in 2008 I was thinking about moving my shop to Orange City. I mentioned it to Mike Hofman the Chamber Director in OC. I was amazed at the backing I received from Hofman and Lyle Korver the Econ. Develop President, from just the mere thought of moving to that community. They were doing anything and everything they could to facilitate and make it possible. I ended up backing out because I had only been in business since 2006 and got scared. I wont sit here and say anything bad about the city council. Those people have full time jobs and pay wages and do what they can. There are members of the city that are paid full time wages for economic development… Stop trying to get tiny grants for stupid stuff and go after some big corporations to grow this town….

  22. Outsider Looking In says:

    I do live in Sioux County. The towns mentioned are growing and thriving. Is there more industry? Absolutely, which brings in more residents. Alot of the retail is visible when driving through those towns also. Hwy 60 and 18 do not take you past or through your downtown here in Sheldon. The few businesses along these roads are spread out, not making it easy to visit. Those who tell others to move if you don’t like it here, guess what, they did. And that is why you are complaining about stagnate growth, and you hear the complaints of a less than welcoming town. If you want to turn it around, start listening to the ideas (not complaints) and learn from what someone has to say. Good for you if the glass appears full, but just maybe, someone else sees its leaking.

  23. Jeff says:

    Oldenkamp – I commend you! Outsider looking In – well said.

  24. Karen says:

    Was born and raised in Sheldon. When I’ve checked I don’t think the population has changed much since I moved on in the 60’s. The
    “standoffishness” I read about here is something I say about the town I am now living in. I think that’s the bane of small towns. The complaints I have been reading here were the same things I heard my dad saying when I was growing up. When I have been back to Sheldon I am shocked with the lack of businesses downtown and the new businesses on the east end of Sheldon can’t sustain the whole town. Good luck.

  25. Jeff says:

    I think chains that are in action are seriously missing a few links. We by lnd here to develope, inflate the price so bad to recovery our investment. As a business person I often speak with others in my profession, does the scdc, city council men, committe members do this with other towns? I understand that out by rmt there is room for heavy industrial facilities. If that is the case who rents that land then from whom? What rents are being paid and to whom? Do we the city of Sheldon own all the land out by the new cat dealership? Is that land not developed being rented, to who, for what amount. Also didn’t the city by land out behind or by faraway for future housing? Who renting, for what price ect is that land worth bc I haven’t seen any new housing out there idnthis is the case. So my point is it seems to me that we have property all over without really utilizing what we all ready have in place. Roads, power, streets, sewer, we just keep adding to the cost therefore maybe, just maybe that’s an explanation why lots have increased 2 fold from a year ago.

  26. meets1 says:

    Anyone check out the lastest housing figures per town. Spoke with a sioux center guy today at the rec center. He is in his 3rd new home, total he said was either 41 or 42 housing permits this past year, 2012. Not bad. I would think that keeps a few people busy.

    • EDH says:

      Saw the same article in the most recent Mail-Sun. This is the 3rd year or so in a row where this paper has published an article on how miserable the housing numbers are in Sheldon. And what really annoys me is, they take pictures of the out of town contractors and builders working on the homes?! This year I believe J&J builders was in there. Last year Hilltop Cabinetry??? So much for pushing and pulling for your own businesses in town. As a Sheldon publication they should know better. I guess they don’t think about supporting the businesses that spend boatloads of hard earned money advertising with them each month.

      Again, nothing will change, just had to rant.

    • Tim says:

      Several years ago, my wife and I purchased several lots the city had for sale. Our intention was to build spec houses and of course sell them, trying to turn a small profit. Do to the drastic and sudden housing downturn, we sold the lots, and took what we could. It was noted at one City council meeting that a councilman said that the city would never allow anyone to do that again, b/c they (the city I assume) was not there for someone else to turn a profit. Now tell me, does our council really not want people in Sheldon to make a profit while taking a risk? I don’t understand them. I can understand if that is their mentality on issues, why we have no growth ion Sheldon.

  27. Jeff says:

    Turning a profit! That’s what? Anyway I here what your saying Tim. Look at the lots that sold out on 24th ave. One guy. Specing all the way. Everyone I spoke with didn’t know those lots were for sale. But being who it is I assume he can profit!

    As far as business in town well that’s easy too. Like EDH said. J&J, Fred’s, Ground Effects, the list goes on. No offense to these businesses but hello already, we have crews that can do there work in Sheldon. I had one guy tell me (aflunet member of town) I will hire everything out of town, no one going to get ahead (make money off of him, I assume he meant) off my money. Now this person has money, employes, on committees but nothing done local.

    What is the definition of “local” in this town?

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