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Mutual Health Plan

Date posted - November 19, 2013

This time next year 129 million Americans will have had their health insurance canceled. Some may qualify for Medicaid or Obamacare subsidies; yet, eventually, the subsidies will end and everyone will be in taxpayer funded Obamacaid. People want a better choice! Most people will not want to pay the ever higher premiums, co-pays and taxes for the full coverage State Exchange Plans. The law, regualtors and politicians claim that people can keep their insurance… if their insurer still offers it. But, people can’t because their insurers cannot or will not. So, why not create Mutual Plans where people can buy basic coverage to maintain their good health. A Mutual HMO Plan could cover primary and specialist doctor visits and medications and lab tests. The cost of out-patient procedures, emergency room visits and hospital stays could initially be paid by the Mutual Plan which would then be reimbursed, overtime, by the insurance buyer. Such mutual plans offer people a real alternative. Your prompt action would also give individuals, employers, insurance companies and the politicians time to fill the gaps in coverage resulting from these policy cancelations.

Michael McCarthy

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2 Responses to “Mutual Health Plan”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    The people losing their insurance (or were going to before they changed it), had these 50 dollar health plans that pay for a possible three or four doctor’s visits per year, without any benefits paid for catastrophic health problems. They were no good from the start. And people are finding that they can check on the registry and find an in expensive plan that fits their needs for more, but most people get a subsidy for their income. you just have to go through the website, call the call line, or talk to your insurance agent.

    My brother is a very conservative Republican Evangelical (two so different in one family, eh?) He used to rave on and on about the ACA, he was really angry. His wife had a heart attack a few years ago, but what did he care? He had railroad insurance. He’s going to retire in January and will go on medicare. So with his wife’s preexisting condition, his insurance would have been outrageously expensive, if he could even GET her some insurance. He talked to his insurance agent, and got a supplement for himself for less than a hundred dollars, and he got a good solid insurance coverage for his wife with good low deductibles and good prescriptions for four hundred dollars a month! He quit insulting the ACA. He used to call all the time, raving about health insurance . I once told him, “How would you cover your wife, since she had her heart attack ?” He used to be quiet, then hang up. LOL. Now he’s pleased with his health insurance. So it does work, there are just a few glitches to fix. The idea and the law is fine. The online site isn’t as good. But you can go to your insurance people and find out about the good plans.

    • Todd says:

      Lee Ann, My plan had catastrophic coverage, prescription benefits, high deductible which I covered with HSA, and I am losing it, so sorry, but your description of the plans people are losing is not accurate. There are many people who had catasrophic coverage and perfectly happy with their plans and are now losing them. Oh, and according to the marketplace I don’t qualify for subsidies and premiums for a plan like mine are
      CONSIDERABLY HIGHER. Your description may be accurate for some, but certainly not all. I know of a number of people looking at the same scenario I just described.

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