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Date posted - July 14, 2014

Can Sheldon please get these mosquitoes under control?! It is ridiculous how many there are this year. Granted with the excess amount of rain, I haven’t seen sprayers go by once since all the rain has stopped. Kids can’t even go outside to play without being bit alive! Saw one couple starting to walk on the trails by Hills Park and turned around in less than a minute because it was so bad! How can Sheldon’s residents enjoy what it has to offer when you can’t even go outside. Please do something about this, it’s ridiculous!

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13 Responses to “Mosquitoes”

  1. Responder says:

    Not to worry, RAGBRAI is coming and we’ll take care of our visitors by spraying then!!

  2. yardman says:

    I think all towns are having this issue. I am sure most are spraying as well. I think it would be alot worse if they have not sprayed. Ask the country folks to see how bad they are on the farm…

    • Hannah says:

      They’re just as bad out here and we don’t spray. I’m frustrated that Sheldon stores and their warehouses are out of bug repellent. Seriously???????

      • mom of two says:

        I picked up bug spray at Ben Franklin the other day and there was quite a bit to choose from yet!

        • Outoftheblue says:

          Fareway had a good selection too. Are we so spoiled that we think the government should take care of everything, including mosquitoes?? Maybe they should also make sure there isn’t any dog cr*p in the old Middle School lot from all the people who walk their dogs their without picking up after themselves. Oh…wait… maybe the DOG OWNERS should do that. (novel idea)

  3. Free Man says:

    Back when I was young they would spray the towns with DDT and the problem was solved, but that is not allowed today.

    Enjoy your mosquitoes.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I’ve heard the sprayer go down my alley twice so far this year. I have a dog that is an addicted obsessive tennis ball fetcher. And I go out, throw the ball several times and go back inside, because the skeeters are buzzing around my ears and landing on my face. I watch for standing water around, and try to keep the weeds cut back. But with all this rain, I think they’ll be around until fall.

  5. jay miller says:

    do you think it ias that simple to get rid of them everybody has that problem get a life geez

  6. B says:

    After the skeeters are gone then here comes the noseeums!! Those little buggers are just as bad!

    • Hannah says:

      Grasshoppers and flies are bad too. Not a lot we can do. Just one of those years where they are all out to get us! :)

  7. Robert Keller says:

    Get the mosquito protection clothing. I got Bug Bafflers and they work good if I wear two at a time, as some can bite through one of them. Pretty bad in the country. I studied them and some travel as far a 2 miles from their hatching source. I have a pond and a river within 200 yards of my house and market garden. People at farmer’s market complain about how bad they are in Arnold’s Park, Milford, Spirit Lake, Okoboji, etc.

  8. Huh? says:

    The city has sprayed 3 times near our house and we’ve noticed a significant reduction in the mosquito population. I did wonder why they waited so long to start spraying. We’ve found Hill’s Park unusable for years because of the mosquitoes. Is it being sprayed?

  9. Outoftheblue says:

    It’s summer time in IOWA. What do you expect? Also, are you willing to pay the taxes to make sure we have the staff to do this more often? What about the people who are worried about the insecticides in the air? Is the city supposed to take care of everything for you?

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