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Date posted - August 20, 2013

Seriously does anyone understand ObamaCare?  If so please explain it to us that don’t.

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77 Responses to “ObamaCare”

  1. rdw says:

    since the penalty for not carrying insurance is going to be much less than actually carrying health insurance most people who are content on going without health insurance are going to pay the penalty so therefore its just another tax in my opinion

    • Lee Ann says:

      I can’t wait until its fully implemented. some of it has started, kids on their parent’s insurance until 26, no pre existing conditions on children, and no cap on children’s benefits. Once the whole thing is in, anybody making less than double the poverty level can get medicaid., above that, to four times the poverty level, you can get subsidy assistance. you get a choice of ten or twelve different companies to pick from, our usual companies, but because of competition, they will be lowering cost. because anything less than 80% paid out in benefits must be returned to the customer, whether its an individual or a company that pays benefits. seniors will get help on buying medicines, and they get rid of the doughnut hole for seniors. Any of the health tests they have listed, such as colonscopes, bronchioscopes, mammograms, pap smears, men’s prostate exams, etc. will all be free. They encourage health benefits instead of sickness benefits, so hoping people can get help for their physical problems, such as weight, etc. so that they can be healthier, instead of getting diabetes, etc. And birth control will be covered for women going to the doctor or PP. It used to be that viagra was covered for men , but birth control was not always covered for women. They are all covered now. I think its good thing. A young healthy man of 22 may be able to get catastrophic coverage for less than $96. maybe much lower, depending on his income and the competition for healthy young people, Massachusetts loves their system, and this is based on the Mass system. The Conservatives wanting to defund Obamacare, why? so 300,000 people will not be covered by insurance? 44,000 will die from having no insurance? I think it is definitely time to have this health care.

      • Turbo Ted says:

        Don’t forget about the $2,800 tax (penalty) if you are a smoker. If both parents smoke, along a couple of their children (remember, they can stay on till age 26) the penalty would be $11,200 a year.

        Did you hear the one about UPS announcing it will drop 15,000 spouses off their insurance roles because of Obamacare?

      • Doug says:

        Let me guess, you still believe in Santa Claus too?

        • Ducky says:

          Doug, let me guess, you still believe the Earth is 5,000 years old.
          These are explained by the scientific, political, and other specialized groups who dedicate themselves in explaining how things work. You can’t just throw out the facts given to us by skilled researchers and substitute your own made up theories.

      • Johnboy says:

        Nothing is free……if you believe that you are drinking the kool-aid.

        • Lee Ann says:

          I never said I wanted it free. I said I wanted it FAIR.

          • Johnboy says:

            Read your post :quote”Any of the health tests they have listed, such as colonscopes, bronchioscopes, mammograms, pap smears, men’s prostate exams, etc. will all be free.” Somebody has to pay.

      • N says:

        let me guess, you are probably the gullible follower of the mass media who believes that everything is sugar coated and taste like rainbows? for all those who have health insurance we are getting ……. and its thanks to people like you who don’t read and don’t do research on this type on thing. its not good for anybody! those who don’t want health insurance aren’t going to get it anyways, it’ll just lead to higher taxes for those who want it. and we will be left to pick up the tab for the lazy asses who live off the government and don’t work so they can have insurance. I say its all BULL!

    • sheldonite says:

      the problem with that is they can not be refused emergency care even tho they decided not to be responsible. crash your car without insurance your out a car, but need medical care and those who have insurance cover you by paying inflated premiums.

      • 77Orab says:

        How can anyone expect to understnd it, when the people who wrote it call it a trainwreck!

        • Lee Ann says:

          They have said the same thing about social security and medicare in the past. The conservatives are still trying to privatize SS and MC on occasion.

          If someone has a major emergency, of course, we want them taken care of regardless of their ability to pay. But Romney and Ron Paul both said, “Hey, if you don’t have insurance, you’re in real trouble not receiving care.” And Ron Paul is a doctor! If we get the immigration reform bill passed, then the undocumented now can be put into the ACA so all of our health costs will decrease.

          I once worked for a major hospital chain and while hospitalized, I was charged $9 for a pain pill. Because I was an employee, when I went home, I got meds at cost. I got 40 pain meds for $4.00! I asked why the difference, “because the hospital has to pay for all of the uninsured coming here for care.”

