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Four way stop at Business 60…Did people forget how to drive?

Date posted - November 22, 2012

what ever happened to the person to the right has the right of way-or did that law go away. an last time i looked the sign by the old a&w does not says right lane keep going west when another is but could be wrong,an what is the deal with people by shopko the the sign clearly states right lane ends merge left but do they ? nope stay in that lane until the very end and an then give you the go to shell look when you won’t let you in. tired of being the nice guy you can be taking advantage of for so long, maybe the local law could tell me whats right or wrong so when i have a fender benderĀ  i can tell the judge.



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14 Responses to “Four way stop at Business 60…Did people forget how to drive?”

  1. B says:

    This was very hard to read and understand.

    • Aaron says:

      What ever happened to capitalizing the first letter in a sentence? And I would like to recommend to some people on this “two cents” area to use Google Chrome. Google Chrome will spell check everything you write. It is amazing. If Google could get their browser to correct grammatical errors, they would have a gold mine here.

  2. lynn says:

    All that and more. Why do very few people understand the concept of which lane to turn into? I constantly see drivers who turn onto the four lane of 18 in the improper lane. Turn into your own closest lane and SIGNAL into the other lane. On a side note, our town would be rich from tickets given to drivers who do not make a complete stop at stop signs, rolling stops are NOT a complete stop!

  3. Lee Ann says:

    I think Sheldon folks need a class in the person on the right goes first. At any four way stop in Sheldon, they have problems with this. I regularly go through 6th St and 6th Ave. And someone that has already stopped, will wait. I always motion for the person on the right to go ahead, and they are so surprised that I do that. Even if we get there at the same time, the person on the right has the right of way, and I motion them through. Some people are very surprised at that. Just like at Washington and 5th St. I always motion the kids across, and most people do too. But I always worry that if I stop and motion them across, some stupid driver may not want to stop. And it would also be nice if people used their turn signals. Sitting at 6th st and Washington, four cars in a row may turn onto 6th St. But no signals. Of course, the time they used their signals and I pulled out, it would be someone that forgot to turn off their signal before, and ……another accident.

  4. Jason says:

    Actually, I thought a 4 way or 3 way stop intersection is dictated by the order that people arrive at the stop sign. But no one seems to be able to keep track at this one. Too much going on.

    If all drivers arrive at their stop signs at the same time, then it is the person to the right who has the next turn.

    Bottom line, Sheldon and DOT need to bite the bullet and get a stoplight here. Before the wrecks continue to pile up.

  5. Stuart says:

    I don’t really think the 4 way is that tough an intersection to get through.
    Just proceed across in the order in which you arrived. Yes some aggressive drivers
    will not wait their turn but bad karma usually gets them in the end

  6. Jeff says:

    I agree with you. What I don’t like is by the old a w drive in. I keep going west and this car tries to sneak into the left lane only to shoot across as now we have two cars going through the intersection. I do commend our police though. I think they are fair, they do there job and I think we need to give them more credit.

    • Ken says:

      It is not a posted turning lane. Going straight and merging left is not against the law as far as I know. Some people don’t have all day to sit and stare at each other to decide who’s going to go next. I personally don’t care if someone go out of turn in front of me, at least they went.

  7. Dude says:

    At a 4 way it is NOT the person to your left that has the right of way. It is the first person to stop at the intersection, or the guy who stopped before you. The “To your Right” right of way is at an uncontrolled intersection.

  8. Jason says:

    So does anyone know why there is no stoplight here? Is DOT “studying” it or is it an issue of money? Is the city council aware and are they taking any action to remedy the problems here?

  9. dg says:

    did not think that this was a essay or a formal letter i was writing,just thought it was my 2 cents,as for my meaning of the subject getting across,it must of worked,but thanks for the writing critique. will try to fine my Will an Pen handbook.

    • yankee 51 says:

      The rare collisions at said intersection are low speed, resulting in fender-benders and minor injury. Put in a stop light and we’ll see high speed (35-45 mph) collisions with increased property damage and major injuries. Just look at what happens at the Washington Ave and Hwy 18 intersection.

  10. Chris says:

    Last time i checked there was no sign or pavement marks that said right turn only. so therefore you can go straight

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