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Date posted - March 27, 2014

over the last year we have gone riding around through adjacent communities and have seen the building of new homes these homes are getting bigger and extremely elaborate I believe with all my heart that there should not be one child that is hungry or cold . it use to be two garages now it is at least three and then a huge building to park the campers, and all the toys they own. I know we live in a rich and wealthy black soil but with that comes with a huge responsibility to ourselves and Jesus Christ I truly believe that we are fortunate that God gave us a rainbow that was promising he would never again destroy His people like with the flood May we at this time of Year evaluate our gifts and most of all that fabulous gift of grace and may Jesus be worshipped this EASTER with gratefulness and thankfulness for his grace and for his favor on his people




and yes these words are for me also we have so much stuff

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18 Responses to “Greed”

  1. Harriet Oleson says:

    Back in Walnut Grove we took care of all those who were less fortunate than us at the school. Miss Beadle taught us to follow and live by the Golden Rule – however, a number of us became skeptical. The reason for our skepticism came when Little Ernie and Annie were on free and reduced breakfast and lunch, yet they sat at the lunch room table tweeting on their smartphones and supplementing their free breakfast with a burrito from Subway and a Monster energy drink. Ironically many of the kids who were not on government supplement programs could not afford those things…….. I believe that God tends to help those who are good stewards of their money and who help themselves.

  2. yardman says:

    Talking about reduced or free meals. I know numerous people that their kids get free or reduced meals. And yet, they all drive new cars, go on trips, and have very nice homes. Seems like the ones with money are the ones that will screw the system the most.

    • virgil says:

      we should not blame those children but the government we deligated and . our poor judgement and those who do not vote as it makes no difference well guess what it has and in this country I sometimes wonder if we should be poor? Or studied the background of the people we voted for as our country is serious danger with each of us now scratching our head and wondering what happened

      • Workifyoucan says:

        Having a reduced meal program is important for those that are in real need of it, but what is frustrating is individuals that take advantage of the program and other social programs that are able to work and choose NOT to. It would be interesting to see what some of these families choose to spend their money on, seems like a lot of smart phones,video games and trips out to eat take a higher importance then
        Providing for your family. Not all families can find a way to make ends meet each month but some must take a look at there monthly budget and try to live closer to their means instead of relying on the government and family & friends to give them.

    • bonkers says:

      That just Proves,a persons parents can bring a soul to the earth,but nobody say’s,they have to love there children,Some parents are just Cruel.

  3. Tom M. says:

    There is a LOT of giving going on. Family, friends, and other good people who need a hand up (not a handout) are often assisted financially, or with other needs. The good people doing the giving are paying it forward and do not want recognition, so we never hear about it.

    • virgil says:

      If this is true why are their hungry and needy people in our counties and reduced lunch tickets I would dare to say there are very few who give with out recognition Also tithinging iis 10% and giving is up and beyond that I believe we have tithers but very few givers

  4. Mama Bear says:

    We need to stop blaming the children who are on free and reduce lunches–they don’t apply for it. It’s their parents. We need to continue to educate our children so that they become well educated people who can help themselves. This has been in place since the first year it was implemented as welfare.

  5. biker says:

    Greed?? Why so? They have a bigger house than you or me. More toys than you or I? So be it. Government at its finest working for you the taxpayer… least your witnessing where your money is being allocated.

  6. Susan says:

    We need to be careful not to assume everyone utilizing the reduced lunches for their children is lazy, or buys techie toys for their children and themselves. At the same time, we should support measures that tighten the requirements for anyone receiving a government subsidy. We can start with pushing our legislators to put limits on the number of months or years a person can receive food stamps. We can also support legislation that exhausts other options before welfare is granted, such as child support.

  7. Old wrestler says:

    Just to be sure I am understanding everyone, it’s wrong to keep the money ourselves and not give it to the church, needy, charities or whoever, but it’s ok to come on here and talk badly about those people who don’t do it?

    It’s wrong to be greedy, but it’s just as wrong to have envy and to talk badly about those who are greedy.

  8. Jon says:

    As a society, we have major problems from a number of perspectives. We have on the one hand a society that values consumerism and materialism, where families feel pressure to have cell phones, tablets, laptops, cars, houses and all manner of things. We expect a certain level of affluence. We also have a certain amount of an entitlement mentality that looks for handouts, and its true, some people do take advantage of the system and accept those subsidies for which they qualify for as long as they can take it.

