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Minimum Rage

Date posted - January 29, 2014

Recently, Obama used his executive power to raise the minimum wage of a select few to $10.10 an hour.


Those benefiting from the minimum wage raise are government workers, workers from a business that has government contracts, and janitors. Steve King then met up with CNN for a debate on the topic. King then shared some of his shocking (even for him) thoughts. He said that raising the minimum wage is going to harm the nation, despite overwhelming evidence that proves other wise. Instead of stopping there, he then said that we shouldn’t have a minimum wage and employers should be trusted to pay their employees what ever they feel is appropriate.


What do the hard working people of Northwest Iowa believe?



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44 Responses to “Minimum Rage”

  1. yardman says:

    Well with Steve King’s theory then. The people should be able to vote yearly on what all members of Congress should be paid.

  2. Brocks Mom says:

    I once told my son, “if you don’t like the way someone else is doing it, you might as well do it yourself.”

  3. Aron A says:

    Clever Executive Powers reference!

  4. Pete says:

    Minimum wage jobs were at one time for those looking for a part time job or full time entry level jobs at a company. The issue today is people either don’t have the skills/education/work ethic or are unable to find a job with the skills/education/work ethic they have. So they find jobs in the service industry, where the pay is minimum, hours are less than 40 a week and the benefits are little to none. The weekly freebie papers are full of jobs located in the four county area of Sheldon. The majority don’t appear to be minimum wage jobs and nearly all have benefits. But company’s in this area are not looking for Art History Majors or Political Science Majors or God help us, Philosophy Majors . So are the 3 colleges in this area not enabling the talent to develop these skills or is the talent not interested in learning the skills to find the jobs?

  5. Keni Snedeker says:

    I am using my real name because quite frankly, your comments piss me off. Have you lost your mind? “Those benefiting from the minimum wage raise are government workers” I quote you because it sure is funny, I’m a government worker and I have yet to see ANY benefits coming from ANYWHERE!!!! Oh wait unless you call having to work for a month with no pay, not getting a raise for the past what…4 years, not getting ANY respect from people in the regular work force…my list goes on and on. Listen Pastafarian, any time you want to bitch and complain about your own work go ahead, but until you walk a mile in my shoes, don’t include ALL government employees in on your little tift. I for one, hate my job, not because of the work I do(that part is very satisfying)it’s the so called benefits that are what I hate. And since when does somebody elses pay impact you? What should you care what somebody else makes for pay? If you are resentful toward someone else, take their job!!! Or try. I haven’t had a raise in so long that I am beginning to think that I am at the peak, but insurance still keeps going up, propane still keeps going up, electricity keeps going up, price of gas, groceries, life in general keep going up. I used to think that I had a pretty stable and secure job with the government, but I was wrong, and it’s because of stupid, yes I said it, STUPID politicians that keep doing what they are doing and have always done, blowing smoke up our butts and they keep pocketing more and more money, meanwhile, the people that do honestly work keep getting the crap kicked out of them. I love America, I love our great country, I just don’t love what SOME people have done to our country. Time to get back to the basics if you ask me. And one more note for pastafarian…I would gladly trade jobs for a few months, tell me where you can be paid salary, plus overtime, but still you have to work when the industry works, which could be over 65 hours a week, be a member of a Union, but can’t go on strike, plus, still have to work even if your employer can’t pay you. Before you come on here and rant and rave about other people, know who those other people are before you start spouting off about them.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Um, I think Pastafarian was sympathetic toward the people needing a better minimum wage and he was shocked at Steve King’s comments about min. wage. Perhaps you took it the wrong way that Pastafarian was against raising the minimum wage?

      My personal view is that our economy will do better, our food stamps and welfare costs will drop, people will have more money to buy necessities. Its been proven that when our country gives an extra dollar to people on unemployment, over 3.00 is circulated, because the people that are struggling spend every penny, which helps the economy more.

      Anyone that works (and darn hard too) 40 hours in this country should not be on food stamps and welfare entitlements. They should make enough money to support themselves. I wish it would be more than 10.10 an hour. Its been proven that raising the min. wage does not cause inflation.

