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Full Time Jobs Wanted

Date posted - January 6, 2013

I am concerned that if the Development committee in Sheldon does not bring in industry and jobs, that we will no longer be “a nice place to live.”


It seems like most of Sheldon’s employment opportunities are minimum wage jobs, part-time, with no benefits. I look at the job openings (for example) at the hospital, Village, HyVee, Casey’s, etc. and yes, they have jobs to fill but they do not hire a person to make a living to pay for their basic needs of rent, utilities, food. Sometimes they are generous to allow the person more hours but they will not contract a person a 40 hour week because that would mean they would have to pay benefits.


If the development committee would offer tax incentives and land for a company to come in that offers decent wages and give them a great package deal we might draw in jobs. We do not need minimum wages with part time employment. We have enough of those jobs!





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47 Responses to “Full Time Jobs Wanted”

  1. Realist says:

    There have been and will be full time jobs available in Sheldon and in other areas for skilled workers. I think the problem you are referring to is not a “Sheldon” problem, its a national problem. With the economy in its current state (and please for the LOVE OF GOD lets not turn this into a political thing…got enough of that going on other threads) there has been some belt-tightening and todays worker needs to be multi-talented to stand out. My advice to you Concered would be to figure out a career path and follow it.

    I dont pretend to know who you are, what you are going through and its not my intent to patronize you to tell you simply “everything will be okay”. But I can tell you what I have found as a business owner:

    I can teach you how to do a job, but I can’t teach work ethic! If you have it, and have drive enough to do what ever it takes to succeed (schooling, taking part time work in a related field etc) you will most likely prosper. There is so much money on the table for those who are hungry enough to come and get it…but you have to start the ball rolling yourself!

    • Concerned says:

      There are a lot of people out there who do not belong in college and have just a high school degree but could be a “skilled” applicant. With the “no child left behind” policy these kids keep moving through the grades without the brains and knowledge to go to a trade school or college. Some of them have work ethics and a desire to better themselves but it is book knowledge that they lack. It is those people that need at least a 40 hour week and benefits so that they can support themselves without government aid. I realize this is a problem throughout the U.S. but I also realize that some companies are doing this because they can. I see ads for 2 partime jobs which make up 1 full time job just because the business can get by with it. I have a full time job with benefits, but I see the trend that these business take and worry about the people coming out of high school/college.

      • citizen says:

        What I think concerned is saying is that he wants a NEW industry in town. Is it really that hard to find a NEW company to come to Sheldon, IA? Its just so heartbreaking cause you see Sioux Center, Rock Valley, Orange City, Hull all sioux county towns growing. They dont have the 4 lane? Whats their secret? Yes their have been some new companies but they dont have hundreds of jobs, like say a Pella Windows. I really hope in this new year that we will find a company to like Sheldon, to bring their hundreds of jobs so that people will move to Sheldon for their job and to live and to play and to spend their money to go to our churches to our schools and to become an exciting community to live in. Otherwise I guess will just have to build another old folks home. haha. If the development committee has lost their drive, passion, motavation, find someone who has that!

        • Chicken Strips says:

          You still don’t get it? Sheldon is no Sioux Center or Orange City! I don’t get why Sheldon people keep comparing themselves to SC or OC when there’s no comparison.

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Perhaps “Concerned” will have to drive to his/her job like the majority of NW IA’ns. Drive, drive, and drive. People from Sioux Falls even drive distances to other towns for work. Crummy-paying jobs, drive drive drive… the New America! Thank a politician! Thank corporate greed! Thank those “small business owners” who “create” the jobs!

  2. citizen says:

    We compare ourselves to those towns because not to long ago us 3 towns were all about the same. Actually Sheldon might have had the highest population out of those 3 towns. But right now yes you are correct not much comparsion, were getting our butt kicked, but we would like to get back to where we can compare ourselves to those towns. Why cant we compare Sheldon to those towns?

    • jcs says:

      Don’t OC andSC have municipal utilities? That would be another revunue stream for these communities. Also lower rates for industry, possibly.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The reason you can’t compare us to them is municipality.
      Yes it does make that much difference.
      We had the chance but the words of a few scared the uninformed into voting it down, and this is the pay back for it.

  3. meets1 says:

    chicken – regards to sheldon not being no OC, SC, Hull, RV oh so true. You say no comparison – true again. So therefore you would like to be referred to as the next ashton (no offense), the next matlock (no offense) the next ritter (no offense). I understand the idea of keeping up with the “jones” as in other communities but hello already – look around – were opening up another 57 lot home development ( i think thats it) more land for commercial, John Deere leaving, Cat coming.

