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Is it time to talk marijuana in Iowa?

Date posted - October 23, 2013

I’ve been going through the “My Two Cents” editorial posts and a reoccurring subject is marijuana and hemp. It won’t be long in the future until the state Iowa and the rest of the nation will face the question whether or not to allow cannabis. What does northwest Iowa think about the plant? Should the laws remain unchanged? Should it only be legal for strictly medicinal purposes? Should we make it completely legal for recreation? Should farmers be able to grow hemp/marijuana and make an additional profit from it? Please share your views on marijuana/hemp and your views on how we should or shouldn’t act on legalizing it.


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90 Responses to “Is it time to talk marijuana in Iowa?”

  1. Ducky says:

    As an unofficial poll, let’s also include a poll.
    Select the thumbs up if you believe in either legalizing it for medicinal purposes or recreation. Select thumbs down if you believe it should remain as an illegal substance.

    • Smalltowngirl says:

      I would agree that it should be legalized for medical reasons. I don’t think anyone is really going to understand the fact, and they will fight until they are blue in the face against it, unless they truly have experienced an illness that will be painful for them. Instead of using all these chemicals in pain medications, why not use something natural to help with the pain. I wish no painful illness on anyone, but I just want to say someone really can’t fight against it if they have no reason to. I understand we don’t want our kids smoking it and blah blah blah, but full heartedly I believe it should be used in the world of medicine for pain.

    • Look Deeper says:

      Before condemning a naturally grown substance as being ‘bad’, simply out of habit, sit back and think or do a bit of research.
      Compare marijuana and it’s effects for those who would use it for medicinal purposes versus the available prescription drugs. Compare the side effects. Compare the death rate of those who overdose on prescription drugs versus marijuana overdose. In 2010, over 38,000 people in the US died from overdosing on prescription pain killers. How many people died from overdosing on marijuana? 0.
      Compare the side effects of prescription drugs versus medical marijuana.
      Obviously, there needs to be regulations and a person with a marijuana prescription should not be able to drive, work with dangerous equipment etc. The same goes for those on prescription painkillers. If any of you have had to take painkillers such as oxycodone or hydrocodone, you will probably remember the brain fog, nausea, rebound headaches and pain when the drug wears off and so on. Also consider the need to increase dosage in order to obtain the same pain-numbing effect. None of this happens when using medical marijuana (besides the brain fog). There are many ways to take medical marijuana too, besides smoking it, so using the argument that it damages lungs won’t hold up.
      It appears that the majority of those in the US opposing medical marijuana are in 1 of 3 categories: 1) they were taught marijuana is a drug, therefore it is bad; 2) they don’t have enough information to make an informed decision; or 3) they are part of the big pharmaceutical companies that would lose billions of dollars a year on prescription pills that would not be necessary.

    • Doug says:

      The discussion on this subject has tapered off a bit. I’m wondering if you would mind reviewing this news story,, and coming back here and re-posting the virtues of legalizing marijuana? This story, and the impact on all of the victims but most importantly the children, pretty much solidifies my opinion on the “benefit” of marijuana legalization.

  2. Red says:

    Absolutely legalize it for recreational use. Get our non violent offenders out of the prison system and save some damn money!

    • Ducky says:

      What has dumbfounded me is why a guy who sells pot gets 20 years in prison while a sexual predator gets 7. Anyone else find a problem with this? Shouldn’t this be reversed?

      • Doug says:

        Agreed. Sexual predation can’t be fixed.

      • Ducky says:

        Did someone really downvote my post about how rapists and sexual predictors should have longer sentences than nonviolent crime offenders? I find that a little disturbing.

      • jd says:

        I agree laws need to be changed what is more disturbing is that the legal system spends more time and money investigating drug crimes than sexual crimes. I sure don’t want any one high or intoxicated working for me or with me. anytime your judgement is impaired it cannot be good.

  3. als says:

    Tax it like cigarettes and make it legal. I would rather meet a car on the highway that just smoked a joint as opposed to someone who had been drinking!

    • An Idea says:

      I like the idea of collecting the tax dollars but have you ever met a pot head. I sure don’t want a lot of them working next to me.

