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Notes From A Sheldon High School Student

Date posted - March 10, 2013

I frequently read these ‘two cents’ things because everyone’s negativity and interest in town gossip makes me laugh. Overall though, reading these makes Sheldon look really bad. I appreciate the point of this page. I think it’s a very good idea. Just maybe, adults, act your age. Most of the people on here make me really anticipate graduating and getting the heck out of Sheldon

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25 Responses to “Notes From A Sheldon High School Student”

  1. Randy says:

    You should, if that’s what you want to do. Going out and experiencing the rest of the country will give you a new appreciation for the safety and low crime rate of our local small communities, especially after you have children.

    • Recent Sheldon graduate says:

      I totally agree with this post having graduated Sheldon a few years ago. This page is very entertaining and shows just how much people like to complain about the dumbest things in a small town. I too am glad to be out of Sheldon.

      With that being said, there’s no other place in the world I would have rather grown up in than Sheldon. You can’t beat growing up in small town Midwest USA. I have made too many memories here. I could see myself returning here someday, perhaps to raise a family.

  2. Hank Reardon says:

    Where else would a clandestine operation by highly trained stealth operatives tasked with affixing a sticker onto a display case containing a highly sensitive document make such entertaining news for a week? Long live the small town atmosphere if the Midwest, and I really do mean that.

  3. Another recent SHS grad says:

    This page is very entertaining, but it is also very sad. Most of the people on here complain about the DUMBEST things. Also, I feel as though the posters here are just generally unsatisfied. You want to keep your 2nd amendment but you want to take away a woman’s right to choose, you want your teams to be successful but you don’t want to take them out of school, and on and on and on. I graduated from Sheldon a few years ago and living out of state has given me a whole new perspective on life. I love Sheldon, don’t get me wrong, but some (most) of you need to get out and experience the world yourselves. Once you get out of such a conservative community and experience the big cities or different cultures, you’ll understand why people like President Obama are elected and why things like gun control, abortion, gay marriage, etc etc are important to progress in the right direction because it is a whoooollleee other world out there outside of NWIA. People actually don’t judge you for being gay, for voting for President Obama, for not attending church, etc because these aren’t thing that define a person, and unfortunately, in Sheldon, some people will define you by it. There are pros and cons to Sheldon, just like any other community, but once you leave, you realize how much you appreciated some of the stuff you had here. With that being said, I look forward to staying outside of the Midwest, although ill take my values and memories with me.

    • STEVE says:

      I think we all felt like we wanted to leave northwest ia at one time or another during our high school years but the majority of us hold to the teachings and directions of the Bible and no matter how many years pass and how many miles you put between yourself and northwest ia. you will never see the Bible change. So I guess we need to ask ourselves who we want to follow Gods direction or that of a Hollywood driven society?
      Be careful in what you choose because you will need to raise your family in that atmosphere.
      We are not perfect here either I guess that’s why we spend so much time in church

      • Kelly says:

        How does living in NW IA relate to the teachings of the Bible?

      • Juie says:

        Again it is the narrow mindness in Sheldon. No one brought up the bible, all he was saying was once you leave Sheldon and realize that Everyone has an opinion, if its being gay, not beliving in god, or the people who go to church regualry and talk behind peoples back because they don’t go to church or whatever you were brought up to belive, there is more to life.

    • Sir Lancelot says:

      it’s not that i disagree with you but just wondering. if your beliefs in abortion, gay marriage etc, your church values, and who you think would be a better president for our nation depending on these values, don’t define you, what does? personally, i think my religion defines me because I am a follower of Christ and I would want that as my label.

  4. Hank Reardon says:

    “Most of the people on here make me really anticipate graduating and getting the heck out of Sheldon.”

    I gaurantee that if you do leave Sheldon you will still come here and read these Two Cents editorials, and fondly remember small town NW Iowa and what it does have to offer.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I was born in Estherville, but grew up in Colorado. When you are young and carefree, its the best time to travel the world, enjoy different places and people. But when you get ready to settle down, there is no place better than a small town in Iowa. Different things are needed at different times in your life. Because I moved away when I was 7, (allergy-croup child) I missed a lot of things about Iowa. Moving back has been nice for me. But I didn’t know any of the younger generations of my family. I only knew the older generation and they are all gone. So I have essentially lost the family connections.

      Sure, they are very conservative here. More than even most of Iowa. But the safety, quiet and friendly people in any small town are valuable. Remember this post when you have travelled and want to begin a family. I think I know where you will wish to be

  5. Just A Thought says:

    “This page is very entertaining and shows just how much people like to complain about the dumbest things in a small town.”

    Perhaps one of the most attractive things about living in a small town is the lack of major things to complain about.

  6. Stuart says:

    Our youth often think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I say go forth, experience the world but watch your back. The world and our country is rapidly changing and in my estimation not for the best. Having myself grown up in a megalopolis I wouldn’t now leave small town Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota.

    • rdw says:

      Lived around Sheldon for 50+ years. I can truthfully say that this town is so much more progressive than it use to be. Maybe the people doing the complaining wish that it wasn’t. p.s. it is disappointing that the population stays stagnant.