          • 77Orab says:

            Lee Ann, if obamacare is such a good deal, why has congress and most unions been exempted from participating in it?

          • Turbo Ted says:

            Medicare is broke. Social Security is broke. the “War on Poverty” has not decreased poverty.

            If someone has a major emergency now they cannot be denied even if they don’t have insurance.

            Obamacare will make the costs go down? Not so as the premiums must reflect such things as your “Children” staying on Mommy and Daddies coverage up to age 26 along with all the other mandated coverage. Check out your cost of Obamacare at this link.


            Contrary to popular opinion not all can keep their present coverage. I have been informed I cannot keep my present plan as I have not had it long enough to be “Grandfathered”, and those that are allowed to keep their present plan cannot for the life of it change one jot or tittle without losing it and being forced into an exchange.

            What government program has ever came in on projections and not morphed into a monstrosity of epic proportions? Giving the government control of the health system of this country is just asking for prices to skyrocket and care to go down and be rationed. So much Kool Aid drinking while wearing rose colored glasses going on about Obamacare while spewing the company line.

          • Doug says:

            WHAT? “If we get the immigration reform bill passed, then the undocumented now can be put into the ACA so all of our health costs will decrease.”

            C’mon Lee Ann. Do you seriously believe your own posts?

  2. Ashshade says:

    I have not made up my mind if the dems want obamacare, or if they just put something out there that would blowup the healthcare system so they could just slip in a single payer system. I do think that it will blowup, what will come after is anybodies guess.

    obama told me my insurance would be cheaper, but wow did it go sky high. I’m the family that buys our own insurance – not through an employer. And as an added bonus, we get the blankedy blank IRS running the thing, I vote red so I might not have such a long life anymore.

    • Lee Ann says:

      In California and New York, that I know of, the registries have enough competition that the health insurance costs have dropped up to 32%. I don’t know when Iowa starts their registries, but I would expect similar savings. And if the insurance companies do not spend 80% on benefits, you will get the difference back, in a check or lower rates. Because we all know that up to now, 80% has not been paid in benefits.

      I wouldn’t even mind a single payer system. medicare for all. It could be done much simpler than what we are doing now with the ACA. WE could continue the health insurance companies as supplemental or cadillac plans. So the insurance companies would become smaller, but not fail.

      • Turbo Ted says:

        “Last week, the state of California claimed that its version of Obamacare’s health insurance exchange would actually reduce premiums. “These rates are way below the worst-case gloom-and-doom scenarios we have heard,” boasted Peter Lee, executive director of the California exchange. But the data that Lee released tells a different story: Obamacare, in fact, will increase individual-market premiums in California by as much as 146 percent.”

        “One of the most serious flaws with Obamacare is that its blizzard of regulations and mandates drives up the cost of insurance for people who buy it on their own.”

      • Todd says:

        Medicare is in serious financial trouble, I don’t think medicare for all would be a good concept. A majority of people I know in the healthcare system will tell you medicare is a mess. Furthermore, what most people don’t know is that with medicare you and your doctor have virtually no say in your care. If medicare doesn’t agree with you or your doctor, you simply don’t receive the care, PERIOD. They have complete control of your care, I for one do not enjoy that prospect in the least.

  3. Lee Ann says:

    Do you remember the first time Obama talked about the ACA? He said, “If you have insurance through your job or someplace else, and you like it, nothing will change. You will get the same benefits as the registry insurances that must provide the free diagnostic tests, such as mammograms, etc. ” So they still can keep their children until they are 26 on their policy. They get the diagnostic tests just like we will. What the ACA does is it allows someone who has to have insurance (due to pre existing conditions) the freedom to leave a job they hate and their insurance does not have to come from that employer. How many people have wanted to retire early? But they can’t because they have to have their insurance?

    The members of Congress are already on a registry of companies. Their only main benefit is their insurance is paid 100 % by us, instead of just paying half or something. When I worked for Colorado Department of Corrections, I found out that all of the public employees in Colorado are in a registry. They gave us a list of 10 companies, and listed their advantages and we picked which one was the best for our situation. That’s what the ACA is based on. That’s what Congress has already. So if they are happy with their employer’s insurance, they can keep it. The same with certain companies that pay a portion of their employee’s insurance. If you like it, keep it. If you don’t have insurance, its subsidized up to 4 times the poverty level, that’s a lot of money. If you make less than twice the poverty level, you get medicaid. That will cover MILLIONS of people that do not have insurance now.

