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Foreign Policy

Date posted - March 5, 2014

What will Putin do next? Will para-military forces appear in eastern Ukraine or Kiev or among the Russian minorities in Moldova and the Baltic Republics? Their power will expand as far as we let them; and, if we do nothing substantial, they will dominate all of Europe and the Mideast. Thus far, it has been a contest between spartan Russia and decadent America. The Russian social fabric was rent by a century of war and revolution and Putin has brought order and purpose. Americans are war weary and debt ridden; yet, Obama undermines our confidence and our commitments. We not only need a foreign policy guided by necessity and self-interest; but, the fortitude to resist tyranny and defend freedom. The challenge is not just to stop territorial expansion or political domination; it is to empower We the People.

Michael McCarthy

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13 Responses to “Foreign Policy”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    There’s a movie that came out in the ’50s, called “The Red Tide.” It didn’t happen then, and it will not happen now.

    When we signed that treaty with Russia back in the ’90s, the US and NATO agreed that we would not try to get the eastern countries into NATO, so far, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary are in NATO. I was watching a show that had a ret. General from the Pentagon on, and he said, (paraphrased here), “As soon as we started moving into these other Eastern countries, I knew what Putin would do, just what I would do if I were him.” going into Crimea, he has basically stopped us dead in our tracks. I dont condone what he’s doing. He’s basically just an old Soviet, wanting power. But we didn’t do what we said we would. And he’s trying to stop us. The Russians always thought we were land grabbers.

    I think Obama is doing well. When McCain and Graham begin their criticisms, someone asked them what they would do in his shoes. And they basically said they would do what he is doing. they have no other ideas.

    • Lyonman says:

      Putin is going to do what he wants to do simply because we can’t stop him militarily or economically. this other NATO stuff is just an excuse because as I said THER’S NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. He’s got oil and natural gas which the Europeans need and it fills his coffers. You can use the NATO stuff as an excuse because he’s gonna do what he wants and no one stops him at least for now. He’s on record as being totally aginst the break up of the Soviet Union.
      Much much larger picture for us is our deficit spending and debt! Lets face it Americans we aren’t and won’t ever be as strong as we could be or as strong as the world needs us to be until we put our own house in order. Honestly I’m not sure that will ever happen again unless something scary/drastic happens. I’m just so very very thankful that we still have our amazing food producing ability which always has and always will be the backbone of our country.

  2. Ducky says:

    So it’s ok if the U.S. invades/intervenes with 20+ countries including Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc but it is completely wrong if Russia occupies another country for the first time since the origional Afghan incident?
    I think it’s just as wrong as when we do it. America shouldn’t be the world police, and neither should Russia.

    • piggerguy says:

      was it o.k when we invaded Europe and asia in the 1940s. ? The world does need a policeman. Unfortunately we have a keystone cop in the white house today. President Reagan had a policy of peace through strength. Obama has a policy of talk a lot and let the world fall into chaos. Iran within months of a nuclear weapon…North Korea test launches nuclear weapons…Iraq spins back into the influence of terrorists…Afghanistan is a train wreck just waiting for us to leave…Syria kicks sand in our face…Russia does whatever it wants..China threatens Japan and south Korea….what a disaster this president is….but golly can he give a good speech!!

  3. Free Man says:

    Too bad the Soviet Union was not around to stop us from going into Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

    There are times I miss the Cold War.

  4. Concerned says:

    Obama is not respected throughout the world and his threat of economic sanctions is like turning his back and refusing to “play”. Then he wonders by Putin blows him off. Obama needs to let Europe decide what they want to do without interfering and sticking our tax dollars and troops lives into it. If U.S. business interests are hurt that is too bad. I do not want my family members to sacrifice their lives nor do I want my tax dollars used to support (bribe) the countries. We have taken on enough with obamacare, special interests, and giving our government senators & congressmen lifetime salaries. We are not even taking care of our veterens when they come back with lifechanging injuries, but by the time our leaders quit talking and actually do something, it will be over.

    • Bob says:

      I think he’s tackling this foreign policy concern much like any elected leader. Diplomacy has several steps. Thinking before action. Understanding and assessing all of the factual evidence. Discussing and deliberating careful within the administration and with military officials. Making a calculated statement or attempt to diffuse the situation privately (most likely, which we have no idea what has been done behind closed doors) then make it publicly if those private negotiations didn’t work. Then make firm threats of economic sanctions. Engage allies and global community. Make firmer threats or calculated military positioning. Continually apply pressure to avoid active, military conflict. Then, if all else fails, take a calculated and strategic military action.

