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ice age

Date posted - January 7, 2014

From BBC’s Paul Hudson It’s known by climatologists as the ‘Little Ice Age’, a period in the 1600s when harsh winters across the UK and Europe were often severe.   The severe cold went hand in hand with an exceptionally inactive sun, and was called the Maunder solar minimum.  The current rate of decline in solar activity is such that there’s a real risk of seeing a return of such conditions. A look into the possible link between solar activity and climate patterns shows that the late 20th century was a period when the sun was unusually active and a so called ‘grand maximum’ occurred around 1985. Since then the sun has been getting quieter.  By looking back at certain isotopes in ice cores, we are able to determine how active the sun has been over thousands of years. Following analysis of the data solar activity is now falling more rapidly than at any time in the last 10,000 years. He found 24 different occasions in the last 10,000 years when the sun was in exactly the same state as it is now – and the present decline is faster than any of those 24. Based on his findings he’s raised the risk of a new Maunder minimum from less than 10% just a few years ago to 25-30%.  A repeat of the Dalton solar minimum which occurred in the early 1800s, with its cold winters and poor summers, is ‘more likely than not’ to happen.  He believes that we are already beginning to see a change in our climate – witness the colder winters and poor summers of recent years – and that over the next few decades there could be a slide to a new Maunder minimum. It’s worth stressing that not every winter would be severe; nor would every summer be such a change to our climate.

Michael McCarthy

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28 Responses to “ice age”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Because of the cooler shorter summers in Europe in the 1600’s, when the Puritans came to the US, they ate much more rye, than wheat. rye grows better in a cooler climate, I guess. Anyway, the summer and fall before the Salem Witch Trials was a cool wet summer and fall. And the rye was possibly put up damp. That causes a mold called ergot. ergot causes hallucinations, such as seeing witches outside their second story window, an old hag casting a spell on a cow, etc. They had a year full of crazy witch hunts in Salem. The summer AFTER the witch hunts, was a warmer, dryer time and the rye was put up in storage dry. And…… no more witch hunts or hallucinations!

    • An Idea says:

      I guess that’s nice to know thanks Lee Ann. Weather is a hard thing to predict! Unless you are a trained meteorologist !!!

  2. Fan says:

    I think we need to pollute the air more to cause more global warming.

    • wtf says:

      because that would be normal

    • Ducky says:

      Am I the only one here who believes in global warming? Yes, it was very cold in our corner of the planet… but remember, there is a HUGE world out there.

      • Jon says:

        Well, perhaps it would be interesting to note that despite some recent cold snaps AND the decrease in solar activity and potency, we are STILL having among the warmest years overall in the history of our record keeping. Climate and weather are different things, difficult to predict, but one thing I think is sure…if we KNOW that certain activities of humans could even POTENTIALLY be devastating to our planet, as stewards of this planet and of all creation, we have an obligation to make sure that what we do preserves the planet and does as little harm as possible.

      • Free Man says:

        It has been very cold in the Antarctic also, where the good ship Global Warming got frozin into the ice, along with an icebreaking ship sent to free them.

        This is the very same body of water that Al Gore claimed would be ice free in 5 years if nothing was done about global warming. He just so happened to say this 5 years ago. Everything the global warming alarmists have been spouting for the last 20 years is proving itself to be wrong and doing the opposite. Even so this has not stopped the alarmist tools from claiming the record cold has been caused by the earth warming, when it is in fact controlled by how active the Sun is.

        • Lee Ann says:

          The reason the ice breakers got stuck was not because of the cold ice forming. It was because the wind changed and pushed the ice together, forming a thicker ice. The ice breakers were stuck. the US ice breaker, that really big one we have was headed that way. Then the wind changed direction and again the ice was thinner so the ice breakers could get out of there themselves.

          Tornadoes are bigger. How many F5s have we had in Oklahoma, etc.? Blizzards and cold spells are worse. Everything is worse, bigger, windier, colder, hotter. The amount of CO2 is causing the entire world to get warmer. Which causes all these horrible weather aberrations.

