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Kids and Energy Drinks

Date posted - January 27, 2013

I was wondering, are times so tough that the Roller Roulette skating rink feels a need to sell energy drinks to children. I myself drink energy drinks, but in was whatsoever would I allow my grandchildren to comsume them!

Hopefully parents are aware of this and keep an eye on the way your child is acting after a skating session.


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18 Responses to “Kids and Energy Drinks”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I see kids buying these energy drinks in Caseys and Hyvee. I don’t think its a good idea, but they aren’t my kids, so I cannot say anything. My kids didn’t hardly get any soda when they were little, but by the time they are out and about on their own, they do what they wish. We can only hope to help them make a good choice. Maybe the roller skating rink feel that the adults would be buying more of them, but they can’t refuse to sell since its not illegal.

    • Vickie Stellinga says:

      Red Bull – The Assault Rifle of Cola. No way to regulate it – it is not illegal to sell. The Skating Rink has every right to sell it. I wont let my son drink it. The good people at the Roller Roulette also have a water fountain to offer kids free drinks – that’s what we drink when we go skating. So great of them to offer that.
      Just my opinion, talk to your kids and let them know how bad it is for them, and maybe they will not want to buy it. But if they see Grandma drinking it, they may figure it can’t be that bad for you :-)

  2. Oh not good says:

    I do not allow those in my house!

    I know they are not illegal, but I do know of places that will not sell them to children under 18

  3. Ashshade says:

    The good people at the roller rink are not the parents of the children. It’s mom and dads job to raise the children, not the roller rink, not the state. If Johnny don’t know what is good for him when he is young, he won’t know any better after he turns 18.

    Mom and dad need to pay attention because there are way too many products that contain LARGE amounts of caffeine. Just like anything though a little is ok, too much is bad. Walk into you local grocery store and you will find an amazing amount of shelf space dedicated to pop and chips. Come on mom and dad, you have to make the choices. Make the right ones. Tell your kids why the need to eat – drink healthy and what happens if they don’t.

    Then set an example. Eat right. Exercise.

    There is so much more to life than sitting in front of the TV, eating junk food, and getting fat.

  4. RR says:

    Lynn, it doesn’t sound like you are setting a very good example for your kids if you think energy drinks are bad.
    We are a business that is promoting exercise in an extremely clean environment! Don’t bash my business for selling energy drinks. We also offer free water from the water fountain, bottled water, gatorade, fruit smoothies, icee, soda pop both regular and diet. If you don’t want your child drinking the energy drink, then tell them they can’t buy them. We are an entertainment business and a lot of parents think we are babysitters.

  5. TDS says:

    I believe the people at the skating rink are trying to run a profitable business, not babysit your kids, if you don’t want your kids drinking energy drinks tell them not to drink energy drinks.

  6. Cathy says:

    Don’t bash one of the “good” places that kids actually go to without their parents, have fun and be safe. There is So little in Sheldon were kids and adults can go to as a family or alone. Sheldon needs more “kid” type areas.

    • Pooker says:

      Just because a business sells something doesn’t mean that you HAVE to buy it. No one is twisting your arm to get that stuff, so please don’t be so hard on a business if they choose to sell it. I think it’s great that kids and or their families have a place like that to go. What with the liability costs and all that these places are getting fewer and fewer. It’s called accountability for your actions, and learning just to say no to some things. Please don’t blame a business because they are selling something you don’t want your kid to have. Learn to say no to the child.

  7. Lee Ann says:

    However I am pro legalization of marijuana.

  8. Jackie says:

    There are so many sides to this issue. Our kids are not allowed to drink energy drinks, they’re 15, so they have tried them and like them, but they know our stance, if you need energy drinks, you’re not getting enough sleep! I also agree with RR – they’re an entertainment venue. They have choices and kids need to make them. One example is a wedding dance, a couple is deciding if they should have alcohol, just because they have alcohol, doesn’t mean everyone has to drink it, so does that mean they shouldn’t have it? There will be children there who cannot drink alcohol, so should they not have it? Our entire life it about making choices…parents should be working with children and their choices from a very young age! I can see that energy drinks are a HUGE money maker, so if a business decides to sell them, that’s their choice!

  9. Lee Ann says:

    Obviously we have another “Lee Ann ” here, as I did not write that about being pro marijuana. While I am hoping for medicinal marijuana to be legalized, I didn’t write anything about being pro marijuana legalization HM.

  10. BEBE says:


  11. JP says:

    Its up to the parents or grandparents to keep the kids from drinking energy drinks if they do not want them to drink it. Its not up to the Roller Roulette to babysit your kids ~ They are NOT A DAYCARE CENTER ~ If the kids have the money in their pockets they are going to buy it……If they see Mom, Dad, Grandma Or Grandpa drinking it they are going to want it ……Monkey See Monkey Do ………Just don’t give them extra money when they go skating then. Better yet…….Go skating with them and then you can make sure they do not drink it and you get to spend time with your kids and grandkids :)

    • Lee Ann says:

      When my grandkids were little , their parents and I would go to RR too. We wouldn’t skate, there are lots of tables there, with parents sitting and talking. They had a decent snack bar and people there to visit with. In my view, people that always (I’m saying always, not just once or twice) drop their kids off and drive away, can not monitor their children’s drinks. If you want to monitor their drinks, go with them. Its a fun place to go, even for parents.

  12. Lisa says:

    I work at a convienence store and will not sell those types of beverages to kids who clearly do not look old enought to buy them. It is not the policy of the store but my own personal choice to not sell to them. I will not even buy them for or allow my grandkids to buy or drink them.

    • Timmy says:

      Lisa, what store do you work at? What you are doing is 100% illegal. Since the Federal/State/Local government has not put a rating system on energy drinks and you are pushing your “beliefs” onto others that is illegal. Just because you choose not to allow your family to have them doesn’t mean you know whats best for others kids. I know its an energy drink and it should be up to the consumer, but who do you think you are that you can push your thoughts/beliefs/undeniable stupidity onto others because your a cashier? I am glad people like you are becoming the minority.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you for letting me know that what i have done, which I can say was less than a handful of occations, is illegal. After we had a parent call up and was very upset that one was sold to her child before school one day, we were just being more cautious with these drinks and kids.
        No harm ment, just our concern for kids.
        It has not happened in a very long time, as I have come to learn that these kids will buy them no matter what.
        I do take offense to the “thoughts/beliefs/undeniable stupidity” comment that you made, as you do not know me and you should not be judging me.
        Have you never used your “thoughts/beliefs/undeniable stupidity” comments, whether it be religion or politics, on any one?
        In your eyes, I did a wrong, I apologize for offending you and it will never happen again.

  13. Jack says:

    “Have you never used your “thoughts/beliefs/undeniable stupidity” comments, whether it be religion or politics, on any one?” QUOTE

    You missed his point completely, Lisa. Having a belief or opinion and expressing it is different entirely from the illegal restriction of selling a product because of those beliefs. This is a free market society for a reason, not Communist Russia.

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