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……..his Faith spoke to my Heart

Date posted - October 8, 2013

Last Friday evening we ate at Old Sixty (Sheldon) and as we were leaving the Hospers ambulance came by with lights going and there was a man, not sure of his age, but he was at the end of the highway crossing to Dairy Dandy and as the ambulance came by he fell to his knees and put his hands in prayer and bowed his head I certainly do not know who he was but his faith spoke to my heart and I thought wouldn’t this be a better place if we all took time when we someone in trouble to fall to our knees and offer the good Lord a prayer on behalf of whomever it is I would like to say Thanks to that person and tell him that my life is forever touched by his example.



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59 Responses to “……..his Faith spoke to my Heart”

  1. Dug says:

    I have to say, I’m impressed by the latest two posts. In your post you say, wouldn’t it be a better place if we all took the time…That’s just it. People are in such a rush, stop and make time!!! Like I told my son, not to long ago, giving 1 hour on a Sunday to give praise to the one that made you, is nothing for a lifetime of Faith!!!!

    • Rushed Citizen says:

      With everything goin’ on in life, there really isn’t time. People say “make the time”. But what about time for yourself. It seem things are gettin’ so demanding in life. Every time you turn around, (not making this political, just from personal feelings), that there’s another rule or mandate, or something new that comes up, that your either a part of or your an outsider an lost, (i.e. Facebook, twitter, other social media). How are we supposed to keep up. I myself, am about ready to say “‘Forget’ it all” and unplug from all this and spend more time with my family, and friends. Like we used to. Go hang out at a park, go to a “pit” and BS. Whatever happened to that. Add that to religion, and your life is booked. What are we supposed to do. Now its gonna be even harder, and take more of a toll on my family and social life, now that my healthcare premiums have doubled, and both of us having to take a second job. I know some people think time for religion is important, and it may be to you. But being “Rushed”, as you put it, makes it impossible for me. Right now putting food on the table, and making sure my kids are insured, are more important. And being “rushed”, is just gonna get worse, I feel. Hell, Getting the time to go to the store for basic needs is getting harder. What are we supposed to do?

      • Johnboy says:


      • Friend says:

        When we give our time to God, He gives us time back.

      • Judy says:

        Rushed? Really? It’s not about time. It’s not about religion. It’s about a personal relationship with Christ. In the time it took you to read the original post and write a response, you could have said a prayer and spoken to your creator. That’s all it takes. That’s what He wants. A relationship. A line of communication. And if you feel lost or like an outsider, who better to go to than the one who made you, died for you, and loves you? Get out your Bible – it’s got the answers.

        • Ducky says:

          The science community also has a lot of answers. No matter how much I search for it, I cannot for the life of me find where the bibliography is at in the Bible. At least science books list their sources.

          • Tim says:

            Let me tell you Betsie:
            From someone who just recently has been picked up off the side of the road by the ambulance from an accident that really, I could just as well not have survived, I Know the driver of the ambulance and the scat team all were there praying for me. So to also know that someone along the road perhaps says a small prayer for a patient in a passing ambulance, I also applaude and thank him/her!

          • Old Orab says:

            Decades from now the theories that science holds as “fact” will be replaced with new and improved ideas. Science is a religion, it requires alot of faith. I personally will not devote my heart to a bad religion. Eugenics and its practice are a prime example of why I display absolutely no trust in “quacks” wearing white coats; spending their lives behind the walls of academia.

          • Ducky says:

            Old Orab:
            Believing in science is nothing like believing in religion. My faith in science is completely different than your faith in religion.

            My faith in science:
            Proven facts don’t change. If facts were expected to change, they wouldn’t be called facts; they’d be called opinions. There is PROOF and math & science back it up. Scientists are educated professionals who have made a career out of studying layers of dirt, physics, biology, and medicine. If one scientist wants replicate the results of another, the results will be the same. In all actuality, it isn’t faith at all. It’s the opposite.

            Your faith (put in the simplest way)
            You put your faith in a book that proclaims that it, itself, proclaims that it is true. A “The Bible is God’s word because the Bible says it is” argument.

