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Lower Electrical Rates

Date posted - October 24, 2013

With all these wind turbines going and more that want to build here in NW IA. You would think our electric rates would get lower. But all I ever see is rates going up. So what is the deal with that. Something just does not add up. I know alot of this electric is going out of state. But sure would be nice to work some of that in for our area. Lower our rates to help people free up some money for other things.


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11 Responses to “Lower Electrical Rates”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I have heard that once they get a large electric contraption to send the electricity farther away, all of the wind towers around here will have their elec. sent to Chicago and Minneapolis. The cities are where the most elec. is needed and the cost is higher. I did call to our town hall several years ago to see if we could check in to getting a couple of towers just for Sheldon. Spirit Lake school district did it quite awhile ago. If we had wind towers here, just for Sheldon, we would be paying for it, along with subsidies from the govt to improve solar and wind, and once it was paid for, everything in My house would become electric. Why pay for gas when you can get elec cheap? But I think that idea is far into the future.

    Midamerican energy owns some of them, and a few other companies own some too. But right now the costs of putting them up and getting them all operational will take some big money. But maybe as we get more wind towers in the area, costs will go down eventually.

    • Tim says:

      Lee Ann:
      I am all for your idea. I Think it would help in all the ways you said. However, why, and I mean this seriously, help me understand, again, Why is it always the DUTY or Responcibility to get a SUBSIDY from the gov’t to do things?? It seems to me more and more that everytime something needs to get done…go get it from the gov’t. This is just what the huge fight was all about. What part of a budget don’t you seem to understand? WE DON’T HAVE THE FUNDS AS A NATION TO DO ALL THESE PROGRAMS!!

      • Lee Ann says:

        Because the federal government knows that corporations and towns cannot get wind towers on their own, it is prohibitively expensive. So they appropriate money, so that we can gradually get access to solar and wind to help us get away from petroleum.

        We need to invest in alternative energies and increase jobs so that if we have a better economy, more people will be paying taxes, and less people will be on entitlements. That’s the only way we can get our debt and deficit problem fixed. After World War II, we were in debt about as much as we are now, and because we had a boom and people were paying taxes, we paid off the war debt in about 8 years. So a lot of it is priorities. There are many places we can cut waste. Austerity will not grow this country. They found that out in Europe, Spain, Greece, etc. We have to build our way out of the unemployment and deficit. If you cut programs, you contract the economy. And it just gets worse. Its not like a home budget. The only way we can get out of this hole we are in is to make priorities and build. So the subsidies for wind and solar are a small part of growing the economy so we aren’t spending so much on food stamps and welfare, etc. And people are paying more in taxes, because the economy is doing well.

    • Aaron says:

      Having a windmill provide electricity to Sheldon is all fine and good until that bitchin’ hot summer day when the wind doesn’t blow and everyone is running their A/C. The wind would die down and then Sheldon goes dark… and hot. We would still need the gas or coal fired power plans to send us our electricity when there is no wind or not enough wind.
      Also – I don’t think windmill generated electricity is that cheap. Power companies build them because the government makes them do it and the government will subsidize their cost.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Aaron, its a bit more complicated than wind stops blowing and we go dark. We would have enough extra electricity most of the time, which we would sell back to Midamerican Energy. Selling that extra to them would give us a positive cash flow with Midamerican. So we could buy elec. from them when we were low. So it would be like a bank account. Add electricity sold and electricity bought.

        There are quite a few towns that now have their own towers. There are quite a few in Nebraska. You can google them. They are quite pleased with their set up.

  2. Biker says:

    Tim…once people receive a govt something or another they tend to expect it from every aspect of life. Every step foot outside sheldon…..there are other communities that own there own utilities. Sheldon had that chance 20plus years ago. Maybe it’s time to rethink that for our town.

    • Tim says:

      Biker, I am not going to disagree with you one bit, every community should have its own municipal. My point is, it is time we understand that we can’t run to the federal gov’t for every little handout. It is broke!! There is no money for new programs, or handouts. Until we get our current obligations under control, we as a country cannot appropriate more funds to more handouts. some one on here stated that the gov’t budget does not work like a home budget. Look a budget is a budget, if you take in ten dollars you cannot spend twenty dollars, without getting in financial trouble. that is where this country is. ie..If our local school district needed to push its borrowing ability higher every year, year after year, and every year operated in the red, would you get rid of the those in charge? If not, You would certainly try to reign in the spending. That is exactly where our country is. I for the life of me don’t not understand people that cannot figure out if you don’t have enough money to buy gas, you stay home.
      Biker you are correct, “once people receive a govt something or another they tend to expect it from every aspect of life” It is that ‘entitlement’ mentality.

  3. I.M Disgusted says:

    Ever hear of “Greed”? It’s all about the dollar. Ethenol, Electricity, Oil. Instead of helping this area by providing for the needs of it’s citizens, the Big Companies make more money sending if off somewhere else, leaving us to pay higher prices. And to top it off, they have already received their Government subsidies (which is taxpayer’s money) and don’t think twice about not keeping things local. I don’t have any objection to Corporations making profits, but when they use my money to develop something that I see no end results in, it makes it difficult to get excited.
    The electricity generated in Iowa will go to Chicago. Ethenol we produce in Iowa is sent to both coasts. Sad to say, unless someone is working for the Ethenol or Wind industry, Iowans will see zero benefit from either, in the form of lower prices.

  4. kilowatt says:

    Can you say Wind Turbine Syndrome?

  5. Not so young but not really old guy says:

    My father worked for MidAmerican Energy. He was with the company when it was still known as IPS. I’m very familiar with how the citizens of Sheldon act when they feel their electricity bill is too high. Nothing beats watching your father get called names and ridiculed by Sheldon’s finest. I observed all this as a child. I also recall during storms when my father was on powerlines; not getting any sleep for days. While my Dad was freezing or in T-Storms, people still had the nerve to call our home. They should’ve called the company hotline. I recall so-called “Adults” yelling at me or my Mother because their power was out and my Dad couldn’t come directly to their home…He was already on the job. Hopefull times have changed and the people of Sheldon are no longer idiots and treat the powerlineman of MidAmerican and their families with some dignity. Blame the company, not the employees. LEAVE THEIR FAMILIES ALONE! Again, hopefully times have changed.

    • Lee Ann says:

      That’s really shameful that people would actually do that. I suppose its like having a doctor in the house. its easier to call next door to the doctor’s house rather than go to the ER.

      Even if you heard people angry at your Dad, at least you knew he had an important job, that becomes super important when things go wrong.

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