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How many stop signs are too many?

Date posted - January 30, 2014

… just traveled through downtown Sheldon and can’t help but wonder who decided that we needed more stop signs on 9th Street and 4th Ave?  Why must we now stop on 9th Street?  Never had to before.


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17 Responses to “How many stop signs are too many?”

  1. peter lemonjello says:

    i agree. there were no issues at that intersection prior to the downtown remodel project. don’t know why it was installed. while we’re at it the stop sign on 8th st and 5th ave is also unnecessary. i understand that it is a fire department request but why not a yield on 8th st instead. going west on 8th there’s 5 stop signs in a row.

  2. Jonny DOT says:

    Just a guess, but probably because of the bump out at the corner of 9th and 4th. I’m sure traffic has to be stopped due to the fact you could potentially have pedestrians standing right there at the mouth of the funnel. Don’t want anyone to get clipped waiting to cross the street! Better question is WHY NOT a 4-way stop on the corner of 3rd Ave and 10th St? Similar bump out issue on 1/2 of that intersection. Hmmm…

  3. Mom3 says:

    Is it really a big amount of time to stop? I would rather take 30 secs to stop then get in an accident. Sheldon isn’t a big town. Even with having to stop at 4 stop signs and maybe wait for a stop light it only takes me 5-8 mins to get to the other side of town. There are bigger things in life to get upset about.

  4. Kenney says:

    I avoid the downtown area ,if I can, since the changes. To many stop signs with the same results as old 60 & 18 being people can’t do a full stop at the signs. I wonder if people realize there are signs up! I’ve seen them blow through them especially east and west at 9th St and 4th ave intersection. Had to make a stop at $ General last night and must say snow removal was bad, having to cross 3 foot of snow to get to sidewalk. Guess that takes time to get close enough to the curbs now with the bumpouts.

    • Red says:

      Probably because the snowplows can’t fit through the bump outs.

    • Just Sayin.. says:

      As for the three feet of snow by the curb at Dollar General, that is not limited to the downtown area. The home where I drop my children off for daycare has the same issue and is far away from downtown. Not trying to badmouth the snowplow drivers, just sayin its not a bumpout issue.

  5. The concerned says:

    I would like to know where the stop lights that were uptown went? If they are sitting in storage, the city should sell them to the state so they can be placed at the corner of Country Club Road and Hwy 18. The state says it costs money for lights well here is your lights put them to use. I have noticed an increase amount of stop signs in this town which is great but they are placed were no accidents occur! Something need to be done about that intersection I mentioned cause thats an accident zone and now to cross Hwy 18 you have 3 lanes and you have to wait to go cause you cant see over the person that is beside you that is turning.Seriously where is the common sense!

  6. Meets says:

    Snow yes but with a late morning snow, city crews will do damage control that night or early next morning due to traffic. Stop signs, get used to them as they will stay.

  7. biker says:

    Comment above by meets – not sure why 6 thumbs down? I think it was a 7-10 am snow event??? Whats the city crews to do? As far as stop signs – yes I agree we all need to accept it and move on. But “concerned” brought up something about stop lights – yes where did they go? Also where did all the street lights go?? The old ones that is.

  8. Wondering says:

    Pretty sure the snow fell between 5-7 a.m. I cleared mine before I left for work. Anyway I heard one time a stoplight was to be placed on old 60 and 8th Ave after they took out the 9th st stoplight that so the kids from the west end could cross old 60 safely.Never happened. As for the street lights, I’m sure they’ll be put to use in the new addition on the east end(?).

  9. Just Sayin.. says:

    As someone with a front seat view of the traffic downtown, the multiple stop signs have been a welcome addition in my eyes. Before the downtown improvements, traffic would FLY through downtown on 9th street with nothing to slow them down. I agree with a previous comment, wondering where are the ones for the 10th st/3rd ave intersection?

  10. Biker says:

    So where are the old lights from downtown? Does the city have them laying around somewhere?

  11. jay miller says:

    wow all you have to complain about don’t drive there if you don’t like it!!!!

  12. Biker says:

    Complaining – not sure but the streets uptown today were, yes I agree BAD. Also in regards to the streets doesnt the city crew usually do the walks early in the mornings? I actually needed to go to a store uptown today and there were a few select walks that were cleared, others not so. Constructive critisim maybe not really complaining.

    • Just Sayin.. says:

      The city does not clean the business sidewalks. So today, select businesses that are not open on Saturdays will not have their sidewalk cleared.

  13. driver says:

    If to many stop signs is an issue,if they want too put up more,Get rid of the yield sign on 6th st. & 3rd ave. and put a stop sign there,A yield sign has been there forever and heading north on 3rd ave.,that corner sucks too,Yeild to the right,the most traffic comes from the left at that intersection,then the big dip in the road.

  14. Carnie2001 says:

    Let’s face it people…
    Sheldon’s traffic situation is a terrible tragedy…
    We need a full-scale evaluation of every intersection.
    The government is not going to do it for us, so we need to do it ourselves.
    All we need is a small committee of willing citizens who can commit the time to put together a proposal to the city council.
    I would suggest working with Chief Bolkema and the Sheldon PD.
    It really wouldn’t be that difficult, would it?
    Who is willing to put in the time and effort required to get Sheldon’s traffic flowing freely and safely?

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