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Nothing To Do

Date posted - July 29, 2013

Why is there no place for older teens/young adults to hang out at?

There are play grounds for children, roller rink for tweens, and bars for older adults? Why forsake the 16-21 year olds? What if the city (possibly some community involved businesses)made a place for this group. I know several people in this age group who constantly complain about this (myself included) that there is nothing for us to do in this town.

What most of us younger people are very proud of and wish we could do more of is show off our cars, no matter how beat up or non-functioning. What if someone set up a long slab of concrete for us to show off our cars? Legally race each other. Have fun and watch others show off their car’s performance. Heck, I bet some older adults would like this too. What we can get this idea rolling?

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56 Responses to “Nothing To Do”

  1. FAA says:

    Went for an extensive ride around Sheldon Sunday afternoon. I realize temps were on the cool side. Went through Hills Park, no one playing Disc Golf. Went by Tennis courts,
    1 senior citizen, pool, dead because of temps.Bike trail, a few families and singles. Don’t
    people enjoy the outdoors like we used to?
    As far as the concrete slab is concerned,well, I had pipe dreams when I was a teenager,also. There’s other factors, but I’ll let someone else tell you about them.

  2. Chad says:

    They used to have something for the kids to do but they shut the loop down for no reason.

  3. Dominic Toretto says:

    Like that would fly in Sheldon. Any idea how much the liability insurance would run?

    Just do what we used to do 35 years ago, find someone who can get some beer and cruise the back roads.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I grew up in Colorado Springs, a major city. And we felt like we didn’t have anything to do either. We had more movie theatres, but there was no other activities for older teens. We used to swim, bowl, skate, cruise the main Street, just like they do here. My only suggestion is join or work to start a church group for older teens, if they don’t have them already. Get together, watch Netflix at somebody’s house, make pizzas, etc. Go camp out at the pit, go for a long bike ride, then have a picnic somewhere. There are things to do, but most of us tend to sit around and complain, “there’s nothing to do.” You can find things to do, just have to think them up.

  5. Randy says:

    Kids that age USED to have something great to do – The Loop. Sheldon’s loop was legendary and I never saw anything bad happen there. Today, as an adult now with my own children, I still don’t understand why they don’t let kids do that anymore.

    The local businesses had to have taken a hit on Friday & Saturday nights – the loop used to draw teenagers and young adults from miles around and I used to spend all kinds of money there.

    • Happy says:

      Be creative and find things to do on your own. Nobody ever planned activities for us when I was young, we planned our own. I would consider the 18 to 21 year olds close to being adults. Be the leaders. You seem to have some ideas, get some friends together and develop some of your ideas. Give something back to the community that has been doing things for you as kids. Your never to young to start giving back instead of waiting for others to do everything for you.

    • Dominic Toretto says:

      Right you are, and there are probably a few married couples in the area that met cruising the loop in Sheldon. It was THE place to meet other teens from surrounding towns.

      • Harriet Oleson says:

        I believe that is where Laura and Almonzo met…….

      • Randy says:

        Very true, many people together to this day met on the loop, and not just couples. I don’t think I *met* my wife on the loop, but I’m pretty sure that’s where we first spotted each other, and one of my best friends and I met there almost twenty years ago.

    • Ashshade says:

      Bad stuff did happen on the loop just like anywhere, but that is to be expected. My old man said “Well, at least I know where i can find you if I need you.”

      I meet my wife on the loop, and my parents meet on the loop, my grand parents meet hanging around downtown Sioux Center at night

      What do the kids do now? Hang at other peoples houses? depending on the house that could be a bad thing. I always left the loop and went to someones place to do the bad things.

      The cops got tired of being babysitters. With the loop dead only 1 cop is needed in the evening, instead of two.

