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Oh, Deer

Date posted - February 14, 2013

Is anybody else tired of driving by the deteriorating deer that are littering the sides of the highways outside of Sheldon?

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15 Responses to “Oh, Deer”

  1. greg says:

    no. what are you talking about?

  2. Hank Rearden says:

    It could be construed as a metaphor as one drives into Sheldon.

  3. Doug says:

    Why are the deer are on the edge of town in the first place? Are landowners getting paid public dollars through CRP, or DNR conservation and wetland funds to provide wildlife habitat for their own personal gain?

    • Steve says:

      You could’nt be more wrong if you think the land owners are renting the land to the goverment for personal gain. The facts are that the land owners could make a heck of a lot more money if they farmed it or rented it to other farmer for going rental rates. If you think they are getting rich renting to the goverment, put you’re money were you’re mouth is and spend a million dollors of you’re money for the wildlife.

      • Tim says:

        I think the farmer should have a right to shoot any deer on his land. I have seen spots in a field up to 20 acres completely destroyed already. Who pays the farmer for that loss of production? Lets see now… 20 acres x 180 bushels…at todays price…you figure out the lose!

      • Doug says:

        So the land owners are creating habitat “for the wildlife”? There aren’t any other places for habitat, than on the edges of towns, on both sides of the highway, with animals dodging and getting killed by vehicles traveling at 60mph? When animals are splattered on the shoulder, how are they benefiting? They are a nuisance this close to town. When a deer goes through someone’s windshield & they get hurt, then it will matter.

        A million dollars?

    • Lee Ann says:

      On the North side of old HWY 60, I know a lot of deer try to cross there. The river is on one side of the HWY and lots of area to hide on the other side. WhenI used to work in Sibley when everybody used the old HWY60, many times I almost hit a deer that was trying to cross in the area near Hills park.

      I know in other states, the road people pick up carcasses laying by the road. But I’ve noticed quite a few animals that are there for a long time.

  4. Randy says:

    Stop and clean them up. Don’t want to? Neither does anyone else!

  5. Tom M says:

    Shhh! They’re sleeping.

    Iowa’s DNR utilizes some of the road kill deer in a program that places them at elevated feeding sites for bald and golden eagles. I know of one site just off Hwy 18 a few miles west of Spencer, and another east of the nature center SE of Sutherland. But the eagles can only eat so many deer. Hunters do our part to keep deer out of your car’s grill and onto the grill at home, but that is also limited. Roadkill just a part of life in America. If this offends sensibilities, feel free to organize The Greater Iowa Roadkill Cleanup Crew – but you may want to check with a DNR officer before removing a game animal carcass.

  6. Protective Mother says:

    Yes! My kids first noticed the dead carcass one morning and I didn’t have the heart to tell them the poor innocent creature was dead so I just said it was sleeping in hopes that it would be lawfully disposed of before we had to take that route again. You can imagine my horror when our second journey approached and the kids began to yell, mommy mommy that deer’s sleeping there again. The children began getting attached to the “sleeping” deer who they named Stan. Day after day they stared in bemusement at the fact that Stan could sleep so soundly, with its eyes open no less, next to traffic. Now the deer is beginning to get a giant hole in its gut! I’m debating about dressing in all black, taking my husband’s pickup, and under the cover of darkness, disposing of the creature myself. How else am I supposed to explain the gaping hole to my innocent babies who have grown so found of Stan? Of course after losing close to 20 pounds my black pants no longer fit me anymore and who can afford new ones in this economy….what a conundrum. I will be losing sleep tonight.

  7. Lee Ann says:

    This is sure a far cry from when I lived in upstate NY years ago. Everybody would hang their gutted deer in the front yard, from a tree, so all the neighbors could ooh and aah over the size of the deer, the antlers, etc. It was almost like getting in the car to go look at Christmas lights. Everybody would pile in the car to go drive around and look at the deer trophies. I guess that old saying is true, ” Don’t name something if you are going to eat it.” Of course, you’re not going to eat Stan, cough cough, but if you are humanizing a dead animal, you’re going to get into trouble over it sooner or later. LOL.

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