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How Do President Obama’s Marijuana Comments Affect Northwest Iowa?

Date posted - January 22, 2014

After President Obama’s one sentence quote regarding marijuana, I wonder what northwest Iowa thinks about that? It sure made me pull my head up out of the sand. What, he said, “Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol,” and that’s it. There must be more to the story. It didn’t take long to uncover the entire interview for The New Yorker. His comments seem to be ambiguous at best and perhaps have brought us to wondering just what this is going to mean for Iowa and closer to home, your town.

Dr. Christian Thurstone, Associate Professor at the University of Colorado and the medical director of the Substance Abuse Treatment, Education and Prevention Program at Denver Health and Hospital Authority Company, recently visited Orange City, Iowa and spoke at the Blunt Truth Symposium hosted by the Circle of Support coalition. Dr. Thurstone spoke out regarding the health risks of marijuana use and the prevalence of Colorado marijuana in our state. Dr. Thurstone’s stated that, “In 2012 alone, over 7000 lbs. of marijuana have been seized all which were headed to eastern states. Iowa is one of the 37 states set receiving Colorado marijuana.” According to Thurstone, statistics are being complied on the effects the new laws have on the citizens of Washington and Colorado but this we do know, that marijuana puts users at risk of health and physical related impairments, not to mention risking the health and well being of others.

What do other researchers say? According to an article entitled Marijuana Use Among Youth by Diana Zuckerman, Ph.D. and Padma Ravichandran on the National Research Center for Women and Families, “the short term dangers (as seen in teen use) include but are not limited to memory loss, distorted perception, trouble with thinking and problem solving, loss of motor skills, and increased heart rate.” Further information includes increased risks for impairment problems such as car accidents. Long term effects include lower attention levels later in life (IQ decrease of 7 to 8 points in adulthood), cancer, and weakened executive function.” Smokers can’t process newly learned information and store it for later use. Several studies indicate the loss of “executive functions” such as learning lists and doing homework, and that this continues when the individual is no longer high.” 

Marijuana is here and according to the youth today, just as easy as alcohol to find. According to the 2012 Iowa Youth Survey, only 1% of all Iowan 6th graders have ever used marijuana but by 11th grade 22% have used it. How does Sioux and Lyon County compare? Zero percent of Lyon and Sioux County 6th graders had used pot and 13% of the Lyon County and 12% of the Sioux County 11th graders had used pot. Fortunately this is a low percentage, many of our young people are making wise choices but use is evident and bound to increase if the perception of risk remains low and acceptance (becoming a social norm) increases. What can we do in our towns? Continue to educate ourselves and others regarding the risks of marijuana use at any age and promote city ordinances that address the issues should it ever become legal in Iowa. 

Cheryl Buntsma
Compass Pointe
Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling Prevention Consultant

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86 Responses to “How Do President Obama’s Marijuana Comments Affect Northwest Iowa?”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    While I can appreciate your work in substance abuse prevention, myself and probably 70% of the adults over 50 years old, have smoked MJ as a teen and young adult, and it didn’t affect our short term memory or our decision making. While the stereotype of a smoker of MJ is someone half laying around, doing nothing but eating chips is far from reality. Most high schoolers and college kids of my generation have smoked MJ probably many times.

    There was a question on this forum awhile back about “should marijuana be legalized or legalized for medical use?” And about 60 comments were made. Only one was completely against any usage at all. About half said legalize it all, and about half said for medical use.

    The gateway drugs for stronger drugs do not include marijuana. The gateway drugs are alcohol, nyquil, oxycontin stolen from the medicine cabinet, paint sniffing, etc. Someone that has an addictive personality will always find a way. You can take marijuana out of the picture, and that person is still going to find a way to get to those stronger drugs. Sad to say.

    Maybe we should try again to start prohibition for alcohol? There are many doctors, attorneys, CEOs, teachers, etc. that have used marijuana. However, I agree that there will always be irresponsible people doing irresponsible things. But for the average person in Iowa, the choice will still be beer? or pot? on a Sunday afternoon.

    • Doug says:

      70%? Ya, not.

      Stereotype these people…

      No violent crimes here, but when I see these stories, very often the marijuana violation is accompanied by other crimes. When people value their drugs over the welfare of their own children, I tend to believe the substance isn’t something that should be available at the local store.

      These stories also disprove your gateway drug theory. Period.

      Lots of people would be responsible with dynamite if you could buy it at the local store, but that doesn’t make a good case for allowing it.

      I do not believe an informal poll here, is indicative of an actual and binding public vote. This isn’t Colorado.

      • Ducky says:

        Look at all the DUIs and domestic abuse that involved alcohol. You completely skipped over every story on the Police Blotter that involving booze. There are far more stories on the Police Blotter on alcohol arrests than marijuana. I’m sure you saw those when you were trying to make your point.

        • vroc4507 says:

          CW………you beat me to the point I wanted to make regarding the other benefits of hemp. Thank you! Our country would have a never ending supply of material for clothing, paper products, etc. that would save many of our natural resources, mainly trees. There will always be disagreements on this subject along with many others but I can’t find any reason that MJ is still outlawed by Federal Government.

