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Get in the Game!

Date posted - August 28, 2013

There are plenty of complaints in this forum about how the city and county are being run.  If you want things changed why don’t you consider running for city council or county supervisor.  In this way you can be the voice of change and be given an opportunity to sway others.  Don’t be a Monday morning quarterback, get in the game.

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15 Responses to “Get in the Game!”

  1. WP says:

    September 19th is the final filing date for Sheldon City Council

  2. thequietone says:

    Just because I put my name in to run doesn’t mean I will be elected and unless I am mistaken one of my rights is to be able to voice my opinion on the people I have voted for.

  3. Dug says:

    For now it’s your right…but Obamaism is coming…Hile!!!!!

  4. Old wrestler says:

    Shhhhhhhhhh Dug, they are listening to what your saying both on here and your phone. If you see any black vans following you run.

    • Dug says:

      I know THEY are watching and listening…Proof? I had a buddy in Florida that said he looked my address up on Google maps. He zoomed in for a closer look and he saw my acreage, zoomed in closer and saw my house, zoomed in even closer and saw my front door, got a 360 view from the intersection and when he swung the view toward the side of my house, there I was peeing!!!!!!!!!!! Nice huh? Well, that’s why I moved to the country, so I can pee outside without being bothered about it…once again, THANKS OBAMA for the privacy!!!!

  5. KW. says:

    The last time the Council was all business owners these kinds of decisions were being made and left unchecked. Now again the general public is treated as if they have no knowledge of what is right or wrong for the community. There is an election coming and it may be time for a change. Get involved, and take over one or two of the seats and give the general public back a voice. I did, and injoyed it.

  6. nwby says:

    I can’t Run for city council in good faith. Their meeting times conflict with my regular job.
    I can’t quit my regular job to volunteer when i have kids to feed.

  7. Ducky says:

    Are you not aware that there are leaked documents of the government spying on it’s people since 2006, if not before? Yes, Bush allowed the government to spy on its people. Granted, it’s as wrong now as it was back then. But I’m starting to believe that the president is more of a figure head and that there’s a secret society actually running this country…. Oh wait! There is a group running this country! We call them lobbyists. The All mighty dollar!

  8. biker says:

    I would run but I have an employer that I work for who gives me 1/2 hour dinner break and usually makes me work till5-5:30 everyday. I guess I would rather volunteer my time with my kids youth sport programs. Sorry I am out!

  9. Community Problem says:

    Not all of us are able to hold positions becasue of work, children, etc. THEY ARE ELECTED OFFICIALS WHO WORK FOR US> THEY REPRESENT THE POPULATION WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN ELECTED. This is a great forum to get things out there and discuss them with many perspectives being explored, and often your question can be answered. This should not take the place of contacting our elected officials and sharing our opionin with them. Are they really going to listen………………… I would bet many of us complain without giving it a try.

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