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Great Idea

Date posted - July 17, 2014

What is going to happen with the land Risefest was held on? Since there is permanent electric, maybe we need to host events there all year round. The city could bring in a lot of people from surrounding communities. I see they are mowing the grounds. We could host singers for concerts, different types of entertainment. Along with that they could build a permanent stage. What about a movie screen to have outdoor movies out there. The city could make a killing with different events held out there. Good idea? Lets just hope the city will make use of this opportunity and not blow another one down the drain.

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6 Responses to “Great Idea”

  1. Mom3 says:

    Maybe the car show can be out there instead of at the high school, Sunday services or something else during celebration days. I think rise mintresies hold the lease for so many yrs but I’m sure something could be worked out so it is used more then once a yr. I think a show of local praise bands would be great. Something to use for weddings?

  2. Homer says:

    The city does not own the land nor does Risefest. The farmer leased the land to Risefest for 5 years and cuts the alfalfa 2 to 3 times a year to get some profit. I agree with you it would be nice to have the green space however that is what the addition with cool sounding street names is supposed to provide as well.

  3. Darron says:

    Welcome. You must be new to Sheldon.

  4. Meets says:

    I thought the city purchased that land for future housing development? With that went the decision to have rist fest held there for x amount of years. Maybe not not

  5. Pete says:

    I thought RiseFest was going to move to the LLRC located on the campus of Northwest Iowa Community College? Northwest Iowa Community College benefits by having people on their campus who never come to their campus since they go to Dordt or Northwestern to further their education. Risefest benefits because it’s indoors and protected from God’s weather plans for the day.

    • Lee Ann says:

      They moved it over to NCC due to the weather. But there wasn’t enough room for all the people there, so some had to watch over a closed circuit TV or something like that from other spots in the NCC campus. A lot of people knew how crowded it would be at the college, so they just left.

      They want to have it outside if they can, I am sure.