    • Resident says:

      They really should bring back the loop, all stores are closed down town except for the doller store fri and sat night, there is not a pizza ranch there anymore, and the police station is right there, let the teenagers have the fun we had as kids hanging out in the parking lot and driving by your friend on the loop meeting new people, set a cerfew for it being done by midnight, we talked to cops on the loop, saw our friends and just played music and no one was drinking either, it was just fun to have some where to hang out, if you were popular or not

  6. biker says:

    That’s just it….dot around complain with emphasis on sit. How many in this age group have a job? Maybe you might get tired after a long day at the job. Its you who need to make things happen. Not the government or local city officials or mom n dad handing out money.

  7. Retired teacher says:

    Nothing To Do…… are you serious????? Really??? I am an older adult. I don’t go to bars, but I really enjoy my life. You can find plenty of things to do. For example, what about the activities that the rec director lines up, depending on the season for older teens and up!! You can find it if you really are looking. I really doubt car racing would ever be one of the choices!

  8. BVP says:

    Cruising main street is all we ever did when I was 16 – 18 in my home town. I have so many fond memories. BUT, you always have “that group of kids” that spoils the fun for everyone. That was 23 years ago and I can only assume that there are still “that group of kids” around. The differences between this generation and my generation is that our generation had to find things to entertain us our entire childhood and it was generally entainment with our neighborhood friends doing “something” outside.

  9. Ashshade says:

    With the S squared downtown cam, you can now keep an eye on your kids from the comfort of your own home.

  10. Dug says:

    Nothing to do…that’s a joke. Young people now days, not all of them mind you, but a fair majority of them, have too little imagination. They aren’t forced to use that thing on their shoulders. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” was one of the mottos when I was growing up. Now it’s “Play 60″ I just don’t get it, you have to get your kids to play for an hour a day? Come on!!!! Man, if my folks could get us to stay in the house for an hour a day it would be epic!!! Be home by the time the lights come on or else. Ring any bells? I totally understand that today is much different from when I was growing up, but the kids are still going through the basic hardships, friendships, dissapointments, hassles, etc. as what we went through. Let kids be kids, let them have the loop back!! Geez Louise, you have Big Brother watching anyway!!! So what there is only one cop…what, you think there is going to be a big riot and looting??? Come on people, these are kids. With that many kids cruising, too many witnesses. Open the loop up for a few nights and see what a difference in the amount of customers some of the businesses could have. Man, just thinking about it, maybe, just maybe a drive in might even get more business…Didn’t mean to do an advertisement for ya there Bob, but it just happened. I met more than one chick at the drive in. Have a little faith in today’s youth, they really aren’t that bad once you get to know them.

  11. Eric says:

    For the record, The Police didn’t “Shut Down” the loop; $3.00 a gallon gas did.

    • Ashshade says:

      No Eric, the under 18 curfew shut down the loop. The curfew was started by the cops (through the council) so the would not have to work as many weekend evenings. Lyle told me it was to cut down on the drugs, but I think he just wanted to spend more time at home.

      • Not True says:

        For the record the cops still work as many weekend evenings as they had before when the loop was still around. Saying that they (the cops) wanted the loop to shut down so they would have to work less weekend evenings is absolute trash. $3.00 gas is the answer the why the loop ended.

        • Randy says:

          It’s clearly a city ordinance now. This isn’t even up for debate – it is a fact. Kids trying to cruise the loop now will be given a ticket if they’re caught.

    • Randy says:

      No, actually the police and/or town shut down the loop.

  12. Robert Keller says:

    You have a library in town. Use it. Go to a nursing home and play cards or chess or even assist at meal time with helping the residents. Concrete is expensive. Find ways to pay for it instead of asking people to buy it for you. Plus the land. I don’t know of many places in Sheldon that are ready to be paved over for your use.

    • Randy says:

      Come on. You really think that teenagers are going to spend their free time at the library and helping at the nursing home? I mean in a perfect world that would be great, but let’s be realistic here.

      • B.Klaassen says:

        I thought there was a new coffee bar for teen. The library would host a movie night or teen book discussion, if the teens would come. The Library has a Book Club that meets the third Monday night of the month at 7:00, Contents has a Book Club that meets the first Tuesday night of the month.

  13. Mother says:

    Is it actually illegal to cruise the loop? I haven’t heard.

