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Minimum Wage Increase

Date posted - March 5, 2014

While the proposed minimum wage increase sounds good on the surface;after all who doesn’t enjoy a pay raise,it actually ends up hurting the people it is suppose to help the most.


Let me try to explain: the working mom goes to pick up her child at day care and is informed the rate is going up to cover the extra wages the help is getting. she is exhausted from work and doesn’t want to cook, so the family goes to a fast food joint. She is shocked to see everything on the menu costs more in order to pay the employees more. She plans a much needed family vacation and finds the room rates went up at even the cheapest motels to pay the maids more. etc. etc.


The liberal law makers proposing this can easily pay for all this but can you.



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50 Responses to “Minimum Wage Increase”

  1. TM says:

    So by your explanation there shold have been no price incresses sence July 2009(last time the min wage went up). But wait prices have, boy that puts a hole iin your argument don’t it

  2. local shopper says:

    I am writing this post not just in reference to this one, but also to point out that all Americans have choices to make. I really get tired of the attitude that we are victims of laws. We do have control as to how we deal with the laws!
    Let’s get back to this mom and some choices she has. The daycare might not be a choice. The fast food is. As a working mom I do understand how tired she would be. However, I don’t know of one kid who doesn’t like soup and sandwiches, or spaghetti and sauce with ready cut carrots and fruit from the store.
    If our family vacations, it is within a 250 mile radius to visit and stay at the homes of family or friends. We pack food and drinks in the cooler so we can save a few bucks on food. I could go on and on.
    We don’t have a lot of say or power when it comes down to decisions made by politicians. But we do have say and power when it comes to decisions we can make about choices in our daily living.

    • rdw says:

      my point exactly and when you decide to do those things less money is circulating through the system. this leads to layoffs , hour cuts etc.

      • local shopper says:

        In the larger scheme of things, it evens out if I choose to support workers wages at the local grocery store rather than a restaurant. I don’t believe that raising minimum wage will keep folks from going out to eat or staying at a hotel or shopping at a store.

  3. Pooker says:

    Local shopper you have made some good points. It’s not easy having to make a meal when you get home from work tired….but in the long run it pays off….even if the meal is a simple one. I have seen a lot of folks that want things right now..thus the fast food places; and pre boxed meals, but really it is not helping us or our kids eating this kind of stuff on a regular basis. As for the trips, why not camp, or take day trips and make a picnic in the area? There is a lot to do and see within 100 miles of Northwest Iowa. Granted, there wouldn’t be the luxury of getting a pool side room, or eating at a restaurant, but it’s a small price to pay to save some money. Some planning does wonders for the pocketbook.

    • Freedom Fighter says:

      When was the last time we had a nearly $3.00 increase in wages? Seems like in times past it has gone up by small increments – not a 40% hike.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    Lots of people say that prices will go up if the min. wage is increased. That didn’t happen when they raised it the last time, or the time before that. If we didn’t have increases, we would all have a minimum wage of 1.30 an hour as I did when I got out of high school.

    Companies now are working short, with the bare minimum of employees, they cannot afford to cut any more employees to do the work, because then consumer satisfaction decreases and customers will go somewhere else.

    Everybody says that raising the minimum wage will make costs go up. But nobody says the same thing when a CEO gets a 100 million dollar bonus.

    If our min. wage would go up to 10.10, we would save 46 Billion dollars in food stamps. Because raising the majority of people out of poverty will enable them to get off of food stamps.

    My only concern about the min wage going up is for parents that right now are living under the poverty level and getting free or reduced day care for their children. Raise their min. wage 3.00 an hour, and it might raise their pay up to where they no longer get help with day care, then they’d be paying 4 dollars or more for daycare. So it might hurt them more.

    • Lyonman says:

      I’m not necessarily apposed to raising the minimum to 10.10 and it will probably happen fairly soon. When it does and the numbers in food stamps DON’T CHANGE or certainly not even close to the extent that you are saying then I EXPECT you to come back to this forum and give us another liberal excuse as to why this didn’t happen the way you said it would.

