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Is the News Media to Blame?

Date posted - July 20, 2013

It was a very unfortunate and possibly preventable death in Florida when Trayvon Martin was killed. I wasn’t there, so the only “facts” I have are what was presented in court. My concern here is how quickly President Obama weighed in on the tragedy. Would he have been so quick to comment if just the opposite took place, where Zimmerman was the one killed and Martin pulled the trigger? Everyday there are similar situations that never reach the national spotlight. I can’t help but wonder if the News Media is in the same pocket as the IRS.

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5 Responses to “Is the News Media to Blame?”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I think the news media jumps on any news that is likely to spread like wildfire, even before they know the facts. As in the IRS probe, even Darrel Issa knows that the IRS had investigated the liberal groups just as much as they had investigated any group with “Tea” in the name. So that’s kind of died down, even tho nobody has notified the media that it was a false scandal.

    I think the media wants to be first to report things, whether or not they are accurate. If they wait until they have accurate information, they would be more respected, even if not always first at breaking news stories.

    There are some news stories that do not get much air time, such as the woman who “stood her ground” and fired a warning shot into the ceiling, to warn off her ex that she had a no contact order against, and they gave her a mandatory 20 year sentence. Or the other African American boy that was sitting in the back seat of an SUV, when the driver got into a confrontation with a guy who pulled his gun, and shot and killed the boy in the back seat of the SUV, then claimed “stand your ground”. There are many cases out there that are reasons why “stand your ground” should be checked out again, before applying it. Stand your ground does not apply to self defense in your own home. So I agree that it should be checked out by the federal AG.

    • HappyTimes says:

      Lee Ann, you need to check your information. The IRS thing is now in Washington, about as high as possible but may even get larger. As for the stand your ground law, if someone hits me, gets on top of me and pounds my head into the ground, and I have my legal pistol, I will shoot. I’m not a fighter and don’t like pain, but I am a good shot.

  2. Doug says:

    A network so desperate for ratings, that the host speaking for all white people, apologizes for how these men were treated.

    Slavery and racism started long before many American’s ancestors, ever emigrated to the US. Yet for some reason, many of the liberals in this country feel we are all supposed to continue to pay for colonist sins.

    According to FBI 2011 stats, , the number of homicides in which the victim is black, and the offender is white, is less the half the number of homicides where the victim is white, and the offender is black. According to that table, 13% of the population, is committing 40% of the murders.

    Where was all the media when Dr. Kermit Gosnell was on trial in May for snipping spinal cords and murdering babies in his Philadelphia abortion clinic. Wasn’t he profiling the poor minority and immigrant women, knowing they had no other place to go, because late term abortions are banned in Pennsylvania?

    The same government that screams foul over George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin, looked the other way FOR YEARS while Gosnell murdered, mutilated and overdosed patients in his private clinic. Yet nary a word from most of our national news media when he was on trial.

    Don’t apologize for me Chris Matthews.

    • The mom says:

      How come no one in the media talks about the 13 mth boy who was shot in the face by 2 teenage African American boys in Georgia? It feels like we are on the brink of a race war that out President is helping fuel. Oh and George Zimmerman saved a family when their SUV went over an overpass, look it up, it happened this week, media doesn’t tell anyone about that. It’s horrible what happened, but our media is out of control! People are being slaughtered but oh my Prince George was born.

  3. Don says:

    It’s obvious that the media is being used to insight race wars. For awhile there it felt like race issues were fizzling out. Sure there’s always single points of failure here and there and the media grabs hold of such singular incidents and flares it back up in all of us.
    Our government is hard at work trying to divide us in many ways so we are easier to conquer. In the end neither side will win except the ruling side.

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