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HMS Facilities Master Plan

Date posted - March 14, 2013

The HMS school board presented to the district this week their plan on what the future of the district may need.

There are 4 options given:
1. Do nothing and maintain all three buildings in each community.
2. Close the Sanborn building and fix the elementary and build on at the High School in Hartley.
3. Close the Elementary in Hartley and fix the school in Sanborn and add on at the High School in Hartley.
4. Close both the Elementary in Hartley and the Middle school in Sanborn and build a K-12 addition to the High School in Hartley.

All these options are millions of dollars ranging from 8 to 19.

The Sheldon district has gone through some of these decisions in the past, what should be expected if a town like Sanborn would close its only public school?

And what other options should be considered?

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12 Responses to “HMS Facilities Master Plan”

  1. Harriet Oleson says:

    I think all classes should be held at the one room school/church in Walnut Grove.

  2. I.M.Disgusted says:

    I am in the HMS School District. The School District is “Hartley – Melvin – Sanborn” Although Melvin never was a hugh metropolis, the town basically died after the school was closed. Ask the people of Sutherland how the merger of Primghar – Sutherland – Paullina worked out for them when the Sutherland School was closed. One of the reasons Sanborn did not merge with Sheldon was when discussions were held, Sheldon basically said they would take in Sanborn. No sharing of buildings or anything like that. They would just take us. If that meant we kept our Sanborn building open all these years, it was a wise choice to choose Hartley -Melvin instead of Sheldon. Now, it is time to make another choice. I support keeping the Sanborn building. The cost versus benefits ratio is almost spot on in comparison to having everything in 1 building in Hartley. I am sure everyone in Sanborn feels the same. I hope the citizens of Hartley realize this too. Even if the Grade School building is closed, there will still be a School Building presence in the town of Hartley.

    • Iowa says:

      It’s a great idea to try and keep your small town school buildings open. And it does have an impact on the town when they do close. The trend in Iowa is toward consolidation however, simply because it is not fiscally viable to keep the smaller learning centers open. Unfortunately, consolidation will take place in the future, it really is just a matter of when it will occur. Sorry.

      • hms parent says:

        According to plan it was a 40 year study and the cost/ benefit was the virtually the same with a K-12 site and the PK-5 /6-12 Sanborn site option. If that is the case then it would be wise to keep the Sanborn site open simply to keep your school district citizens happy.

  3. HMS parent says:

    I went to the forum and analyzed the data given to us. The option to keep Sanborn open and the option to move everything to Hartley by adding on to the high school were very close according to the CBR report. I feel it would be very wise to keep the school open in Sanborn because it would cost $4 million less than moving everything to Hartley. Also, Sanborn residents are very concerned about their school closing and I hope the district officials take that into consideration.

  4. Ashshade says:

    Keep the school in Sanborn, you don’t want a mess like Rock Rapids has for a school. Besides, it lets you have a building geared for kids, just kids.

    • interested viewer says:

      As an old “Bulldog” I say keep the Sanborn school open, would junior high work there?

      • HMSHawkParent says:

        Currently the PK-4 is at Hartley, 5-8 is at Sanborn, 9-12 at Hartley.
        The 2nd and 3rd options above would have the PK-5 at one building (currently Hartley Elem or Sanborn) and 6-12 at HMS High school building. Moving the the 6-8 th graders to Hartley would reduce travel costs of shared teachers and coaches.

    • RR Resident says:

      What do you mean by “Mess” in Rock Rapids?

      • Ashshade says:

        Ok I was just there once for a basketball tournament but good grief that place covers 2 city blocks. there is no division to it that i could tell. You just kept walking through and it just kept going.

        I did not mean as unkept or anything like that, just the whole k-12 in one building was odd.

  5. vikingsguy says:

    keep one school in sunburn one in Hartley simple as that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jon says:

    I think that the situation HMS faces is closer to South O’Brien than Sheldon, simply because the outlying communities in the Sheldon district are significantly smaller, while Hartley and Sanborn in particular are relatively similar in size. That said, I think it is likely more responsible to keep a school in each community, particularly if that option allows the district to have the quality of facilities it will need, is popular with the residents of the district, and is less of a financial burden.

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