    • Say What? says:

      You must have just returned from Colorado LeAnne! If the minimum wage goes up, so will the poverty line. The change in how many people no longer have the need for food stamps will be negligible at best. Same impact on the number of non-working who feel the need to return to work for a living. Has anyone here ever taken an economics class?

    • Archer resident says:

      But what no one seems to notice is that the people who want the wage raised, that a lot of them will lose their jobs and have to get on unemployment and S.N.A.P benifets because the Employers won’t beable to afford to have as many employees. have 10 people flipping burgers for 8.00/hr then raise to 10.00/hr and have only 6 employees. So that would be 4 more people who lose their job and need goverment help. So more in debt we go

      • Lee Ann says:

        Gee, nobody ever says that unemployment will go up when a CEO gets a huge gigantic bonus! A CEO can get a 100 million dollar bonus, yet nobody says its going to cause more unemployment. Why is that?

      • independent says:

        Archer you are forgetting that employee that made $8.00 a hour after a raise will have a extra $80.00 a week or $4160.00 a year if they work full time. That $4160.00 will go into the economy increasing sales which will require more employees.

        • IRS says:

          ‘Scuse me. Did you say you just got a raise? Awesome. Could you send me about 15-20% of that gross amount. And you’ll probably be hearing from my little brother ‘The State’ for their fair share too. Enjoy your new found wealth.

        • Please says:

          But the fact remains people who had jobs at 8 an hr will now be out of work, costs will go up…and most people who make 8 an hr are flipping burgers part-time. If I could work part-time flipping burgers for 10.00 an hr why should I work fulltime when I can just work less hrs get the same pay, and still get government benefits?

    • Tim says:

      Where are you getting those numbers LeeAnn? Savings of 46 Billion in food stamps??? Show some support for those.
      So are you saying that the majority of the people in the workforce are in the poverty level? Why should the gov’t dictate what we make? So if your raise that parents pay, and they then need to pay more for necessities, (day care) then they are right back to the poverty level again? Is it a circle that does not stop? When you and I were making that $1.30 ( sorry I must have had a better job back then in the very early 70’s I made $2.35) what were the costs levels? Gas .36 gal. bread .25 loaf, day care…..wait we did not use day care. fast food hamburger…again we did not see much of ‘fast food’. The point is, lifestyle has changed, we did not do things when you did not have the funds!!

    • Free Man says:

      Back when the minimum wage was $1.30 I could buy a Big Mac for 59 cents, grab a bottle of coke for 5 cents and fill up with gas for 32 cents a gallon.

      The cost of labor has everything to do with rising prices from the added cost for getting the raw materials all the way to the finished product. The extra labor cost is added in to every step of the process, and the only thing that has saved us from higher inflation the last couple of decades has been cheap Chinese imports.

      By the way, do you have a link or supporting information on how the minimum wage does not cause prices to rise?

  5. Harriet Oleson says:

    Well put….. Come visit Walnut Grove, stop by Lake Hendricks on your way. Visit Blue Mound State Park and Pipestone National Monument. You could even stop at De Smet for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant. If you are really daring you could go to the old 3 & 71 hotel south of Spencer on Hwy 71 on your way home for an inexpensive room and beautiful view. For lunch – Hy Vee has a 2 day sale on Thursday and Friday – you could pick up a box of saltines and a jug of Apple juice for 99 cents each – that should hold an average size family for the duration of the trip.

  6. Timmay says:

    Do you want to pay people a decent, livable wage or do you not? Yes, there will be price changes but if even the lowest, minimum wage job does not match inflation and the livable wage indicator then what does that say about the greatest country and economy in the world? It’s not fulfilling those descriptions.

  7. Pastafarian says:

    Beware! This may sound socialist!

    I think the best way to maintain a healthy economy is to make laws against the CEO’s and business owners. I believe CEO’s/owners should only be able to keep 50% of the company’s profits and the other 50% profit goes to the employees. Just like Lee Ann said, people complain about the the minimum wage increasing but no one gets upset when a CEO gets multiple millions of dollars “just because”.
    Yes, I do believe business owners and CEOs did work their way up and worked hard, but now their in a position where they have people below them doing the dirty work that they once did. My problem is when they exploit their own employees. For example: Let’s say that a company’s profits where short for a couple months. Instead of the owner/CEO cutting their own paycheck, they let go several employees.