      • debra weber says:

        I am a business owner, and a 40 yr. “pot head” I use it recreationaly on the weekends, as do a lot of business/friends/aquiantances. we go to church, our kids’ events, have beautiful homes, and normal lives. no one knows the difference….so don’t put all of us “pot-heads” into one basket!

      • als says:

        What kind of “potheads have you been around? The kind that smile a lot and generally get along with everybody? Oh yeah well I wouldn’t want that either.

      • Look Deeper says:

        I wouldn’t want someone that uses prescription painkillers recreationally working for me either, to be honest. Or someone that was drunk. Or someone that didn’t know what they were doing.

    • Doug says:

      And there will never be people growing, using, and selling outside of the tax system, will there? Just like there isn’t with alcohol.

      Are you going to make everyone take a drug test when they show up for work every day? I like going home with all of my fingers and toes, and don’t want any pot smokers working around me that might compromise my safety.

      I watched an episode of Drugs Inc. on National Geographic that featured drugs and their affect on the community in Nashville. I saw nothing positive about drugs in that episode. Go ahead and tell me about the random “successful” business people you know that smoke. Those with enough self control to refrain from slipping from user to abuser are few.

      If you need to go through life impaired, maybe something is missing.

      • Ducky says:

        I’m fairly certain if a person showed up to work drunk, they’d be sent home or even fired. I can’t help but conclude you think people would find it perfectly fine to show up to work high. Intoxication is intoxication, regardless of whether it’s alcohol or marijuana. The same laws of driving under the influence, public intoxication, and open container should (in my opinion) apply to marijuana in the same fashion as alcohol. Even in the professional work place! IF I did own my business, I wouldn’t care whether or not my employees smoke or drank at home, BUT, if they should show up to work high or drunk, I’d send them home and would probably fire them.
        Any business owners out there have an opinion on their staff drinking or smoking on their own time?

      • Ok says:

        What about the millions of people in pain. The narcotics used to relieve pain not only impair your driving, cause addiction, withdrawal and death. It’s a fact… It sucks the people who are using to escape life are ruining it for those who have a medical necessity! Legalize it medicinally and come on let’s make some money off Hemp and clean up our earth!!!

        • Look Deeper says:

          It may not be the recreational users that are ruining the legalization of marijuana- maybe there is too much money that will be lost in the pharmaceutical industry if medical marijuana is legalized.

  4. meets says:

    why not drive 90 mph on hwy 18 & 60? List can go on.

  5. sunshine says:

    If my family or I were sick & this would help them thru the pain?
    Yes Please!

  6. Lee Ann says:

    I think that if someone can medically benefit from MMJ, it would be smart for it to be legal for someone who needs it. Logically, we should legalize it and get those prisoners out of prison that never did anything violent, just there for possession.

    But my main concern is hemp. Its not smokeable. Its this really large plant that has long fibers to make cloth and ropes out of. The entire rest of the plant can go into an ethanol plant. Its much better to make ethanol from than corn. We can grow it on land not suitable for corn or beans. And every small farmer can make a little bit of extra money by growing some hemp. George Washington grew hemp. Until Prohibition, our country grew and used a lot of hemp. I have heard that the only reason they kept prohibition on hemp and marijuana was because the whiskey distillers lobbied against legalizing it, because it would be competition for booze.

  7. Yeses hold says:

    I think, especially around here, people are so uneducated about the benefits of marijuana. Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta in WEED, he is CNNs chief medical corrispondent. He was against marijuana like most doctors until he researched it. Here’s the facts in a nutshell, a 7 yr study was done on FDA approved drugs and marijuana. 10,000 dead from FDA approved drugs, 0 from Marijuana. Dr. Gupta has change his stance, apologized to Americans, and also stated the American Govt is doing us an injustice by keeping it illegal! How can we allow alcohol to be legal and not marijuana. Alcohol kills Marijuana doesn’t. Vicodin kills Marijuana doesn’t. And the list goes on. Let’s put the people in jail for molesting kids not for possessing a plant that GOD created!!!! Colorado or bust….

    • Red says:

      Money, honey!