          Please don’t take this as me promoting MJ use by our youth. My children are grown and when it was time for me to have “the talk” with them I let them know that I was not in favor of them using drugs or alcohol period, but if they made the decision to experiment I’d rather see them try MJ over alcohol. Why, you ask? Because alcohol causes more problems and health issues than any other drug out there and it’s widely accepted, advertised, and promoted!

          We as parents and citizens should be outraged by this!

          • amjazed says:

            Come on,Yea this is long,but it is the truth.
            The Reality of this whole War on Drugs is it’s what is Bankrupting America.
            Ya’all were kids once,And did prohibition of Anything Stop you?
            Personaly Agree with President Obama on this one.
            The only thing that is a threat is the mj they bring in,it’s been stepped on,The cartels want to switch to opium based Drugs.
            The mj That is Bought on the Streets of this town,Yea,there Dangerous,Because there adding wieght to it,with ,Things like Bath Salts(go to Bath Salt Zombies on youtube),That is the same thing there putting in illegal weed.
            Now Consider this.
            A kid wants pot,so he finds some unscrupulous Dealer,That pot is Dangerous,All mex.Does is make you paranoid.Plus kids think pot is pot If it has seeds,it’s a male plant,Female Plants have no seed’s so to by pass that,they clone a female plant and that,is what they sell at Dispensory’s,Not Mexican stomped on Weed.,when it isn’t anymore,Also if they can’t get it,they’ll go higher and use other Drugs.Kids will do whats available,the street dealers and ,yea,they sell tainted weed,and it’s male plants,not alot of thc,it’s like hemp,less than 1% (THC),so they put additives in it.
            Farm grown hydroponic mj,is a female plant,grown under way better circumstances,and very few chemicals are used in the process.
            So if prohibition is ended,kids will still find away to get it.”You can’t Legislate teenage behavior,There Americans,and Most Americans want something there going to get it.Our prison system is a thriving Business.
            All these Study’s that are talked about were done years ago,by a Gov. that wants to use every little Drop of oil,Plastic is’s a bi-product of refining Oil.
            yes this is long,but how are we going to keep kids from getting tainted Pot,Legalize it,and the cartels will crumble,Cause People will only buy cannibus ,At safe dispensary’s
            Thus ,kids will get it,and you as a parent will have the relief of knowing,at the least it’s not going to kill them,or turn them into Zombies.Street MJ is Bad,if its Grown Here in the u.s.a and it would be Regulated,Tested,and Safe,THC is not the culprit.
            the culprit is kids getting ahold of weed that is Smuggled in to our State.and yes it is Dangerous,maybe Deadly.So if your kid get’s Quality hydroponic cannibus,it’s no worse and far more sensible to allow it.Wanna keep your kids from using Street Drugs,Legalize it.
            Heroin use is on the rise,because kids don’t want imported weed.
            it’s a situation,where something needs to change,max-min’s are taking Kids who are exploring getting Caught and Ruining,what should have been a wonderful life,with no-Violence,and No new jails.,Weeds illegal,Hemp won the second World War,We used it for fuel,the vinyl industry,is the culprit.What ever they make out of that muck that is left over from Refining Gasoline,is plastic,Hemp would get us out of the world oil market,and Back to being a Strong country,with very little use of oil byproduct,Using a Plastic Tub to put your food in for storage,you are ingesting chemicals.Especially if you heat it in the microwave.Hemp would eleviate that problem and our national debt would be nill,cause we tax the crap out of cannibus.
            There will always be 10%,Thats life.

        • Doug says:

          I didn’t search for alcohol related sories, so no, I din’t overlook anything. You are always talking up marijuana, and I was pointing out the consequences that point out the fact that i’s not as glorious as you claim it to be.

          “There are far more stories on the Police Blotter on alcohol arrests than marijuana.”, and how many more or less similar stories will there be if your wish comes true? Would you anticipate more or less cases of substance abuse and consequential crimes as a direct or indirect effect of legalization?

          Are you going to support the same methods of support and treatment of abusers and victims through taxes on the industry similar to gambling, smoking etc?

          • iowaresident says:

            Legalizing marijuana would reduce the access that minors have to the drug. It would also create a new tax revenue.
            Durng prohibution alcohol was avaible from the street corner similar to the way marijuana is avaible today. During prohibution you were taking your chance that the alcohol you were buying from the corner would be safe, similar to marijuana today.

            There is a reason that the Mexican Cartel is opposed to legalizng marijuna tha Legalizing it would bring a new legal industry from the farmers to the retail outlet.

