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Kids on Motorcycles Dangerous?

Date posted - May 7, 2013

Is it just me or does anyone else think that having a child under the age of 14 on a motorcycle, even with a helmet is VERY dangerous? Children are suppose to be in a car seat until they reach 100 lbs, I think, and notĀ supposedĀ to sit in the front seat if under age 12, and you get a child endangerment ticket for letting children free in a car w/ no seat belt, BUT motorcycles and children is tolerated? I saw what looked like a 8 year old girl riding on the back of a motorcycle with a helmet on riding with dad?, I’m guessing, stopped short and the poor child almost fell off, how can this be legal? Does anyone else think that this is irresponsible parenting?

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21 Responses to “Kids on Motorcycles Dangerous?”

  1. Chesley Sullenberger says:

    Irresponsible parenting? How about irresponsible POSTING! Of course it is a little dangerous but there is dangers all over, people can be injured or killed doing almost anything. You live your life in fear if you wish, the rest of us will get outside and enjoy the fresh air and not live our lives fearing the worst. Personally I find it more dangerous to allow your child to sit in front of the television all day.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    I grew up on motorcycles. My Dad and brother both had them. I am not concerned with small children on motorcycles, my main concern is the kids that ride around town on scooters without helmets. I realize they don’t go 60 miles an hour, but falling over and hitting one’s head while going 30 mph scares me.

    I grew up riding bikes without a helmet, falling off, never getting hurt badly. But I wish my grandchildren would wear helmets.

  3. Ex-Sheldonite says:

    I agree…….very dangerous and I would not let my child ride a motorcycle without a helmet on

  4. Red says:

    Did the child have a pink helmet on? If so, I saw them today, and the dad was swerving back and forth in the lane to make the ride more “fun.” The poor girl couldn’t even reach her arms all the way around to hold on tightly. :0(

    • Me says:

      He may have been swerving in order to avoid potholes in the road. If she cant reach around him then she should be hold on to his shoulders.

    • Parents says:

      Just so you all know my kids are the ones who ride with a pink helmet while on the motorcycle…The child did not almost fall off so you need to stop running your mouth about stuff that is not true. We are very safe with our kids on the motorcycles, Both of my children can either hang on to the person around the waist or on the bars that are ment for them to hang on to also.

      As far as swerving with kids on the bike…Well hmmm…lets see most of these side roads in town have potholes all over them and it is necessary to swerve to miss them.

      There are far worse things going on in the world , like child abuse and hunger and people are so worried about my child on a motorcycle. Have you been past farm houses where children are running dirt bikes or fourwheelers by themselves…oh yeah and children running tractors in and out of farm places and fields…

      Ultimately it is our decision wether or not we put our children on the back of a motorcycle to go for a short cruise around town. And people need to start minding their own personal business. Im sure you have done something in your life that is unsafe or inappropriate . So STOP!

    • Parents says:

      Whoever you are RED…Maybe you should come and watch my kids on the motorcycles and see how safe they are before you go posting something that you are outraged about on a public site…

      I am outraged by all the parents who let their children run all night long and hang out with 20+ people drinking and smoking weed. I am outrage about teen pregnancy….All the drugs that are in this community.

      There is a lot that I am outraged about in this community…
      But you know what my children are not let to run the town they are home safe with me enjoying the sport of motorcycling , Cops around this town have seen us and even talked to us while we are stopped at a gas station or grocery store. If we were doing something wrong , as putting our children in danger I can assure something would have been said to us

  5. Lee says:

    I’ll give him a tiny bit of credit for having the child wear a helmet… I get sick to my stomach when I see motorcyclists ride with children who are not wearing a helmet. The child sitting in front, with an adult’s arm wrapped loosely around them? Even at 15-20mph, a tumble to the ground could be deadly.

    Children depend on the adults in their lives to keep them reasonably safe from harm. Sure, we can’t wrap them up in bubble-wrap and lock them away and protect them from every danger, but a helmet is a simple, non-intrusive measure to protect them from some harm on a motorcycle ride. I think it’s ridiculous that when Iowa safety advocates suggest helmet laws for children on motorcycles (if for nobody else), opponents start railing about civil rights and freedom and fresh air. Adults can gamble with their own safety… it’s irresponsible & disgusting when they gamble with a child’s.