          • Doug says:

            In regards to why the ships were stuck, You are correct LeeAnn. Now be a good little climatologist and tell us what they were doing down there in the first place. Studying global warming perhaps? And has it been revealed that the thickness of the ice shelf “experts” have been using to gauge “global warming”, is the thickest it has been since they started measuring it? Oops! Inconvenient fact alert.

            As far as the tornadoes getting bigger, and CO2 making the entire world warmer? Prove IT!

            Thank you for contributing to the gullibility that has led to US citizens being bilked out of billions of dollars. Stop putting your KoolAid in the microwave. It gets warm in there.

      • dsa says:

        Why do you believe in global warming?

        • Ducky says:

          Because the AVERAGE temperatures around the world have been rising. And the average temperature in the oceans has increased by 1 degree Celsius. That might not sound like a lot, but it has hugely increased the severity and the number of hurricanes every year.

          *note: this has been said by meteorologists on the weather channel and those that have appeared on several news media sources.

          • Free Man says:

            “Gore says that in each of the last four interglacial warm periods it was changes in carbon dioxide concentration that caused changes in temperature. It was the other way about. Changes in temperature preceded changes in CO2 concentration by between 800 and 2800 years, as scientific papers including the paper on which Gore’s film had relied had made clear.

            Ms. Kreider says it is true that “greenhouse gas levels and temperature changes in the ice signals have a complicated relationship but they do fit.” This does not address Gore’s error at all. The judge found that Gore had very clearly implied that it was changes in carbon dioxide concentration that had led to changes in temperature in the palaeoclimate, when the scientific literature is unanimous (save only for a single paper by James Hansen, whom Gore trusts) to the effect that the relationship was in fact the other way about, with a carbon dioxide feedback contributing only a comparatively insignificant further increase to temperature after the temperature change had itself initiated a change in carbon dioxide concentration.

            The significance of this error was explained during the court proceedings, and was accepted by the judge. Gore says that the 100 ppmv difference between carbon dioxide concentrations during ice-age temperature minima and interglacial temperature maxima represents “the difference between a nice day and a mile of ice above your head.” This would imply a CO2 effect on temperature about 10 times greater than that regarded as plausible by the consensus of mainstream scientific opinion (see Error 10).

            Ms. Kreider refers readers to a “more complete description” available at a website maintained by, among others, two of the three authors of the now-discredited “hockey stick” graph that falsely attempted to abolish the Mediaeval Warm Period. The National Academy of Sciences in the US had found that graph to have “a validation skill not significantly different from zero” – i.e., the graph was useless.”

            “Gore describes carbon dioxide as “global warming pollution.” It is not. It is food for plants and trees. Tests have shown that even at concentrations 30 times those of the present day even the most delicate plants flourish. Well-managed forests, such as those of the United States, are growing at record rates because the extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is feeding the trees. Carbon dioxide, in geological timescale, is at a very low concentration at present. Half a billion years ago it was at 7000 parts per million by volume, about 18 times today’s concentration.”

            35 inconvenient truths, the errors in Al Gores movie.


          • Ducky says:

            I’d compare his speech to that of a high schooler. He collected data and presented it. But you can’t ignore all of the published journals out there written by experts and specialists.

  3. Free Man says:

    Anyone seen Al Gore lately?

    • Ducky says:

      Think of the polar bears! But can you imagine how bad smog would be without emission regulation? Imagine how stale the air in Sheldon would be if we didn’t put catalytic converters on every car. Pollution shouldn’t only be an issue on a global scale, but on a local level too. I actually side with Mr. Gore. I believe humans do have an impact on the planet and we should tread as lightly as possible.

      Plus, what would be wrong about being independent from oil and coal? Imagine how much more clean the air would be, even in small Iowan town. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, why would you oppose a cleaner air and less smog and pollution?

      • Free Man says:

        I was around before catalytic converters and fuel injection when most every car was powered by a large carbureted V8, and can tell you that the air was as clean in NW Iowa then as it is today.