      • Charles Waller says:

        Possession of cannabis does not indicate singular substance abuse, many mixed-multiple substance abusers self-medicate with cannabis to ease withdrawal symptoms from those addictive substances. Cannabis may be habituating to some people, but cessation of use does not cause physiological withdrawal symptoms. Emotional and psychological discomfort is not in the same category as withdrawal from heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol or caffeine. Cannabis is an extremely beneficial plant, used safely by human beings for thousands of years for many purposes. Cannabis was hybridized into two primary subspecies by humans thousands of years ago. Cannabis hemp varities were developed to provide fiber and fodder from stalk, stem and foliage, food and oil from seed, and cellulose from the inner stalk. They are cultivated more densely for fiber crop than for seed crop. Other varieties were hybridized for increased trichome production in the flowering female plants. Those varieties were developed to provide herbal medicine, as demonstrated in the archaeological evidence found in China in a 2,700 yr old tomb. In recorded history, cannabis has never been directly or solely responsible for a single death by overdose. Can the same claim be made for alcohol, or any of the other substances cited above? No.

    • Please says:

      Leann, Your responise hit the nail on the head. MJ is not a gate way drug, and it does not cause cancer, and it helps MANY people with all sorts of different problems, adhd, eyes, back pain, ect… A child taking 3 different meds a day for adhd, two to calm him down, one to make him sleep at night, v.s 2 daily natural treatments of MJ. And yes I have a friend whos child in Colorado, has been prescribed MJ and he is doing great, he is not lazy, over weight, he does better in school, made more friends, and overall life is better for him and his family, he is 12. MJ used right, is great. and it is less dangerous then beer.

    • Don says:

      For the average person in Northwest Iowa I believe the choice will be Church on a Sunday.
      Talk about stereotypes how about the out of work stoner that sits around typing away on the internet about how their favorite crutch should be legalized. I see purely selfish arguments and none the seem to ever show concern for childrens innocence.

  2. been around the block says:

    Two recent Obama comments concern me:
    “Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol,”
    and the second one comparing Al-Qaeda-linked
    militants in Iraq and Syria to junior varsity basketball players.
    In my opinion he is asking for trouble.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I don’t believe marijuana is any worse than alcohol. Look at how many violent crimes, major traffic accidents, horrible things are done while someone is on alcohol. There are hardly any violent crimes or horrible things done while someone is on marijuana. Of course I grew up in the 60s. And everyone I knew in high school and college had smoked MJ at some time or another.

      I don’t know where our President compared AlQaeda to basketball players. I must have missed that one. Or it was taken out of context.

  3. Chesley Sullenberger says:

    Ambiguous at best? How then would you take the comments at worst? Blasphemy and lies? I would be willing to bet the advisors that the POTUS has on this subject, are better informed than your own advisors. As with all drugs (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, MJ, fat, cigs) most of the real dangers come with excess. Prohibition has never worked, educate and liberate.

  4. The Dude says:

    How many violent crimes are committed each year by someone under the influence of alcohol?

    How many violent crimes are committed each year by someone under the influence of Marijuana?

  5. Ducky says:

    An updated list of people on 2 Cents who are for/against legalization (either medically or recreational) from “Is it time to talk marijuana in Iowa”
    For legalization (whether medically or recreational)
    1. Ducky
    2. Red
    3. Debra Weber
    4. Ok
    5. Sunshine
    6. Lee Ann
    7. yeses
    8. ej
    9. Phillip
    10. Tim
    11. Ashshade
    12. KW
    13. Jack
    14. been there done that
    15. Im a Mom
    16. Keepinereal
    17. The mom
    18. Munchies
    19. 1 mom

    Against (either medically or recreation)
    ha what


    Note: only those who admitted their stance had their views noted. Others had their own views on the topic, but did not clarify where they stood.

    Please let me know if you would like to change your current stance.

    • Dug says:

      Why do you want that information? making a list like that is only asking for trouble. Now you sound like the Prez, “just give your name, address, age, serial number of the guns you own and we will be right out to help you.” Yeah, right. I’m not going to say whether I’m for or against pot in Iowa, I will just let the chips land where they may. When the time comes and it will, then you will know MY decision. I am still not understanding how it can be legal in some states and not in others. What makes them so special, or for the other side of the coin, what makes our state so special?

      • Ducky says:

        It’s to show how big the ratio of pro-legalization/anti-legalization really is here in Northwest Iowa. And by the looks of it, everyone but three people here are for it. The original list was to see if Northwest Iowa’s support for marijuana matched the Gallup Poll’s 58%. And not only did that list meet the Gallup’s, it exceeded it by overwhelming numbers and support.
        Sometimes a list is just a list. Not everything is part of a huge conspiracy, Dug.

    • Tim says:

      I am not sure Ducky, but I believe you posted my name as legalizing MJ for rec or medicinal. Not correct, I don’t recall ever saying I would want legalization for recreation use. I may have said I would consider it in some cases for medicinal, on a case by case situation. If you feel somewhere I stated that I was for MJ in both, you took it out of context. Or perhaps you are refering to someone else? Is this the same for others? Is this a pattern you are using to support some of your views? Get your facts straight.

      • Doug says:


        I think the pattern is to post comments under multiple pseudonyms to further one’s agenda. Perhaps a KIWA user registration system would curb some of the fictitious support.

        Much like climate change mumbo jumbo, facts are irrelevant.

        If MJ is legalized, will climate change still matter? Or will there be more bigfoot sightings?