            My “faith” is based on proven facts, repeatability, and science from experts in their fields. Your faith (which by the true definition) is trusting a book and hoping that is right.

            *not a single harsh word against anyone was in this post, only a valid, appropriate argument was presented.

          • Ducky says:

            Old Orab:
            I reread one of your posts and… well… it does not make any sense. You threw in random words while misusing others. A “theory” is an evolved hypothesis that has been partially proven with proven facts. A fact is something that has been unarguably been proven true. Quote, “Eugenics and its practice are a prime example of why I display absolutely no trust in “quacks” wearing white coats; spending their lives behind the walls of academia.”
            … Are you even aware of what you said? And why did you even use the word Eugenics? How does science/atheism promote sterilizing sub groups of a social community? How is this even relevant to the argument of religion?
            This is the translated version of what you just said…

            “Medically sterilizing a group of people and its further practices are reasons why I do not trust fake doctors wearing white coats and their time spent in academic education.”

            … I see no argument from you.

          • Old Orab says:

            You’re digging yourself a hole. Fact? Newton’s law of motion was considered fact; Albert Einstein disagreed with Mr. Newton and now we have a new law. Science isn’t perfect. It requires faith. 100 years from now the things you’ve committed yourself too will likely be considered an error. Einstein himself, although not a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew or any form of religion; believed in some form of a greater power at work in the universe. He called this great power God. The great Albert Einstein wasn’t an atheist by definition. Charles Darwin wasn’t an atheist, he was an agnostic. Both men could see God at work in the universe. They may not have followed organized religion but they were not atheist. They were great minds. “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” -Albert Einstein. I’m a Christian, guilty as charged. I believe the true God would embody a true form of leadership that would require the one true deity to “walk a mile in our shoes.” God would be willing to suffer for his people. He’s also distance himself from his followers in an effort to create a perfect balance. I studied leadership and managemet while at the University.

    • Ducky says:

      Maybe your son doesn’t believe in religion. This is a common situation and the younger generation doesn’t want to offend their parents. Sometimes it’s just easier to say, “I don’t have time.” More and more of us young “kids” are starting to believe in a non-theist or atheist customs. It’s easier to make up an excuse not to go to church than it is to come out of the “atheist closet”

      • local shopper says:

        We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The difference is how you choose to use them.

        • Ducky says:

          Maybe I have time to go to church. But have you considered that some people don’t choose to? We’re not all Christians here in Sheldon. Most of my friends in this town are atheist, a couple are Buddhist, and one is a Muslim. The problem around Sheldon is if you are not a Christian, we will persecute you. Which is ironic. Aren’t Christians supposed to be the humblest and most caring.
          To be honest, most of this towns 16-23 year old population (knowing most of the youth in this town), are leaving Christianity. They see through the contradictions in the Bible, they witness the hypocrisy in the church. And with with their family forcing the bible down their throats, they chose to drop their faith entirely. You’d be surprised how common this really is.

          • Judy says:

            You’re right, Ducky. I’m sorry. We’ve let you down. I’ve been hurt, too. Religion will let you down. Men will let you down. Men will always fail. But I know that Jesus never fails.

          • Ducky says:

            Judy, remember that Santa will always be there for you.

          • Tim says:

            You don’t have faith that the Bible is the inspired word of God, written by man, I get that, you have made that clear. But let me ask you this, Have you ever been to or actually seen Amukta Island, a small Island in the Aluetian Island chain? I think not. But do you beleive it is there? If so, Why? You have no REAL proof it is there. You have not seen it. Perhaps all the history books and maps are selling us a big hoax. But yet, I dare say you Beleive it is there. That is what faith is. I Beleive the Bible was written by man, Inspired by God thru the Holy Spirit. Just because YOU can’t find that bibliography, doesn’t mean it wasn’t written thru man. This is my belief. I perhaps don’t have a ‘home’ church, but I still have my personal relationship with my God! That does not take a ‘church’. Going to ‘church’ doesn’t make you a Christian, following Christ makes you a Christian (Christ+ian…family of Christ)
            Yes there is hypocrosy in a church, we are human. That is sad. I have dealt with it personally, but that does not, nor will it take away the fact that I still have that personal relationship with God.
            I would challenge you when you say, ” most of this towns 16-23 year old population (knowing most of the youth in this town), are leaving Christianity”.