  6. Dug says:

    Really? You have nothing to do but worry about other people? Look, the kid had a helmet on and YES, it’s safe. When my first Grandson was out of the hospital, after birth, the first thing I did when he got to his home, was I had him in one of those papoos thingys that allow you to carry the child in front of you, I also had like 10 bungie cords wrapped around us. I started my scoot up and his eyes got huge and then he smiled when we took off. I didn’t scream down the street, I took him for a ride around the block and he was sleeping by the time we got back. You want to know why I did it? Because I could!!!! I’m his Grandpa and ridin’ my scoot with Grandma is something we are passionate about. When we got back, my son took a picture of us and posted it on facebook and yes, I got yelled at, picked at, scolded, you name it, but you know what? I really didn’t care, because last time I checked I still live in AMERICA, where I can do things like that. Look, I wasn’t going to risk my Grandson’s life if I didn’t think it was safe. As far as the swerving goes, well, that’s a judgement call. At least he had the kid wearing a helmet, what business is it of yours? Was he causing any harm to you? Was he swerving into traffic, or into you? If not, then leave it alone, mind your own business. I do the same thing when I’m riding around sometimes, of course I don’t do it so it’s unsafe. I would say that what that person is doing on his scoot is his business and the busybodies that are on the lookout for things to bitch about should not throw stones, because of the glass house they live in. I, for one, will continue to give my Grandkids rides on my motorcycle as long as I’m able to ride, so mind your own business. Sorry for venting but it pisses me off when people stick their noses in where they don’t belong!!!

    • Red says:

      If you are so worried about people sticking their noses where they don’t belong, then reserve your actions for your private property, not a public venue where everyone can witness said actions.

      • Dug says:

        You said a mouthfull there, PUBLIC VENUE, that means that I can and will continue to do those types of things, because as long as I’m not breaking any law and have nothing to hide then who am I hurting? What’s the big deal? Once again, sounds like somebody has nothing better to do than to bitch and complain about what somebody else is doing!

        • Old wrestler says:

          Dug isn’t that exactly what your doing? Bitching and complaining about what someone is doing or saying? You don’t like them doing it about something that you have personal feelings about but your bitching and complaining about what they are saying and have personal feelings on.

          Really I guess here is how I see it, there’s no laws against so it’s their choice, however if something does happen it is also their issue to live with so long as they can deal with what the consequnces might be then let them do it if they want.

          • Dug says:

            Yep, you are totally correct…I was just bitchin’ about somebody else’s view. My bad. We’ll see ya on the road, I’ll be the one with the little kid bungie corded to the seat and bubble wrapped wearing a pink helmet…ha.

        • Iowa Code says:

          726.6 CHILD ENDANGERMENT. 1. A person who is the parent, guardian, or person having custody or control over a child or a minor… commits child endangerment when the person does any of the following: a. Knowingly acts in a manner that creates a substantial risk to a child or minor’s physical, mental or emotional health or safety.

          Is putting a child or infant on a motorcycle, even with a helmet or the security of a bungee cord, meet the grounds of 726.6? That’s going to depend on the police officer who questions you, and the judge hears the case. My advice, dont go hot rod’n around with the new grandbaby on the bike, especially if you’re going to be do the pot-hole slalom run, because even if you’re avoiding a pot-hole, that action of swerving may be putting the baby at a substantial physical risk.

          It really just comes down to using common sense. Nuff said.

          • Lee Ann says:

            I know parents ‘ children. And they are definitely not infants. They are old enough to know they need to hang on. They are not at risk or neglected when on the motorcycle.

  7. biker says:

    Amazing! It is what it is but gee people kids without seatbelts, texting while going to school while driving, young kids with crotch rockets going 150 mph on 16th street, heaven forbid but dont look up in a tree in the park a branch just might drop on you. To each his own. Enjoy the summer. Be safe.

  8. Old Guy says:

    I’m in wonder and awe as I consider that I and all my kids survived to be adults (knowing and still are finding out what they’ve all done) without all the safety warnings and features we have today.

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