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Date posted - January 21, 2013

In a few days we will have the opportunity to approve an expansion to the future education of our children.  Lets “Git-R-Done” as a well known entertainer says.

Much has been studied over the last few years on this.  It is now time to move forward.
For those who know me, (and for those who don’t) my parents and I chose to educate myself  in a private school k-12 and beyond.  That was our choice at the time.
I am not here to debate that issue.  I am here to say it is time for each and every one of us, Private, Parochial, and Public school, and all other supporters, to pull together and create an investment for the future training of our children.
Some are going to say, ‘I already pay tuition costs why should I pay more’.  Not a valid argument, in my opinion. In a way I feel that is a very selfish statement. That was/is  your choice as it was mine and my parents when I was being educated. It is still our (each of us) duty and responsibility to give every child the opportunity for a chance to get the best education he/she can possibly get. I am reminded of a little song I learned as a child: ‘red and yellow, black and white, they are all precious in His sight’.   Our society is not made up entirely of Just those attending a Private or Parochial school. We owe it to society now and in the future to allow  ALL of  today’s children to get the very best educational experience possible.
Some will say, ‘we did not have all this when we were in school, and we turned out ok’, perhaps true. Times have changed.  In 1962 (if I am correct it was the last update to the East facility) we did not have a cell phone, (my goodness the kids have them now,) very few radial tires, air-conditioning in your car, what about a cab on your tractor?  What the world was no-till farming in the 60’s.  The way we educate our children has changed. I went thru the list posted in the flyer sent out to me, do I understand each and every reason that was listed for the expansion?  No.  Do I trust that the educators and the board know why it is needed?  I do.  Do I agree with all of them, perhaps not. But to say just b/c I did not have them available or don’t understand them, I should say no, in my mind is not valid.
Oh but the enrollment is down or not moving.  Again, perhaps to some a valid point. I personally don’t think it matters. The way I look at it is this, our school was geared toward education in the 60’s.  Do we really think our educational ability is still in the 60’s?  Do we farm with the same practices as in the 60’s? Do we run or business the same as in the 60’s?  Again times have changed. Methods of education have changed. Security in our schools has changed. 
I (and I am sure many others) don’t understand all the in’s and out’s of how the financing will work.  I need to trust that our administration and board has it worked out. I did however do some quick calculations based on the figures supplied in the flyer that I received.  It looks to me that if I have a residential property valued at @200k, it might cost me one trip to Omaha, Sioux City, or Sioux Falls for a very fancy dinner and night out for that year. My question for myself then is this, Am I willing to give up that night or weekend out, for an investment in our kids educational future?  
I will attend one of the meetings set up on this issue and learn more, perhaps ask questions, perhaps not agree on some things.  However, it still boils down we need to invest in our children’s future, in a way it is our future.  So I say it is time to just:  Git-R-Done !!
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19 Responses to “Git-R-Done”

  1. meets says:

    I would agree to the extent of voting yes for the school. I see it as progress. I do not know Mr. Spears although I here good and bad but I will tell you this he has a grasp on things, he has his numbers put together and all in all he is a great addition to our community or least the school district. As far as saying pirvate section vs public sector is an excuss. Really it shouldn’t matter. I read the other day in a paper about sioux center christian school (grade school) 9 million dollar addition – that got 94% yes votes. That is all donation money from grandparents, parents, school alumi etc. That is impressive to say the least. Sure there not building yet but once they obtain there $5 million dollar goal they will start. So for the citizen of sheldon to vote yes, being a vast majority, spread over numerous households, yes we are going to have to give up one trip to the outer area of NW iowa and maybe steak dinner. We are not obligated to pledge, donate etc money to a private school of X amount we are just asked to give a few more cents / thousand on our taxes to pay for education, a building, etc to adapt to our growing need to further education based upon the needs of today, tomorrow and inito our future, not something that was in place oh, say 50-60 years ago.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    I have one grandchild left I school here. The rest are grown and on to college. Even when I have no children in Sheldon schools,, I still want to do my share to ensure that our town educates are children as much as possible. Do we want to wait until the grade school is beginning to fall apart like the middle school? That was horrible. There should be no reason to have our children going to school in a building such as that. The high school is beautiful, the middle school is also. We need to upgrade the grade school now too. They are using storage rooms for classrooms. The band is in a regular classroom and can be heard loudly. Two classes in one room? Its time to upgrade and make a grade school as nice as the other two schools.