    I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want the ACA. Aren’t we our brother’s keeper? I believe everyone deserves health care.

    • Ashshade says:

      I also believe everyone deserves health care, but I also believe that obama care is not the way to go. We need to look at why health care cost so much to start with.

      Tort reform. I know of a case in one of our local hospitals that a rash caused by tape used to hold an IV line in place is worth $50,000. The worst part is that the hospital thinks that its no big deal because they make these settlements all the time. The hospital in question spends big money every year on this. Sometimes it is needed, but 50k for a little rash, with no warning or prior problems, out of control!

      Same hospital, over 3 million in write offs. Illegals and others the just don’t care if they default on their bills. I know of a case where a young couple with insurance available to them through a job, for a very fair price, that they turned down. Had a baby at one of the local hospitals and told the billing dept. that they would not be paying the bill. Not because they couldn’t but just because they did not want to. They told the person our credit is crap, so who cares.

      The number of staff per doc is insane when you add the insurance companies in. There are entire departments at the local hospitals that just deal with insurance companies. I read an article about a town in OK that had a regular hospital and a cash only hospital. The cash only hospital (or doctors office, not quite a full hospital) was up to 75% cheaper on some procedures because of the lack of overhead. There are 6, 7, even 8 people employed per doc in the health care system, all making 30-40k plus bennies a year. You can cut that down to 3-4 without any trouble IF you streamline things. obama care does not streamline things.

      The only thing obama care does is to add more people that need to be paid to the equation that have to be paid – oh and more rules. My insurance jumped $150 a month already, yea $650 a month with a 5k deductable. Thanks obama.

    • TEE'D OFF says:

      Ya right…I have health insurance from my employer and it is going up…big budget cuts all because of obamacare

    • Dave says:

      President Obama said ““If you have insurance through your job or someplace else, and you like it, nothing will change.” That is not true. The HSA insurance I have through my employment notified us that our plan does not meet the requirements of the ACA so guess what…now my coverage will change – even though I was already covered – even though I liked the plan. So much for freedom!

      • Lee Ann says:

        Because your plan has to update to add the diagnostic tests covered by the ACA. Until Iowa gets a registry going, we don’t know what insurance will do. However, in other states, the cost has gone down.

        Of course, the diagnostics tests are not free. But they are free to the consumer. Because the insurance companies have added it in to their costs. And they are expecting with all of the new people coming in to insurance that they will be competitive.

        • Dave says:

          But the president said that if I had insurance & I liked it nothing would change – that was a lie – and guess what the insurance company just told us the price would go up this next year when the company updates the plan.

          I liked my insurance – my employer pays 100% for my coverage plus puts $100/month into the HSA account. Yes it is high deductible but that is ok – it saves me money. Now because of the ACA, my company is being forced to change this plan that all of thier employees agreed to when they were hired.

        • Mark says:

          Nothing is free! And if something is free that just means someone else is paying for it. That someone else is those of us who pay for our insurance.

        • Tim says:

          Lets be realistic Lee Ann…You KNOW insurance is going to go up under this plan. You just don’t want to admit it because you are a suporter of Obama. There is no way that anyone if they really thiink it thru would not agree it will go up. Use every explaination you want. it will go up. Blame iowa for not getting its act together with an exchange, that is not going to cut it., it still will not change. If the people that wrote the law, thought it was such a “savior” bill, why are they opting out of it?? Lets also be realistic, it is a law or plan so that those not willing to pay, get something AGAIN for nothing. That is not the American way. Someone else is going to pay the bill for those who don’t (ok you can use the excuse of can’t pay, I will not agree) want to pay for health care. There is absolutely no reason for someone who has no insurance claims to have increasing premiums of $1200 per year, other than they need to pay for freeloaders!!

    • Dave says:

      Why does everyone deserve healthcare? Let’s be realistic about this…If I agree to work for my boss for $10/hour and I work for one hour, then I deserve the $10. If everyone truly deserves healthcare, that means none of us should have to pay for it – we already earned it.
      I agree that it would be nice if doctors & nurses would willingly treat me for free, the drug companies would willingly give me the prescriptions for free and I could stay at a hospital for free. But I also know that isn’t possible – after all I want to get paid for the work I do, so why wouldn’t they want to get paid.