    My kids find stuff to do. Bon fires, camping, movies at friends, my house occasionally.

    • Dominic Toretto says:

      You can’t go around the loop over a couple times now without breaking the law.

      • Dug says:

        Really? Against the law? What about that older person that just can’t find a place to park on their first couple rounds? They going to arrest them too? Come on man, it’s against the law? I would like to see that in writing. What about if you don’t want to take that front door space, you want to leave it for some elderly person and you drop your Mom off at Ben Franklin, for example, and she just has to get a couple things, you drive around a few times instead of taking up a space, then are they going to get you for that too? That’s lame if it’s true. What’s the harm in cruising? Nobody is getting hurt, heck most of the time the kids usually find one particular place to hang out, play some hacky-sack or just jam out with some tunes, like at some parking lot. What’s the harm in that? As long as they don’t make a mess and they don’t keep everybody up in the neighborhood, I don’t see a problem. That’s called being social…maybe more people should practice this more often instead of being on the stupid computer in a chat room. Just sayin’

      • Jason says:

        Which law is this? A city ordinance? I have a suggestion for everyone that is so bored, get a job or do something. No one expects the city or anyone else to be tasked with keeping your life interesting or finding something decent to do.

  14. steiner88 says:

    I agree with you though. There isn’t a place for the college ago kids. There used to be the bowling alley at least but it burnt down. What about an arcade? Or showing more movies at the theater during the week? Unless you grew up here and you already know people there isn’t a lot to do for the college age kids and there isn’t really a place for those of us that aren’t super christian to meet other people unless you go to the bar! Hartley has a book club, but Sheldon doesn’t. What about a get together hosted at someone’s house? Every month it will be some place new. Or an out to lunch group? Something!

    • Mother says:

      Nobody is stopping you from starting a book club, or your own get together are they? Somebody has to start them. Instead of complaining about not having them, why not take the initiative upon yourself to do so?

      • Ashshade says:

        True, but when your in the teenage years where are you going to have the get together?

        Hey guys lets get together this sat night! OK, where?

        With mom and dad? Lame x2
        Library? Lame & closed
        Park & rec? on a Saturday night? and kinda lame
        Movie? ok but gets old.
        Restaurant? maybe ok and you wear out your welcome.
        Roller rink? Hey, I love hanging with 11 year olds!!
        B-ball in the park? OK but in the winter? Cold and it gets old.
        Play pool in the bar? Do you want your kids in a bar period?

        How bout Jake? Who? That guy I meet from the city, he’s cool, goes to NCC. He’s like 21-22, he’ll get us some beer. Well I don’t drink. OK so don’t but what else are you going to do? Fine, I’ll go but I’m not going to drink. OK, lets go!

        Then they do end up drinking or end up getting a minor for being around the beer. Then he pulls out the weed, or that easy girl is around.

        Come on people. You have an 18 year old guy. Is he going to start a book club? Or go to Jake’s? I know we all want our kids to start the book club, BUT, in the real world, it aint gona happen.

        We need a place for the kids to become adults – in a good way.


        Here is mine. Basement of community building, have a snack bar, some games, activities, and limited adult supervision. The last one is key. The kids wont go if it feels like school or home. There would have to be rules, and there would be damages, but I think I would rather pay for some damages than have my kid go to Jake’s. Stay open till 1am so the kids are tired and want to go home when it closes instead of wide awake looking for something to do.
        Maybe have some collage age kids from a church run it. They could lay down the law but still be cool. and the more rules the worse it would work.

        Don’t bash mine unless you have something better.

        • Mother says:

          She did state at someone’s house and out to lunch groups.
          There are college students who are quite responsible and have their own places, do not drink and do not smoke weed.

        • Randy says:

          This is a great idea – the kids need *something*. ANYTHING.

          It makes me really sad knowing that teenagers can’t go up to the loop on weekend nights and have a blast like I used to. I used to meet people on the loop that had driven an HOUR to get there. Seriously, what else in Sheldon has that kind of draw that someone would drive an hour to get there? And where else can kids go that they can meet different and new people pretty much every night?