      • Say What? says:

        Lea Anne-If I sell widgets for $1, and my expenses for that widget (including payroll) are $0.90, I profit $0.10. If the minimum wage goes up and my expenses (including payroll) increase to $0.95, I need to increase my selling price per widget to $1.05 to maintain my profit margin and keep my shareholders happy. When the price of widgets go up from $1 to $1.05, that’s inflation. Saying raising the minimum wage does not cause inflation is not accurate, to put it politely.

      • Saddened says:

        Lee Ann please site your sources that raising minimum wage does not cause inflation. Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be a career. What do you think will happen to the prices at lets say, McDonald’s, if the minimum wage was $10.10 an hour? These places that pay minimum wage, would have to raise prices so they could stay in business and keep employing people. I can tell you one thing, I’m not going to pay anymore to eat at McDonald’s. I’m sure the service and quality of food is not going to increase and I bet I’m not alone in that thought. If minimum wage goes up, the people with professional jobs in health care, businesses, banking, etc who make important decisions everyday that affect the lives of others or the success of a business, had better start making more money, too.

        • Pastafarian says:

          Minimum wage in Australia is around $16 an hour. They barely have anyone on welfare in the country and their economy is thriving with little to no inflation. In fact, a lot of countries have minimum wage that is twice ours and the are all thriving.

          We should now all agree that the “Trickle down effect” doesn’t work. They way it was supposed to work was companies use the extra money and circulate the it back to the employees. What really happened was the CEOs and corporate owners kept the extra money in their own pockets and further exploited their employees.

          We need a new tactic. Build the economy from the ground up, not the other way around. Raising the minimum wage would take millions off of government aid, allow households to pay off their debts, and put that money back into the economy. People can’t buy your products if they don’t have money to spend. Instead of the trickle down effect, let’s go for the solid foundation effect.

          • Say What? says:

            Raising the minimum wage would take millions off of government aid? Are you kidding? Are you saying that raising the minimum wage is going to make Mr. and Mrs. Welfare WANT to work? In the words of Steven Tyler… dream on.

          • Lee Ann says:

            Say what? Over 60% of the people working in this country are the “working poor”. They work at Walmart, other big box stores, fast food, janitorial, etc. They work 40 hours a week, sometimes two jobs to keep their family going. These people would be off of food stamps, child care assistance, energy assistance, etc with a higher minimum wage. These are the people I am talking about.

            I don’t understand the rights hating helping the working poor. I am 61, and i remember back in the 50s and 60s when a man working in a shoe store as a clerk had a family, a stay at home wife, a small three bedroom house, a small vacation every year, and a color TV. They actually could put away a few dollars a week for vacation or education of the kids. I’m from Iowa, anybody remember the card parties in people’s basements? Did all those people have a college education or a vocational degree? No, they worked in stores, factories, slaughter houses, horse kill, etc. And had a house, family and a car. This is where my complaint is, that people used to be able to live off of these jobs without any assistance. But not anymore.

          • Pastafarian says:

            @Say What?
            You have a very prejudice views on what people on welfare actually do. Yes, there are some who exploit the system, but who would choose to live in poverty?
            Most people on welfare are already working…. and a big chunk of them are working full time. I know a single mother who is on wellfare and she works so hard. It’s just not enough money. And for you to group her in your prejudice views on welfare and laziness is just immature.

          • Jonny DOT says:

            @Pastaperson… “Yes, there are some who exploit the system” are the ones to whom I reference. I would surmise that we disagree on the level to which the exploitation is occurring. I would match your statement with my own: there are some people who need and deserve to be on welfare. To think raising the minimum wage will stimulate the economy is ridiculous. Look what happened to the economy after the last stimulation package Mr. Obama used.

          • Pastafarian says:

            The stimulus package went to the large corporations. And 500 dollars for a junked car is completely different than providing a livable wage.
            But let us help those that are working and get them off wellfare. Any time a person gets off of welfare (due to better pay) should be treated as a good thing; not the opposite.

            How would those who mooch off the government be affected by swindling the government? They’re already not working!