    • Don says:

      There is a difference between caring for your neighbor who worked hard and being taken advantage of your neighbor who’s done nothing to work. It’s losers out there that ruin it for those that may legitimately need it. If this ACA was not available losers it might be ok but that’s the whole point. Give the losers free stuff and they will herd to vote for you.

  4. Tom M says:

    Congress must be forced to live under the laws they pass, just as the rest of us do. Why do we pay them AND provide welfare to them? Obama care? No thanks, I’ll be responsible for my own healthcare and insurance. Its just another scam to take from responsible WORKING people and give it to those who refuse to be responsible for themselves and their families.

  5. Meets says:

    If everyone deserves health care, everyone should deserve (entilitment) to a free house, new car, private schools, and oh don’t forget the free cell phones!

    • Jon says:

      And everyone ‘deserves’ to keep everything they have and they have no obligation to their fellow man. And, the next time you get the flu, break a bone, get injured in a car accident, have a stroke, or maybe have to have your appendix removed, go ahead and tell me that health care belongs in the same category as cell phones and new cars. And lets not also forget that the idea is not that health care is “free,” but that it is affordable. Therein lies an enormous amount of difference, just as cell phones, cars, and houses are not FREE. I would say that people deserve to have shelter. That doesn’t mean that everyone gets free housing, but that they are able to find housing that they can afford based on their income, their work, or on formulas for those who are disabled or elderly. It isn’t about any of these things being free at all. However, I would say that access to affordable health care, food, clothing, and shelter is a value that ought to be central to what people in this country define as our relative success or failure as a nation. We ultimately are not defined by our wealth, but the way in which we take care of our citizens and the success we have in inculcating the value of work AND the needs of others as at the heart of what makes this nation great. We have too many people that forget one or the other of these values, and we are suffering for it.

      • Doug says:

        I think a lot more emphasis needs to be put on “inculcating the value of work ” Jon. There was a day, when being a “citizen”, was being someone who did not need to be “taken care of”.

        Helping those who have been struck by unforeseeable misfortune is something that few oppose. But that is fundamentally different from making dependency a way of life. When we go from a society that offers help to those who need it, to one in which the government tries to overcomes its citizens’ self-sufficiency, our national character has fundamentally changed.

  6. Doug says:

    ObamaCare is already a failed social/debt re-distribution program that is going to punish 85% of Americans who DID have health insurance, in order to provide insurance coverage for the 15% of Americans, who (for whatever reason) did not have insurance.

    Insurance premiums and treatment costs are already going up, and employers are cutting full time employee hours to part-time status, to avoid mandates requiring coverage for workers.

    Most of the 15% (living in the real world) that couldn’t afford insurance before, will not be able to under ObamaCare either, and the penalty is less anyway.

    ObamaCare is going to bankrupt the health care insurance system.

    When has the government ever managed anything with efficiency, ethics, or empathy? And don’t forget, the IRS will be driving the ambulance.

    But we can always hope…..

    • Doug says:

      Correction: “wealth-redistribution”.

      • rdw says:

        Obama care is going to deter some companies from hiring people full time. Can you liberals explain to me how this will help middle and lower class Americans? Aren’t they the one you care about?

        • Lee Ann says:

          The idea the ACA is based on is Massachusetts health care. And they are doing well, and people like it. And for everyone who says doctors and hospitals will start closing down, after the Boston Bombing, they had a wonderful emergency set up with several trauma centers close by and they did a wonderful job.

          In most industrialized countries, their health care costs are between 6 and 10% of their GDP, the US is about 18%. They’ve been trying to get a health system, whether private or corporation insurance for about 80 years. While I will agree that this ACA probably needs tweaking and a bit of changing around, at least its a start.

          • Dave says:

            I will agree that we in the United States spend more per person on health care than much of the rest of the world. But I would also submit that is our choice.
            First of all we are also at the top of obesity rates (our choice). We are at the top of chart for hours worked per person (on average we work 2 weeks longer per year than others). We also have more knee replacements per capita, more MRI units per capita, more CT scans than most, more c-sections than most etc, we also have higher litigation rates than moist countries.
            We do have lower hospital beds per capita – but we all want private rooms in hospitals – heaven forbid that we would have to share a room with someone else.
            We also have pretty fancy OB rooms with video cameras, couches, hardwood floors, recliners. And have you been in a newer hospital – artwork, big screen tvs, fancy architecture – heck I worked in one where each patient room had 3 special acoustic ceiling tiles that cost $55 each (compared to the rest that were probably <$1 each). Look at Sheldon – if you don't like Sanford, you have 6 others to pick from within a 45 min drive.