    Some of you may complain of this strategy, but how many of you have ever been part of a mass layoff or ever worked for a company with profit sharing? Too many people around here complain about socialism, but they like the social programs that apply to them. Profit sharing, roads, public services, unions, etc.

    • Say What? says:

      “Sound” socialist? Yes, let’s make some laws that limit how much a business owner(s) can make… If it’s my company and I follow all state and federal laws & guidelines, then guess what–it’s up to me to decide how my business is run. Any CEO worth their weight will take the factors of employee satisfaction/profit sharing/etc. into account while making those decisions–most CEO’s are “big picture” people who see the ramifications of their [note correct use of ‘their’ Pastafarn] decisions. Somebody look up the definition of ‘redistribution of wealth’…

    • piggerguy says:

      If raising the minimum wage is such a great idea with no downside to it, then why don’t we raise it to $100 per hour. wouldn’t that make everybody rich?? obviously you would have hyper inflation and you would be back where you started…you must let the free market set wages and prices for goods and services. If a company provides a great product and great services people will flock to them and all who work their will benefit.

    • Tim says:

      I saw a great quote from a well known leader the other day:
      “The problem with socialism is, you eventually run out of other peoples money”
      Margaret Thatcher
      This seems to be your theme, use other peoples money.

  8. JT says:

    Minimum work ethic, minimum skills, minimum education, minimum experience, and minimum drive. If the people making minimum wage would like a raise they could start by improving in some of those areas and earn it like the rest of us have done. It’s that simple.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Ah, in a perfect world, we would all have drive, ambition, enough money to get to school, enough help to get through admissions, loans, grants, etc. Enough gas money, a reliable car, or transportation, day care, a job to keep us in a home, with food, and the high school education to get us into a college or vo tech, and the faith to know we can do this and get through it. That involves confidence, high school education, lots of help, hard work, giving up darn near everything to reach your goal, while working 40 hours a week, nights and/or weekends, with day care.

      It would be great! However, not every person has that drive, education, assistance, day care, reliable car, gas money, etc. Then to worry about struggling through school, having 25,000 in loans, can’t get a decent job, so you are back there, flipping burgers and owing money every month on the student loans. And your kids are growing up, running around town, you need to be home in the evenings. Then your car breaks down, there’s no metro to the job, getting out late at night, walking blocks, begging rides, to get home to get a few hours sleep before school in the morning.

      There are people that, when laid off, look around to find better places to find work, and they move there, hoping for a job. There are a lot of people without the strength or determination to ever leave their town they’ve lived in forever.

      there will always be the poor around us. Somebody has to do these jobs that nobody else will do. Cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, etc. But I agree with the President, in this country, if you work full time, you should not be living in poverty. Nobody is going to get rich on a min. wage job. But nobody should be on food stamps, etc. while working hard at a job.

  9. Pastafarian says:

    I dare some of you to turn off Fox “News” for a week and learn how to form your own opinion and to learn to think for yourselves. Form your own opinions on the minimum wage topic. Fox “News” tends to be off quite a bit with their “facts”. “Facts” which include Santa is a white man, Jesus was a white man, and the “trickle down effect” really works.

    • been around the block says:

      Do you really expect us to listen to someone who worships at the altar of The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    • Tim says:

      Why..Please explain to me why, I would want to even consider your comments as anything but farcical when this is what someone using his/her pseudonym that would promote the following:
      “Our pasta, who art in a colander, draining be your noodles. Thy noodle come, Thy sauce be yum, on top some grated Parmesan. Give us this day, our garlic bread, …and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trample on our lawns. And lead us not into vegetarianism, but deliver us some pizza, for thine is the meatball, the noodle, and the sauce, forever and ever. RAmen.”
      And you think we should follow what news source??? Just saying.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Um, Tim? You do know that is a satire, right? Its supposed to be farcical. Actually I think its funny, and quite witty. And I don’t think it reflects on the person using the pseudonym. Its just a satire that is making the rounds in college students and other young adults.

