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Gary Johnson for President

Date posted - January 30, 2014

I want this man representing me! Anyone else? Sound off $.02!


Gary Johnson’s track record as governor of New Mexico, 1995-2003:

Gross state product (in current dollars) grew from $38.6B to $53.5B, up 38.6%.

State budget went from $6.33B to $7.95B, 2.9% annual compounded growth.

State revenues rose from $5.01B to $7.74B, a 5.5% compounded annual increase.

Inherited a budget deficit of $1.32B. Submitted a balanced budget in 2003, the legislature added spending to produce a $209M deficit, which he vetoed, but the veto was overridden. Taking into account general reserves, left NM with a $1B in surplus funds.

Taxes: cut top rate for personal income tax from 8.5% to 8.2%. Cut gasoline tax 6 cents/gal. Also cut state capital gains tax and unemployment tax. Per-capita personal income rose from $17,772 to $24,977, a gain of 40.5%.

Unemployment rate dropped from 6.5% to 5.7%.


Chesley Sullenberger

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8 Responses to “Gary Johnson for President”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I like Gary Johnson. I also like Jon Huntsman. Both seem to have good common sense, are not listening to the extreme right of the party, are knowledgeable and willing to do what works for his citizens. Of course, Jon Huntsman was shut down in the primaries quickly, and Gary Johnson wasn’t even considered. Even tho Gary Johnson is a Libertarian, he is common sense and not drastic or radical. All of you people that don’t want pot legalized better stay away from GAry Johnson. HAHA.

    See? I am not some radical crazy lib on the left. I am for common sense, being fiscally responsible, and doing what is best for the people. I just haven’t been able to see any of that logic in the people spouting all the crazy extremist views of the right.

    • Bob says:

      Gary Johnson follows the “harm principle” to the nth degree so any pro-life, anti-gay, anti-drug ideologues will not like him. I think his “hands-off” approach to economic and social issues is commendable as long as it is rooted in common sense and does not unnecessarily harm the environment, the “have-nots,” and/or our freedom.

      He’ll never garner enough support, but his ideas are quite intriguing.

      I, too, liked and still like Jon Huntsman. I would’ve voted for him if he would’ve gotten the nod. Unfortunately, Mittens did and he was too out of touch with average Americans. As the polls showed.

      • Pastafarian says:

        Wait… Republican candidates that actually believe in smaller government? I thought they went extinct around the Jimmy Carter era.

      • Don says:

        His problem is Libertarians don’t really have a “side” the play on. People want someone thats going to actually stand for their ideas on either side. He might as well be for the socialist left because he’s definitely not against it. That’s why he will never see a right wing vote and consequentially he doesn’t need a left wing vote. Therefore his position is null.

    • Don says:

      And Lee Ann, you spend a lot of mid day time on here so i guess I can see where your views come from. Before you go calling anything extreme might i suggest you go read up on the histories of current Communist and Socialist govts and the millions that had to die and continue to die to keep it alive. Or for fun go read George Orwell 1984 and see where this is all heading.

      • Lee Ann says:

        After working hard for over 45 years, I had hoped to make it to 65,instead I made it to 60 before I was unable to work any longer. I am thankful that I paid into SS all those years, so that I was able to live without being homeless at my age.

        I have read many stories about Communism and Socialism. I will agree that Communism is an extreme and I can’t imagine anyone wanting tolive under Communism. However, those hateful Socialists, like…….Sweden. How could anyone want to live with a good safety net, single payer health care, with good support for working people? France……..good health care, free to everyone, 7% of GDP, instead of 17% like the US. Any extreme is bad, Communism on the left and Faschism on the right. I am not a Communist and I am not a right wing tea partier/John Birch Society member or Faschist.

        I allow you your views without insulting you, why can’t you do the same. I respect your views, because that is what our country is based on–mutual respect for other people’s ideas. Ideas and compromise is what makes this country exceptional.

  2. legalize says:

    Just a Question.
    What is he going to do when the vote comes up to legalize ,medicinalize and decriminalize?
    We all know what am talkin about,Cannibus/Industrial Hemp !

  3. driver says:

    Totally agree,If they do stop prohibition on Cannibus and Hemp,we will again be the Richest And most Gainfully employed Nation in the world.
    As for new mexico,Didn’t all that Revenue come from medicinal Sales tax’s?

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