            I agree that our costs are super high, but let's face it we make more money than the rest of the world, we have a society that has bigger and more expensive cars than most folks have and we also probably spend more per capita for "master bedroom suites and man caves" – should the government (which really means us) provide those too?

    • Commenting says:

      This unaffordable Obama care is self-destructing already before it is implemented.

      • Jon says:

        Yes, and many state legislatures, governors, and congressmen have done all they can to make sure it fails. Heaven forbid anyone try to make the bill work as it’s supposed to or to make improvements to areas where it is lacking. No, because the American people do not deserve health care that is affordable. Medical care is a product to be purchased, not something that should be affordable for its citizens. A nations doesn’t have any responsibility to its people, and its people have no responsibility to their neighbors. It’s only about what I can afford, what I deserve, and what I get out of the deal. Everyone is right, there is an entitlement state in this country. It is all about selfishness. The guy who’s “irresponsible” doesn’t deserve even basic care that I deserve because I’m “responsible.” The guy who eats his weight in food “deserves” health care even though he doesn’t take care of himself in the slightest. It really is a paucity of responsibility and compassion that has gotten where we are. We are not responsible enough to take care of others, we are not responsible enough to take care of ourselves, and we think we are only responsible for me, myself, and I. A nation that loses its grasp on the community and all its citizens and how individuals are responsible both for themselves and for their neighbors is surely lost.

        • Doug says:

          Legislators work for the people don’t they? Well sometimes they do. And it seems to me, that there are a lot of people who never wanted ObamaCare in the first place, for a multitude of reasons. There is nothing in the Constitution that says the government is responsible for, or has any business being involved in our healthcare. The business of your healthcare, should be between you, and your doctor. Not between you, your doctor, and the government.

          You make it sound like it’s impossible for the average joe to have health insurance. With no special education, my family has had health insurance all of my adult life. And all we had to do to receive the benefit, is WORK. And that is something in this entitlement society, that some people think everyone else is supposed to do for them.

          At what point Jon, are you willing to draw the line and stop giving someone else’s tax dollars to the citizens. We already give phones, computers, food, welfare, and scholarships to “deserving” people. Is there anything people should have to “work” for?

  7. SW says:

    As if we didn’t know this topic would open a can of worms……

  8. FAA says:

    Can we do an informal poll here? Hit the like if you feel Obamacare is good for America
    and dislike if you feel it will be bad for our country. Remember, it’s not how it affects you
    but how it affects our country.

  9. casey says:

    This is just one more joke in his 8 year comedy tour. Not funny tho!

  10. Mom of 3 says:

    Whether a person/family does/ does not have insurance doesn’t change the fact that someone has to pay for the care, somehow. Current laws say a person presenting for emergency care must be provided care regardless of their ability to pay. Someone, somehow has to pay for that care. Maybe not the bulk of the bill, but revenue has to come from somewhere. Lack of preventative care makes that visit to the emergency room more difficult because chronic illnesses are not managed. You can complain about how much the doctors make, but they are educated to have the skills to care for you in that time of health crisis or health maintenance. If they weren’t there, or did a half ass job, there would be complaints about that. There are still nurses, aides, lab, radiology, and people who greet you at the door that have to be paid to be there to take care of you when you want or need that medical care. Health care is all about customer service these days. But then you want staff cut?? Nothing about healthcare is easy! Obama care has pros and cons. It is impossible to create a plan that serves all under all circumstances, AND makes everyone happy. Utopia!! I think we have to be conscious of ALL the aspects of the system.

  11. Lee Ann says:

    Hey, the person starting this thread wanted to know about Obamacare. I provided information. I didn’t do it to get 32 dislikes on a comment. That person wanted to know. Whether you like the information or not doesn’t matter to me. Its passed, approved by the Supreme Court, the IRS is going to help with part of it. And it is a law. Whether it works or not is subject to information and time working in the program. I didn’t comment to the thread starter to be the “person that knows it all” for Obamacare. We’ll find out whether it works or not. However, remember, they were this upset over Social security when it started too. Give it a chance. it has to be tweaked, I am sure. However, it IS the law of the land, we might as well accept it and work to improve it. Instead of trying to repeal it with no good ideas about what to replace it with.