          • Todd says:

            Ducky, I am interested in knowing how Christians “persecute” you in Sheldon? I find that an interesting statement and am wondering if you can give specific examples of persecution endured by yourself or your friends here in Sheldon. Not saying it doesn’t happen, just wondering what types to which you are referring. I have been a Christian my whole life and to my knowledge I have never persecuted another individual, so I am curious. Also, I sincerely doubt your statement that “most” of the 16-23 year olds are turning to atheistic views. Some, no doubt, but “most” indicates an amount greater than 50% and I highly doubt that would be an accurate assessment.

          • Todd says:

            By the way Ducky, you are correct there is hypocrisy in the Church and this is very unfortunate. But also remember, the Church is full of people who sin. If they were perfect or believed they were perfect they wouldn’t need Church, or prayer, or God. I am a devout Christian but I have never lived a perfect day in my life despite trying every day. I will still discuss God with anyone who will listen and try to bring them to Christ. This does not make me a hypocrite, I know I am not perfect and am sinful, it makes me a work in progress and a disciple of Christ.

          • Old Orab says:

            You fit the stereotype of an Atheist.

          • Judy says:

            I realize that everyone here is expressing their “opinions” and we all know about opinions. They are like a particular part of our anatomy – everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks. So, here goes. Jesus was about love. Oh, you don’t believe in Jesus – you equate him to Santa. I don’t believe in Santa. I don’t believe Santa leaves presents under a tree. I believe Jesus gave a gift on a tree; the gift of eternal life. I choose to believe in Jesus. Why? Because I have lived life without that choice and I have lived life with that choice. My life is infinitely better living with that choice. He has proved himself to me time and time again. I have rested in His arms, He has carried me through. I have cried out to Him and I have heard His voice! I have gone through things thinking, “How do people who don’t believe get through life?” Because I know, for me, my only hope, my only strength is in Him.
            I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. An epic love story that we’re all a part of. God’s done everything for us, and laid the path out for us clearly. To read what it says, and to look at that and reject that is huge. I’m sorry, but you have no idea what you’re missing. I’m no scholar. I don’t have my M-Div. But I know Jesus. Up close and personal. I know He loves me and I know he loves you. I hope and pray that He will reveal Himself to you and that you will experience the joy that only He gives.
            To those of you who say you don’t go to church because people are mean or judgmental or whatever – get over yourselves. You go to church to worship. It’s not supposed to be about you. There are plenty of churches in town with different styles of worship – certainly one will suit your particular style. I’ve been to a few for special events. All have been very warm and welcoming. Try them out. Find one that fits. The new Methodist pastor is awesome. Make a difference, get involved. That’s what the Bible tells us to do.

        • Ducky says:

          There have been multiple times I, myself, have been persecuted by the Christian community. From simple name calling to physical sexual harassment (from “Christian” men). There were actually a few times where I’ve had punches directed at me, stones thrown at me. Luckily, most of it was kept to verbal name calling.
          During high school, I’ve seen the Christian students mock their Buddhist classmates behind their backs. Not only that, I’d see them further mock Buddhism even further by imitating their prejudices of the belief system. I even met some of their parents and discovered how they learned that behavior.
          Now, being around free thinking college students (several of which aren’t from around here) who have opened their minds to diversity, I see a lot more piece and fewer prejudices. But at my college, theists and non-theist have learned to co-exist together. Even I am welcomed into the small Bible study group. We laugh together, share our views, discuss social problems. The instructor who leads the Bible study actually welcomes my views and my beliefs. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere.

          • Todd says:

            Ducky, Thanks for the examples. That type of behavior is completely inappropriate and NOT condoned by MOST churches or Christians. I have been a Christian my entire life and have never seen an example of that type of behavior. I guess it depends on where you grow up and who you are exposed to. I am truly sorry you had those experiences. I truly have never seen someone call another person a name, much throw stones or try to punch them because of religious differences.