      I don’t think President Obama is the greatest Commander-in-Chief when it comes to foreign relations, but I also don’t think he’s the worst. My goodness, we have been fighting one of the longest, costliest, and quite deadly war in our existence and we are now finally winding down thanks to our current administration. If Sen. McCain was the president right now we’d be invading Russia right now. I don’t think that’s in our best interests. What are the benefits of engaging in active conflict with Putin?

      • Lee Ann says:

        I think if Obama was elected to serve the country we had before the economy went south, he’d have been a great president. He’d have spent money on education, infrastructure, etc. But I can’t think of a President that would have been great in the past 6 years, with the divisiveness in Congress, the debt, the economic problems, the unemployment, the wars, etc. Even Kennedy couldn’t have fixed this up quickly. Maybe another FDR.

        I shudder to think how this country would have fared if McCain had been elected. We’d be sending troops into countries all over the world. Spending outrageous amounts of money, and horrible amounts of young soldiers.

        I think history will look favorably on Obama. He inherited a total mess, and it takes time to change things. The next President will probably be credited for the improvements, even tho they have been set up by this President. There is no modern President or nominee that could have done better in these times. I think we’d have been critical of any one of them.

        • piggerguy says:

          President Reagan inherited a far worse situation from carter in 1980. He cut taxes, reduced govt regulations, increased defense spending, won the cold war and lifted americans spirits and as he said “we may have been poor but we felt rich because after all we were americans!!” President Reagan never took his suit coat off in the oval office because he said it was hallowed ground and deserved respect. contrast that to Obama who puts his feet on the desk as he talks on the phone. Or his speeches he gave blaming America and saying America has shown arrogance…He spies on us, listens to our phone calls, looks at our e-mails, and harasses political opponents through the IRS. He has taken our national debt from 9 trillion in 2008 to almost 18 trillion in 2014. He has refused to enforce the defense of marriage act, promotes abortion, and refuses to defend the laws of this nation as he is required to do by the oath of office. He is absolutely the worst of the worst we have had in office ever!! God be with the next president who must un-do all of the moral and financial rot this man has laid upon this nation.

          • jake says:

            Very, very well said!

          • Lee Ann says:

            Well you are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, it does not gibe with mine. Reagan most certainly did not inherit a great Recession almost as bad as the Great Depression. And Reagan ran up the debt to the point that we knew it would never again be zero. And I could care less if Obama wears a suit in the Oval Office or not. Its his office for the time he is in the White House.

            Considering what he inherited, I think Obama is doing the best he can, just as any President does when in office, you work with what you get when you are sworn in.

          • Free Man says:

            Reagan inherited 21% interist rates and an economy in a deep recession. Reagan was also promised by the Democrat congress that he would get something like $2 of cuts for every new dollar of spending that we needed to get out of the terrible times that he inherited from Carter. Those spending cuts never came from that Democrat congress.

            Reagan knew that the deficit he left was not good, but it was the fault of the congress who did not uphold the deal on spending.

            FDR stole our private gold, and prolonged the “Great Depression” with his socialist schemes. The only thing that brought us out of the depression was WWII. Today Social Security which he started is broke and the congress (both Denocrat and Republican) have spent the money and placed government bonds in a “Lock Box”. Those bonds need to be paid back by todays generation to pay for the old folks today.

            Lyndon Banes Johnson started the “War on Poverty” and “Medicare”. Today we have just as many poor people after the trillions of dollars spent, and medicare and medicaid are a huge drain on our system. Between Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security we have close to 200 trillion dollars of unfunded mandates. That 200 million is the difference in projected taxes coming in and what has been promised to be paid out in these three programs.

            William Jefferson Clinton opened up the flow of high technology to China (Think Loral and the rocket tech that allowed the Chines to get their ICBMs off the ground) and signed the repeal of Glass Steagall. The repeal of Glass Steagall allowed the banking industry to use the deposits of private accounts to play the markets. How has that worked out?

            I contend that most of the ills that we are dealing with today have their roots in the democrat administrations of yesterday. They have planted the seeds of our destruction and it is all coming to a head now. Like any Ponzi scheme their plans and schemes sound good and suck the people in. The first ones into the scheme make out well, but those that come later are stuck with the bill and lose. We are now stuck with 200 Trillion of unfunded mandates, and the economy is on life support but the true believers still cry for more.

  5. piggerguy says:

    The office does not belong to Obama. It belongs to the taxpayers of this nation. He can show it the respect it deserves. This is the same man who has enough money to close un-manned WWII memorials in Washington during the sequester but doesn’t have enough money to keep the white house open for the American people to tour. funny how that works!! He also flat out lied and said if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan….If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. where was he when ambassador stevens was dying in Benghazi?? Why did he go to bed when our embassay was under attack?? Sounds like a great president to me!!

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