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How much do you pay a high school babysitter

Date posted - May 1, 2013

With summer quickly approaching I need some people’s “two cents” I just moved to the Sibley area last year and am wondering how much should be paid to a high school babysitter who will be watching my daughter 2 to 3 days a week. I have an eight year old who is very self sufficient. She will be watched at our home. I have never had a high schooler babysit my child, but this is our option here for the summer. In the past we put her in the YKids summer program, so any idea of pay would be great.

Thank you Working Mom

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38 Responses to “How much do you pay a high school babysitter”

  1. Red says:

    How many hours per day? 9? I don’t think $20.00 a day plus entertainment/mileage fee is too far off.

    • Working Mom says:

      It will be from 8:30-4

    • B.B. Sitter says:

      Cmon Red, it’s 2013! $2/hr?!?! Just remember you get what you pay for and if you want them to EVER answer your phone call again, you better not hedge to the cheap side of the pay scale. Here’s another idea Working Mom…. ask the babysitter what he/she normally gets. If they have been babysitting long, they will gladly tell you, and then you can decide.

    • HighSchoolBabysitter says:

      I am a highschool babysitter myself, and i get paid at least $10 an hour and sometimes a tip. I have never got paid anyless. I have babysat a family of 3, a family of 2, and many famalies with an only child. Most of the time the kids are even asleep! Two dollars an hour is too low. What can you buy with $2? Pay her $10 an hour espechally if she is driving herself!

      • Lisa says:

        Wow, minimum wage is 8.00 an hour be me and hats BEFORE taxes are taken out. I assume your 10.00 an hour is without you claiming it to the government, so its more like 12 a hour? 8 an hour is what I pay because these sitters are not paying taxes and that is like 10 an hour 2.00 over minimum wage just to sit with my kids who do everything themselves, besides make there own food. I could think of a lot of worse jobs for a teenager with no bills.

  2. Rachel says:

    I think anywhere from $4-5 per hour is what we pay, plus we pay for entertainment that we typically pre-approve. Our babysitter is in our home from 7:30-4:30 2-3 days a week. She can drive, but we don’t pay mileage/gas. We also provide all meals.

  3. Sonny says:

    before you hire anyone I’d suggest you check their Facebook page as to their character

  4. Red says:

    If one has to pay close to $5.00 an hour, is it even work working?

    • Mom of 3 says:

      When you are paying a babysitter that you trust and the kids like, you need to ask yourself what it is worth to keep your kids safe and nurtured. As far as being worth working, your kids don’t need a babysitter for the rest of your life so if you are a professional that wants to keep yourself in the workplace and climb the ladder you need to get quality daycare and be willing to pay for it. I always paid my babysitter when we went on vacation because I was being paid and gave her a Christmas bonus just like I got.

      • Lisa says:

        You also need to take into the fact that if you only make 12.00 an hour yourself you can only pay so much. Unless its better to collect a check from the government and not work?

        • Calla says:

          I’m a single mother who does not receive child support. I make $10/hr at my job (before taxes) that’s an hour from my house in FL. If I paid a babysitter $10/hr, I’d be homeless. I rely mostly on friends, I have no family in FL. Occasionally I have to pay a sitter, but my son is 8 and does everything for himself. He makes his own food, cleans, reads a novel in bed before sleep. I literally need someone to just watch tv and make sure the house doesn’t burn down.

  5. Mom of Teens says:

    At least $4 per hour, plus cover expenses (food, swimming pool, etc). I agree with earlier comments that you get what you pay for. It will take at least that much to get a quality person you can trust. With your daughter at such an impressionable age you will want to find someone who can be a good role model to her, not just a babysitter. Good luck!

  6. Concerned says:

    What do you pay a sitter for 3 children? A 3 yer old, 9year old, and a 11 year old?

    • Red says:

      According to the above rate’s that would be anywhere from 12-15 dollars an hour.

      • Pricilla says:

        how many people make enough money to pay that amount and still justify being away from their families-that is an ENORMOUS amount-guess I’m back in the old country-check into a business like Noah’s Ark or Children’s World and see what the rate is. I agree with the Mother of 2

      • Single mom says:

        It’s crazy but that’s what kids are charging or being paid. It’s hard for single mothers who have to work 2 jobs just so they can pay the bbsitter and the bills. There is deffinetly something wrong if u can’t find a decent kid who will take 2/2.50 an hr. per kid. I had asked someone how much they would charge me and the Said 7/hr if she would have to come to my house and 5/hr if I brought her there. And that was for a 6 yr old. What happened to kids wanting to bbsit and not charging so much.

      • Mom of 3 says:

        Well, Red, I believe you’re on here to judge people for choosing to have a career and children. You’re not giving any new and useful information that would pertain to the original question so go downtown and have a cup of gossip!