      • faith? says:

        Im not religious becuase of people that do the things that were described in the post, its great if you have your faith, don’t push it on other people, u want to drop toyour knees and raise your hand to god, pesonally it just seems weird and out of place, ive seen people to that to a internet repair man after he fixed the internet, and say praise god its fixed! He was just doing his job and fixed the internet. People need something to hold on to because knowing that when you die it just might just…end. no god, nothing and that scares some people, so they are over religious, this is why im not religious. Dont push religion on your children, or thinka man droppping to his knees to an ambulance is a sign from god.

        • Todd says:

          If you are a Christian and have what you believe to be a personal relationship with Christ then there is no such thing as being “overly religious”. In fact the perception of “overly religious” is strictly based on the viewers own point of view. What you label as overly religious might be completely acceptable to someone else. Now, what I find strange is that many people who are not religious say: 1) I don’t want to be judged by others 2) I don’t want to be labeled 3) I don’t want to be held to someone elses standards or beliefs 4) As long as I am not hurting someone else, what I do is my business and I am free to do as I please 5) No one has the right to tell me how to live my life or raise my children. Then those same people will judge and label another person for thanking God for internet repair or kneeling and praying in public and label it as strange or out of place as you just did and then tell me how to raise my children by telling me not to push religion on them. If I shouldn’t tell you how to raise your children why do you feel free to tell me how to raise mine? If I shouldn’t judge you for how you choose to live why do you feel free to judge others? This is not posted in anger or as an insult, I just find the concept strange.

  2. Dug says:

    Oh I agree about being rushed. But how about this…and I’m just saying, what about the time we all spend watching tv, a football game, baseball game, driving, study hall, breaks at work. I’m just as guilty as the next person for not making time, but I have tried and am still trying to make the time. My personal favorite is when you are in the bathroom. I know it is taboo to talk about that, but I have found that it’s quiet and not to mention, nobody bothers you while you’re in there!!! Most of my friends, I have found, have reading material in there, so why not make that your time? Heck, I’ve even found having something in the car or truck in audio version is great. Try it sometime. If you listen to POSITIVE UPLIFTING music on your way to work or school, you will see the difference and then, hang around positive people, then you really start to see the difference in not only life, but YOURSELF!!!!!!!! You are what you put into yourself. I can’t remember who told me that, but it’s so true! Some people may think I’m “A JESUS FREAK” but it doesn’t bother me. I am. I have to agree with Johnboy’s statement, it says it all.

  3. Lyonman says:

    It’s all completely a matter of priorities. No excuxes just priorities and we all know it deep down in our hearts don’t we?

  4. Johnboy says:

    Boy did this get off the track….Betsie just commenting on something that touched her to not enough time for church to thinking someone is trying to push religion on them by voicing there opinion. We’ll Betsie I’m glad somebody touched your life.

  5. Meets says:

    The original post….glad it touched you. Time management people….I deal with daily with employees. I am sure you take the time to watch tv, eat, etc. you take the time to say a prayer before you eat, before to go to sleep? Oh that’s right your rushed. Ducky you say you may have the time to attend church but you choose not ….well said your choice…god gives us choices…obviously you chose satan. Priorities…God, family friend work. All this social media stuff…keeping up etc….ever think what the big picture of this really is? FAITH people…..maybe we should all take the time the read the Bible!

  6. Dug says:

    I once was like that Ducky, I felt that I had the world by the balls and I was number 1 and I was unstoppable. Luckily I fell flat on my face. I had a rude awakening and until you finally hit rock bottom, you probably will not turn to God, because you have a hard heart. It’s all in the choices we make in life. I am not trying to prod you into anything, I’m not trying to tell you what to think or live or say, that’s definitely not my purpose in posting these responses. Believe what you want, it’s America, land of the free(well, it used to be) but just like you said, don’t try and push your NONBELIEF on me either. You keep on bashing Christians, but what happens if you are the one laying in the ditch and the ambulance people that come to your rescue had the same attitude toward you that you have toward us? Hmmmmmmm, wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. Sorry. Just sayin’

    • Ducky says:

      Just because myself and others don’t believe in your god doesn’t make us bad or immoral people. Most of the most caring and warm hearted people I know don’t follow any deity. Just because we don’t share your faith doesn’t make us cold hearted. Who are you to judge? I have not told anyone to drop their faith, but trying to break the prejudice views on atheism.