    Did or does anyone read the papers? The REVIEW had a great article on the new John Deere Dealership coming to there town. They spelled out exactly what the county and Sibley was going to do for this town. I would like to no exactly what the SCDC did for CAT. Why isnt that public knowledge. Also in regards to that article – as an example look what siibley is doing to get them, attract that business owner to take the risk, create jobs, but I guess bottom line for you (chicken) is dont compare sheldon to sibley either.

  4. jay miller says:

    as a semi retired member of the workforce this problem is everywhere big companies do not care about employees, as i heard for years if you dont like it theres the door,we can hire someone else and you will always see ther help wanted ads in everypaper this is not a sheldon problem it is a corporate problem, same with shootings its a people problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dave says:

    The village does hire full time with benefits – not great pay, but many who work there say it is the most rewarding job they have ever had.
    The hospital often has several full time positions open.

    Here is the thing…you want good paying jobs – there are 3 ways to get high wages:
    1) have a skills that very few people have so they have to pay you well or else you will go elsewhere.
    2) do a job that no-one else wants to do – they will have to pay well just to get people to do it.
    3) join a union and threaten to ruin the company (or the government) if they don’t pay higher wages (which was fine when the companies forced folks to live in company housing and paid them in company script to use at the company store – but I don’t think there is much use for them at this time)

    Bottom line – shut the cable off, get rid of the high dollar cell phone, drive a inexpensive car, sell your toys and get some training to do the job where you can get paid for. Don’t be afraid to move away from home and live the life you want! (And quit feeling sorry for yourself and blaming others – everybody complains Sheldon isn;t like SC or OC – well move there if it is such a great place – what are you afraid of!)

    • Concerned says:

      I’m not feeling sorry for myself Dave. Just putting my 2 cents worth in! I realize Village jobs are rewarding but it doesn’t pay the bills, even with the benefits. A single mother cannot work there without government help. Some people are not sitting at home waiting for the jobs to come to them. They have applications out everywhere and are not making a connection. Maybe you should visit with some of them without assuming they have expensive toys, cable, and cell phones that they can sell for money to pay the bills.

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Ridiculous. Wake up to reality, Dave!!!!!

  6. JP says:

    Sheldon does have a lot of jobs available but like “Concerned” mentioned…..They will not work for paying all of the bills or for a single mother to raise her children without a struggle. I was a single mother for years and had to work 3 part time jobs to make ends meet. 6 in the morning till 11 at night 6 days a week. I finally found a full time job to be able to spend time with my kids at night and on weekends and then was laid off along with several others due to the economy. I did not have a “nice car or toys or a fancy cell phone to sell as Dave suggested” Yes I had cable because I could not afford to take my kids to the movies. What it would cost to take them to one movie was almost a whole month of cable. Did I get government assistance ? NO ! Because I refused to……..Could I have gone to another town for employment? Sure I could….. but my “inexpensive” car was not up for the drive every day. So I saved every penny I could for years and I raised my kids. “THEN” I started my own online business. Do I now live in Sheldon? NO…. I do not. I moved a year ago after living there for 52 years. I now live in one of those towns mentioned above and I am happy that I moved. All that I know is that Sheldon needs to do something before the tumble weeds start blowing across the streets. Give the college kids and non college kids a reason to stay or come back to Sheldon. Without the kids you can use that 57 lot new home development for one Super Sized nursing home.

  7. Concerned 2 says:

    What also concerns me is how a city COUNCILMAN is telling people to move out of town if they want to, instead of trying to make Sheldon a better place to live!

  8. lynn says:

    Dave does not realize that there may be full time jobs, but not so teriffic wages. The hospital starts dietary, housekeeping, laundry etc. at $8.00 an hour. People can start at most fast food places for that, and at $8.00 an hour most can’t afford the insurance.

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Gotta love corporate America! The workers can’t even live MINIMALLY, yet the administrators are living high off the hog! America hasn’t seen income disparity this bad since its conception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you politicians! (Money determines elections, not people! WE haven’t elected OUR President in decades!)

      • Lee Ann says:

        I used to live in Estherville way back in the olden days. lol. and I can remember well that neighbor men had jobs such as working in a shoe store, Gambles, bartender at the restaurant in town, etc. and they had stay at home wives (back then, every woman that could, stayed home until kids went to school). they bought a nice house, had a fairly new car, a color TV, and took a modest vacation during the summer. They were never rich, but comparing it to today’s jobs, its amazing that a shoe store job keeps people on food stamps, etc. The comparison is still shocking. That someone now, working full time at a job, cannot afford school lunches for their kids, vacation, car repairs, insurance, etc.