    • Jaquie says:

      ANywhere between 7-10$

  7. Dug says:

    Are you kidding me? $5 an hour to watch a kid? Wow, I’m in the wrong business. And as far as that last person, with the 11 year old…why not pay them to watch the 9 and 3 year old. During the summer, they can play outside, and watch a movie, and then there’s the meals, how hard can it be to pour cereal into a bowl and get the milk out of the fridge, then play outside some more, then dinner, which how hard is it to get bread out of the drawer, a little mayo, some meat, chips, milk again, then it’s outside again, then snack time in the afternoon, maybe some park/playground time until Mom and Dad get home…not rocket science. Or have times really changed that much that kids won’t do that type of stuff anymore? As an eleven year old, i would have dug(haha)an opportunity to show my folks I was mature enough to watch over my siblings. Don’t they have parks in this town, oh, wait, yeah, I see playground equipment, which the city invested in, so that that kids can play outside…oh, and there’s a skate park…parks and rec department also seem to have kids playing ball in the summer, oh, and at last check there was a swimming pool, so there’s that option for activity too, and yes, there’s the old reliable video games if it’s raining, or maybe, just maybe, they could walk, yes that thing we all do at one time or another, walk, to the theater downtown and catch an afternoon movie. I mean there’s so much for a kid to be involved in these days that kids pretty much can have a daily schedule set up by the parents and they just have to follow it. How hard can that be? You would be surprised by how well kids will behave when their own brother or sister is in charge. NOT all of them, but hey, what do I know?

    • Kelly says:

      I would not allow an 11 year old to watch my children, sibling or not. It sounds fine in the scenario you propose, aside from the lack of nutrition in your meal plan, but how does that 11 year old react if an emergency arises? And the instruction, training, and discipline required for a 3 year old? I want someone with more maturity.
      The rate doesn’t simply triple because you have three kids, especially given the ages of the older two children. In your situation I would probably offer $6.00-7.00.

    • Concerned says:

      An 11 year old sibling would not be good watching her nine year old brother. A single mom can’t afford to work in the summer yet has to to pay bills. No, it does not pencil out but the alternative is government assistance. Jobs are not plentiful so you hate to lose what you have and start over when kids go to school. I just want to be fair to the high schooler and try and break even myself!

  8. Mom of 2 says:

    I have been paying $5/hour and I was told by her parent I was paying too much an hour that $2.50-$3/hour per kid is a more normal rate around here.

  9. I'm a mom.... says:

    You do get what you pay for, and also a long time ago my husband reminded me that they could just as well go out and get a job at minimum wage instead of babysitting for me so make it so they want to come back! I’m not going to say what I pay, because you’ll think I’m through the roof. But I also tell them guidelines….. take them to the park, or go outside to play, limit their tv, meals eaten before snacks… stuff like that. I babysat A LOT when I was younger…. I know, I’ve been there……I expect things and I will pay for the care they do provide…..

  10. Summer says:

    When my kids were small, it all depended on how they did with my children when we were gone. If they spent time with them, drove them to the pool, my kids liked them, I paid them well. If my kids didn’t like them, I didn’t get them back. :)

  11. Working Mom says:

    Thank you for all of the feed back!
    I babysat a lot in my younger years for many different families, but back then I didn’t care how much I got paid b/c I had a lot of fun babysitting!
    I wish kids these days were still like that!
    Have a great summer everyone!

  12. Mother of babysitter says:

    It totally depends on the hours, situation, ages and whether it is a regular gig or a once in a while thing.

    My daughter was sought after and paid well. She never actually had to charge a certain amount but took what was offered. She did have an amount in mind if asked but usually got well above that.

    Her recommended amount to pay at the time (3 years ago) was $2.50 per hour if it was going to be a regular thing throughout the summer. Either furnishing her gas money or providing her a car to bring the kids to and from activities , lunches etc.
    She also knows the value of a dollar and wouldn’t expect a mother of 4 to pay $10 an hour. Discount each child after the first .
    Now, she also recommends if you want someone on a Friday or Saturday night to pay well! Remember, you want them to come back and be willing to drop their plans to help you out. Never less than $20 whether its an hour or whatever. If you go out on a Saturday night and give a sitter $5 after 2 hours, you likely won’t be on their list of good parents. 16 year olds have things they like to do too. So have fun, catch a movie, enjoy your $20. If you have 4 kids and are going to be gone 4 hours, $20 isnt going to cut it on a Weekend. Consider if the kids are awake, sleeping, calm…etc. Then go from there.

    Now I never hired my daughter, obviously but I hear she was good. One parent said they always came home to dirty dishes in the sink and screaming in the back yard from water fights. They said didnt hire a housekeeper. They hired a babysitter. I am not talking about being a slob, there is no excuse for that, but the sitter is being paid to spend time with the kids. When they came home to find her asleep in between two kids and a book in hand. The TV remote had not been touched and a fort built in the living room, they had found the right one.

