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No Santa Here

Date posted - December 19, 2013

My children believe in someone who is benevolent and has super-powers, who can do incredible things, who sees his actions while remaining unseen, who rewards good acts and with whom they can communicate and ask for gifts. Sound familiar? His name isn’t Santa, His name is Jesus. I think it’s important to distinguish to our children between an unimportant falsehood and the ultimately important Truth. That’s why Santa won’t be making a stop at our house this Christmas.

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23 Responses to “No Santa Here”

  1. Harriet Oleson says:

    No fairy tales or bedtime stories either, I assume.

  2. Rudolph says:

    you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

  3. yardman says:

    Why cant there be both?????

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I think there is room for both. Santa Claus is magical to children. Yet still explaining the truths of loyalty, being good, etc. It only lasts for a few years. Then that one is gone. However, you can emphasize the part about God and Jesus as never ending, never failing you, always there. So the child can learn early the difference.

    Sure, its good to stress the importance of the reasons for Christmas. Emphasizing love and family and your religion in a loving home is what imprints on children. But I fail to see how ruining their magic in Santa Claus makes one a good Christian.

    • Tim says:

      Lee Ann…I’ll be jiggered…..we may agree! :) I see there is nothing wrong with explaining where Santa came from and why. I believe the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate Christs birth. But when society puts all the other meanings into it, what a great teaching moment to explain to your kids what is going on.

  5. local shopper says:

    Why not research Saint Nicholas? He lived in the 4th century and was born into a wealthy family. Much of his money he gave away, especially to poor children.
    I think presenting him to your children instead of Santa Claus would be a nice way to tie in your faith with this Christian holiday. When I think of how I have raised my children, I always do it from the perspective of them as adults rather than my own opinion now.

  6. Archer resident says:

    Our family is not religious, We celebrate christmas for a day to spend with family, Open presents, and good food and fun. Jesus is not in our celebrating. To each their own. So while we “wait for Mrs. Clause” Thats right Mrs.Clause delivers the presents in our family, I hope everyone has a Great Christmas the way you want it!

  7. Dad says:

    We don’t make room for both either. My kids are young and only have room for so much information. I personally think the jolly man in the red suit who brings presents will overshadow the baby who comes to bring peace on earth. So we have been reading and rereading the story of Jesus’ birth in their Bible and doing a few crafts to bring it to life. This year we are focusing just on the basics of the story and hoping by the end of the season the oldest will be able to retell a paraphrased version. In years to come we will add more details. Good luck with your young ones!

    • Jon says:

      St. Nicholas was a 4th century bishop from Turkey. He is considered to be the patron saint of children and is largely known for his secret acts of gift-giving. Most legends surround his generosity for giving coins to children who left their shoes out and for secretly providing the dowries to poor young women seeking marriage. He was a staunch supporter of the Orthodox position of the church at the time and a signer of the Nicene Creed, with which I’m sure you are quite familiar. This is the saint who is the basis for Santa Claus…a generous and caring man who gave to children and the poor. Perhaps it isn’t so bad to keep this in mind and allow some room for this in your Christmas celebration as well.

      • Dad says:

        I am fully aware of his history and that given St. Nicholas’s geography he wouldn’t have been white! But my 3 year old isn’t going to remember all that so instead we pick and choose. This year we are working on the basics of the Savior’s birth. Maybe down the road we can talk about where Santa came into the picture.

  8. yardman says:

    well my kids grew up with both and they turned out just fine..

  9. Timmy says:

    Whats funny is the person who posted this believes that everyone else should believe what they do. Hey person, other people have different beliefs than you do. AND THATS OK! Happy Holidays!

  10. Old wrestler says:

    Each to their own, my question is regardless of which belief you have why do you feel you need to come on here and talk about it? It’s your family and their traditions why do you feel that anyone here needs to be involved in it other then you are trying to show how religious you are or are not with what your saying? It’s your choice and the need to constantly let everyone know what we are thinking and feeling in today’s society seems to be the norm. It seems that Facebook and Twitter have caused everyone to feel they need to constantly tell everyone anytime they do or think something. Perhaps if we all would spend more time actually focusing on our own lives and trying to be better people and not consistently feel we need to tell everyone everything the US might not be in the shape we are in. My kids have both in their lives and they are both great kids, I know kids who have been brought up with only Jesus and ones who have only Santa and they are great kids too. Just live your lives and stop worrying about the need to tell others how to live theirs.

  11. T. Hanks says:

    You, sir or madam, can definitely NOT hear the bells jingle anymore, can you?

  12. Free Man says:

    I guess Barak Obama won’t be welcome at your house then either, since he has all the attributes of Santa Claus.

  13. meets says:

    I do both but my children no better – we have no chimmey! Either way it is Christmas time. Above all else the Birth of our Saviour. To those that say you give presents, go through the motions to celebrate christmas, I ask the same as Tim….why not celebrate to a clear cold star gazing december evening. Why did this person come on here…suppose the same reason you and I are responding.

  14. Ducky says:

    I’m I the only one who doesn’t believe this should be an issue? This is a parenting decision. If you want to raise your child with Christian beliefs, go for it. If you want them not to confuse the reasoning behind Christmas, don’t mention Santa is real. If you want your kids to believe the 25th is a day of giving, let them know.
    My parents raised me to believe in Santa. And you know what? It was pretty fun. My siblings and I would stare at the sky and get excited finding Rudolf’s nose, even though they were just blinking lights from a plane. My dad grabbed a handful of rocks and threw them onto the rood to let my siblings think that the reindeer just landed on our roof.
    Kids are kids and it’s fun to see them get excited. I think this decision should be solely a parental choice.

  15. Oh No! says:

    You can follow Santa’s journey around the world with Google maps today. It’s on the internetweb, so he must be real.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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