      • Look Deeper says:

        Exactly. Not to mention it’s many other uses- fabric, rope, and other items that are of a higher quality than the junk available from cheap stores. It’s so much better for our environment too.
        But it’s about money. Think of how many people would be out of a job if it was legalized and used for medical use.

  8. e.j says:

    Legalize it .

  9. Unimpaired says:

    I am way against the legalization, Yes some people are smart enough to smoke it and sit around their home and do whatever, not my business. My business is out at your job, on the Road, or anywhere in public. Alcohol they can do tests to see how impaired you are. You smoke pot they will need your blood. So are we going to give law enforcement the ability to draw your blood, or arrest you just for suspicion of impaired driving?

    Last question, if pot does not have any effects, WHY do people smoke it?

    • Ducky says:

      I heard recently on CNN that they have created a on site test, like a breath alyzer for checking levels of THC in the blood content. It takes a prick, takes a blood droplet, and reads the THC percentage in the blood. Pretty much a blood-glucose reader that diabetics use. I’m not sure if it’s available on the market yet for police officers, but they probably will have them very soon in Colorado. And if a person is pulled over for a DUI, they have the right to refuse a breathalyzer test. Police would then take them to the station and draw their blood with a warrent.

    • Ok says:

      It has affects… It takes away pain, it alleviates depression nausea insomnia. Oh yea and it actually puts nutrients back into the earth when you grow it! Let see what else it helps with seizures, it can be used as for cancer patients aids patients, it can be used as paper, it can make clothing. The marijuana plants can be more useful than CORN! Yea I said it!

    • Look Deeper says:

      If a prescription drug such as oxycodone impairs a driver, they can get a DUI, and discovering that would take more than a simple breath test.

  10. nwiweegin says:

    I’ve met a lot of “potheads”. Most of them friendly and respectable. So you’d rather work next to someone who is drunk? The ones I don’t want around me are the alchoholics and cigarette smokers. Do you know they both have damaging effects on the body? Even causing death? How many deaths are linked to marijuana use? Any? How about positives… what good things come from alcohol or tobacco? Tax revenue is about it.

  11. Philip says:

    How many violent crimes are committed by people who just hit the bong? Make it legal and this country would be a happier place.

    • Ducky says:

      What crimes would a high person commit? Don’t they only sit on a couch in their basement and play Super Mario Kart? The only crimes I ever read involving marijuana, excluding posession and dealing, is driving while under the influence of an illegal substance. I think driving intoxicated is driving intoxicated. So I believe, if they legalize it in any form, it should still be illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence… of any mind altering substance.

      • Lyonman says:

        You address my biggest concern. Some of these supporters make it sound as though pot puts a person under no influence so lets legalize it. That’s just not true. Some points such as putting drug cartels out of business are good points. Imprisonment is also a good point but that’s how crazy our legal system/lawmakers have become ie putting a pot smuggler in jail for longer than a child molestor is NOT an argument for legalizing pot but simply an example of the out of touch mentality of our legal system/lawmakers.

  12. Tim says:

    Of course make it legal!? And if you want the farmers to start growing it, there ya go….
    More subsidy for the farmer when the market goes sour, More processing plants to make sure it gets processed correctly. I can see it now, Demco will be able to make a new style wagon to bring it into the NEW elevator. More law enforcement will have a job, b/c of the need to watch those fields at harvest time, or monitor the hi-jacked wagons that go down the road to the NEW elevator. Just think of the effect a field fire will have on all the livestock and people living in that neighborhood, (the roads will be blocked so no firetrucks can get to the fire, b/c everyone wanting a “free” high will be in the line of smoke). Oh and now all the backyard gardens, wow, talk about a garden party! Just think of the by product that could be invented, new type of ropes perhaps?
    While we are at it, lets make those “questionable” laws obsolete also, I believe seat belts save lives some people don’t, put the ability to pray back in school, some people don’t like 55 speed limit would it hurt to increase it to 65? The list would go on and on…
    Of course I am be satirical, legallizing something has more consequences than just saying it is legal. I am not for legalizing it for the general public, however I would say if there is a way to make it medicinal, go for it.

