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Lighten Up

Date posted - January 13, 2014

Had opportunity to dine at El Guacamole Mexican (former A&W Bldg) last Friday evening. Being new it was understandable busy. We arrived and noticed the crowd but went in anyway. The staff were busy waiting on folks so we sat at a table. Almost immediately, we overheard comments on the slow service, mix ups etc. We did not experience this ourselves. We saw people come in and leave within minutes (some of those I know wait 30 minutes for a seat in the big cities fine dining establishments) not even walking to the back to find empty seats. The staff apologized over and over to folks explaining they were new and this overwhelmed them. The chips and salsa were flowing to appease the people. Yet people complained – Sad. Granted, they’re were many diners who appeared to be having a great time as we did. The food was excellent with extreme portions! As I paid my bill I received more apologies from the owner as she expressed concern that many would go out unhappy and tell others. I tried to assure her that more would come and give them a try. I encourage people to patronize this fine addition(expansion) to our community and enjoy!!

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9 Responses to “Lighten Up”

  1. EDH says:

    I have been there twice. Can you tell they are new? yes. The food was awesome each time. The second time even better service and portions than the first.

    I saw people the first day get on facebook and say they “sucked” what a bunch of crap. Hard for businesses to succeed when people get on public forums and destroy reputations.

    Think before you “type” people and keep it classy

  2. Biggy Smalls says:

    I have been here twice. Once for lunch and another for supper. Both times have been excellent service with amazing quality of food! Please take into consideration this place is transitioning from a small place downtown that was not well-known before. Give them some time and I’m sure they will improve on their service time. I agree, in bigger cities it is not uncommon to wait 30 minutes to an hour for a table at a busy place! Once they get their bar put in, get a margarita and be patient!

    • KW says:

      The food is great! I have been there twice and brought new people with me both times. The service will get better with time. Anyone that complains should go out and try starting their own business and see how it goes. I wish them the best of Luck!

  3. wtf says:

    small town people have no patience

  4. Pooker says:

    Why don’t all the people who complain about service and whatever just wait until the people who own the business get up to par on whatever made them upset. Doing something new takes time, and with time it will get better.

  5. Biker says:

    At least the people staying are supporting our own home town business. Better than alot of people in this town.

  6. Bees says:

    We ate there as well on Friday night and I felt bad for them. They were terribly busy and had a waitress walk out on them that evening… I understood completely. They ran around like crazy and got the job done. Did we wait….well yes, but no matter where you eat…..YOU WAIT! Unless of course you opt for a buffet.
    FYI…..great food and great service. They were very polite and did the best they could in the horrible situation they were in that night. I give….5 stars all around and WILL be going back again!
    Great addition to Sheldon… can’t ever get enough Mexican food….and now we are blessed with 2 outstanding (roomy) Mexican restaurants!

  7. Radley says:

    For every new or change in a business there is a learning curve. I have eaten there a few times already and greatly enjoyed the food and staff. For those of you to impatient to wait for good food there are fast food places.

  8. Free Man says:

    I’m going to have to check it out next time I’m in Sheldon. I hear it’s the hottest spot in town.

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