          It’s all part of this super-pampering that kids get today. Yeah, there’s going to be trouble, kids are going to make mistakes, but that’s part of being a teenager. You can’t bubble wrap your kids and lock them in their rooms, they need socialization and entertainment like the loop used to provide. People with teenage kids – think about that the next time you wished they’d get off the computer for once.

        • steiner88 says:

          I really really like this idea!!!! It’s perfect! HOw do we go about setting it up?! Here’s my email. Let me know if you’d like some help or have suggestions get getting this off the ground. Seriously rock-awesome idea!!!

      • Ducky says:

        Yes, we can get a whole bunch of teens to meet and have a good time at book clubs. We all know how fun and wild those can get…

      • steiner88 says:

        Clearly if I knew people to start a book club with I’d have done it already. But thanks…for the stellar advice..really helpful. And yes. Jobs. They take up time. But it’s nice to have something to do when you aren’t working. Not expecting the city to cater to us, just saying it would be nice if there was a place for college kids to go and hang out.

    • B.Klaassen says:

      The College Students are welcome to join the 7 to 8 Book Club that meets at the Public Library the third Monday of the month. If you want to start a Book Club, feel free to stop into the library and talk to Brenda, I am willing to assist getting another club started. Contents also has a Book Club that meets the first Tuesday evening of the month.

  15. Ducky says:

    I looked into this thing called “The Loop”, and something like that would be ideal for us younger adults. There have been some videos on Youtube posted of how it was back in the 90’s. Something like that would be perfect! It looks like I was born in the wrong generation. How would we bring that back?

  16. doug white says:

    When I was a teenager growing up in Sheldon during the 50’s I was never bored a day in my life! We had Teenville{run by students not parents!} bowling alley to bowl or ‘hang’ out in the cafe at the bowl,White’s pool hall to shot pool and snooker and play cards,Faust’s Drug Store to sit and have Coke’s,Green Rivers,Cherry Cokes,malts and sundaes,the endless baseball games at the park{not a parent in sight,go to the creek fishing,ect. and yes we dragged raced on the East end of town and cruised the loop also!!

    • Ducky says:

      What exactly is “The Loop”? Was it just teens driving around a couple blocks or were there events held there? And people, stop pushing book clubs. I posted this topic for teens to meet new people. You know know, mass gatherings! I’ve never heard of 200 people showing up for a conversation on Huck Finn.

      • Old ORAB says:

        The loop was around for about 40 years. Yes, it was driving around a couple of blocks. That really wasn’t the point. Friday – Sunday Night was bumper to bumper teenagers. The pace was slow that you could actually talk and meet new people from all over northwest Iowa. People would come from as far as LeMars and sometimes Sioux City to “cruise” the loop in Sheldon. If you wanted to sit down and talk with someone you’d go to the post office or Community Building Parkinglot ot pick them up or just sit and talk. This also started a pick up game of Basketball or Football. We just showed up each night. No coordination necessary.

  17. Sheldon Transplant says:

    I think the ultimate problem is the kids…….You need to stop excpecting for things to just fall into your lap. I am 23, and I spend most of my life living out of town on a farm. We didn’t have any access to town unless we were willing to ride our bikes the 5 miles in, and you know what, we did it. We went to ball games, starting our own groups to get together and play sports. I have lived in 18 different places in my life so I was always having to start over and make new friends, and no one was going to do it for me……..get out of your house, and quit complaining. I see kids all the time at the basketball court, or on the skate park, or at the soccer field, and in the winter, make a fort, throw some snow balls……..use the imagination and mind that God gave you for something other then video games and facebook.

    • Ducky says:

      You’re missing the point of this post entirely. This is about adolescents and young adults to have their own thing. Kids have city parks, tweens and young teens have the skate park and roller rink, and older adults have bars and more bars. But there is nothing for those between young teens and young adults.