    • Ducky says:

      Tim, I’m not sure what in that post was meant to be serious and what was meant to be sarcasm. I’m going to try to interpret what I think I understood of it.
      Farmers can receive more subsidies in a poor market.
      More processing plants (as in more jobs?)
      Local manufacturing plants (Demco) would be able to sell more products
      New local elevators (even more jobs?)
      New merchandise from the marijuana bi-product.

      I believe the rest of the post was sarcasm with the crop fires allowing a free high and also the cops being busier with field duty (literally). Sorry, I’m just trying to understand your post.

  13. Biker says:

    So for those that are using where can I buy some?

  14. Ducky says:

    Unfortunately, KIWA’s site had some sort of glitch and it dramatically changed my unofficial poll. I have, however wrote down the names of people who made it clear where they stand on the topic.
    People who are pro legalizing it, whether for recreation or medicinal:
    Debra Weber
    Lee Ann

    Those opposed to any legalization of marijuana:

    These names are of those who made it admitted their position on the topic. If your screen name was not listed, please post below your thoughts. If you believe that your name is in the wrong category, please let me know. Thank you.

    • Ashshade says:

      OK Ducky I agree make it legal. Those of you that are worried about working next to a “pothead”. You already do. Lots of them. You think half of the country wants to legalize it but no one smokes it now? HA!!

      I never really did anything with it when I was younger, but when I was 17 – 19 I could get pot faster than beer any day. It’s just that a minor was a ticket and pot was a trip to Primghar.

    • Tim says:

      What part of my post do you want to ignore??? Making a drug legal for medicinal purposes is a far cry from making it legal to the general public like drinking alchohol, or a pack of cigerettes. Both of which done without of moderation or control are detrimental to your health.

      • Ducky says:

        If you read the my last post, you’ll see that it says “pro legalizing it, whether for recreation or medicinal.” You posted earlier, “I am not for legalizing it for the general public, however I would say if there is a way to make it medicinal, go for it.”

        Would you like to withdraw your previous comment and be under the “against” list? This post is to see what the people in my community think on marijuana. I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind or think how I think. Only information on people’s thoughts.

    • KW says:

      Add me to the Legalize it list

    • jack says:

      Add my name to the list! LEGALIZE IT

    • ha what says:

      Your side is losing, It just has to be a “Glitch”! May be FOX News or Steve King got involved!

      It just can not be possible that most people here in NW Iowa do not agree with you on this subject.

      Looks like you have taken a good “Leftist” approach, Lets just take a different kind of poll that better suits our agenda!

      • Ducky says:

        There was one day that, for some reason, every post had 2 upvotes and 2 downvotes. I checked it myself and I was able to find out that I could vote twice. There is no way to check to see who voted twice and who voted once. I double checked to see if other computers had this problem, and they did. This is why I’m jotting down names. Glad to see that you are a very mature person when it seems that your side is winning.

      • Ducky says:

        I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind on the subject of marijuana. I’m only trying to get an accurate tally. And if you read the message board, you’ll see that only two people are currently against it. Unimpaired and yourself. But yes, there was a glitch and I’m sure everyone on this page noticed it. But after a glitch like that, of course I’m going to try another approach. Anyone would.

  15. Ok says:

    Biker you just said what we are all thinking! Talking about this wonderful plant makes ya wanna smoke!
    One more thing Sanjay Gupta found, smoking, eating marijuana does not in any way shape or form harm the body. It does not kill brain cells, it does not cause cancer. The govt wants you to think it does, why should we think our govt is a bunch of liars ?? Need I say more people,
    How does alcohol affect the body, liver, kidneys, brain, teeth and on and on… After reading all these posts, I’m not sorry in saying Legalize at least for Medicinal and hemp use now!! Your doing us a civil injustice!! Check out Carls Cannabis Corner! This guy is fighting for us in Iowa he needs support and people willing to educate the uneducated!!

    • Ducky says:

      I’ve never heard of Carls Cannabis Corner, do you have an official website so I can research him and his cause further?