  6. Saddened says:

    There is a 1st grade student in Temecula, CA that was told to take her seat during a speech about her families tradition at Christmas. She told them they put a Star of Bethlehem on the tree to remind them of Jesus at Christmas and of how the Three Kings found their way to Baby Jesus. She was told she couldn’t talk about the Bible in school. I guess people really have forgotten the true reason for Christmas. Now, our President said marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. And, we wonder why our nation is headed in a non-moral, do anything I want that makes me feel good, direction. I also wonder why if marijuana is such a non-harmful, wonderful past time, is it so hard for people to give up?? Now, before anyone comments on how they smoked pot and turned out just fine and there is nothing wrong with it. I will say, I’m not putting everyone in the same boat and yes, some people can stop.

    • Jon says:

      If you actually knew the context of this interview, you’d maybe get some perspective. First of all, to say that marijuana use is NO MORE dangerous than alcohol is actually true. The level of impairment in judgment, the long-term health effects, and the addictive quality of these two products are relatively similar. That is not to say that alcohol or marijuana is a net good, and to claim that it is NO MORE dangerous is ambiguous. The President revealed that one of the problems with the status of marijuana as an illegal drug is the degree to which the laws prohibiting it are unevenly applied and that disproportionate numbers of poor and minority marijuana users end up in prison, while wealthier violators serve little or no time. Does that mean we make marijuana legal, or do we simply make a concerted effort to enforce laws evenly? Finally, the interview continues as the President says he does not want his daughters to smoke marijuana as a parent. Ambiguous, yes. Facing reality, yes. NOTHING else you’ve said in your comment have anything to do with the issue at hand and they are mostly inappropriate finger-pointing at one person who has nothing to do with the particular case you’ve cited.

      • Saddened says:

        Jon– I fail to see how my comment was “mostly inappropriate finger-pointing at one person…” My point was we live in a society where 1st grade children can no longer talk about their Christian beliefs during a Christian holiday, but our President openly talks about a drug not having anything wrong with it. Will this same 1st grade student be told to sit down if ask what Easter traditions her family may have, if she talks about Christ instead of the Easter Bunny?? My point is that marijuana is a feel good drug and in my opinion, that is the direction our society is going. People don’t want to be accountable for anything and want everything for free or to be taken care of. I don’t believe that marijuana is the wonder drug that is going to cure all kinds of medical issues. My point is that people in today’s society don’t want to be held to moral standards. My point is that it’s OK to humiliate a young child in front of her classmates because she talks about biblical things during a Christian holiday, but our President can make these kinds of statements and we are suppose to accept that. My point is that our social morals and beliefs are declining at a very rapid rate in this country, and that is alarming to me. 15 years ago we had a President in office say he smoked marijuana but didn’t inhale and people were upset. Now, our President makes these statements and people think it’s wonderful. In my opinion, it’s one more example of the fast downward spiral of morality in this country.

        • Bob says:

          Separation of church and state. Aaaaaand, let’s follow the harm principle. Is what I am doing to my body harming you? No? Then leave me alone.

          • Don says:

            “Let me do what I want” is the credo of our day. Another way to put it from the satanic verses single commandment “do what thou wilt”.

        • Ducky says:

          What about the Christians in Oklahoma that won’t allow people of other religions to put up their own monuments. In Oklahoma, a Christian sect erected a statue of the 10 commandments. It went to court and was ruled that the religious statue was paid for with private money and is allowed. Now, Buddhists and Atheists…. and the Satanists…. are wanting to build their own statues. UNFORTUNATELY, the Christians are protesting, Christian politicians are making it harder for the other groups, and Fox “News” are all trying to prevent them. Fox “News” even went as far to say that the Satanists should be executed.
          You can complain about how the nation is bullying Christians while the *Christians are picking fights.

          And of course the nation was upset about the “Oh, well…. I… eh…. didn’t inhale.” It’s always a big deal when somebody wastes weed.

      • Don says:

        Actually everything said fits perfectly. A country that is more concerned with legalizing pot and ready to ban Christmas is a twisted society indeed. See because belief in one means you need to think twice about where the other might put you. So ban it and you no longer have to worry about that guilt. “Let me do what I want” is the credo of our day. Another way to put it from the satanic verses single commandment “do what thou wilt”.

  7. Ducky says:

    People who live in Washington and Colorado say that they are happy with the new laws not because of the legalization (which I bet most don’t complain about), but that they are happy that non violent “criminals” are not filling up the prisons and wasting their tax dollars.
    Last year alone, over 640,000 people were put into prison for marijuana alone! They say it costs between 40,000-50,000 dollars per inmate per year to be in prison. (rounding low) 40,000 x 640,000 = $25,600,000,000!!!! Colorado is using the money that they save (and earn from the marijuana taxes) and putting it towards education. Last time I checked, Colorado hasn’t become a barren waste land after decriminalizing it or after legalizing it for recreational use.

    • CO resident says:

      Living in CO right now I don’t think the pot talk is as prevalent here as in other states but from personal experience I have talked to users who are driving high whenever they want. The other thing I’ve heard from users is that the pot they are selling now is much more potent than and it “ain’t your daddy’s pot”. This is not scientific but people talk because they aren’t afraid of being arrested. I think it was one of the dumbest things CO did but the state has been Californicated.

