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New to Town

Date posted - June 10, 2014

I have been in town only a few months and try to bring the recycled items to the recycling bin once a week. Have yet to be find it empty enough to put mine in it. Is there a schedule to the emptying of it? I find it frustrating to not be able to use this. Why have it there if it is always full? People do use it or it wouldn’t always be full.

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15 Responses to “New to Town”

  1. Sue says:

    We have the exact same problem!

  2. local shopper says:

    I agree with you. Try calling the city since it is theirs. they probably aren’t even aware it is full.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Also you can call the city and find out which Thursdays they pick up on your street. then you can sit it out by the curb. My neighbors always have a recycling blue barrel out there. I usually put out all my cardboard in the morning, because I don’t want it to get wet.

  3. jay miller says:

    my garbage guy picks my up should try that!!

  4. Doug says:

    Bi-weekly recycling isn’t enough, especially during holidays.

    The city needs another roll-off dumpster, evidenced by the recycling dumped all around it today. Or, expect more recyclables in the regular garbage.

  5. large marge says:

    I totally agree. always full. would be nice to know what days/days it gets emptied. I called the city offices with this question, and no one there knew the answer!!

  6. country gal at heart says:

    Yes, it always seems to be full. When I moved to town I was told I didn’t need “the blue container”. I put my recycle out on the given days and it was NOT picked up 3 times in a row so have tried to use the one by the community building to find it is almost always full. If people sue it so much (great we all recycle) could it be emptied more often please! For some of us the first and 3rd. Thursday of the month is not often enough if one gets a lot of mail or does serious recycling.

  7. Just Sayin... says:

    I have often wondered, if the garbage crews are picking up on alternating Thursdays, and going down all the streets anyway, why not pick up any recycling that is set out regardless of it being “their” customer or not? We often have 2-3 cans full because we forget to set it out on “our” week, and then there ends up being a 5th Thursday where it doesn’t get picked up, and it is pointless to try to bring it downtown to the always full bin… Just a suggestion! Also, it would be AWESOME if Sheldon would offer glass recycling.. It is the easiest item to recycle but for some reason they refuse it.

    THREE CHEERS to all that are serious about recycling!!

  8. local shopper says:

    I did take my recycling to the city dumpster tonight (Sat). It still was pretty full, but I did find space. Just make sure when you check you open all 6 doors to look.

  9. one garbage man in town says:

    you can call haulers anytime to find out when to put out i feel that they should put another dumpsteer uptown and forget about curbside pickup it cost alot of money to ride around in truck and maybe pick up 1000 pounds of recycling i think changes are neede d too give us more input to help us help you

    • Just Sayin... says:

      Garbage man… Do you ever drive by recycling sitting on the curb that is not “your” customer? I know we have had ours passed over because we mistakenly put it out on the “wrong” week. Why not just pick it up??

      There is currently a report for residents of one of the flooded communities to leave their storm debris all on one side of the street for pick-up.. Would something like this work for recycling pickup to eliminate driving down the streets multiple times? Or do you make a single pass and get both sides at the same time..

      I think more people would recycle if the pickup schedule was easier to remember, we can easily have a full can every week and it is frustrating to have it pile up because it is not “our” week. I’ve often considered putting it on the neighbor’s curb just to get rid of it! My solution to the problem is having everyone set out their recycling every Thursday and the garbage haulers can continue their every-other-week schedule, just picking up everything that is set out.

      Comments? Concerns?

      • ranger88a says:

        Well personally I do know the truck only can hold so much. With that said, if they pick up yours when they aren’t supposed to, what happens when the truck is full and they cant pick up mine?

      • one garbage man in town says:

        well lets take the part where you want me to pick up whatevery is out according to the city recycling is included in your garbage price so if i’m not getting paid from you why should I pick it up the flooded towns probable are city ran or the city will pick it up as for as storm debris i know i will have a lot of extras this week from basements flooding i think some people think they know my buiesness better then me come ride along this week see what we do

        • Just sayin says:

          I think you misunderstood my last post, as you did not answer the questions I asked. But if I can weigh in on your last post, I pay for garbage pick up every month (because it’s included in my city utility bill) whether I leave anything on the curb or not. So that means I pay for recycling to be picked up twice a month also, whether we set it out or not. By the looks of it, there’s an awful lot of Sheldon residents that don’t utilize the recycling pick up that they pay for every month. Tell me… Do you get paid every two weeks, or is that amount only based on what you pick up? I’m not claiming to know how to do your job, just trying to understand the whole system, and try to come up a solution to a citywide problem.

          • one garbage man in town says:

            the way all this works is that we have 2 routes one monday one tuesday for garbage mondays put recycling out on 1st and 3rd thursdays tuesday put theres out 2nd and 4th thursdays every so often there is a 5th thursday this means no recycling i have a solution but no one likes it i think recycling should be biggest night but it isn’t as for payment we have a contract from the city i do go by every house 6 times a month if people dont have it out i can not help that(4 for garbage 2 for recycling)i have always been for recycling but going out every week for whole town will be to much of a loss and we would work all day we still have a dumpsteers to pick up after recycling if you want to know more ask city for garbage ordanance

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