    One of the places that is in dire need of reform is the way benefits are calculated. Aside from all these anecdotal “she’s on food stamps and has a tablet or they have reduced lunches but a nice car” kinds of spiteful judgments, there are real problems that make people dependent on the system. For example, the way the system is designed, people can qualify for all kinds of child care benefits if they are unemployed and on welfare, but those benefits are taken away if they are working. So, if a person gets a job at minimum wage and works enough hours, they will no longer qualify for the child care credit, but they have a GREATER need for child care if they are working. As a result, it actually is not in their financial best interests to work. It would be much better if there were an INCENTIVE to work, so that benefits like a child care credit might go to people who are working, not to those who are not. Then, you’d have an incentive to work because you would not get child care without a job. Now, that wouldn’t eliminate this particular person from needing a hand out (try sending your kid to daycare on minimum wage, though), but what it would do is get them into a job that might lead to advancement and a career or help them qualify for better jobs once they prove that they are dependable and employable people.

  9. Jon says:

    I would be careful in rendering judgement too harshly. You don’t know their situation. Many people only have cell phones and no land line telephone, for example, and smart phones are currently the freebie phones given out by most cell phone companies. Also, while there is always a need to evaluate our safety net programs to discourage dependency and abuse, there is also a need for the programs to exist.

    So much of the judgmental attitude that emerges here is rooted in jealousy and envy. You might see someone have food stamps or qualify for reduced lunches and have a cell phone and wonder what’s going on. You think it’s not fair. Maybe it’s not, but what I will tell you is that qualifications for these programs is based on income, and we still have a certain degree of freedom on how we spend our money. We can surely educate people on what is a good use of resources and what are necessities, and perhaps some of this education can and should be mandated for those who are taking advantage of our safety nets, but I’m sorry, we cannot be in the business of dictating what people spend their money on, even if they have subsidized lunches and government handouts any more than I have the freedom to tell you to buy a used car instead of a new one or that you don’t need the $300,000 four bedroom home for two people when there’s a perfectly good one for $100,000 that is smaller and would meet your needs.

    It is not a productive use of our time to enter a meaningful discussion with an attitude of judgment, jealousy, and latent hatred rather than approaching people out of an attitude of love and understanding. My response to the necessity for these government programs is that if we are getting this jealous and spiteful attitude towards our neighbors because of the use of subsidies, how in the world can I expect you to exhibit generosity and neighborliness when someone demonstrates a need?

    Both those who take advantage of programs out of a sense of entitlement without seeking work or ways improve their situation AND those who make a habit out of being angry, jealous, and judgmental are part of the problem, and not part of the solution. We do need reform, and I do agree that we have some terrible people in this world.

  10. dsa says:

    Start where you have the most influence, Yourself.

  11. bonkers says:

    No Matter How you want to legislate poverty,one thing,there is Always going to be at the least 10% of everything imaginable among People.
    When you live in a Community that Actually Has Millionaires Who Own Slaves, that work in there Factory’s in China.People Arrested for no other Reason than to Work in these Factory’s.Kept in Bamboo Cages and Fed A Bowl of Rice A Day.Sound unbelievably insane,Welcome to the Planet Earth.
    Then when these Slaves can No longer perform there duty’s they Are Shot,more like executed,and replaced with another person being Arrested to Work in Said Slaves place.
    So what that American Children are fed off the Government.The Greed and all seven Deadly Sins Happen everyday 24/7/.You may say i watch the news and never heard anything so ridiculous in my Life,Well as a Human ,you Run From the truth.The news is Truly More Horrific than Hell,and we only hear what is relevant for the Herd to hear.
    Does anyone stand back and say,What kind of person am i anyway.
    “Going to Church makes you no more a Good person than Standing in a Garage makes you a Car”
    John Wayne.

  12. Dad says:

    Remember that you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. My family received limited assistance for a short time. We have an iPad that was a gift without our say from grandparents. My kids wear mostly name brand clothing. Again, much of it comes from grandparents and the rest is purchased second hand.
    I have a sibling that receives government disability while her spouse works full time. They built a brand new house a few years ago, paid for entirely by his parents.
    Things aren’t always what they seem.

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