      • Lee Ann says:

        People that are irresponsible in their life will not change just because something is made legal. People have driven drunk for a long time now, and irresponsible people will drink or smoke and drive. That’s been going on a lot longer than we all realize. People say ‘if you legalize marijuana, people will be smoking and driving.” Well, no, people are already doing that. The ones that don’t care about other people or even their own safety.

  8. Me says:

    I don’t even smoke marijuana and I have to say it’s ridiculous that it’s still illegal. I’d worry FAR more about someone who drinks than someone who smokes pot.

    Teen use is a whole different issue here, but it seems that a lot of people grasp onto this angle because all other arguments are gone.

    In a country where alcohol is legal, there is no reason for marijuana to be illegal.

  9. Thurstone is not a researcher, he is a shrink running drug rehab centers…truly an agent of Lucifer…I’ll listen to my Neurologist, who has no doubt that cannabis is beneficial for my MS…

    • Ducky says:

      I bet doctors would also recommend marijuana for
      Acute Gastritis
      Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
      Anaphylactic or Reaction
      Angelman Syndrome
      Arthropathy (Gout)
      Asperger Disorder
      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
      Back Pain
      Bell’s Palsy
      Bipolar Disorder
      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
      Cerebral Aneurysm
      Chronic Pain
      Cluster Headaches
      CMT Disease
      Colitis/Ulcerative Colitis
      Colon Diverticulitis
      Crohn’s disease
      Cystic Fibrosis
      Darier’s Disease
      Dravet Syndrome
      Dupuytren’s Contracture
      E. T.
      Ehlers Danlos
      Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
      Felty’s syndrome
      Friedreich’s Ataxia
      GastroEsophgeal Reflux Disease
      Graves’ disease
      Hemophilia A
      Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
      HIV / AIDS
      Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
      HYPOGLYCEMIA-MMj Treatment
      Inflammatory Bowel
      Interstitial Pneumonia
      Irritable Bowel Syndrome
      Limbic Rage Syndrome
      Liver Disease
      Lyme Disease
      Macular Degeneration
      Marfan Syndrome-
      …. etc…

      • jake says:

        Ducky, you obviously emptied your bowl a couple times before posting.

        • Ducky says:

          But cannabis does treat/cure a lot of medical conditions. I know a few people in my family alone that would benefit greatly from it. I have a couple of family members who are in constant pain and get migraines regularly. I’ve had an occasional migraine, and they bring me next to tears, but I could not imagine having them on a daily basis.

          How amazing would it be if I could help my family by driving by the drug store and pick up a pre-rolled and stop the pain and suffering my family? As of now, those in my family who are suffering a diverse array of ailments have to rely on a handful (literally) of potent, if not dangerous, drugs.

      • marvin says:

        Cannabis oil cures cancer! Etc etc etc etc!

      • Saddened says:

        I hope you’re joking when you say people with Asthma or Emphysema should SMOKE weed. Really??

        • Ducky says:

          There are other ways to ingest the medicine. Plus, there are now inhalers for marijuana for medicinal purposes that is easy on the lungs. It’s a fast and direct way to get the compounds into the blood system.

          • Saddened says:

            Well sign me up. I won’t have to worry about having back pain, diarrhea, high blood pressure, diabetes (i’m sure weed is a great replacement for Insulin) Crohn’s disease, etc. However, I won’t be able to work, much less drive to work, because I will be under the influence all day. But, Obama and the government are going to take care of me and my family the rest of my life anyway, so who needs to work! Sounds like a great plan to me.

  10. Biker says:

    Serving in the Vietnam war… way would I be around, near, with someone who is, will, or has smoked pot. You younger people oh here really don’t understand the harmfulness of these drugs. Bf you go ranting about the war of this or that….I still speak to a few of my guys and there are a few that still struggle with the addiction yet today. You speak of being on the rode with a drunk driver but yet have no fear with a person who is high….. So ducky, I am against whole heartily of the decision. The president….really your listening to him?

    • Me says:

      I can *guarantee* you’re around people who are regular pot smokers on a daily basis and you don’t even know it.

    • Ducky says:

      I’m not listening to the president… he’s finally listening to the people! We have this miracle drug that can treat a lot of diseases. DOCTORS will defend marijuana and all of its benefits. Patients only speak highly of this plant and promote its usefulness. Millions of patients smoke it across the country for strictly medical purposes.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it should be legal for recreational use, but I really want this medically legal. I had a friend who was on hospice with stage 4 cancer. He decided, heck, I’m going to smoke. He was no longer on treatment and only smoked. He went from having large tumors throughout his digestive system to absolutely nothing. I used to be skeptical that marijuana was the “miracle drug” until then. Seriously, stage 4 and on hospice…. and the doctors said that was impossible.

    • Lee Ann says:

      and I can assure you that when you were in Vietnam you were surrounded by people smoking pot or drinking “Obesitol.” My ex was an MP and was amazed at the amount of pot and uppers people were using in Vietnam, which is part of the reason that some of them didn’t come home alive.