        • Chicken Strips says:

          It all boils down to money.
          “For the love of money is the root of all evil”.
          Find any cause for this messed up situation (I came up with around 10; you’re my mother’s age, surely you can think of more!)–it boils down to MONEY. Greed.
          “They pierced themselves with many sorrows”.

  9. meets1 says:

    I agree with chicken and concerned on this one. Move out if you want better – HELLO ALREADY! I realize this is apple to orange here but people all think SC, oC, RV is all that much better. Well yes to a point. But does a car cost more there than here? Does the plumber charge more there than here? Does cement cost more there than here? A gallon a milk? Gas – well we all know GAS is higher here. Call MR councilman to come fix or sell me a stove – does it really cost more there?? Bottom line folks – there are certain people that play the power issue here in town that dont want to increase wages. There is a mentalitity that if “my pockets arent lines on this deal” then forget you and whatever you want, do or even who you are.

    Also this open lots for new 57 odd homes – didn’t the city by land behind / across from faraway on country club rd? The N side of the hwy? Now were opening these new lots up?? Is there going to be some sort of zoning out there? Like I build a 400K house and then I find out my new neighbor is moving a house in? One example – go drive done 24th ave and tell me what you see.

    I realize running a town, council people etc all do there thing and its hard to please but someone needs a kick in the A&& with the way things are going in this town. HyVee sold – great. But look, we are just relocating business/jobs. SCDC all over the radio about the new crossing area – new eating place out there – just relocated and vacanted his building. The strip mall where subway is – whats there, impressions, thats it.

    Dave did you read the article in the review about SIBLEY. Did you read what the town and county are going to do for the new John Deere Dealership? Tell me, really, be honest, what are your thoughts about that?

    So as a business owner what can they do to increase wages? Maybe talk with city, get better incentives, lower tax rates, GET OWN UTITILIES! Maybe everyone should work together for one common GOAL!

    • Dave says:

      Just so all of you know, I am not the Dave you seem to think I am. I don’t even live in Sheldon – I moved away from northwest iowa for a better job. (just like to keep up on the news there). Bottom line is over the years I took the steps to make sure I was prosperous – saved money, went to college, spent my free time studying my work so I could get better at it, constantly read/listen to programs to improve myself. I never bought a vehicle that cost more than $6500 and drive them to 200,000 + miles. I plan on being happy no matter where I live…I sure don’t expect any government (city/state or federal) to make my life better. If I want changes to happen in my area, I plan on working to make it better… not just sit @ a computer @ whine about it.

      • jcs says:

        Bravo! Good for you Dave. Is there anybody out there with just a little egg on their face?

      • Tim says:

        Oh..My Goodness… Dave I commend you!! it can be done. The ONLY person who can change his or her own destiny, is herself or himself. For those thinking there is not a job for you, I find that hard to believe. I find too many that are looking for a job, want to either start at the top, or refuse to flip a burger.(not that that is an unacceptable job, but you get the idea) People complain about our immigration problem, (I am all for LEGAL immigration) but it is because our society has this notion that “oh we can’t do that job” we are to good for that job. I have had many Hispanics and “local” workers work for me, unfortunately, 80% of the time, the “local” workers will be out worked and will complain about the work, and just quit. My point here is not to debate immigration, it is to point out that, perhaps our “local” work force needs to make something happen for themselves. I applaud those that do just that, and if you are one of those, don’t take offence to this!! Now for all those with that horrible negative attitude EVERY time they answer an op-ed, and that think they know EXACTLY who every one is on here, perhaps your attitudes should change. They Scare me!

        • Chicken Strips says:

          Maybe your attitude should change, Tim. The (likely illegal) “Hispanics” get free healthcare/food/etc. (nothing my recent ancestors took). Are you one of those “lucky” farmers who got their land free a couple generations ago and to this day gets tax hand-outs for said farm?? Real hard for some NW IA’ns to complain about the “lazy” people when you’ve had HAND OUTS your whole life!

          • Tim says:

            Ah…Someone took offence, go figure. Chicken, you can’t offend me with your insinuations, I don’t know you therefore your attacks really don’t upset me. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I have had to hold several full time jobs along the way, with, yes my farming for 37 years. And just so you get YOUR facts straight my parents and their parents did not just get any of our land “free”. We have worked our A$$ off for it!!! I am not going to complain about where I am at in life. However for you to try to insinuate that I am am “one of those lucky farmers” is unfounded. You have no idea where I have come from in life. And for that matter why should you care, frankly, it is none of your business. If you wish to continue to attack me personally everytime I write something on here, perhaps we should sit down and have a cup of coffee and have this discussion, we don’t need to waste the time of so many readers of this forum to listen to your personal attacks. Even tho I may have a difference of opinion with someone on here, I refuse to ridicule or cut them (personally) down that I know nothing about. However I will defend my self!! I did not call anyone “lazy”. You have no idea who in the Hispanic, Asian, Somalians or canadians for that matter are here legally or illegal. I did not say that I agree with handouts. I don’t! Even the ones the “lucky” farmers get.

