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Hire Local

Date posted - May 30, 2014

Bear with me, I am old. Retired now from a downtown business I had for 40 years. Alot has changed in the past 20. First time on this site but for as old as I am I like the world wide web. My observation where I live….fieldcrest! I like the new building and people here. I try to walk everyday. My route..down the block toward peoples bank, around the corner by a nursery and if my feet are still moving I will venture to 9th street and then back home…if I dont get lost. I was in business in town for 40 years. I liked the people, seeing them with there kids and of course spending money. But I where I live I noticed something that is upsetting to me. Where have all the local businessmen gone? We had a general contractor from sheldon but seldon was he here, alwasy a crew from outside of sheldon, I think Hull. The elctricans were from out of town. The plumber was from out of town. The landscape crews are from out of town. The concrete crew was from out of town. Then I notice across the street there is yet another out of town crew working at a “local businessmen’s house”. And then yet next door another crew from out of town. Correct me if I am wrong but does not sheldon have plumbers, eletricans, landscape (which I know we do because I love stopping and talking to the young ladies at the local nursery, I even bought a $3.00 plant) concrete people that do this work. I recently got myself a new pair of walking shoes, spent maybe an extra $20 to buy them in town at a local shoe store as my kids wanted to take me out of town to eat and do some shopping. ( my kids and grandkids dont live in sheldon any longer) but as a past, retired old timer it is sad to see all these other people from outside sheldon working in sheldon when I believe we have capable people to do the jobs at hand. I am tired – time for bed…I have to walk in the morning. Hire LOCAL!!

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8 Responses to “Hire Local”

  1. worker says:

    I work for the concrete company who did the work there and I do live in Sheldon. The plumber lives in Hospers (I think). P&S subbed out as local as possible in order to get the work done on time. I agree with shopping at home as much as possible if we want to keep the small town businesses around. I believe P&S did that. Even if they were small business from a town or two over. I’m biased, but I do not think a company in Sheldon could have accomplished the same quality and speed as we provided. You said we did a fine job. I agree. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Local says:

    The Village just awarded a contract for 2 new 5000 sq.ft. houses to a general contractor from Hull.
    None of the labor will come from Sheldon, from the general contractor or the subs. Most of the materials will come from Hull and not from Sheldon also.
    But before we get all wound up, look at Hull’s nursing home project – no labor and no materials came from Hull. It all came from Sheldon and elsewhere.
    It’s today’s world, unfortunately.
    If you really want your mind blown watch the feed trucks that make their way around our area. Sheldon’s elevators will deliver feed 45 miles away while an elevator 45 miles away will deliver feed to the hog barn 1 mile outside of Sheldon. An unnecessary amount of diesel and time burned, in my opinion.

  3. citizen says:

    Well heres the deal in my opinon. You have a general contractor that wont do any of the foundation work or flat cement work so he has to find a guy for that. He picks a guy from out of town cause he doesnt want to give his competition in town any work. Which is sad cause the concrete construction crews do just as good as job as the others if not better. So you pretty much have a general contractor that cant build a house from start to finish so he gets other contractors out to the town of sheldon to do the parts of the house that he cant do. Like foundation, concrete, drywall. Maybe hire a different contractor. Or atleast a contractor that will get his sub contractors from Sheldon.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I have no real argument with hiring or buying local. However, I think the “area” is important. I don’t mind someone from Hull working in Sheldon. Its an area employment. However, I would have a big problem with a company from Sioux Falls or Worthington being contracted here.

    People in Hull shop here and in other small towns around. My problem comes when large, big city companies get all the small jobs around here because they can undercut the regular companies here. We need to keep all the companies in our area busy .

  5. Robert Poppema says:

    Dear Sir:
    I read & reread your comments & opinions about the Fieldcrest Project. I felt that I should be given the opportunity to give you the “rest of the story”. Yes, we did sub out the concrete, framing, landscaping, electrical & plumbing to out of town contractors. Why did we do that? It’s all about price & resources. such as man power & financial strength. Several of the Sheldon contractors did not show any interest in the job because of the 11 month time schedule, they just did not have enough people.

    Another reason is when we bid a job, we are almost compelled to use the lowest priced sub because if we don’t, our competition will. Then possibly, the entire general contract might go out of town.

    We did 40 – 50% of the work with our own people just to meet the deadline. If we did not have the work completed per schedule, there was a $350 per day penalty.

    So thanks for your comments, but there are things behind the scenes that most people do not know about. However, I agree & do try to stay local as much as possible.

    My final question to you is – if you were building a new home & your Sheldon contractor was $25,000 higher than the Hull contractor, how would you handle that?

    Also, it would be a good thing to sign your name along with your comments.

    Bob Poppema
    Poppema-Sikma Constr.

    • HAPPY says:

      All of our small towns need each other. The people from our surrounding small towns do some of their shopping in Sheldon, maybe more than some of our locals. Let’s all work together and support each others efforts to keep our corner of the world friendly and a wonderful place to live and raise families with values we can be proud of.

  6. citizen says:

    Dear Robert, I do not think you did ask all the contractors in town for a price for the sub work. Because there are a lot of them in Sheldon it seams like. I believe you only asked your ex workers that went out on their own construction company to do your sub work. I am sure none of the other Sheldon contractors showed interest because of that time schedule but I bet they would of sure showed interest in giving you prices on the sub work.

  7. Jeff says:

    Not sure if I should comment or not here but my friends who watch and read this site told me I should take a look. I did and therefore here I am. Reading this is funny because I know the old man coming and going from fieldcrest as I spoke with him today. As far as being asked, called, mentioned for a bid, proposal or if I was able to handle a project…No. I never heard a word from the general contractor. This is in responce to the general contractors above statement. And yes I will sign my name Jeff VM owner of Jeffs Lawn Care and StoneRiver Nursery & Landscaping. To all those that support THANK YOU!!

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