          • Free Man says:


            No one is stopping you from starting a business that pays your employees well. Why don’t you put your money and time where your mouth is?

        • Lee Ann says:

          I am not sure of the politics of this site, but I googled “does raising the minimum wage cause inflation?”” And this is one of thousands of sites that came up, this was one of the top ones. So if its a liberal site, and you don’t like it, go to google and find some more centrist sites. They cite some good facts.

        • Saddened says:

          Lee Ann–Back in the 50’s and 60’s the dollar was worth more. Think inflation has anything to do with that? In the 50’s and 60’s, people lived within their means. How many of the “working poor” do you see walking around with cell phones, smoking or drinking beer? How many wear expensive clothing? When my husband and I first started out, we had NOTHING! We would have qualified for EVERY government program available from food stamps to heating assistance. But, we didn’t apply for them. Instead, we worked hard, only spent what we could afford. We didn’t have cable TV, cell phones or go on vacations. Our child slept in a hand me down crib, wore second hand cloths and didn’t have a ton of toys. We lived within our means and paid our bills. Now, my husband and I still work hard and have moved up to higher paying jobs. We still wear clothes from Wal-Mart, Kohls or Penny’s. I will not purchase my teenager items from American Eagle or The Buckle. We don’t have the latest and greatest smartphones. We still live within our means. We pay our bills first and get the “extras” if we have the cash for it. And, of course, we spend more now because we make more. It appears by most of your posts on this site, you believe or favor Socialism. You want the government to control our lives and put everyone on the same economic level. How much extra cash do you think I’m going to have to spend in the market place where the “working poor” have jobs, if more of the money I EARN is spent on tax dollars for hand-outs or more spent on items in business so the “working poor” can make $10 an hour? I’m not going to have the extra money, so I won’t spend it. The more people that stop spending the economy slows down. When that happens, business cut back on the work force and now more people without jobs. To say the “right” doesn’t want to help people is wrong. It’s not about not wanting to help people but understanding that not everyone can be on the same economic level. It’s about living within your means and not having a smartphone or smoking if you can’t afford your light bill or to put food on the table.

          • been around the block says:

            you nailed it Saddened
            live within your means

          • Lee Ann says:

            While I can appreciate your story, I also lived within my means, didn’t get into a lot of debt, drove a used car, etc. I’m not complaining about MY life. And I salute you for yours. However, the facts are there are working poor that don’t make enough “means” to afford an apartment or house AND food. Those are the people that need help, or an increased wage. When your choice is between paying the rent or feeding your child, what will win? I know CNAs, young single mothers, that had to choose between buying liability insurance for their car, or feeding their children. So they drove without liability insurance until they got caught, then had to pay a fine larger than the cost of insurance.

            In one place I worked, we had a pantry, where we brought in cereals, etc. and put them in the pantry, and these young girls would pick up cereal boxes on their way out the door. Some people just can’t get it to work, like you or I did. And I am willing to pay more so their children do not suffer through childhood. Its been proven that one dollar spent on a child before school saves us 7 dollars in prison sentences, welfare, etc. when that child grows up. If we don’t help these people with some sort of a safety net, the people falling through the cracks will be our problems in the future. Better to work to help them now. For anybody that has ever been on welfare and food stamps, it is definitely not a decent lifestyle.

            I’m not doing this for you, or for me. I think that there are children growing up in difficult circumstances that deserve at least a halfway head start in this world.

          • Pastafarian says:

            Wow. People around here should actually get educated about socialism. Even if you are pro capitalist, you should at least what the different types of government are. Every time I see or hear a person illogically compare socialism to this horrible government control, I think less of their own intelligence. Socialism is basically the purist sense of democracy and on the far left. Communism is the complete opposite. Communism is on the far right. Right about where the GOP is. If anything these “progressive conservatives” are the definition of communism.
            Here’s a chart:
            Left Right

            People, this is basic high school government class. I think if you want to insult an entire group of people, you should at least understand what you are insulting.