      • DUG says:

        I am not judging you or anyone else and their views. But it sure does sound like you are judging CHRISTIANS. Putting us all in the same basket. Is that fair? You have never met me(or maybe you have and you just don’t know it). I don’t care if you label me a Jesus Freak or Over Religious or whatever, names don’t hurt me. And as far as people throwing rocks at you, come on, really? Over your beliefs? Are you sure that’s why that happened? I was in school at one time too, and I did throw rocks at a kid ONCE, and it definitely wasn’t over his beliefs. Kids and I mean kids, even the ones that are in high school, can be very hurtful and say cruel things. Been there done that, on both sides. But I grew up and became and adult and AM seeing the big picture…people are people and it doesn’t matter to me if you believe or not, but I am not trying to sell you anything, I’m only trying to show kindness and friendship and brotherly love(yes, even to my sisters). Do I judge anymore, sure, because I am a sinner, it’s in my blood, but I do have a choice and I choose not to carry through with those type of thoughts, now I try and get to know the other person before I make a call on who they really are.

        • Ducky says:

          I think I’ve made it clear that I have been only talking about a selected group of Christians. I think I’ve mention “Some Christians” or “I have seen some Christians”, or “My belief” on this site. Not once have I stated the word “all Christians”. Everything I have shared are my beliefs, my experiences, others’ experiences that they have shared with me, and what I have seen in the news. And my strongest argument of all is that I used to be like that. I was a Christian who was brainwashed by my church that homosexuals were evil. I used to believe in this and that. But I then I broke out of my Christian ball and chain. I broke free from the church. I opened my mind and learned acceptance, love, and compassion to those who are different (and no, that does not mean all Christians are closed minded and spiteful).

          • Tim says:

            I am a Christian, not closed minded, not spiteful, and definetly not perfect, I have not ‘learned acceptance, love, and compassion to those who are different’ I was given that thru Christ. Do I fail at times, YES. I am sorry for you. Sorry that you have decided to as you say ” broke out of my Christian ball and chain.” Since by that I take it you are denouncing Christ. Sorry that some other entity has worked on your heart. However I am confused. On one hand you say you ‘broke free from the Christian ball and chain” yet on the other you say you are attending a Bible study. I am glad you are attending a Bible study, but you contradict yourself. Help me understand. You say you were brainwashed by the church that homosexuals were evil, I wonder, is that why you denounce Christians?
            BTW, you never did answer me in a previous op-ed about if you believed there was an Island of Amukta in Aluetian Island chain? What if, it is not there? What if it is? Do you have faith it is there because you read about it in a book? If you say because you read it in a book you beleive, that is interesting. If you say I have seen it, even more interesting. I have done both with Christ. I read His book every day, so I believe He IS. I also see Him in everyday life. Have you ever come face to face with Him? I have. He is real!!

    • Lee Ann says:

      If a person is only a good person because of their fear of God, there is something wrong in that person’s thinking. There are many good people that are not Christian, just as there are many Christians that are not good people. As evidenced by Priests and preachers doing some pretty bad things.

      I’m not an Atheist, but I’m not a Bible thumping person either. I believe our job here is to learn something or teach something. There are a lot of good people that believe our reason for being here is to help our neighbor, the poor, the helpless, and the children. That crosses all religions and beliefs, including atheist ideas.

      I see very little Christian bashing. Yet the Christians sometimes say that we are bashing them, when all we are doing is saying, “do not put your religion in my government” or “separate Church and state.” Change that to say “don’t put ANY religion in my government. ” But some people say that the non Christians are bashing them when they are merely stating their beliefs, just as the Christians are allowed to do. We need to care more for each other, and help each other, not be at each other’s throats.