    Watch for how your kids react when the sitter arrives, do they ask when she or he is coming back? Do they ever ask if the sitter can come play? Does the sitter ever just call and ask if she can take the kids somewhere just because without being paid?

    Find someone who really likes kids. Check references and make them feel like a part of the family.
    Also never have a sitter not trained in first Aid and CPR. Don’t hesitate to have rules of no friends over etc.

    • Mother of babysitter says:

      Also don’t count out male sitters, I only hired one but he was fun and tired my kids out with the running, basketball and tag.

  13. Meets says:

    This a job where volume makes you money. Like in home day care providers. I have three kids. Pay roughly $6 / hour. I think as a high school girl she gets paid well for the hours she spends with my kids. I do not provide a car. Tell me who has an extra car to provide for daycare. If you do then yes you should pay more money. At $6 an hour I and my wife better be bringing in the money or its not worth the time and effort. We have a pool pass. They drive there in sitters car. I have a park within walking distance that they go to. I am not a fan of sitting watching tv all day when they can be productive outside. Someone of you think this is terrible to pay this much or not enough. A few said hello this is 2013. Exactly what are getting paid per hour? Now if your son or daughter goes out to work, how much should they get paid an hour? Say they work at a landscape, construction, roofing crew or being a life guard?

  14. Robert Keller says:

    Just let the kids run free like they do in Evansdale!

  15. Robert Keller says:

    Daycare Rates:
    Hours of Operation: 7am -8pm
    Extended Hours for Daycare: 8pm – midnight
    Daily rate: $35.00 / + $10.00 extended hours
    2 dog daily rate: $31.00 (per dog) / + $5.00 extended hours (per dog)
    Hourly rate: $6.00 per hour / $8.00 per hour extended hourly

  16. Jill C. says:

    I am in the process of moving to Sheldon (next week) from the Kansas City area. Here it is normal to pay a summertime teen babysitter by the day, and an average day rate is about $35. This is what I’ve paid in the past for an older homeschooled teen to watch my kids who were then age 4 and 8. She had her own car, I provided a gym pass and included her name in the membership so she could take them there to play or swim (lifeguard provided by the gym). I also provided all food and a small amount of money for snacks when out.

    I agree with the person above who suggested checking out any potential hire’s facebook page. If your teen babysitter is posting things to facebook that they wouldn’t want their own grandma to see, that shows a fundamental lack of judgment that would raise some flags as to the teen’s ability to make decisions in an emergency situation.

    A quick google search found me this link:
    If you are barely making it financially as it is, see if you can get some child care assistance. It’s out there, and reliable safe care is not something to skimp on! For those who want to pay a babysitter only $2 an hour, consider this: Would you be able to find someone to mow your lawn for less than $5? Why should the person taking care of your most precious thing, your child, deserve less pay than the person who takes care of your grass? This wanting to pay child care workers so little is sexist. Child care is traditionally women’s work and like so many other such jobs, underpaying is considered completely acceptable…but it’s wrong.

  17. Madeline says:

    I am a high school babysitter, and I go with five dollars an hour (no matter how many kids). I have also done $3 for one, $5 for two, and $1 more for each additional child. But I am flexible with the parents, and not afraid to say if they pay too much. So, just talk to the babysitter and you guys can find a reasonable rate.

  18. Mallory says:

    I babysit a 9 year old girl. Next year ill be in high school. I get paid $7 an hour

  19. Robert Keller says:

    For ten dollars an hour, you can hire private security and you don’t even have to tip them.

  20. Candace says:

    I know it has been a couple of years since this question has been addressed. But, in case someone else comes across this site again, I am putting in my two cents. We do not pay by the hour, for a teenager. We settle on a total overall amount for the job. I have a 19 year old son at home who does well watching one of his younger siblings (ages 6 and 10 ), but he does not do well watching both of them at the same time, mainly because he has Asperger’s. So, we hire a teen from our church to help out. This teen will be watching our two kids, starting next week, for two weeks. We have highly rated day care centers, in our area, that would charge me $200 a week, full time, for both kids. So, I am not going to pay a teenager, who is not a licensed day care teacher, $200 a week. You have to consider all of the facts: This teen may be paying for their own gas, but they would be doing that if they worked elsewhere. They may make more money elsewhere, but they would also have taxes withheld. They will be at my house, using my electricity, my TV, my internet, my water, and my food (the teen is also welcome to my food). The teen will have help from my 19 year old son. And, the teen is not a licensed day care professional. I am considering where she lives and how much gas she will have to use to go to and from my house, as I want her to make a profit. She resides next to my work office, so I travel, daily the same distance. In my huge Durango, I spend about $30 a week getting back and forth to work She drives a smaller economical car, and I do not believe she will spend more than $25 in gas for 5 days to and from my house. I am willing to pay her $125 for an entire week. That is $25 towards her gas, plus $100. I feel that is more than fair.

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