      • Lee Ann says: is taking medical marijuana to the Iowa Supreme court. There is an Iowan with terminal cancer (not Carl Olsen, someone he knows)that has been growing pot for his own benefit. They arrested him without bail until court. Then they found out his terminal status was expensive and they allowed him to go free without bail pending trial. So the trial is soon. Carl Olsen has several sites online. Iowamedicalmarijuana is one of them. I’m on his message board, just reading. He will go before the Iowa Supreme court some time soon. Because the pharmacists that argue against legalizing or making medical marijuana have been using a 1972 book about MJ that says there is no medical benefits to MJ. So he wants to force the pharmacists to use an updated set of facts about MJ.

        I found this while googling Iowa medical marijuana. You can probably google Carl Olsen also. I had written to our state representatives for our area about legalizing hemp, not MJ. of course, I got no answer back from any of them. I don’t personally care about MJ for recreation. But for medical reasons and the bonus our state would get for hemp, I thought it was a fair question. There are a lot of small farmers barely getting by, with day jobs, working day jobs. I think legal hemp would make a big difference in their ability to make it through hard times.

        • Look Deeper says:

          You made a good point about the cost too – think of how much less expensive it would be for someone dealing with chronic pain to grow their own marijuana instead of forking out thousands a year for prescriptions. Not to mention the side effects of prescription drugs.

  16. Ok says:

    Thanks Lee Ann! Couldn’t have said it better! I found Carl the same way and have also written our Reps with no answer…. Guess they are figuring out how to fix an astronomical debt, well people HERE is THE ANSWER! Let the cops do their jobs and quit waisting time on smokers, put real criminals in jail, tax weed, grow hemp!!!!! It’s right there… Why can’t they see it??

  17. been there done that says:

    As with any other controversial subject, there are pros and cons. I have known people that can smoke weed and function as normal as anyone else, but on the other hand I have known people that have great potential and choose to live the “pothead” lifestyle. Watch in a bar and you will see the same pros and cons with alcohol consumtion…Some people know how to drink responsibly and others can’t handle the effects of even the smallest amount of alcohol. There is no good answer to this question. There will always be a fight on either stance. I personally think medically speaking it’s a great idea, but full legalization…..I’m still on the other side of the fence.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I’ve been kind of back and forth on total legalization. But I do think that someone with an addictive personality is going to use something to feel better. Alcohol and pot seem to be where everybody starts. But whether they start by chugging Nyquil, or cigarettes or pot, if they are going to be addicted, they will start somewhere.

      Lots of people say that they don’t want people driving or at work high on MJ, or alcohol either. But irresponsible people have been driving drunk or high since cars were invented. Irresponsible people will drink when under 21, will smoke pot whenever they want, regardless of whether or not its a crime. Look at the people that ruin their lives on meth? They don’t seem to care if its a crime or not, they are willing to risk their life on a drug that is illegal. People won’t start smoking pot if it is legalized, they’ve been smoking it all along. Regardless of the sentence if caught. So if you are worried about people driving while impaired, they already are. Those are the irresponsible people that we have to watch out for.

  18. Im a Mom says:

    I am for legalizing it. I personally do not smoke it, nor do I have a desire to. However, those “potheads” people speak of? Act the same way drunk. People can be irresponsible with anything. To me pot is natural, can be beneficial etc.
    My grandmother was dying of cancer, it was in her lungs and bones. She actually asked me where she could get some of this marijuana stuff she heard about. I was more than willing to find her some. Before I could she took a very quick turn and died suddenly. But when this poor 68 pound, 5 foot 7 old lady was begging for pain relief and was considering looking at smoking pot to help? Why not?
    This was years ago in a large city but it bothered me that it would have been illegal for me to help her.
    As for recreational use? I’ve known many people to smoke it. At work, they are like everyone else. They may act different high, but look how people drunk act!

    • Red says:

      3 years ago my best friend was dying of cancer. She was in tremendous pain and could not eat due to the nausea. I found her some weed. She was afraid to smoke it because she thought she would be arrested. WTF is wrong with this world??? This was absolutely one of the saddest moments in my life, I had in my hands the opportunity to help this woman, but she was too scared.