      • Tim says:

        I think you are missing the point. I don’t think there are as many people claiming “christian” bashing as you think. I guess my thinking or my dismay is at people who “claim” no religion, (which I truly think if most of those claiming that, looked at themselves would actually find they do have a belief in a God) and that they PUSH their non-religion on others. For example why is it that a school in Ohio was forced to pay 95,000 and remove a picture of Jesus that was along side other art pictures donated to the school representing people of honor. It hung there since 1947! That picture has not hurt anyone for almost 70 years!! Crazy! Why are towns being forced to get rid of their christmas displays yet, can keep a santa and his reindeer displays. examples can go on and on. For those of you who don’t like God being part of your gov’t…He is there. He has been since the founders created these United States of America. Look at your coins, your paper money. Recite your Pledge of Allegiance. They did these things for a reason.
        Its people that continue to say b/c I have freedom, you need to let me do as I please. Why? B/C I can!! It is my right! Remember along with a right there comes responcibility. I have said for a long time, that sometimes I feel ‘freedom’ is a sort of ant-christ. Because freedom allows a person or persons to love who they want, belittle who they want, interpet laws in a way that the freedom they claim makes them unsustainable or not even in the realm of common sence, or even to PUSH their non-belief on others in the name of the ACL or the term of church and state seperation, and the list can go on and on.
        Those like Ducky and now even LeAnn, who I was shocked when she included herself in an ‘athiest’ context, (‘Yet the Christians sometimes say that we are bashing them’) claim those who have faith in our God need to be silent so THEY can be heard, in the name of freedom. I don’t buy it. Sorry.
        Yes there are many Christians who have made mistakes, that is called sin. I don’t think you will find a Christian who will ever say he/she is without sin. I go back to the definition of a Christian, Christ + ian (his family), that will include Protestants of all denominations, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Muslims, Congregationalists, Baptists the list is endless. To me the point is this, if you believe Christ is your personal savior, and try to follow Him,(notice I said try, we will fail in being perfect) no matter what form of religion you call yourself, you are still a Christian (Christs, family), and to me, it does not matter if you belong to a specific church or not. Your faith is a personal matter between you and your God. Again Ducky you are correct, Christs family are supposed to be humble, and non hypocrytical, and all those things Christ-like, but christians will always fail. We are sinners that is why we need Christs example, and His sacrifice. As Christ-ians (family, followers)we don’t do what is right out of fear of God, we do right out of His example of love we need to follow. Ducky you are right, I am not going to judge you, I can’t. I don’t know you inwardly, no-body does. Just as you don’t know me inwardly. You and I need to make ourselves and our actions and beliefs right with our God personally.

        • Ducky says:

          So many inaccuracies in that post. God wasn’t put into the American government and on the dollar until the mid 20th century. The founding fathers of this country were strong atheists or believed against combining government and religion together.

          “Lighthouses are more useful than churches” – Benjamin Franklin

          “This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it!” – John Adams

          “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man” – Thomas Jefferson

          Thomas Jefferson then rewrote his own version of the Bible that basically omitted Jesus Christ as a deity. He basically divorced the New Testament from the Christian Bible. The Bible is titled The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth. So, no. We are not a Christian nation. And for the time being, yes, there is a Christian majority, but the nation itself was founded as a non-religious institute.

          • Tim says:

            I think you get the point, you are correct the conotation to God on bills and coins perhaps was not started by the first leaders of the country. However so many would be quick to point out that some of the first leaders of this country (some not all as you suggest) were atheists. My point was that this country is not based on atheistic views, and I beleive YOU know that. Is this a “Christian” country, hardly and sadly moving more away from being such.
            As far as your rendition of the Thomas Jeferson ‘Bible’, yes he did, but he did it for his personal self justification, he still professed that he was a “Christian”. You don’t talk about the whole picture:
            ‘For those who think that Jefferson was indifferent about which kind of religion was practiced (be there “20 gods, or no god”), it’s worth noting that he clearly viewed the message of Jesus as superior to all others. In fact, he thought that if people could just see his unadulterated teachings, Christianity would conquer the world. “Had the doctrines of Jesus been preached always as pure as they came from his lips, the whole civilized world would now have been Christian.”‘
            Some of your qoutes on historical leaders don’t hold water, qoutes taken completely out of context, please read:

          • Ducky says:

            Just read through your sources. Those “sources” are biased articals on Christain websites. Also, those links are opinion articals. It’s one author who disagrees with another and throws in his own information. Even a freshman high school student could tell you that these are bad sources. If anything, your arguement by posting those links proves that the founding fathers didn’t completely hate religion. If you really want to convince me otherwise, find a published journal, a .gov website, or an artical written by a non biased author. These links are CLEARLY skewed and some of the arguements don’t make any sense. The one link basically says (paraphrasing) that even though Thomas Jefferson rejected Jesus as a deity, destroyed the holy book, and bashed Chritianity in his free time, he was still one of the greatist Christians to ever live. It’s like saying that this town adores Barack Obama because he’s goes to church from time to time.

            But one clear piece of evidence you are clearly trying to avoid is that the founding fathers INTENDED to seperate religion and government. The even included it into the constitution a few times. Even if they feared God and were ideal Christians, they still intended to seperate church and state.

        • Lee Ann says:

          Oh I’m a big believer in God. However, the Evangelical right seems to think that bashing them is included in separation of Church and State. I have said before that I will fight to the death for your right to worship as you choose. However, I do not believe any religion should be used as a morals scale regarding our country, government or personal freedoms. I wouldn’t want Islam to run this country on Sharia law, and I would not want Christianity to run this country on Evangelical law. And to some people, they see that as bashing Christianity.

  7. Biker says:

    True being that I don’t think Christianity is majority in the world. Gods chosen are far and few. Faith in The Lord. Baptism. 10 commandments. Aw inspiring. A lot to comprehend in the Bible but yet very simply. Time is of the essences. It’s what you do with that time that counts. You and i have different alotment of time as God has chosen. Be wise with you what choose. Also in regards to the founding fathers ….do some research. I think your missing a few important points vs just taking a few words out of context. Tim is trying to be nice. You and I (this duck person) I think not. I can’t judge you only God can and will some day so all I can say is change your ways and ask for forgiveness.

    • DUG says:

      Hey Biker, I agree man, but sometimes people just have to learn for themselves. It’s called growing up. From reading the posts from Ducky, they sound confused, because one post says they are totally against Christianity, but then later they are in a Bible Study Group. So, that’s ok, I still have Faith that this person will realize what the big picture is. There is a song that says it all, by the Newsboys, called “Save Your Life” try looking up the lyrics. It says alot.

      • Ducky says:

        I’m not like you. I can spend time with other people who have different beliefs than I do. Never, have I said that I hate all Christians.

        • Dug says:

          Hate is a pretty harsh word. I’m a Christian and I’m proud of it, what’s not to like? Being nice to everyone, yes, even the ones that aren’t nice to me, giving generously at every opportunity, it’s hard, but I do try to live that moral life that I strive for. I don’t drink to excess, so that means no more hangovers. I don’t lie, so I don’t have to make up excuses. I do go to church every chance I get. I’m not predjudice at all, people are people, there are good and bad in every single race. I associate more with positive people than with negative ones, not mentioning any names…but I guess what I’m trying to say is I stumble, I fall, I get back up and I keep Faith in my heart. That’s the only gift that I would like to give to you and everyone else that I can. Just to be kind to each other, why be rude, why be judgemental, why HATE someone. Sure, I’ve been kicked and I’ve been kicked when I’ve been down, but God gives me the knowledge that HE will Never give us more than we can handle. Just sayin’

  8. faith? says:

    Did you know that when the bible was written in its first language, and not translated to English it says…..”humans were made in THEIR image” Not made in GODs image. look it up…TRUE FACT.

    • Lee Ann says:

      There are a lot of changes in the text between the Sumerian and Kabbalah Bibles and the translations we use today. There was a lot of things left out when they translated it.

