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It’s Up To You

Date posted - July 31, 2013

As part of the ongoing effort to clean-up Sheldon and showcase our community, the Sheldon Marketing Committee would like to encourage and invite ALL Sheldon residents, service groups, clubs and organizations to participate in Sheldon’s 8th ANNUAL Community Clean-Up Day.

Rather than on a Saturday, we will hold our Fall Community Clean-Up Day on Friday, August 23, from 1pm-3pm. The following are a list of “Adopt-a-Projects” that we hope, with YOUR help, can be completed in order to get Sheldon looking it’s very best as we head into another busy summer!

 Trim the bushes and trees at City Park.

 Adopt a berm at City Park (weeding, trimming, etc. for the summer!).

 Redo planter at Hills Park (new plants) and/or adopt that planter for the summer.

 TRASH PICK UP around Skate Park.

 TRASH PICK UP in Playground Paradise.

 TRASH PICK UP at Thorman Park.

 Planting flowers in the planters at Thorman Park.

 TRASH PICK UP in Hills Park.

 TRASH PICK UP around the ball diamonds and in the surrounding fences.

 TRASH PICK UP along the railroad tracks from the vacant Joyce’s building to Hills Park.”

TRASH PICK UP. I see it everywhere. At the parks in Sheldon. At the lakes. At Falls Park in Sioux Falls. Walking down my street. It’s SICK. Do your part. Pick up after yourself, so someone else won’t have to. Teach your children the same thing. It’s that simple.

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7 Responses to “It’s Up To You”

  1. jeffvm says:

    Curious to whom wrote this? I have interest in a bed project……….bring in my guys, maybe some stuff from our nursery but I would like to speak directly to the person that wrote this in regards to there statements above…………… Since I signed my name, mentioned our nursery…..I should not be to hard to find.

    • jeffvm says:

      I did get a call………thank you for that and passing on the needed info. Now looking at this site I see I have 6 thumbs-up and 2 negatives – but no responces – – – I don’t understand the 2 negatives??

      • Mother says:

        Jeff, some people will give everyone negative feedback no matter what they say. You could state you were donating all your money and time to charity and they still would. Some people have nothing better to do and nothing good to add to conversation so why not try to bring others down? It is kind of sad really, just have to let it roll off your shoulders with a chuckle.

      • orab grad says:

        Probably just for the interesting use of periods. Nothing serious, don’t sweat it

    • original poster says:

      Jeffvm – I have requested thru this forum for the admins to share my email with you. I hope that is the call you are referring to? I am curious of your project. I hope I can be of help.

      The purpose of this post was to draw attention to people as individuals. Be responsible for your own garbage. Don’t leave your trash lay wherever you leave it, don’t throw garbage out your car window, don’t teach your children (through example) that littering is okay. If everyone picked up after themselves the city wouldn’t have to beg for volunteers to clean up.

      As mentioned in the original post, a visit to Falls Park in Sioux Falls left me very sad.. I failed to take in all the beauty of this natural phenomenon for all the garbage left behind by previous visitors. There are garbage cans everywhere at the park, are humans truly that lazy that we can’t walk the 10 feet to a garbage can? My mother taught me to stick something in my pocket or just hold on to it until I found a suitable receptacle. I have already taught my toddler the same principle with great results.

  2. George says:

    Dont we have city parks and rec that would be there job………oh, what about liability????? What if i get hurt? See alot of mess all over in this town. What if everyone all yhe time just does there own pickup? Business property on 2nd ave. N 5 ave. Terrible shabby. Down town business rears too. Ditches on s washinton ave and south 8 av….

    • bridgeman says:

      I can add another site to that. What about the sidewalk between West 8th Street and 9th Street owned by AGP. I see someone trimmed all the branches so people can now walk thru there without getting hit in the face and so on. Now if only AGP could pick-up the branches and make it look presentable again.

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