    • Pastafarian says:

      No need to get snarky. I’m not out to get you. I think this is a great thing to happen and I believe the minimum wage should be a lot higher than it is now. I want you to have a higher pay grade. I want you to be able to support your family.
      My posting was more about Steve King’s comments and how he is against helping his own constituents. His district is one of the highest when it comes to food stamps and government aid, yet, he is against helping those families in need. This was a nail in the coffin that proves Steve King doesn’t care about us. He only cares about the large corporations donations to his campaign.

    • HussBuss says:

      You can work at John Deere at tractor cab in Waterloo and get paid salary with overtime pay after 55 hrs, work 65 hours if have too. Also could go on union i think, but don’t have to work if employer can’t pay you.

      Also govn’t pays you the days they are closed/shut down so really no big deal

  6. Pastafarian says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Steve King receives government money and he gets 225 days off a year and he rants how his constituents are lazy? Who’s really taking advantage of the tax payers money?

    • Jodi says:

      Lee Ann- I also worked as a CNA. My second job in high school, right behind working at a fast food place. I only made minimum wage in the fast food place but made more as a CNA. Yes, I agree CNA’s should make more money. I know in my experience, I worked a lot harder as a CNA. My point is still the same. A person working in fast food should not be making $10 an hour to make a hamburger. I also agree that many people work hard and still struggle. What I’m saying is, what kind of choices are people making in their lives to get in the positions they are in?? Did the young mother you are talking about have a bad driving record so her insurance was higher. I don’t know. I’m just saying that in today’s society people are not taking accountability for their lives and actions and increasing minimum wage is not going to make them anymore accountable.

      • Lee Ann says:

        While I agree that minimum wage jobs should be for the teenagers wanting pocket or clothing money for school, anymore that’s not who are working in fast food and big box stores. They are older workers that are finding any job they can find. When there are still three searchers looking for every job, and your unemployment is running out and you are desperate, you will take any job you can find.

        The CNAs I know that drove without insurance were in Colorado. When it costs 40 dollars for liability insurance, and you have a check that covers rent and nothing more, you are not able to pay for insurance. They didn’t have bad driving records, they had no money for insurance. so going to court, they charge you 88 dollars and 24 hours community service. And those girls, working hard as CNAs 40 hours a week, suddenly have to add community service into their week.

        Sure, a lot of people struggling like that could go back to school part time. Working 40 hours a week, paying daycare for a child, going to school several nights a week, getting student loans. then when you do get through vocational schools, you have a student loan debt of more than ten thousand dollars. Then you take your chance that you can get a job in that field, or in desperation take your old job back at McDonald’s or in the nursing home, and then have to pay money for student loans too. Its scarey trying to decide whether to take the risk or stay where you are.

  7. Saddened says:

    Pastafarin—I think maybe you were asleep on the day your high school government class talked about the different forms of government. Here are some basic definitions from the dictionary for you.
    Socialism: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies
    Communism: a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property.
    To say the GOP and “progressive conservatives” are the definition of communism is one of the most absurd statements I have read on this site. The GOP stands for LESS government controlling your life. They are not in favor of ObamaCare, gun control, higher or more taxes, etc. This is the opposite of communism. You think “progressive conservatives” are closed minded. The statement you made is one of the most closed minded statements I have read.

    • Pastafarian says:

      There is no simple way of defining a type of government. I can say that based on those definitions you provided, by themselves, are still wrong.
      And the GOP believes in regulating marriage, lower taxes for solely the rich, restricting the rights of non-whites and non-Christians, etc.
      Socialism is not a government take over. Yes, you can still own a business and own your own corporations. Governments are not taking people’s properties and turning them into their own its own businesses. Capitalism still exists, but it’s regulated to control the companies from taking advantage of their employees and smaller companies.
      Communism only works in small populated regions and has never been initiated properly. It is a classless society where basically everyone is marked as equals. Communism would never work for the United States and I would not recommend it for a largely populated nation… nor any society where people can manipulate it into a dictatorship; a different type of government. Communism is where are all the businesses are owned by the government.
      Capitalism is a fend for yourself society based on trade of different services… that’s it.