  18. Mae says:

    OK. seriously “Go out and find something to do” What do you think we do now as it is? Believe it or not, there is only so much you can do out on the rec trail. College students have diddly-squat for money as it is, and you expect for us to “Go find fun” meaning spend the money we worked approximately 70 hours a week for only for it to go straight to ramen noodles and college books?
    I never lived to see the loop, but how awesome would it be if we had it back? It’s not the fact that we have no imagination, its the fact that we don’t have the resources to do something fun. The only free thing around here are the city parks and the rec trail, which is over-flowing with children and parents who don’t want to deal with a bunch of “hooligans.”
    Ever since the bowling alleys in the area burnt down there is nothing cheap we can do that “won’t get us knocked up and in jail.”
    And seriously, the theatres?
    We can’t afford to eat, let alone pay 7.00$ for a bag of popcorn.

    If not the loop, why not a drive in theatre type thing? Get the projector out of the city hall and go out into the country with a barn wall and put a 1.00$ movie on for the young adults.
    In order for the city to make more money and get more locals, they need to do something, and do it fast. Because they are losing students and tax payers.
    If that’s too difficult for people to manage, why not a hang-out hall?
    In order for the town to make money, they need to spend money, and they need to be aiming some things at the college students, because I’m sure you can go walk around NCC and ask any one of them what they like to do for fun in Sheldon, Iowa, and they will laugh in your face.

  19. Ashshade says:

    Ok, the book club, really? What about the other 95% of kids? And its not 1970 either. it’s 2013 with 2013 problems.

  20. JCS says:

    Played a ton of Tennis in college. It was cheap and it was something you could do morning, noon,or night.It was a great way to meet coeds. I realize this wouldn’t work too well in the winter,but hey, you still got the lasses too hang with.Don’t see too many
    young people at the tennis courts.

  21. doug white says:

    Why don’t a few of you get together like the kids in the mid-50’s and start a ‘teenville’ as I commented on before. The original teenville was in a old church and run by the kids! Perhaps you could raise money and ask for donations for a couple of pool tables,ping pong tables ect. You could have a small fee to enter and sell pop and candy,ect. Hopefully there is a vacant building in town,we also got some space from the Eagles,just a thought.This sure as he** beats driving around in a circle all night! Another idea is to ‘elect’ a board to handle the ‘business’ and expenses. Cut the crapola and give it a shot—-good luck!! {I counted the days in the summer of 1955 so I could get in!!!!}

  22. Old ORAB says:

    The loop. Was it stupid? Yes. Did we see our friends? Yes. Did we show off cars? Yes. Could you see the local scenery (opposite sex)? Absolutely. Did we have fun? No question about it. Jr. High Friday Nights consisted of Sports and Teenville. We were rarely bored on the weekends. The town is boring now.

  23. ranger says:

    Really???? A book club? GET REAL, most teens will never attend I wouldn’t have! One of the stupidest moves this town has ever done period was getting rid of the loop! All the kids want is a place to hang out, show off thier cars, meet people boys/girls, talk and enjoy themselves. The loop provided all those things and more! As one who did drive MILES to cruise the loop I enjoyed cruising. We really never had many issues, I really don’t remember there being too many arrests, we were easy to find, we passed the same corner every half hour to 45 min. We were watched from the city parking lot, Hmmmmm, saving gas and wear and tear on the police cruiser! We talked, had fun, and well generally interacted isn’t that what your asking for? Why was it such a horrible thing, where are the kids now? Ashade and Randy are correct! We were out in the open easy to see and hear. BRING BACK THE LOOP!!! How ignorant you have been, no business has nor will suffer, actually, do you really realize how much we really brought to this town, the convenience store’s alone, gas, food…. Oh, and yes it is really true if you cruise the loop too many times in a row they can issue you a ticket and tell you to leave! Really? If you give them an outlet you will have less to worry about, if they are cruising the loop well, I guess you will know where they are!

  24. orab grad says:

    Showing off cars isn’t quite the cultural phenomenon it used to be. I graduated recently and I can tell you the “concrete slab” would be used only by a specific clique of car guys. If you want to pay for & construct yourself, go ahead. My advice for teens finding fun in Sheldon? Wait until you graduate and go to college somewhere else.

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