      • Ok says:

        That’s sooo sad! That’s what the govt has done! They call it a “gateway drug” lmao! Alcohol is the “gateway drug”! My grandpa was so against pot until he was diagnosed with lung cancer. We got him some weed and it helped him so much. He was comfortable his last weeks. And he completely changed his stance! That’s why we got to quit hiding in the closet on this…. I’m so glad this subject is being discussed, if one persons view can be change, if one person sees the truth, that’s what’s going to change others!

        • Look Deeper says:

          I realize I’m repeating myself here, but how many of you have prescription drugs within reach of a teenager. If anything, THOSE are the gateway drugs, because teens assume they are safe. They don’t realize they could die if they mix certain pills, or drink while on them. Marijuana doesn’t react with alcohol or other drugs like that.

  19. ha what says:

    Do not legalize it! Medical use may be… Seems like the pot heads will take after the cigarette smokers. Always pissin and moaning that they have a right to smoke whenever and wherever they want. I would not take well to having to walk through a cloud of that smoke to get into a business. I would imagine that it is mostly cigarette smokers that make up the “pothead” population and until these cigarette smokers can show that they can smoke a normal cigarette responsibly, why should we ever let them have more?

    Here is a couple of suggestions:

    Quit smoking with kids in the car!
    Stay away from the entrances to buildings when you light up.
    Quit throwing the butts on the ground, or worse yet… Out your window when someone is driving right behind you!

    • Ashshade says:

      You are out of touch. Cigarette smokers are not the majority of potheads. Most pot smokers that I have known do not smoke cigs. Pot smokers don’t smoke joints like cigs. They don’t smoke joint after joint after joint like people smoke cigs.

    • Ducky says:

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. Even though this conversation has dramatically favored the legalization, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and views.

    • Look Deeper says:


      Sounds like your actual issue is with tobacco smokers, and I would agree with your statements.

      I disagree about your assumptions on marijuana users, whether for recreation or medicinal use. Marijuana can also be ingested, so after avoiding the cloud of tobacco smoke at the business entrance, you could stop by the table full of brownies and cookies instead :)

  20. Ok says:

    Well I don t see what cigerattes have to do with Legalizing Marijuana! I’m so sick of people classifying pot smokers! First off you should be more pissed off about all the chemicals put on the fields, crop dusters flying overhead while kids are at the playground! We don’t even know the affect that will have on health! So I classify you as “got to feed the world crowd” we got to use these chemicals cause we got to feed the world. We have to use GMOs cause we got feed the world…. My point is you can’t classify people who use marijuana medically or recreationally as cigeratte smokers! In fact most are not because they are HEALTH CONSCIOUS!
    I know I sound like a smart ass Ha, I not trying to be, I’m trying to explain the frustration, see I’ve undergone several spine surgeries and pain that most people couldn’t imagine! I took everypill prescibed nothing helped. Until….. Yea marijuana! I haven’t take another pill. The pills are sooo bad for us!!! Now I have to decide uproot and move to medically legal state or educate, speak out, help others in this state.
    And I think most of us on here agree, we aren’t looking for full blown legal, even tho that would be awesome, but legalize for the medicinal and hemp use. We spend billions on importing hemp, why? We could be growing it like no other. There are so many around here with cancer, this plant would help them so much!

  21. Munchies says:

    Who said anything about smoking it? How about “baking” with it?. Vaping it? (Well I guess thats close to smoking it.)

    • Ducky says:

      I have never had a space brownie. Are they delicious?

      • Munchies says:

        Takes awhile to kick in, but man is it way better. Although, when I’ve done it, My bowels don’t like it to well. But it is better than having to strain myself to pass one… lol… well… Constipation IS a side effect of most Pain Killers… Hey you asked…
        Look… Smoking pot is no different than those who use perscriptions, or drink alcohol. Self Control, and responsibility is the main issue. I personall don’t care what a person does for pain relief, or to let loose. Its how they handle themselves, and being a responsible person with it.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Working in health care, there are small plastic boxes about as big as a shoe box with a lock on it, where you can bake your brownies, lock them up in the box in the fridge so that nobody can get into your brownies, such as children or uninformed people. So that its safe and secure from little kids. etc. Just as nobody should have a loaded gun laying on a table, one should not have any brownies sitting on a plate in the fridge. That would make things a lot safer for everybody.