  7. Gina says:

    A lot of people wearing rose-colored glasses here….

    Having lived in small town Iowa & big cities, I’ve learned that people are the same wherever you go. There will be gossips, complainers, and people with negative attitudes everywhere – they just happen to stand out more in a small town. Read the comment sections of any news website in the country, and you’ll find the same pettiness & griping.

    I do think more young people should leave their insular small towns and travel and expand their horizons. Not all of them will come back, and that’s fine. Small town Iowa isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. If someone feels at home elsewhere, it shouldn’t be a mark against them or against the small town they left. If small town values are as strong and pure as everyone here says they are, they’ll stick no matter where you go.

  8. I.M.Disgusted says:

    Good luck as you go out into the world. But remember………..we gotcha!!! You put your 2 cents worth on this site before you left!!! Seriously, where else can someone vent about what is on their mind, even if it just to get a reaction from others, or to make a point about something.

  9. Mommyreader says:

    Only in small town Iowa can you ask your boss if you can leave for 10 minutes to run up to school because your child forgot their shoes or lunch or homework and your boss says yes!!!!!!! Thank a small town Mom and Pop Store business owner. Praise the Lord some people do understand:)

  10. Biker says:

    Youth of this town. I am young yet but not of the high school or college age anymore. Gods blessings yes. But tying in church / bible vs leaving or staying in sheldon I don’t really see the comparison. Grass is always greener for those that see this way. I have a been in business, sold business, invested here and there, and now back in business. When I place awork wanted ad, go downtown to the local temp worker shop, you know what young people in high school, no one wants to work. Can I have my pay today and I leave you tomorrow. Or my dad and mom have this so therefore …….. But I am a master now of excuses. I am sure I will here some new ones but I have geard a lot of them why they didn’t show, where they had to go with friends, why they late, or as I speak to the young high school kids about the work, there cell goes off And they can pick tht call up or text sooner than I can say excuses me, weren’t we having a conversation here. Yes so are great workers, most are great kids, your growing up, developing your own thoughts, way of of thinking, beliefs ect but to come here and say this site does nothing but complain I really think your missing the big picture to this site and that is constructive critisian. Sme of the thoughts on here about Christmas lights still up are futile at best, others about what the towns needs, wants, should have or suggested to are for the benefit of you, the young person, the high schooler college age group to keep you here in sheldon, to strive to have the jobs, infrastructure, the schools, the homes, the churches. Do you see where this is leading young people of sheldon? Is the grass really greener?

  11. Aaron says:

    If the “2 cents” page teaches Sheldon’s youth nothing else, let it teach them to pay attention in Grammar class and to take spelling lists seriously.

    • Stu says:

      Aaron, should “Grammar” be capitalized in that sentence?

      • Aaron says:

        Hehe, thank you.
        I would say it should be capitalized because “Grammar” is the specific name of the class. If I had written, “the class where grammar is taught” the word “grammar would not be capitalized. I don’t profess to be the king of grammar (although my Jr. High English teacher was the queen of grammar).
        My point is that when something is written sloppily it takes away from the argument that the writer is trying to make.

  12. KW says:

    There is a magazine out there entitled “Our Iowa” that tells the good things about our state. It also has articles in it that are written by people who have come back to this great state to raise their families or even to retire after they left “home” for “greener pastures”. Experience the “outside” and you will be thankful for what you did have when you were growing up.

  13. TheMajority says:

    As a person who wanted nothing more than to get out of Northwest Iowa, I have mixed feeling on this post. I was where you are in high school and after finally getting out of town for college, my job search led me, although reluctantly, back to Sheldon. I do have dreams of bigger things some day and I will accomplish those dreams in the future. I used to think “bigger and better things” but after being back for two years, “better” is no longer a part of that phrase. I am a single, female who has been taken in by a loving and supportive community. I can come home from a bad day at work to find that a mystery neighbor has scooped my driveway (I love you whoever you are), I have met kids I am proud to brag that I know and parents who are equally as great. I was able to see a community come together to celebrate the life of a beloved teacher. I was also a witness to the school spirit of not only the people who live her, but alumni from all over who were watching the game because they love this place even though they “got out”. I completely understand your perspective because I was there once, but don’t let the complainers discourage you or make you forget the place where you came from. In you future endeavors, focus on the values and morals of the MAJORITY of this town.

    The grass is greener where you water it! Best wishes to you on your graduation!

  14. Jill C. says:

    I remember when I couldn’t wait to “get the heck out of Sheldon”…over 20 years ago! I’ve spent the past 10 trying to figure out how to get back. We’re finally making that dream come true (well, next month) and I couldn’t be more thankful that we’ll get to raise our own children “back home”. Some day the wanderlust you feel now will wane, and your thoughts will turn back to this place that right now seems so stifling. It’s just the human experience!

  15. Ken says:

    I left the day after I graduated HS. Lived life without the boundries of NW Iowa. Away from everyone knowing my every move. Having fun without a care in the world. One day you do end up caring though and want to be around people who care about you. No matter what town you live in in NW Iowa, the people are caring. For all those that leave their hometowns in NW Iowa, I hope you find something/someone to care about and care about you.

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