          • oh says:

            Oh really, from my experience farmers work harder than anyone I know. Employers like farm kids because they actually know how to work. Most farmers do not like subsidies because they really do not help the small farmer. Another thing I have worked somewhere else beside NW Iowa were most of the population does not have to work because of handouts. It makes it very hard on the rest of the people who actually work and you end up working 40 plus hours a week.

  10. meets1 says:

    Yes hand outs spoil the spoiler. I have had guys work for me only long enough to qualify then there off and I sit here paying for there lazyness. Farmers – well they have the income right now. I dont agree with the whole subsidies programs but that is larger than you and I. What we can attend to is the progression of sheldon. Offend anyone – I dont care neither does it bother if you want to bash me as well.

    Tim I commend you for speaking your peace. Well said and stated. Dave – well hats off to you as well for staying the course, driving your cars to 200K and saving. I dont drive that far but I do save!! Chicken not sure yet but I enjoy reading your commments!

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Good to hear! haha. If you knew how many miles I unfortunately have to put on my car, you’d be delighted to swing my way. Hint: it’s far more than 200k! Maybe some day we could all have a discussion on imported oil… ;) We’d probably all agree on the problem!

  11. Concerned says:

    Wow. This is getting ugly. I was looking for suggestions on how SHeldon could pull some industry into town so wages, benefits, and the people can make a living and the blame game starts. perhaps we should do research on how other towns are pulling in the industry. we can vote different council members in if we think they are not doing their jobs. maybe people with a more positive attitude will run for council with a little more “think outside the box” know how. I’m certainly not that person but we need to look at this issue positively instead of pointing fingers and assuming we know everyone’s circumstance.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Back to the topic at hand: Sheldon, for many MANY years had a reputation of “we like it the way it is, we don’t want any new business.” those were a lot of the older people that feared new ways of doing things, didn’t want change, etc. My grandparents lived in Woonsocket, SD, and they felt the same way. nowadays Woonsocket is a dead town. I think they dropped well over 2/3 of their population and the ones there now, all go to the senior ages place for dinner every day at noon.

      Large corporations will remember the difficulties they had with Sheldon. We need to wine and dine anybody interested in moving to this part of the state. Give them tax breaks, give them utilities, give them cheap land. We need to bring them in here, despite our reputation. I think that a couple of good sized plants, and a 24 hour truck stop (a big one, like Loves) would make a big difference in this town. Oh, and an Applebees or Perkins over near the hotel.

  12. meets1 says:

    Lee Ann oh so true. But sheldon will not give things out. I still want to know what CAT got for a deal? Seems every other community its public knowledge. Ever call the SCDC what they want for an acre out by CAT? Then go to SC, RV and ask there development team what they want an acre for land? Then take that a step further and those towns will say taxes X for so many years, utiltities are always cheaper, and there next question is what can we (city) do for you? We want you, if you have one employee or 200. Sheldon citizens need to be loyal. From the business up town to our local service people, being the plumber, the landscaper, the builder.

    To me when I speak with city officials they are like SCDC is it own thing. SCDC say they are not involved with the city. Right hand doesn’t know what left hand is doing. Explain that to me?

    Sheldon along with the old business owners are looking at today and tomorrow. ME ME ME. Sure we have to think that if I was to start a new business but the larger picture is the future of this town. That starts with you and I. Children, grandchildren, etc.

    I still think we need to take care of what we have, build that up, proceed to persue new businesses to town and work together on how we (city) can be more affordable.

    The city also needs a plan. We have RMT etc out there where there located. Heavy Industrial. Now we have CAT on opposite side of town, we having housing here, there and now to open up more lots. Sperratic zoning. Allow this here, but not that there, and nothing here.

    • Knowledge Is Power says:

      Are you seriously COMPLAINING that Sheldon brought in a new industrial business?

      Good grief! I swear some people would never speak a word if they werent allowed to complain!

      Welcome back Jeff!

      • Unsure says:

        It seems that there are paid wages to “Develop” these plans. Not seeing a lot of bang for the buck. I’m not bashing the welcoming side of the office, but as far as the developing end goes show some results besides riding on Cat for the next five years! Or we can all sit back and rest assured that “Big Things” will happen.