    • rdw says:

      so therefore your admitting its too complex for anyone to know. Thats okay i understand the penalty for me to go without health insurance is going to be around $350 which is less than a one month premium on a policy so ill gladly pay it.

    • Chad says:

      it passed alright….without anyone reading it.

    • Ashshade says:

      Well, Lee Ann its up to 37 now.

      You put some facts in that may or may not be right. You put your thoughts into it. Then you shake it up and post it.

      Then you get upset when people down it. Are they downing the fact portion or your opinion portion?

      To me your facts look a little rosey, as well as your opinion. That’s why you get the downs.

      Oh, and just because a law has been passed, and signed, and gone through the Supreme Court does not mean that I have to like the law. And it does not mean that I can not try to change the law, or get it tossed into the trash where it belongs.

    • stopthehate says:

      Lee Ann Way to stand your ground with all the disrespect and hostility. I am impressed with your knowledge on the subject. While most belittle your position they aren’t providing any additional options for our current flawed system of health care. To address a previous comment, does everyone “deserve” FREE healthcare? Maybe not, but everyone deserves affordable health care. Having an injury or illness should not bankrupt people. Healthcare costs in this country are out of control and something needs to be done. Will the health care system proposed by President Obama be the answer? I don’t know, it seems too early to tell. I do know that something needs to change.

  12. rdw says:

    correction reluctantly not gladly

  13. 77Orab says:

    Delta announces they expect their cost to be 100 million to abide by obamacare, which means airfares go up. This is just the beginning, yea, that is fair?

    If you don’t fly, I guess?

  14. ranger says:

    All this from a system that cant control spending??? Look at what has happened with social security, fannie may, freddie mac….. Look at all the failures! Government should have NOTHING to do with health care period!!!!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING is free, and without a cost.

  15. ranger says:

    Oh, and if it’s so wonderful, why then is the president , the senate and house exempt???????

  16. Robert Keller says:

    When I have my semi-annual health check up at the V.A. Clinic in Spirit Lake on Friday, I will ask again how it affects those of us who have V.A. healthcare. The last time I was there, noone knew what will happen. If I have to get mandatory insurance, then I will probably have to give up my summer seasonal work of farm market income/winter seasonal work as a ski lift operator in California, and get a full time job which I have never needed.

  17. Harriet Oleson says:

    All of the refuse in Walnut Grove and Cottonwood County seem to be for this plan – especially if it covers the first 7 tattoos…

  18. rdw says:

    I have my doubts that the person who first posted the question knows anymore about obama care. Is it possible the liberals who wrote it wanted it so complex so the average citizen would never realize what a raw deal he or she is really getting?

  19. Scared for our future says:

    To the person who started this post. I don’t think anyone really knows how ObamaCare will work because at the Federal level they can’t even figure out all of the mandates and regulations. I heard they were sitting at some 20,000 pages of regulations and mandates. I think the fact they keep pushing it off is a clear sign that it’s not going to be good!
    I find it very sad to see things posted on here in context of “deserve”. What happened to working hard and making it on your own? Having government run health care is just another step at the government telling you how to live your life. I’m sorry, but I would like to think that I’m capable of making decisions about mine and my children’s lives without the government telling me how. Lee Ann seems to be a very out spoken person who is obviously a Democrat. My question is to you, Lee Ann, is how are you going to like your life when the government tells you to stop speaking your opinion, or where you have to work, or even better, which hospital and doctor you can see and even if you get the medical treatment you need. Maybe you need a knee replacement, but the wonderful health care that YOU voted for says nope sorry about that but we don’t think you really need it because you’re too old. You also seem really hung up about this “being able to keep your own insurance if you like it” thing. Yep, you sure can keep it…Until you make a change in your policy. For example, your 26 year old total dependent on mommy and daddy, turn 27 and is no longer on your policy…guess what? That’s a change and now you have to change your insurance. Have a baby…again it’s a change. How about get divorced or have a spouse die…right again. It’s a change and now you are out of options and get stuck on ObamaCare!

    YES, we need to de-fund ObamaCare! How in the world do people think this is going to get funded by an already struggling economy?? Hello, it’s going to take 10 years of taxes to pay for 6 years of benefits??? How does that work??? Wait, it doesn’t! Keep drinking the Kool-Aid people!!