      The US is half capitalist and half socialist already. And it’s that half and half that is causing us to slip back into an undeveloped nation. Every European and almost every American (the US is not “America”) nation is also socialist. The US fears socialism so much that it’s hurting us deeply. We are falling through the ranks and have become the laughing stalk of the world. Give it another 10 years and Iran will surpass the US in education, low poverty levels, freedom, and economics. When it comes to child poverty, the US ranks 34th of all the developed nations. 34th! There is no excuse for that. It’s because US citizens can’t bring home enough money to feed their children on a $7.50 wage. And with such a high poverty rate, the GOP politicians keep cutting social aid for CHILDREN!
      The FAR RIGHT is evil and corrupt. They fight for a fetus to reach birth and then cut all support for that child once it’s born. They “fight” for small businesses, but won’t stop a large corporation from squashing out it’s smaller competition (i.e. Walmarts in rural areas). They demand for more oil drilling in the US, but have no problem with selling our oil on the world market and keeping gas pricing at high costs.
      I’m surprised that anyone making less than a million dollars a year would even vote for people like G.W. Bush, Steve King, Ran Paul, or Mitt Romney. These men don’t care about the people. They care about their pocket books. I know people who solely vote on them because the politicians call themselves Christians. Voters need to learn how to think for themselves and choose a politician that best represents their best interest, not large corporations and private banks.

    • Lee Ann says:

      The new model for different economies isn’t a straight line anymore. It is a circle. The Communists that used to be the left extreme are totalitarian as much as the Faschists on the extreme right and they meet in the back of the circle. Any totalitarian extreme is bad. And Whether its Faschism or Communism, they are only a good thing for the “regime”. The other economies, socialism, democracy, republic, even conservative are not in the extreme range, and have good and bad in all of them. However, the 1-10 ruler does not apply anymore. Its a ring.

  8. Meets says:

    Pastafarain…..ducky in disguise.?

  9. Rick H. says:

    Couple things .. My mom had a saying too .. “If you can’t feed them don’t breed them!”
    Can someone define what the “Living Wage” should be? Why stop at $10?
    Government Boy … When’s the last time you earned minimum wage?
    When’s the last time you started or ran a small business?
    If you’re upset with your G-Job then find something else and save me some money!!!

  10. iowaresident says:

    Raising miminum wage to $10.10 would benefit the part time worker the full time entry worker and the bussiness owner. The majority of people making miminum wage live pay check to paycheck. The exrtra $60 to $100 from every pay check would be spent in the same places that pay miminum wage to there employees. Employees have more money to spend will create increased sales for small bussinesses.

    • Free Man says:

      That extra $60-100 each paycheck would come from the employers bottom line, and I can gaurantee you prices would have to rise to cover it. If you know anything about sales and profit margins you would understand that for each dollar rise in pay the business must increase sales by a much larger percentage, or raise prices to cover it. Lets say the business has a 5% profit margin on sales, meaning that for each $100 in sales they make a profit of $5. For that extra $60-$100 for each paycheck they would have to increase their sales $1200- $2000. If they can’t come up with increased sales they would have to pass this cost on in the form of higher prices for their goods and services. Keep in mind this example is for just one employee, and in this economy businesses are having a hard time keeping sales where they are now.

      As another example I just raised the prices on my products to cover the increased USPS postage rates. These higher rates effect my bottom line with both incoming materials and supplies, along with outgoing product. To not raise them would mean a pay cut for myself, which I am not going to allow.

      It’s easy to see on this topic who are the business owners or those who work at running one, and those who don’t understand the dynamics and just think the business can pull money out of thin air.

      • iowaresident says:

        If you own a business try paying your employees a wage they can live on. You might be suprised on your employees attitudes and the increase in sales from employees that you treat as a adult. Yes I own my own bussiness.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Hm, funny they never argue about how profits will be cut and the business would go out of business if the CEO got a billion dollar raise? the owner of Papa Johns Pizza complained that his pizza costs would go up 19 cents a pizza if he had to provide health care insurance for his employees. Has anybody seen his house? I have no problem with owners of businesses having a good salary for being the business owner and working hard. I do have a problem with corporations or businesses refusing to pay a living wage for their employees, while taking a 3 million dollar pay raise for themselves. Then complaining that if they gave a raise to their employees it would cut into the profits for the business. One person can get a 3 million dollar raise, and they can’t give a living wage to the people that made their business for them.