  13. citizen says:

    I would work fulltime at hospital and starte out at $8.00 a hour and after 12years end up with $10.50 an hour. how is a single suppose to live off that? Their need to be some competion in Sheldon for people to stay!!

  14. jeff says:

    Thanks for the welcome. Some snow has melted – seen some pictures from your area today. Looks as though it rained or is raining there.

    Complaining really not. Just saying. When I speak or spoke to these folks in the higher ups of city it seems that city office knows very little about the SCDC and vice versa. Ready any newspaper – I dont get any while I am gone but I do take phone calls! Every project is funded somehow with an entire article proclaiming this for tax releif, new street/rail/etc is being put in, X amount was financed through X for X amount of time. Have we ever really heard why RMT went to the Lakes region? I recall the city purchasing a few of those houses and if I am correct they (city) still own an empty lot or two on that road. Same with CAT. What did they get from the town? When an acre of land out there is $75k, for the little man business owner but CAT bought how much land at what price. That is the question I ask.

    I guess when I return from this sunny, blissfull place I may have to drive over to Primghar and check out the county recorder office and see what CAT gave the city.

    • Sonny says:

      Ask someone who actually knows. I am quite confident you could ask Mark Gaul for this information if you really wanted to know. If he doesn’t tell you then advise this forum of his reasoning why not.

  15. Old ORAB says:

    I left Sheldon after graduating from HS. I joined the Military. I received my degree. I have NO College loans. I receive EXCELLENT benefits. My base pay is INCREDIBLE. I will receive a pension in 8 years. Yes, I went to the Middle East. NO, I didn’t enjoy it. War is as they say it is. I’d do it again for this nation. If you want to succeed; you can. This is the United States of America. Come out of your comfort zone and you can make it. My father would hear young people in Sheldon say “I can’t get a job.” His reply was “Have you ever thought about the Armed Forces?” Most replied “I can’t do that; it’s just too much for me.” Stop with the excuses.The bottom line is that if you want to succeed you can. You just have to want it bad enough. If you live on excuses you get what you deserve. That’s life.

    • Sonny says:

      What a refreshing breath of fresh air – someone that doesn’t bitch and moan.
      OLD ORAB you have hit the nail on the head.
      Thank you too for your service to our country.

  16. concerened3 says:

    Maybe america should stop relying on temporary staffing agencys to find a job! They are a joke..low pay, crappy insurance, no other benefits. To many companys around here now only hire through aventure or that other employment connections place so that way they dont have to pay the benefits for someone..what a crock of crap. there are good jobs in sheldon, and sometimes i seriously belive people wont hire based on qualifications but rather what your name is! The hospital also has very high insurance i have heard and low starting pay 8-10 an hour! More needs to be done to have better jobs, with benefits, and stop loosing people in Sheldon.

    • Mrs...... says:

      If you knew more about staffing agencies, you would find more people that like them. They don’t set the wages, the companies hiring through them do. There is insurance available to people, have you looked at it? Truth is, most people judge the staffing agency before they’ve tried looking at one. Most think they are too good for it, yet they struggle to find work????? Hmmm. It worked great for me! As most things in life, DONT knock it til you know what you’re truly talking or in your case JUDGING it.

  17. jeff says:

    Maybe I should I ask SCDC. I never really spoke with mark before but when I return for the winter maybe I should ask for a cup of coffee in the new coffee shop that I here is coming to the old tottsie location. Stay warm! Nice and sunny here!

    I had morning coffee with a retired farmer from Sioux center this morning. He informed me interstates (not knowing much about the place) bought another building in there town for roughly $1 million, adding 50 new engineering jobs. That is something! He actually lives b/t OC and SC. He also said his son told him that Quartro (spelling) in oc is adding like 150 jobs. Thats impressive for a small town too.

    I did here from back home that HyVee sold? That is good. Little by little progression.

  18. biker says:

    Praise to the development committee – (although I here they really didnt do much) but if the rumor is true I here John Deere building is sold to a manufacture from Rock Valley who is lookiing at expanding here in SHELDON!! So that is good news. Maybe the city or paper of SCDC should make some sort of announcement soon! But as usual everything is alwasy hush hush dont tell no one.

    Also I heard from a very good source that Cat paid very little if anything at all for there land. City says it will recoup taxes. That is fine but then I here that certain lots if not all lots that are for commercial use went from like $25K an acre to $50K an acre over night. No one knows why but an inside source has said they need to recoup CAT’s land so pass it on to the little people.

    This is lastest on the street. I havent heard this yet at the coffe shop!

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