  3. MB says:

    My kids are long out if grade school. My youngest in Highschool, but I plan to be a long term resident of Sheldon and I believe East needs to be upgraded and expanded for the sake of our cities future. The school system is the center of any town and helps decide growth and development.
    East needed upgraded years ago. Time to get it done!

  4. local shopper says:

    When the vote was going out whether or not we should build a new public middle school there was much negative outcry. I personally had conversations with folks who were against it. Now 9 years later, those same people come to events at the middle school and comment on how nice it is to have this building.

    If you are not sure how to vote, think of it this way. Many of the students who attend East will live here in Sheldon as adults. These will be the people who work at the bank you deposit money in. They will be the folks who help you at the local grocery store, or who repair your vehicle. It takes a clean, spacious, safe, and technologically sound building to educate a child who will eventually go out into the workforce no matter the city or religious affiliation.

  5. Jon says:

    I believe that the proposed addition will make the elementary school a facility that will better meet the needs of the students in the district, and that the study and design phase carefully created a plan that would update the facility while respecting the need to keep the cost as low as possible. While the elementary school is a fine facility, it is simply not large enough to house the instructional programming the school currently offers. With office equipment in the entry way, the multipurpose room divided, and special ed programs inappropriately sharing classes or having to meet in rooms designed for storage, it is time to give the students and professionals working in this building a facility that meets their needs.

    I agree with the original contributor and those who’ve followed. However, just as a point of information, the last update to the elementary school came in 1993, with an addition that includes the media center (the area on the south side of the school nearest 6th street). This addition helped to meet the needs at the time, mainly in providing a media center that was not in a regular classroom. This addition did not, however, fix many of the problems in the school, including lack of office space, the need for a gym area separate from the cafeteria and multi-purpose room, and the ability to separate the younger grades from the upper grades in the school. It also did not address any of the issues plaguing the original structure, including the removal of asbestos in the flooring and ceiling of the building.

  6. Hometown Orab says:

    I’m surprised they have gotten by this long, given the changes in technology alone. The plan I understand is to add on and renovate. The argument I heard a lot on the middle school was why it was allowed to get run down or wasting what had been spent on it. East is current enough to make the transition, in my opinion. Other local towns have stepped up, now it is time for Sheldon to modernize a great school in the most logical location.

  7. Lee Ann says:

    Another thought in the brochure we got, is that we need some doors in school that lock on the inside. After what has been happening in other schools, we need security doors. Sheldon is a small town, but some small towns have had security problems.

    • Jon says:

      This is true. As I understand it, the doors in the old section are the original doors, which cannot be locked from the inside, and at least one wing of the building (the oldest and most accessible from the front door) has no security doors between the entrance and the classrooms.

  8. Hank Rearden says:

    After reading this I am left wondering how I ever became a successful productive member of society. I went to grade school in the old rickety Central, which was built in 1917, then was bused to the old creaky dilapedated Archer school for 5th and 6th grade, then back to the old spooky central for three more years before finally reaching High School and the newer built in 1969 building.

    You may very well need upgrades and expansion at the East Elementary, but lets be honest about it. Good teaching comes from good teachers and understanding staff, and not the building they are housed in. It’s just as easy to plug modern computers and electronics into 50 year old outlets as it is a new one. I don’t know the particulars since I do not live in Sheldon any more, but I assume the bond issue will be sold as a 7 year deal that will expire and go away, but in 6 years there will be another campaign to extend it for other urgent needs.