    • jake says:

      I thought it got raised so they cab pay unpaid bills, now there’s extra money to go spend? I know most will do the right thing and are not the ones complaining, but the rest will just go spend it like you said. Why save it? Then 2 years down the road raise minimum wage again!

      • Lee Ann says:

        They need it for things that one normally has money for if they get a living wage. diapers, better food, shoes, Tshirts, coats, gloves, gas for their car, gas payments for their heating bill. Its a known fact that lower income people will spend every penny that they get because there are things they need that they struggle to get now. If you give a lower income person an extra dollar, it helps circulate 1.89 through the economy. Nobody is saying they will have extra “fun” money to spend in a bar. We are saying they will be able to take that extra money (while working in a Walmart, for example) and spend it in Walmart on diapers, food, toilet paper, shoes, etc. So if Walmart gave their employees a living wage (like Costco does, and is a successful business) Walmart’s profits would go up because those employees would be spending their money on things they need in the store.

        • Free Man says:

          Maybe they need a living education so they can get a job with a “Living Wage”, or an education on living within ones means and holding off on children and toys until they can afford them.

          Wal Marts profit margin was 3.23% last quarter, which means that if they gave an associate a $1 raise the associate would have to spend $31 on diapers and such at Wal Mart for them to break even on the deal. Give each one of their 2 million employees a $1 raise and their sales would need to increase by $62,000,000 to cover it, and I don’t see that happening in this economy.

          Yes, GIVE the “poor” an extra dollar and it will circulate $1.89 through the economy. That means at a 5% profit margin it puts 9 cents profit back into the local economy for the dollar you GAVE them. It is much better for an economy if they earn what they receive based on what value they bring to a company, instead of giving them what someone thinks they should have.

          Whenever I hear the term “Living Wage” I picture the old Soviet poster with the slogan “Workers of the World, Unite”. Just the same old tired communist propaganda to create division and strife but this time around coming from the Democrat party, not that the Republicans are much better anymore.

          • Free Man says:

            The figures in my last post about Wal Mart were for only $1 per employee, but I should have figured $1 per hour per employee. If the average hours worked at Wal Mart by an employee is 30 per week then Wal Mart sales would need to increase $1,860,000,000 per week to cover the extra expense of the $1hr raise given to all employees. That’s $96,720,000,000 Wal Mart would need to come up with each year for a $1 raise for each employee. This would need to come from increased sales, higher prices on their Chinese goods, or higher productivity from the employees that don’t get let go in the next round of cost cutting.

          • iowaresident says:

            Have you ever gone to Costco? They start part time people at $15.00 a hour. Some cashiers earn $30.00 a hour. Costco also lives on a maxium markup of 14 % on there products. Compare Costco empoloyees to Walmart employees. Where would you shop? How can Costco afford to pay a average of over $21.00 a hour? They invest in their employees. They understand the employees make a bussiness grow or die. They hire the best and expect excellence out of every employee. If you pay your employees miminum wage then all you will ever have is a average bussiness.

  11. Free Man says:

    Warehouse workers for Costco such as a forklift driver or being able to use certain machinery, may start of at $14.00/hr.

    Costco’s official website says that they offer high wages with starting wages $10.00 to $10.50 with scheduled pay raises up to $16.17

    Some experts claim other companies can’t match Costco’s wages because Costco charges an annual $55 membership fee.

    Just because Obama went to Costco for a photo op does not mean they start part timers at $15.00hr or that everyone makes top wages. Maybe if they include the imputed worth of the benefits into the equation they can get the wages to look higher than what they are, but Costco pays their employees on average 8% more than comparable businesses. So if Jane starts at Wal Mart for $7.50hr she could have got $8.10hr at Costco. Starting out at $15 part time with a top of $30hr at Costco is more than laughable.

    • iowaresident says:

      Costco websight like most major corporations list nothing about pay. As far as President Obama doing a photo op there its news to me. My information came from a Costco store manager. Try to get the facts. Stating lies makes you look foolish.

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