        • Ducky says:

          I can’t even stand the smell of a 2 stroke dirt bike’s exhaust. I couldn’t imagine walking down Park Street and smelling all that exhaust. I owned a car with a bad catalytic converter and… oh boy!
          I can’t believe that it never phased you. Maybe it was the norm?

  4. R.U. Kiiding says:

    It’s winter. It’s Iowa. It’s cold.

  5. Doug says:

    The average temperature of the earth has risen 1.4°F over the last 134 years. Over the last 20 years of “global warming” hocus pocus, the temp has not increased at all.

    The United States has spent 7.45 billion dollars over the past three years to help other nations cope with “climate change”. Yes folks, there are entire countries literally disappearing into rising sea levels. (snark) And it’s not at all about the money, it’s about helping people. That is, the poor impoverished people at the UN (controlling the money), which is like a bottomless festering pool of crap.

    Earth’s distance from the sun varies between 91.4 million miles – in January – and 94.4 million miles – in July.

    If you were to compare earth’s size to a golf ball, the sun would be the size of an average urban trampoline (15′), positioned more than 5 football fields away. How precisely do you think you could cook an egg holding the pan over 500 yards away from your stove burner?

    So not only do you believe the sun gives off an exacting rate of energy, to maintain the same earth temp even though the distance to the sun varies throughout the year? But you also then believe that mankind is changing the temperature of the earth….and money has nothing to do with it????? ………

    here’s your sign…..

    • Ducky says:

      Am I the only one who finds it odd that those who fund money into disproving global warming are those who are the biggest polluters? Exon Mobile, the Koch Brothers, large industrial businesses, etc.I don’t think 99% of all environmental scientist are out to make their own political gain by scaring the people.

      Plus, I don’t hear anyone arguing that smog is just a theory. That’s what global warming is…. worldwide smog. Carbon dioxide (and other polluting gases) thickens the atmosphere and retains more heat. Just like a heavy blanket retains more heat than a thin sheet. The earth, although big and massive, is very sensitive. 1 degree might not seem like a lot, but it does increase the rate of which water evaporates and encourages heavy storms.

      • Doug says:

        It’s not suprising that those suffering the most blame, would be doing something to defend themselves. It’s not like they were the ones using manipulated data to steal from someone else.

        Why not wonder why scientists felt they had to “adjust” the temperature data to arrive at their conclusions. Why was was the story about the polar bears having no ice to live on, totally fabricated? The decline of the polar bear was from hunting, and yet oganizations lied about the polar bear population shrinking, when statistics show there are far more polar bears today that 40 years ago.

        Without question, there is variability in everything that is not man-made. As an aspiring engineer, you would know there are variables everywhere, that you have no control over. And you believe a 1°C variance of the earth’s temp in 100+ years, with the heat source 90,000,000,000 miles away is caused by the people in the United States? We are the one’s paying for it anyway.

        How does the rate of water evaporation due to a thicker atmosphere, correlate with “encourages heavy storms”? Where is the proof?

      • Free Man says:

        “Surprise! Al Gore stands to gain from the cap and trade legislation that he’s backing! No wonder Democrats oppose domestic oil production.”

        • Ducky says:

          Are you kidding me? o.O

          The Koch Brothers are terrible men. Have you not been paying attention to what they’ve done with their black powder resin residue? They way they handle it causes huge black clouds of soot that envelopes entire towns! And these small towns are reporting a rise in sickness and cancer! And the Koch brothers aren’t doing anything about it. Instead, they tried suing those who sell the extra electricity they make from solar panels.

          Are you really siding with some of the sickest and most power hungry men in history?

          • Free Man says:

            The perfect boogymen for the leftist anti capitalist global warming clowns that hate oil and coal.

            I thank the Koch brothers for all they do for our industrial economy.


          • Ducky says:

            Did you miss out on every one of their scandals? Why is it when a democrat has an affair, it’s the world’s largest scandal? But when a corrupt billionaire does horrible, terrifying things to innocent people, it’s no big deal. The Koch brothers are literally making entire towns sick with their PetCoke bi products and are reluctant to do anything about it.

            I think you just voided any stance you previously held on Benghazi, IRS, etc. with that post.

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