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Out of Town Business?

Date posted - May 8, 2014

I think it is wonderful that Sheldon city council has decided to dress up the downtown district. Now I hear that the committee is going to be purchasing flowers for the amenities out of town. What about supporting our local businesses? Shouldn’t we try to support them? When the city people don’t want to support our businesses, how can we expect the local people to support them?


Concerned Citizen

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7 Responses to “Out of Town Business?”

  1. biker says:

    Good point. I understand after all this discussion about planters, benches etc they approved the project for a savings of $10K?? Is that correct? Great, now can someone tell us where the flowers are coming from? I spoke with both nursery owners today, (may 8) and niether one said they have sold any to the town of sheldon. The one nursery admitted they have only been here or in the nursery business for 3 years and assumed the town was getting them there friendly neighbor on the west end of town. Ok, I bought a few things from them and left. I proceeded to the other nursery. He stated he has not sold the city of sheldon a single thing in a number of years. Ok, bought a few more flowers and left. So if iether place has not sold flowers to the city, who in my book are the true local business owners of this town, where have those flowers been purchased in the years past? I agree with concerned citizen above, if our city doens’t support our own how can we the people be lead by example and proceed elsewhere. Is this a council decision? OR is there some special committee? OR what? Assuming these flowers, benches etc are all paid for by the city, where is the accountability?

  2. Citizen XYZ says:

    You are incorrect, if you had watched the Council meeting, you would see that the Marketing committee stated that they get them at VNU.

  3. There is one very big green house in Sheldon thet was forgotten. The Village and I am pretty sure that is the business the city uses for their flowers

  4. Robert says:

    Have the new planters arrived yet? I would imagine the city wouldn’t go out and purchase flowers until the planters are in place. As for where plants were bought in past years, you can contact the city and I’m sure they will gladly tell you where they purchased the plants and how much they paid for them. I strongly support buying from local businesses, but honestly, sometimes our local businesses are so over priced that it is actually much cheaper to shop elsewhere, even when figuring the cost of gas into the equation.

    When buying flowers, I’m sure the city will try to get the biggest bang for their bucks. If you can get twice as many flowers elsewhere for the same amount of money, that may be a good reason why they would purchase flowers outside of Sheldon. I do feel that if the city is finding a cheaper price outside of Sheldon, I think the right thing to do would be to approach the businesses in Sheldon first and ask if they could match their competitor’s price.

  5. Followup Question says:

    What about the watering of those new flowers in those new planters and the water restrictions that are in place?

  6. interested says:

    Home depot, lowes and menards offer cheap flowers, dont water them, let them die, bring them back, they give you warrenty or in-store credit. Worth the drive.

  7. Jean says:

    Hey, the country thought they could save a few bucks by outsourcing my job to China. Now just look at how that turned out…

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