      • Ashshade says:

        And a lot of words a phrases that just don’t translate well. Ever try to learn another language? I said I had “worked my butt off” someone translated that to German, and then we had a ten minuet talk about what that meant. Try to explain what “work your butt off” really means.

        Now try to explain what “work your butt off” meant 2000 plus years ago in a dead language.

        • Lee Ann says:

          My neighbor once had an English teacher from Japan staying at her house. Someone said, “you made your bed now lie in it.” And we explained and explained and he never did figure out what it meant. lol

          The Summerian Bible explains a lot of things in better logical sequence than the KJ version. The reason for destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and then finally the flooding of the earth was to get rid of Leviathans, giants that were killing and raping men and women both. The Bible said nothing about bad humans. But that God had to get rid of Leviathans, which were giants made by Lilith and the devil. Very interesting info.

  9. Meets says:

    Lee Ann….seriously. There is only one true bible. God is and always will reign supreme. You compare the summerian bible or tablets as they were to the Bible. Giants being the reason for the flood. AN and his two sons created the world and made humans to bring them food and sacrifices to there gods? Really Lee Ann? That’s what’s wrong with this picture….they are false gods, idols. Then to speak of lilith and the devil. Interesting yes but true….no.

    • Lee Ann says:

      The Sumerian Bible is the original Bible that all of the translations come from. I would far rather believe something less translated than the version we get after it was translated 50 times into many different languages.

    • Ducky says:

      She doesn’t accept the King James Bible!!!! SMITE HER WHERE SHE STANDS!
      Hahaha anyways, Meets, LeeAnn is right. And even you have to admit there are other versions of the Bible. If there weren’t any other versions, don’t you think that the “King James Version Bible” would only be called “The Bible”? And are you aware that until a few hundred years ago, new copies of the Bible were rewritten by hand. Yes, if anything, I’d say the Sumerian Bible would be more accurate than the King James Bible.

      • Tim says:

        Actually, the original languages of the Holy Bible are Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, from these original languages all other translations of the Holy Bible are derived. God’s Holy Inspiration came from these languages not the many translated versions. Thank goodness for the translations to enhance the spread of Gods word.

  10. Meets says:

    Lee Ann….do more research. Sumerian bible is basically bs….giants – reasoning for the flood…..the god AN and his sons with the earth and sky as one being …..the bible saying nothing about bad humans..exactly what again was the reason for the flood? Oh giants…that’s the Sumerian bible. False gods….. You tell me where it says the Sumerian bible is the original bible.

    • Lee Ann says:

      The Sumerian Bible may be old, probably the oldest version of the Bible that we know of. It also makes more sense, less inconsistencies.

      And the leviathans were not Gods or false gods. They were demons.

    • Ducky says:

      You don’t some things in the King James version is farfetched? People thrown into lion pits, large bodies of water being separated, people thrown into a furnace and living, a young boy defeating a GIANT using a slingshot, and angels investing a city for god (like he doesn’t know?)

  11. local shopper says:

    Let’s go back to the original post. Humbleness. Shame on those of you here, who lack humility by trying to “one up” each other with your knowledge or with your boasting.

  12. Biker says:

    Lee Ann….to much watching or searching scifi movies. Seriously already….oldest version of the bible. Who are you kidding? Have you read this so called bible? The orginines of this bible? AN (god, as I call it a false god) and his two sons and earth and heavens being one unity, the women goddiss helps create humans so that humans may find food, sacrifices, etc to bring unto them. The List goes on and you choose to call yourself Christian by believing in this nonsense? The oldest version of what? Really sad. Reading this post I agree with some but ducky is ..well just a duck. Lee Ann ….I am not sure what to say…..Local shopper sure shame on me for one upping but tell me you believe in this so called Sumerian bible?

    • Lee Ann says:

      I have read the KJV of the Bible twice. I have read some of the Sumerian “translation” and there are less inconsistencies, and just as believable as the KJV.

  13. mom of 3 says:

    As a member of an ambulance service, I will say it was a beautiful thing that gentleman did. There have been times I have said a little prayer in the ambulance.

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