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Holiday Spirit Without Music?

Date posted - November 26, 2012

WE NEED PIPED IN MUSIC UPTOWN…During the Holiday season it feels like a ghost town with out a spirit!!




Hometown Girl

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19 Responses to “Holiday Spirit Without Music?”

  1. Rainbow says:

    If it won’t be costly that would really be nice at least Dec. 1, thru Dec.24
    Problem is most radio stations and stores seem to wear out the spirit of Christmas with Christmas overload before December is even here.
    Let’s enjoy the Blessings of each Holiday as they come.
    Maybe then Christmas would hold a truer meaning to the heart. Let’s remember it isn’t gifts that make Christmas,it is something much bigger then all of us, it is a feeling of a warm heart and sharing with others our Blessings.

    • Christmas says:

      Christmas isn’t just a feeling of a warm heart. Christmas is about God’s gift of sending His son Jesus to earth that He may one day die the accursed death of the cross to save His elect people from their sins. It is nice to spread holiday love and cheer, but what we should be spreading is the good news of the gospel and our need for a Savior, Jesus Christ.

      • Rainbow says:

        I so much agree,my response of much bigger then all of us, was in reference to a persons faith. Without the Birth of Jesus, we would not have a true Christmas for those of us who believe, but for those who don’t hold Christmas in a Christian heart, it was a reminder that there is more then buying gifts.

    • Jesse says:

      Surprised stores don’t have fireworks out already lol

    • Tim says:

      If I remember correctly, the old Radio and TV Center uptown used to hook up Cristmas music thru his store equip. I would have hoped he had gotten some sort of thank you or gratuity for it, but I am not sure.

  2. Jeff says:

    I would agree. Some christmas cheer would be great. Being back in this town I remember when I was a kid. There was santa to see, there were horse drawn wagon rides, lawsons now “downtown hardware” was serving pop corn -( not sure if they do that now) and there was a store uptown next to ben franklin that used to have a ton of christmas decor – I just remember a train going around his story front and window area. How things have changed.

  3. Pepperjack Stickman says:

    Lets make Tom T do it, he can sing! Put him in a Santa suit. Why, it’d be a tourist attraction: Sheldon’s Singing Santa. No other town in the area has a singing Santa. I think the retailers should demand it. Maybe he could have an elf helper . . . .

    (Sorry guys, it was just too easy).

  4. RR says:

    I remember the good old days shopping in downtown Sheldon. The merchants used to line their buildings with lights, would decorate their store windows, Chrismas music played, different church groups would carol, Santa made his appearance, etc.. I remember going with my Dad to places like Kates and Hardware Hank’s to buy toasters, frying pans, and coffee makers for my Mom. It was our only option since neither him or or I would be caught dead shopping in Mr. B’s for a housecoat. LOL. I agree. Downtown needs to be a little more festive to get in the holiday spirit. Some music would be nice and would be pretty cheap to do. Maybe the merchants could allow churches, school classes, or community organizations hold decorating contests in their store windows. Remember how they used to decorate the store windows for homecoming? Maybe having some beautifully decorated store fronts during the holiday season would draw some people downtown.

    • Hometown girl says:

      I would love to see some live window scenes…we still do have Santa and I love the idea of the Race that is happening. I think there will be horse drawn rides…now just a little music to improve the atmosphere
      and a few flakes of snow

  5. mr says:

    This all sonds good, but remember we have to be politically correct or someone could put the cabosh to it. We do live in northwest Iowa, but I’m sure there are some that want to have Christmas as just a paid day off.

    • Tim says:

      Politically Correct??? I don’t really care if it is NW Iowa, or the south pole! This is one (just one of so many) of our really crazy ways to label something someone doesn’t like. If you don’t like or agree with Christmas and all that goes with it, which is really a religious ‘holy-day’ to celebrate the birth of Christ, don’t celebrate it. I don’t celebrate any Jewish holidays, but I don’t try to stop them either. It would be just like if I did not agree with the special holiday set up for Presidents day, or Columbus day, or 4th of July. (all of which I have no problem with) but I could claim “Political Correctness” if I wanted. (b/c I don’t like fireworks) Sometimes, I think our use of the outstanding Freedoms this country allows us, actually hurts us. the term “Political Correct”, is just a cop out!

  6. Pepperjack Stickman says:

    Politically Correct????? Now there’s an oxymoron.
    (Further comment pre-empted by rule # 1).

  7. Linda DeJager says:

    I member when I was younger and shopping with my mom and we always had Christmas music it was really nice

  8. Red says:

    Are there horse drawn rides this year?

  9. Tim says:

    That sounds great! Let us know when you’ve bought the equipment and set it all up

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