        • Tim says:

          Um, LeeAnn, I am offended, Millions of people pray His prayer:
          Our Father, which art in heaven,
          Hallowed be thy Name.
          Thy Kingdom come.
          Thy will be done in earth,
          As it is in heaven.
          Give us this day our daily bread.
          And forgive us our trespasses,
          As we forgive them that trespass against us.
          And lead us not into temptation,
          But deliver us from evil.
          For thine is the kingdom,
          The power, and the glory,
          For ever and ever.
          Should someone dare take the “name” of another religion and show this kind of disrespect, they would be jumped all over. However, show that same disrespect to my God, as a Christian, and it is ok. As far as making the rounds around college students, satire or other, does not make it right. So, yes calling yourself Pastafarian, satiracal or otherwise, and using it to justify your means, Does insult me, and especially my God. So LeeAnn, you may feel we need to ‘accept’ it, I don’t.

          • Lee Ann says:

            Tim, HE didn’t say all that. YOU did. He’s not offended anyone by anything he’s said, because he didn’t go into depth into the joke.

            And in my humble opinion, the only ones that would be offended and really angered by that would be someone with as much anger and intolerance as a Muslim. I bet you don’t like South Park either.

          • Tim says:

            Ahh but LeeAnn, he/she did. He/she uses the pseudonym of the “religious” faction. That tells me he/she pretty much adheres to its beliefs. One of which I just showed that mocked the Lords prayer. Perhaps you don’t know what ‘sputtin’ is, my father, a strict and devote follower of Christ warned me of that very very long ago.
            When you refer to myself as ” the only ones that would be offended and really angered by that would be someone with as much anger and intolerance as a Muslim” is far from correct.
            As far as my liking South Park, when a program specifically mocks anothers disabilities, or short falls, promotes bullying, etc etc, NO it is not something I would recomend my grandchildren watching.

    • Free Man says:

      I dare some of you to turn off the copy and paste function used after having to google something because you have not formed your own opinions yet. Google just finds whatever is out there, be it opinion, false facts or just plain propaganda and then to copy and paste or put up a link because it showed up in a Google search is just plain lazy.

      It is also good form to include links whenever possible after throwing about wild claims, such as the Koch brothers spending 52 million dollars on a single state election. This gives the reader an idea of where such information is coming from, and helps them to form their own opinion on the subject instead of just parroting what they read.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Google is used by most of the world to find information. That’s why its there.

        If information is not on World Net Daily or, you don’t believe its accurate, is that it?

        Don’t shoot the messenger, just because you don’t like the information.

      • Timmay says:

        A well-informed opinion from others (albeit properly cited or paraphrased) to combat ill-informed, ludicrous drivel must happen on a two cents forum like this one. As long as the discourse is civil, why wouldn’t someone formulating an intellectual claim, supported by quality evidence, and interpreted by them be allowed?

        Free Man, I rarely ever agree with what you have to say and feel compelled to offer an alternative opinion because I don’t agree with you. If you care that it is cited and paraphrased from another, credible source (yes, I’ve Googled information), then you need to drop the mic & exit to your like-minded friends at the coffee shop who agree with the talking points you share.

        • Free Man says:

          Watch much Southpark “Timmay”. While I enjoy Southpark there are a lot of people who would be offended by the portrayal of the crippled boy “Timmay”.

          I just Binged “Obama is a Fascist” and got 2,160,000 hits. It must be true if I found it on Bing. Don’t shoot the messengers here. It must be true because I found it with Bing.

          I believe it, because everything on the internet is true.

          • Timmay says:

            My name has nothing to do with Southpark and your Bing search of President Obama has nothing to do with credible sources. Thanks for the “red herring” examples though.