      We spend billions on incarcerating people for using, buying, selling small amounts of MJ. We lose billions of dollars in tax money because its not legal. We cannot grow hemp because its included in the same laws as marijuana. Iowa could make millions in a good cash crop if it were legal, especially hemp used for ethanol.

      The reason that Marijuana is illegal in Iowa right now, is because the pharmacists for the state of Iowa are using a 1970 pharmacy book that says there is no medical use for marijuana. They took the state to court to force the pharmacists to use a much newer pharmacists book that says there ARE medical uses for MJ. Which hopefully means that when Iowa gets to the 21st century, they will realize it should be legalized for everyone, or at least for medical use.

      • Bob says:

        Adding to what you’ve said Lee Ann, I think part of the reason why it is still illegal is because the Medicinal Marijuana lobbyists have a lot less cash than the Big Pharm and Law Enforcement interests in this state. Busting people for small amounts of pot is good business. Also, it is a threat to the big pharm business.

  11. fact is DUI’s are down here in Colorado and out of the 80,000+ last year 1,200+ were strictly marijuana DUID….how many alcohol related charges ended in a fatality? one too many…

  12. Pete says:

    Distraction of the week and future election year talking point. Meanwhile Afghanistan just had a record setting Opium poppy cultivation. Like 12,125,424 pounds of it. Wonder how it gets back to Iowa? Those pack mules are good swimmers!

  13. Time2educate says:

    I really like the fact we are even talking about it. Marijuana seems to be the closet conversation. I am completely for marijuana. When you live in constant pain, and pills are your lifesaver, you d be completely stupid to overlook Marijuana. Not one person has ever died, it doesn’t not hurt your brain, your organs. Watch Sanjay Guptas “WEED” here’s a man who is very intelligent, retracting every negative thing he has said about Marijuana. Alcohol is a 110% more dangerous! and your naive if you don’t see that. I understand the whole youth thing, but here a fact, kids will find something to mess them up if they want to get messed up, huffing frickin computer cleaners to snorting bath salts. HELLOOOOOO!!!
    I had a doctor prescribing me 19 pills a day for pain. That’s crazy… IF I followed the DOCTORS advice I d be looking for new organs or dead. Just because someone tells you it’s snowing, doesn’t always means it snowing! Wake up people… Sooo many benefits! Can you list one for me on your precious booze! It’s time to Medically Legalize Marijuana in Iowa!!!!!

  14. buck-up says:

    that is what is so nice about freedom. The ability of people to decide for themself not the government

    • juicey bananas says:

      In response to buck-ups comment, we really don’t have the right to decide for ourselves. Our decision making in our personal lives is always being constricted more all the time and we the taxpaying citizens pay for it. This whole drug war is for making money for the crooked courts and police agencies. We Americans are basically forced by OUR govt. rules and laws to take old medicines for cancer treatment developed back in the60sand 70s that are probably more dangerous than the cancer we want treated because the pharmaceutical companies have the FDA in their pockets to squeeze every last ounce of our being out of the citizens for the greed of money. In all reality we are less free here in the US than the Russians are with our police state type police force we pay for. Who counts the money from our judicial system that finances our schools? We have to audit the courts and keep better track of the fines and property seizures people. The numbers don’t lie, people do. We are pitting ourselves against each other while money is vanishing right before your eyes and nobody questions it

  15. Aaron says:

    I lived in sheldon for eight years and I grew up in Orange City. I used to smoke marijauna but don’t any more. I still have all of my cognitive faculties and feel there are no long term effects of using cannabis.
    I think you would be hard pressed to find two more biased sources of information for this article. If the United States based their beliefs on what a key note speaker in Orange City said there wouldn’t be liquor stores in this country either. So I think they have effectively taken themselves out of the discussion on this particular Obama quote. Also anyone in Northwest Iowa who runs a rehabilitation center gets at least half of their revenue from people who have been caught with marijauna and are court ordered to attend rehabilitation.
    Let’s not forget that we wouldn’t even be having a medicinal marijauna discussion unless cannabis had medicinal qualities. I think it should be legalized for just such a purpose. Fact is marijauna is a non-addictive, cheaper, more effective alternative medicine to many of the commercially made medications that exist today. Medications that are addictive, are very expensive, and sometimes have horrible side effects are used instead. Why would we deny hundreds, if not thousands, of Iowans a medication that could help end their suffering. To me that seems wrong.

    • Ducky says:

      I used to work for the Village here in Sheldon, and I could tell you that the majority of Village residents are living uncomfortably or in pain. I would love to see Sheldon or Iowa to go rogue and legalize medical marijuana to help those who are disabled. I think most, if not everyone, workers there would agree with me.
      Not all marijuana makes you high. THC is the chemical in marijuana that makes a person have the “high”. Other chemicals in marijuana are the ones that treat different ailments. And because 28 other states have legalized medical marijuana, they have been able to cross-breed plants to alter the THC ratio. You could light up/injest/inhale/drink your marijuana and not get high while still reaping the benefits.

