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Gas Stations…

Date posted - November 17, 2012

for yr’s i have been wondering why a town the size of sheldon can have 6- give or take gas stations an they alway have the same gas prices?

pretty sure if at least 1 would lower their price by 4 cents they would still make a profit buy volume being sold,but american greed must be alive in these stations, not going to be part of a coop an don’t want to buy food from certain stores to get discounts at their pumps, an the excuse it cost more to ship gas to town really has me worried(didn’t know we live in no man’s land) the stations seem to lower their price 2-3 wk’s after prices go down around lemars an other towns.


–Need to know

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10 Responses to “Gas Stations…”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    We seem to live in a little bubble here. Its quite a distance to most Walmarts or big towns. I usually wait until I get close to Sioux city to buy gas, it always seems lower there. Now that the gas stations have agreed to the receipt taking money per gallon off, maybe it will cause some competition.
    It seems like the day the gas prices go up on the world market, it goes up here the same day. When it goes down on the world market, it can be one or two weeks before it really starts going down here.

  2. Tim says:

    We travel to sioux city almost every week, I hate to say it, but over 95% of the time gas is 20-25 cents less there, I can not understand it.

  3. Dave says:

    I have no problem with folks making some money, but I too used to wonder why gas stations in towns always have the same price – never used to be that way. About 5 years ago (strictly an estimate – could be off for a couple of months/years ??) I was filling up in Spencer at the Ampride (now a Cenex) station. While I was paying my bill, the clerk took a phone call. When she hung up, she told me I just saved some money as prices were going up after lunch. I asked if it was the boss who called her and she said, “No, that was the Dynos station – they always go up first and let us know so we can raise our price”
    So… to me it is price fixing.
    I travel throughout Iowa quite a bit. Typically I found some of the cheaper prices in Larchwood, Holstein, Fort Dodge, Bondurant, Ankeny. Most expensive where I travel is Spencer, Emmetsburg, Sheldon etc…

    Spencer Iowa had their city attorney conduct an investigation about a year ago into their gas prices – of course they found nothing wrong!

  4. Jeff says:

    Gas here in Sheldon is a joke. One man at the local coop station here pumps his chest out and calls the local stations and say follow suit or else I squawk. I know I used to be involved in it. Travel to Sisley diesel is always cheaper. Go to hull gas is always cheaper. I travel to Sioux center a lot. The coop and shell station are always cheaper than Sheldon. When people talk about trucking fuel etc Sioux center, Sisley, hull is no further than Sheldon. I really don’t understand. Must be another Sheldon thing.

    • Tim says:

      Well I’ll be ‘horn-swagalled’….gas went down in Sheldon on monday I believe, and when I left to go to Sioux City on tues….guess what….only .04 difference in price. Thank you KIWA for this forum, maybe the message does get thru. :)

  5. resident says:

    What does Sheldon need…………………….Help?!!!

    Orange City, Sioux Center are expanding! Yes, we don’t need to spend that
    money in the downtown area for beautification. We need clothing stores, a department store.

  6. Doug says:

    Sheldon gas price yesterday was $3.25, George $3.16, Sioux City $3.05. If you were a fuel retailer in Sheldon, you could possibly argue that Sioux City’s location gives them a price advantage. But to be under priced by George? They could also argue that the volume of sales in Sioux City allows them to cut prices. I doubt fuel sales in George are higher than Sheldon….no offense George.

    I tend to think greed is more likely the answer. With 4 near-new gas stations, it’s obvious you can’t lose money, selling gas in Sheldon. I don’t think it helps our downtown, to “train” people they have to go out of town to get a fair price.

    • Jack says:

      I agree with everyone. No reason for high gas prices in Sheldon compared to surrounding communities. And yes we all know the chest pumping …. clown had a lot to do with it in the past. BUT! With the new Caseys and the upcoming good deals Hy Vee Gas and Caseys will both be honoring voice your frustration and get your gas there. Save your money and who knows maybe just maybe they will break from the flock have a mind of their own and lower their prices to match other communities AS THEY SHOULD

  7. jeff says:

    Anyone seen the price of gas in sheldon compared to other towns as of recent? I was in sioux center and rock valley today – 10 – 35 cents / gallon cheaper. Diesel fuel I think was 15 cents cheaper, that is of 5 pm tonight when I came into town.

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