  20. Turbo Ted says:

    As the liberal talking points on ObamaCare dictate, once ObamaCare is fully implemented, more people will contribute to the insurance pool and rates will stabilize and perhaps come down.

    Sounds nice in theory, but does it work in practice? Is this revealed as just a utopian fantasy not grounded in empirical evidence when we examine what has occurred in other nations?

    More at link.

    • Don says:

      This is heavily reliant on the age 18-24 years olds who are perfectly healthy and dont need insurance must buy in on Obamacare. The ironic part is these are the same people who expect everything to be freely given to them yet without their money to buy in it fails. Their money will thus be freely distributed to those not working for it all.

      • rdw says:

        it was the young people’s vote who elected Obama so maybe they are getting there due.

        • N says:

          i didnt vote for him, so why then am i being punished? please dont put all “young” people in the same boat. there are those of us out there who do research and dont believe what mainstream media tells us. in fact i know just as many older people who voted for obama as i do my age (below 30).

  21. FAA says:

    Lee Ann,
    I have to commend you on your knowledge of Obamacare. I would hate to debate you
    on this important piece of history and many others. Although I don’t always agree with you (but then what do I know) you are constantly learning. More of America could learn something from this.

  22. Todd says:

    Many current estimates show insurance premiums will more than double under this program. The penalty for not taking insurance is far less than the cost of premiums so those without insurance will continue without insurance which means they are still unlikely to visit physicians for preventative care. When they do see a physician, if they have a serious diagnosis, ie. cancer, they can then apply for insurance and the company must accept them (pre-existing conditions no longer apply). This means the insurance company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on care for a patient from whom they have never previously received a single premium payment. This monetary outlay MUST come from the rest of the insurance pool (that’s the rest of us). Furthermore, you must take into account the requirement of electronic medical records which greatly increases cost to physicians, hospitals, clinics and greatly increased documentation time thus decreasing time spent with patients and number of patients that can be seen in a day, thereby driving up costs per patient. Now add to that the current estimates of a 50,000 family practice doctor shortage over the next 5 years due to doctors retiring (some because they don’t want to deal with this mess) and med students avoiding family practice to go into more lucrative specialties and you have a VERY significant problem.

  23. Ducky says:

    Just as an American, don’t I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
    Doesn’t that mean I have the right to remain alive? Doesn’t that mean I have the right to pursue a healthy life to remain happy? The main role of any government is to protect its people. What better way to protect them than keeping them alive and happy?

    • Todd says:

      Ducky, you have the right to the “pursuit” of happiness. It is not the governments job to keep you happy. As far as keeping you alive, you have always had the right to medical care in case of emergency. Every ER in the country must by law provide critical care. How far do you want to take this pursuit of health and happiness. Some may feel the pursuit of a healthy life includes nutritonal supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathic or homeopathic care, etc. Should this all be included? You may not think these things are necessary but somebody else may feel they are integral for pursuit of a healthy life. How about whole natural food? Should government pay for that also? Should they provide free range chicken, organic produce, etc. to the population? How far do you want to go for the pursuit of a healthy life and what is that definition compared to someone elses definition? Why do so many people feel they need to rely on the government for everything. I would rather rely on myself.

      • Ducky says:

        No, just medical needs and exams. Needs that are either terminal or life changing. Cancer, broken bones, severe illnesses, organ failure, and life savings exams. Why would anyone object that anyone has the right to live and to live medically healthy.

        • Doug says:

          You have the right to go out and get a job with benefits that include health insurance. If you don’t want to work, why should the rest of us pay for your laziness? You are ultimately responsible for yourself and your family. It’s not impossible to find jobs with benefits. Try it.

          If you are unable to work, then we might have something to talk about.

          • Ducky says:

            What about a young adult who is too sick to work, frequent hospital visits, and barely able to leave the house. Not by choice, but by their severe illness? Should we push them to the curb and say, “Well, you ain’t workin’, you and gettin’ better.”?

  24. Ducky says:

    Who needs fairly priced health care when you have Jesus on your side?

    Oh wait? What? This just in, Jesus believed in healing the sick! And to my knowledge, he didn’t put them into debt for the rest of their lives?

    • Todd says:

      Ducky, I completely agree that in the scenario you presented we have a duty to take care of the individual. However, in the scenario you presented that individual would be eligible for Medicaid and disability and would be taken care of. We already have programs in place for just such situations.

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