      • Chesley Sullenberger says:

        @Ducky, I am pretty sure that THC is the chemical that treats ailments, not anything else in weed. Most smart users don’t even ‘smoke’ weed anymore. They vaporize it or bake with it. Both of those methods result in only or most THC with no other chemicals being released. If you vape too hot, you might end up getting more of the carcinogens.

        • Lee Ann says:

          That little girl that gets marijuana for seizures has MJ that has decreased THC and increase in CBA. CBA is the anti inflammatory part of medical marijuana. She doesn’t need a lot of THC, but does need increased CBA.

      • Commenting says:

        The Sheldon city motto could be changed to “Light up, Sheldon” and the Village Panthers could change their mascot to “The Stoners”.

      • Red says:

        Sound the alarm! : “Drug tests, drug tests!”

    • Free Man says:

      I have read articles in the local papers about John and Cheryl Buntsma receiving federal grants for anti smoking campaigns. I think it is important to know where the paychecks come from to put this editorial into perspective.

      As for pot; back in my day we all smoked and we are none the worse for it today. Why it is still illegal and we put non violent offenders in jail escapes me.

      • dlc says:

        could not agree more, why arrest for non violent crimes they will pay a fine either way the cost to arrest them is probably more than the fine write a citation then the fine is basically profit saving a lot in taxes spent.

  16. Ducky says:

    Even Fox “News” is reporting on Alcohol vs. Marijuana…. with surprising numbers! 73% of Americans agree that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. I think that the fact that Fox “News” isn’t hounding on marijuana anymore shows something. Even Bill O’Rielly said, “Wanna smoke pot in your home? Go ahead!”

    • dsa says:

      Do I have this right? You decide how dangerous a drug is consulting Fox news polls and Bill O’ Rielly?

      • Ducky says:

        There are some people here who won’t believe it’s true unless Fox “News” says it is. And this is just a poll based on opinions. But there is science to back it up.

  17. Meets says:

    I dare bring In the bible….doesn’t it say created in his own image, our bodies are a temple unto The Lord. Pot is still a drug. But for those that don’t believe I guess vote thumb down.

    • Ducky says:

      Aspirin is a drug. Caffeine is a drug. Alcohol is a drug…..

    • dlc says:

      Jesus turned water into wine in John 2 after they ran out at a wedding Jesus his disciples and his mother where invited wine is alcohol and alcohol is a drug. It is what is in your heart not what u eat drink swallow inhale

    • Lee Ann says:

      And it also says that every animal and fruit is here for our use. If God gave us herbs and medicines, shouldn’t we use them appropriately?

  18. Time2educate says:

    So the main question is ” how do Obamas comments about Marijuana affect Nw Iowa?” My guess would be… No affect! I bet most of NW iowa doesn’t know or care. Even though they should! See Iowa you (farmers) could benefit DRAMATICALLY from Marijuana. Not only would you make more money than you know what to do with…. Marijuana plants put nutrients into the ground! Maybe we could ease up on all the crap we put on crops! Of course all the jobs that would open up. Honestly people who argue against Marijuana, you should really think twice. It’s a losing battle! The truth is out! Marijuana is better for you the alcohol, prescribed pain meds and tons of other FDA approved drugs, cigs, twinkles, pissed off neighbor. Your arguments are based off of 1970 govt commercials! Quit being so stubborn, and educate your self. Look at the death count FDA approved drugs killed 10,000 in seven years, Marijuana 0! We aren’t trying to force you to put it in your Wheaties! But KEEP your mouth SHUT if I put it I mine!

    • jake says:

      Maybe all the town people should plant it in their yards instead of grass. That way they won’t way over fertilize their lawns and let it run straight into the storm drainage system!

  19. boss hogg says:

    Leave it illegal! That way us good old’ boys in Hazzard can keep making money running it illegally. I just found a crooked commissioner and sheriff in walnut grove so I can get some Yankee money. I’m sure I can scam bo and Luke into getting a load up there!

  20. Pastafarian says:

    Anyone in favor of asking the local mayors or city consoles to decriminalize? Other towns/cities across the nation are putting it to a vote.

  21. Red says:

    Copperhead Road
    (Steve Earle)
    Well my name’s John Lee Pettimore
    Same as my daddy and his daddy before
    You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here
    He only came to town about twice a year
    He’d buy a hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line
    Everybody knew that he made moonshine
    Now the revenue man wanted Grandaddy bad
    He headed up the holler with everything he had
    It’s before my time but I’ve been told
    He never came back from Copperhead Road

    Now Daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge
    Bought it at an auction at the Mason’s Lodge
    Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side
    Just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside
    Well him and my uncle tore that engine down
    I still remember that rumblin’ sound
    Well the sheriff came around in the middle of the night
    Heard mama cryin’, knew something wasn’t right
    He was headed down to Knoxville with the weekly load
    You could smell the whiskey burnin’ down Copperhead Road

    I volunteered for the Army on my birthday
    They draft the white trash first,’round here anyway
    I done two tours of duty in Vietnam
    And I came home with a brand new plan
    I take the seed from Colombia and Mexico
    I plant it up the holler down Copperhead Road
    Well the D.E.A.’s got a chopper in the air
    I wake up screaming like I’m back over there
    I learned a thing or two from ol’ Charlie don’t you know
    You better stay away from Copperhead Road

    Copperhead Road
    Copperhead Road
    Copperhead Road

  22. Meets says:

    We limit smokers, vapor smokers, smoke here, not there, etc. but yet we want to be able to smoke/buy pot legally. What’s the story with that?