  22. Ducky says:

    I thought I would share this since everyone else is sharing some experiences. I have a friend who used to be an alcoholic at a younger age. He was drunk almost all of the time. He then was introduced to marijuana and his drinking dropped dramatically. Now he’s an occasional smoker and only has an occasional drink. I can honestly say that he is now more comfortable to be around than when he was drinking.

    • Tim says:

      Are you really trying to tell us now that smoking pot, will take away your addiction to alchohol? Com’on, you seem to be trying every way possible to justify doing something that is still an addictable drug. (not saying that every person is an addict, but it is an addictable product) Don’t you really think that perhaps your freind (bless his/her heart) was able to control his/her alchohol problem b/c they knew they had a prob, not b/c MJ helped?

      • Ducky says:

        I’m not sure. Sure, it might be a stretch, but he had a lot of stress in his life and turned to the bottle. After being introduced to pot, his stress levels went down. He did tell me that he would rather smoke pot than drink. As far as I know, he only smokes a couple times a week. I’ve never been an alcohalic, so I don’t know how the transition would work. It’s not an amazing or sad story, but I thought it would be relevant

        • Ok says:

          I think what he sayin is his friend laid off the booze by smoking pot. Which if you have friends or family with alcohol probs, I think anyone would rather have them smokin pot than drinking. I understand what ur sayin Ducky… And I think its great!

  23. Ducky says:

    This month’s Gallup polls show that 58% percent of Americans now approve of the legalization of marijuana. . It has an accuracy of four percent points, meaning that between 54% and 62% of Americans favor some form of legalization.

  24. keepinereal says:

    Quite simple…anyone that don’t believe in the legalization of cannabis at this point is nothing short of uneducated.there is astounding evidence in favor of this idea on all levels. If you are in fact against it use your own research at bare minimum rather than the garbage that has been spewed from the mouths of fools for decades. I will make only one addition to a previous remark…as far as addiction is concerned it is less addictive than caffeine and safer than a peanut.Education is key

    • Ducky says:

      What really surprises me is how many senior citizens are supporting the legalization. I’m not sure if it’s because they were the original “hippies”, or their becoming more educated on it, or it is cheaper than the chemical and harsh prescriptions that they take multiple times a day. I would like to talk to more seniors about why they support marijuana now instead of previous years.

    • Red says:

      Excellent comment, keepinereal!

  25. The mom says:

    Ducky I think, especially around here, that’s the only way we will ever see legalization move ahead! We have to educate! Once people see the numbers, prescription deaths, alcohol deaths, tobacco deaths compared to ZERO deaths from marijuana use,their ears open up! The govt has lied and conditioned people to think marijuana is as bad as heroin or coke. ” its a gateway drug” anyone who has smoked knows that’s furthest from the truth!!! So if we want change we have to do something!! NORML events are great! But how do educate and get people to vote around here without getting lynched? That’s the million dollar question!!

  26. Munchies says:

    How much does it cost to Arrest, fingerprint, and house someone for having a quarter Oz. Compared to the Usual Fine? Seriously. How much. And the usual penatly is? NOT the standard scare tactic used by the cops. I’m talking the Reality of the cost vs. the penalty.

  27. 1mom says:

    I have read through many of these post…I believe it should be legalized. it I such safer than drugs already legalized…impossible to overdose on, your body does not build a tolerance therefore you do not need more and more to get same relief, and it’s the only drug that you do not build a psychical addiction too therefore no painful withdrawal symptoms. Yes it cam be psychological addictive but so can just about anything heck people get addicted to sex, food, gambling…If someone has a problem with addiction they can get addicted to anything. And by the way, I am currently working on a speech for college on the pros to legalize it

  28. Many thanks for several other helpful blog. The place more may just I am getting this sort of data written in a real fantastic usually means? I own a venture that we’re only now going upon, i are in the view out intended for these details.

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