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Date posted - January 29, 2014

just wandering if anyone knows why they call it Obamacare when it is very clear Obama does not care

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25 Responses to “Obamacare?”

  1. Rainbow says:

    Obama does care! He likes his status of President, how he can not respect our Constitution and gets by with no accountability. He likes how he can not assume any blame for his actions that have caused injury, loss of life by our Military who serve or despair to the American people with unfulfilled promises. He like’s how he can continue increase the American debt. He likes how he is achieving his fathers goals of being able to make America fail. He likes to try and take our Constitutional rights away.
    Let’s hope that with all his ego, we as a Country will stand strong…..with Faith,determination and the right to have our freedom until he be impeached! Let’s hope that our Senate and Congress will see the light, that all government employee’s work for us the American people.

  2. iowaresident says:

    Rainbow what Constitutional rights has President Obama taken away from anyone?

    • Rainbow says:

      He has pushed laws through and forced bigger government…. example—-
      Obamacare , we the people should not have Federal control of our health insurance. With his changes to the health industry our personal medical insurance raised 70%. The people who needed help in the past had state level help. Now Federal control is here for our medical with the IRS overseeing This in it’s self is alarming.
      He feels we the American working people must provide for the deadbeat population too. I know of people who could work, but choose not to and collect disability insurance. There is abuse and waste in Washing DC and Mr.Obama continues to justify this as it is ok. Executive Orders is his answer, when he doesn’t like the proper channels.Yes other presidents in the past have used this, but he abuses it. I do not appreciate the debt he is placing on my Grandchildren’s future. I don’t feel it is wrong to truly help people who cannot work, I do feel it is wrong for Mr.Obama to look down on the hardworking people who pay his wages and vacations…and still want more tax money.
      He is trying to take away our Right to Bear Arms.
      He advocates many things that are not worthy of our Lord and supports them. He has avoided responsibility as well as Mrs. Clinton on Benghazi, all for political gain. His re-election! Something went down and the facts do not add up. Then we have IRS targeting Citizen’s who support the Tea Party. Need I go on, no he hasn’t changed the constitution but he is walking a line with proper channels and our constitutional rights.
      I have no respect for his attempts to be Presidential, I feel he has no clue what America is. He is a kindergartener with no real answers but shoots off his mouth when he has nothing to say and talks in circles with no real answers.
      Now if Allen West had run and won, I am sure things would be different. Color isn’t my problem, lack of presidential leadership and experience is! America deserves better.

      • iowaresident says:

        Still waiting for the Constitutional rights that President Obama has taken away from us?

        • Don says:

          Every one of these rights is under attack and if you don’t see it you’re in denial:
          -Freedom of religion

          -Freedom of speech

          -Freedom of the press

          -Freedom of assembly

          -Freedom to bear arms

          -Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures

          -The right to due process of law

          -The right to a speedy and public trial

          -Freedom from cruel and unusual punishments

      • Lee Ann says:

        They said the same things about medicare. Now even the Conservatives say, “Keep your hands off my medicare.” Sure it will take awhile to get the kinks out of it. But repeal is ridiculous. When this bill will help millions of people, like you and me too. Obama has said many times, “If you have an idea of how to fix the ACA, make it better, I am willing to listen. We can use ideas from both sides on fixing any problems.”

        As for the President taking away guns, what block is he on now? He has never been for taking guns. He HAS been for universal background checks for all gun purchases. That has nothing to do with gun grabbing.

        With all the obstructing and filibustering that Congress has done, I am impressed with what he actually has gotten done. The divisiveness and crazy making by the Conservatives in Congress is horrible. He has used far less executive orders than any recent President, I bet you didn’t complain when Bush wrote out all of HIS executive orders.

        I don’t mind if people do not like our President. I DO mind that people dislike him because of a lie.

        • Don says:

          What about those supporting him because of his own lies? 6 years and you still believe he’s going to do any of the things he promised? Many he has done just the opposite.
          The list of broken promises is to big to be excused.

          • iowaresident says:

            Here are the promises Bush Jr did not keep there are 23


            “Read my lips: no new taxes” What president broke this promise?

          • Lee Ann says:

            I think that our PResident actually has done pretty good, considering the filibustering and obstructing done by the Conservatives in congress. The minority leader of the Senate has been proven to say, “…to make Obama a one term President.” They will say and do anything to hurt the President regardless of whether or not it hurts this country. Obviously it is more important to hurt the President. When he was elected to his second term, they were determined to hurt his legacy. I will never understand why.

            Before you blame all of these things on Obama, look at the Congressional record. This is the biggest “do nothing” Congress, ever. What a waste. Especially since so many things need to be fixed and helped. My parents were Republicans. Trust me, they were nothing like these Republicans.

          • Don says:

            Except that George Bush is no longer our president and hasn’t been for 6 years. Time to stop blaming the past and look at the present. 6 years and nothing but contradiction. 6 years and nothing but pandering to the leeches of society to win “hero” votes.
            As for congress. They’ve done nothing because of a stand off with am empirical leader who demands it’s my way or no way.