            I will continue to counter your claims and will do so with cited and paraphrased information from credible sources. In my use of these sources, I will be sure that I use the ones that are as objective as possible and not directly from sources that comfort me and make me feel good about myself (even if I’m wrong) or affirm my narrow-minded opinion…

          • Lee Ann says:

            This is when common sense is supposed to enter the picture. Bing is merely saying that many articles written by people are that Obama is a faschist, or people saying Obama is NOT a Faschist. Then you have to go through and pick and choose which ones are logical and which ones aren’t.

            I know a woman in Sheldon that still swears that Obama is going to put all us white people on buses and bus us south as slaves to pick cotton. Doesn’t mean its true. It just means it was said somewhere. Now your job is to go through them and find ones backed up by people you trust, charts, graphs, etc.

  10. independent says:

    Timmay what make your sources more credible than Lee Anns?

  11. Lee Ann says:

    I think we need to get back on topic. Everybody has different opinions about everything. I believe that someone working 40 hours a week, and I think we all know how hard people in low paying min. wage jobs work for their money, should make enough money to live without food stamps and low income assistance. All of my life growing up, everybody said, “It doesn’t matter if you get rich or not, there is no indignity in working hard. We should be proud to have a job, even if its mopping floors or digging ditches.” Well, mopping floors and digging ditches usually includes food stamps and some forms of assistance.

    We should definitely ensure that the US government is not paying half of Walmart’s and other big box stores and fast food’s wages by employees being eligible for food stamps and assistance. If we raise the min. wage, these people will get enough in a check to keep them above the poverty level.

    • independent says:

      Vert true Lee Ann if a person earns $7.00 a hour and is working 40 hours trying to support a young family. They are getting SNAP and free medical care which we all pay for with higher taxes. If they earn $10.00 a hour teir benefits from the goverment will go down which should delay tax increases. YES I SAID SHOULD DELAY TAX INCREASES.

      • Lee Ann says:

        And just like Henry Ford, saying he would pay his employees well enough to buy one of the cars they were building, Walmart and other big box stores, also fast food stores would see a boost in their business. Because if Walmart employees get extra money, where they goiing to spend it? In Walmart on diapers, clothes, groceries, etc. People could afford to buy a burger for their children (although that is another topic we can hit). I can guarantee that these people are going to spend the money they make. They pay their bills and spend whatever they have left on diapers, gasoline, groceries, etc. So a min. wage increase could really help our profits in business.

      • Free Man says:

        Anyone making $7hr can’t afford to start a family. The family should come after you work your way up the ladder and can afford it. Single mothers and young families with a brood of children tend to be, and stay poor because of their life choices. Minimum wage jobs are minimum wage pay because of the supply of labor which is concentrated at the lower unskilled level. A job that anyone off the street can do is always going to be low pay because of the oversupply of labor available for those jobs. If you really want to raise the pay of those on the bottom end you need to shrink the supply of low skilled workers. We can start by stopping the illegals from flooding over the border and get those who are here now working illegally out of our workforce.

        We’ve been over the math here already about the minimum wage and how it does raise prices. You can keep saying otherwise, but 2+2 will always equal 4 because math is absolute, and it does correlate to the minimum wage. Raise the minimum wage to $10.10hr and it will soon become the new $7hr after the prices stabalize to the new norm. Those who were making $10 will demand a raise to $13 because of seniority and higher skills, and those who were making $13 will demand more and on it will go all the way up the pay scale.

  12. Biker says:

    Freeman exactly. Everything will increase. Your working for me. $12 an hour. Min wage goes up to $10 from $7 that’s a three dollar increase. Now you come to me and say gee I have been here for 3-5 years I need wage adjustment, sure why not they got $3 increase, you deserve it as well so now your a $15 hour man. 40 hours a week x 2 guys x an added $6 an hour to my payroll = ???? No OT time included on this math sheet. Bottom line, my prices increase, your money, yes your money that you work hard for just bought you less bc of that math equation stated above.

  13. Lee Ann says:

    There have been studies that say for every 10% in wages that we increase, the expenses of that business go up .01%. Especially in a big box store, where wages are not the largest expense. Just like Papa Johns’ Pizza says that providing health insurance for his employees will increase the cost of a pizza by 19 cents. Links cut and pasted upon request.