    • Jon says:

      While it is true that high quality teachers and curriculum is the most important component of a student’s education, the fact is that buildings of any kind are in need of periodic upgrades and changes to meet changing needs. I would similarly argue that the house a family lives in doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the quality of the family. However, I don’t know very many people who go long without making relatively substantial improvements to their home, through cosmetic remodeling like carpet replacement and paint, periodically replacing worn-out and outdated appliances and fixtures, or adding on an extra garage or room. Many people, when faced with a home that doesn’t meet their needs simply opt to move to a different one or build a new one. I would venture to say that very little aside from the frame and foundation in most people’s houses goes completely unchanged in the course of fifty years, including updating electrical outlets and switches. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the family has gotten better or worse, and it doesn’t mean that the house didn’t adequately meet the needs of the family fifty years ago, it simply means that updates to the house are needed or desired.

  9. Year 2013 says:

    Think of the possibilities for the children of combining the caring and understanding staff that we already have in the district with a facility that is safe, healthy, and conducive to learning. Every adult should want to put every child in an environment where they can begin the process of becoming the most successful productive citizen they can become. No, East Elementary is currently not a rickety, creaky, dilapedated building but now is the time to make improvements and changes so that it can be around for another 40-50 years. Having classes in storage closets, HVAC equipment that is unbearably loud for students and teachers, two classes/teachers in one room–is that the best we have to offer for these kids? I understand that the school district is having meetings to discuss the project–if you have questions about the financing, what’s included in the project, current conditions at East please attend one of those meeting. Teachers, administrators, and school board members are making themselves available to answer questions. Better yet, you should by-pass the water cooler talk and arrange to take a tour of East Elementary and see for yourself. Make an informed decision based on the facts on Feb. 5.

    • Hank Rearden says:

      I’m sorry, but you just basically said “It Takes a Village”.

      For the record I would like to know if you have skin in this game, or if you are receiving any consulting fees or are connected to any contractors that would benefit from this issue passing.

      • Tim says:

        I am not sure what you mean about “It Takes a Village”?
        I think every person in the Sheldon School district HAS ‘skin’ in this issue. OUR CHILDREN! Our Future!!

      • Year 2013 says:

        Sorry to disappoint “Hank”, but my only concern with this vote is the kids, the school district, and Sheldon. I have no “skin in this game” that you referenced other than being a resident of Sheldon and the desire to see each of the three previously mentioned groups grow and succeed. Seems pretty straightforward and simple when you look at it like that, doesn’t it?

        • Hank Reardon says:

          I just had to ask. The original “Git R Done” letter and a few of the responses appear to me to have come from a consulting group who get paid to push through things like this, using any form of media they can. All the focus tested words and phrases are there to sway public opinion for a yes vote, right down to the “Git R Done” rallying cry.

          Good luck on your endevour. I have no skin in this game and do not live in your district, but having grown up in Sheldon I would like to see it grow and prosper. Will this be a positive for growth, or a drain on an already streached tax base?

          • Tim says:

            Sorry Hank…Just a normal taxpaying citizen of Sheldon. Just think to actually “Git-R-Done”

          • Mom of 3 says:

            If you are not a part of the district, why are you commenting???? We do not need any negative help in this campaign. I am very ok voting to give our teachers the resources to keep our kids safe. I think it is appropriate to move classroom activities out of the storage closets and into a classroom. Find something to destroy in your own community. Thanks

  10. biker says:

    People if this is voted yes, the cost is over everyone with tax base. This not like the private sector where people come knocking door to door for money, pledges ect. Amazing how those churches, schools function on donations and we cant pass a simple “yes” vote that ulitamely everyone shares in – and that not being only mine and our tax money but maybe your child, grandchild, etc benfits. You cant be united on this vote its no wonder that the private sector people get a bad rap because that is an easy place suddenly to place the blame of why the vote went “no”. It is progress in our town, the community, and an investment within ourselves.

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