  3. iowaresident says:

    The 70 percent increase in health insurance is a lie. Health insurance gos up every year. Obama care had nothing to do with rate increases this year. My health insurance went up this year but not as much as 2012 or 2013. Your health insurance is still handle by the same company as last year.

    When and where did President Obama state he wants to take away our guns. Another Lie.

    Executive Orders

    Reagan 381
    Bush SR. 168
    Clinton 364
    GW Bush 291

    • iowaresident says:

      Executive Orders

      Reagan 381
      Bush SR. 168
      Clinton 364
      GW Bush 291
      Obama 168

      Look at the facts who has had more exutive orders???

      Shut off Rush and the Clown Network ad try to think for yourself.

      Benghazi was a tragety similar to the first gulf war that Bush lied to get us involved in,

    • Don says:

      So it was just a coincidence that immediately after this AHA kicked in millions have lost their plans and or seen huge increase in coverage costs? If they told you 2+2=5 you’d probably believe that too. Welcome to 1984.

      • iowaresident says:

        Millions really. I think you are listening to the clown network to much.

        How much did your health insurance go up? My family’s went up 8% for 2014 last year was 12% for 2013. 2012 went up 7.5%.

        I have the same doctors and have gone to a new specialist recommended by my family doctor of 12 years.

        Medicare/Medicaid/ Social Security/equal rights all used the same negatives to make it scary.

        Is it perfect?NOPE Will it be improved YES.

        • Don says:

          You don’t have to listen, you just have to take the blinders off and look. Heck they aren’t even denying that millions were affected, yet you are. Obama continues to change and extend the deadlines including the roll back to “Keep Your Old Plan” These are all admittance.
          As for your personal costs… wait until your next enrollment. Mostly like your one of the lucky who’s provider got enrollments in before AHA kicked in. Not so much next enrollment.

          • iowaresident says:


            I did not enroll with the Obama Care web sight. I am like most American that have a good employer and he provides health care. Yes I pay my share of the premium.

            “wait until your next enrollment” thats funny I heard the same thing about 6 mounths ago about the massive increase in premiums that never materialized. Will premiums go up next year? Of course they will, they have been going up every years for a long time.

            Don. How has millions been effected????? Please back up with facts….

            Some have lost there insurance. There were people that lost there insurance in 2012, 2013, 2014 and in 2015. Some employers cannot afford a insurance benefits for their employees.

            Don what happened to your premium? Do you still have the same doctor?

            Don you are really good at throwing false claims out but you have nothing to back them up.

            Most of the people complaining about massive increases are comparing a Yugo plan that they have had for year to a Cadillac plan.

        • Don says:

          And medicare is nothing like this. Costs aside, AHA is literally barcoding us, sorting us, & eventually deciding who gets treatment or who lives and dies. Electronic Medical Records is a lot more than a bunch of recycled paper. Sounds like science fiction but sometimes truth is stranger.

          • iowaresident says:

            Don there are no Death panels… Where are the Death Panels located in the Health Care Bill? Your listing to the Clowns Of Talk Radio. They get paid to entertain you. They do not get paid to provide facts. The clowns even admit there were never death panels.

            Medicare/Medicaid/ Social Security/equal rights all used the same negatives to make it scary.

            Electronic Medical Records have saved thousands of lives and its just on voluntary basis as of today. If you cannot see the advantages of Electronic Medical Records then you have some serious issues.

          • Lee Ann says:

            I’m a retired nurse. And even I love electronic records. When I go to a specialist, all of my previous charting is there for the doctor, all labs and xrays, etc. have records in the chart. My doctor in Sioux Falls gets as good of information in my chart as my family doctor here in Sheldon.

            Several years ago when Sheldon Hospital and Sr. CAre went onto electronic records and computer charting, we were hesitant to actually chart on a computer. We continued saving all records, nurses are horrible at shredding anything, as medical charts have always been written and everything kept in the chart. Finally they convinced all of us to do it their way, and it was great. One time the program for electronic records was down for maintenance, so they told us “just chart in the charts because you cannot get into records.” No way. We sat around all day and waited for the computer program to be ready. Its easier for everybody.

    • lilharley says:

      No the increase is not a lie. Our insurance went from being 100% employer paid to us having to pay 119.00 per week for coverage that is not as good as what we had before OBamaCare. So No I do not think that ObamaCare is a good thing.

  4. Rainbow says:

    When our economy fails as Greece, what’s the defense?
    As for insurance cost rising, it slowly raised prior, but when Obama care was being implemented it became unaffordable. Now my husband can’t retire because of a $1,000.00 month medical insurance premium expense. This is wrong!
    I have nothing further to say- it is what it is, a self centered uncaring,unskilled President who talks a good talk. We have a government that is out of control with spending. We the people deserve to have Government leadership that doesn’t make the rules and change them to justify poor leadership on their part.
    Wishing for a Mr. Regan in 2016!

    • iowaresident says:

      If your husband is retiring he will get medicade and he can buy a supplment. If hes paying a $1000.00 a month you are getting screwed. Thre is a insurance agent that is smiling and laughing all the way to the bank…..

      Nothing to say on the Executive Orders or constitution?

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