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Is History Repeating Itself?

Date posted - April 15, 2014

In the 1930’s Nazi Germany hosted the Olympics then took Czechoslovakia as the rest of the world sat by and watched. Sorry; but i can’t help but see the irony in what is now happening in Russia.

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6 Responses to “Is History Repeating Itself?”

  1. Lyonman says:

    Very interesting comparison. One thing for sure Putin is not afraid of President Obama or the once mighty United States. We must become the awesome economic power we once were simply by putting our house in order. Nothing changes here in America until we have our out of control debt under control. It truly is that simple. Massive debt is causing us to slowly bleed to death. We all know that true recovery won’t happen until serious action is taken concerning our national debt and that includes our international standing.

    • Pastafarian says:

      Why bother fixing the problem now? It’s the next generation’s problem. Same goes for climate change too. I won’t be around when the Earth is suffocated by green house gases, so why bother fixing it? I’ll let my future kids deal with it.

    • dsa says:

      Our debt is a symptom of our bloated and corrupt federal government. If federal power was returned to the limits stated in the Constitution all of the wild spending would be gone.

  2. Chesley Sullenberger says:

    Yawn. Lets take care of the issues at home and let the other side of the world worry about the other side of the world.

  3. dsa says:

    Russia knows how weak and confused we are. They will do as they choose.

  4. buck says:

    Here we Go Again.
    Let all the Millionaires and billionaires Get it together and Pay it off.
    Every country we pay to like us,Hates us,If our nations millionaire and billionaires,Who Had to have done something illegal,let them pay off our Debt,If they have that much money,They Serve Money,and would truly make it back,If they don’t pay off our Debt,And the dollar becomes Worthless,There not going to be millionaire’s any more there going to be just as poor as poor can be, And have to live on the Beach,Just like all the people they have hurt,degraded and Gossiped about for a millennium.
    When the U.S goes down the crapper with the Dollar,So will they,Millions,billions,and trillions Doesn’t Matter if it isn’t worth anything other than Recycled paper.

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