  23. CO resident says:

    I see and understand the benefits of medical MJ but still am not in favor of recreational use. We’ve already of had little kids hospitalized because of eating a cookie found on their lawn made with mj. It is a major money maker tax wise but as I said before it “ain’t your daddy’s/grandpa’s” pot.

    • Pastafarian says:

      I’m not implying that a child ingesting marijuana isn’t terrible, but how many people let their kids sip on their beer or other alcoholic drinks? How many parents have a beer with their 16/17 year old? Why is it wrong for one substance and not the other?
      Again, not saying it shouldn’t be treated as a big deal. Just food for though.

  24. Chesley Sullenberger says:

    Here is a link to the story CO resident is citing.

    A 2 year old girl was playing outside of an apartment complex, apparently with little or no supervision, as she as able to pick up a cookie off the grass and eat it. Seems to me like a parenting problem more than anything. That cookie could have been any number of dangerous things a 2 year old might put in its mouth.

    *A couple of my posts did not pass moderation. I thought I was following all the rules. If this post does not follow the rules of this site, please email me what is not acceptable so I can revise properly! Thank You

  25. CO resident says:

    Obama’s explanation of al qaeda/Kobe which Lee Ann apparently missed in MSM

  26. Commenting says:

    (Scratch my previous pending post)

    Do we want a marijuana culture here in NW Iowa? For an example, check out “Mile High 420 Nurses” on Facebook. (They aren’t real nurses–stoned models masquerading as nurses.)

    • Chesley Sullenberger says:

      Masquerading? Like they are going around trying to pretend they are real nurses? I DONT THINK SO! They are just models, ‘shot’ girls of sorts. No different than the Captain Morgan girls or any other liquor promo model. They go around wearing sexy gear to promote and advertise themselves or their product. Attractive women pushing products, unheard of :eyeroll:

      • Commenting says:

        Did you check out the site before you made your comment? I should know…my daughter is one of them! All she cares about now is promoting her love of marijuana…to the detriment of her young daughters!

        • Pastafarian says:

          Yeah, because no one loves or promotes alcohol…

        • Lee Ann says:

          I checked out the site. Its like a “Bud girls” site. It isn’t even an advertisement for pot, its just a bunch of girls.

          There is no such thing as a pot culture. unless you consider the pot culture, underground since pot has always been illegal until now. People used to light incense to cover the smell of pot in their homes. If it were legal, nobody would worry about covering the smell.

          • Commenting says:

            If you don’t believe that there’s a pot culture, take a trip out to Denver. You will certainly find it there!

          • Pastafarian says:

            OF COURSE there is a pot culture in Colorado. They just legalized it! I’m sure after the next year, things will cool down. I actually think it’s more flaunting than a culture.

            It’s like a man buying a motorcycle for the first time. For the first year or two, that’s his baby. He’ll buy all the gear, a cool jackets, and start acting tougher than usual. He’ll flaunt and brag to his buddies. Colorado is going through the same thing. Now that over 20 states have legalized MEDICAL marijuana, California is no longer seen as the pot smoking state. And just like California, Colorado’s spot light is going to fade.

        • Chesley Sullenberger says:

          Yes, I checked it out, hence the comments I made and links I provided. Do you feel my assessment was inaccurate? How can you accuse me of not checking it out when I cited the source, something you failed to do in your original post. I can’t speak to your personal situation with your daughter, but if I were to speculate. At worst, your daughter has trouble with a substance abuse problem and should seek help, and be better for her daughters. At best, she is a great mother, and you are over reacting to something you do not fully understand because you have only known otherwise your whole life.

          • Pastafarian says:

            I think that most people who oppose marijuana oppose it solely because they personally don’t like it. All the science disproves all of their 60 year old arguments.
            – Marijuana is a gateway drug
            —-No, psychologists, medical doctors, and scientists all agree that alcohol, pseudofedrine, and prescription drugs are the true gateway drugs.
            – Marijuana makes a person lazy and useless
            —- CEO’s, business owners, well-respected parents, and honor students tend to smoke marijuana in their free time. Also, Sativa blends tend to give people energy and more productive.
            -Children and teenagers will start smoking pot
            —-THEY’RE ALREADY smoking pot. Except they lose any scholarships or a chance to go to college. I went to school here in Sheldon, and I can say that half of the kids are already smoking marijuana.

            I also think that people who favor legalization are wrongly seen as “stoners”. There are multiple reasons to be pro marijuana, not just because people want to get high.
            -Cheap materials (clothing, plastics, lotions, etc.)
            -Renewable energy (bio-fuel)
            -Revenue (tax)
            -Fewer expenses (non-violent prisoners, booking, DEA raids, etc)

            People can give you hundreds of reasons for marijuana, but most arguments fall in the categories I listed above.

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