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Pay Back?

Date posted - January 3, 2013

I want to seriously ask some of those who voted for Obama how we as a nation can ever hope to payback a deficit of 16 trillion and climbing. In our “give me” society with almost half of the population not paying any federal income tax, how can we hope to pay down this debt? Raising taxes on the rich? Cut spending?
Your man was elected so what’s the plan?

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50 Responses to “Pay Back?”

  1. FYI says:

    there are one million millions in a trillion – times that by 16

  2. Hadaway says:

    Maybe we as tax payers should stop paying taxes in protest until our Gov’t starts working for us….instead of themselves. What are they gonna do…throw everyone in jail?

  3. Lee Ann says:

    First of all, Obama has spent far less than any of the other recent Presidents. He had a budget plan that cut 1.3 Trillion in spending and 1.3 Trillion in revenues from higher taxes on those making over $400,000. He wants to reform the tax laws, and get rid of some of the loopholes. If we can keep to that kind of idea and not have any more unpaid for wars, we should be able to cut the deficit a bit every year. That budget plan that cut 1.3 Trillion in spending and 1.3 Trillion in revenues was voted down by the Conservatives. While I agree that we need to do some reforming to entitlement programs, because there are always fraud and losses, the reason I am glad to see his 1.3 Trillion in revenues means that we don’t have to cut the programs that help older people, children and schools.

    • Rainbow says:

      When the government goes broke ( penniless) who do you think is going to help us? Our social programs, schools, and all needy people will suffer. If government reduces each of these programs and lets the local states and communities, assist where they have the means to we might be able to avoid being 100 percent broke as a country. If our country goes broke your money in the bank won’t be worth the 2 cents worth of paper it is printed on. Look out, world money system is on the way, and they don’t care about our social programs, schooling or the needy. It is all a game of power. So far government scores and the working man is at zero. When a Government care’s more for it’s programs and paycheck that they recieve, their free medical care that is not OBama care, a exspense credit card to use while they are on duty, but use for personl use – something is wrong, do these same government employees care if you have a home, a job or the means of being a tax paying citizen, nope they don’t until they have spent all our tax dollars. Funny thing is many that voted for OBama depend on his programs! Many don’t even pay taxes , but rely on us tax payers for their next meal. I agree mankind needs to help the less fortunate, but does not mankind have a responsibility to help himself too? For us to continue on this path of governent destruction is a path to the end of the USA as we know it. We already have lost to right to declare english our language of our Country, We already have lost the right to proclaim our faith of God and we already have proclaimed that our Government is right because they say so. So for those of you who believe in the way the system is now, be cautious, because the time is coming and soon, when life will be harder then we ever have seen. You might even complain then, but no one will care it will be a doggy dog world and if you think crime has become bad now, just wait till you offer a kind deed to someone in need and you are the victim. We need a government that will make needed cuts and we need citizens to accept these cuts and work harder at making their own lives better. Free isn’t always free, there is a price and it may very well be our freedom.

    • Doug says:

      You’re 3 times over the legal limit on the Obama Koolaid.

      Spending was down 1.7% in fiscal year 2010, up 4.0% in 2011, was projected to be up 1.2% for 2012. I haven’t found the real unbiased number for 2012 yet, but I think it’s safe to say that Obama is not going to fall in the “spent far less than any of the other recent Presidents” category.

      And the budget is not going to shrink with Obama costs looming.


      I am curious about where you get your facts? Especially the information about any budgets that Obama has proposed. As far as I know he has only ever proposed one budget which went to the Democratic-controlled Senate first. It did not receive a single vote. In his first two years, he could have had anything he wanted, but all his focus was on Obamacare, which would have never been passed by Republicans.
      Which budget proposals are you speaking of?

      • Lee Ann says:

        There is a bill sitting in filibuster in the Senate with 1.3 T in cuts, and 1.3 T in revenue. McConnell didn’t allow it to go through. he had sent a budget to to the House every year, CBO has stated it will save 4 T in 10 years. and the House voted it down. He cannot do anything without the approval of congress, especially anything to do with budget or taxes.

        • SMALLBIZOWNER says:

          I understand obama has plenty off spending bills,I was talking about a budget (look the word up). If you spend $2 T more then you take in every year,and have a plan to cut $4 T over ten years,how many years does it take to get to 0?

  4. Chicken Strips says:

    Lol. If only you saw the corporate “give-me’s”. Turn off the Fox!!!

    • Rainbow says:

      Stop and think, most corporate officers and companies in the USA pay not only their normal taxes, but they also pay a corporate tax, this is in addition to regular tax rates. Without Corporate america, we would not have job’s some with great benifits. Even if corporations paid 50 % tax it would never meet our government needs and many more would be out of work.We have such a small amount of Americans paying taxes, taxing more on them will end up costing us more jobs. People complained about rate the Mic Romney paid for personal taxes, but did anyone ever think that he also paid capitol gains and corporate taxes in addition to OUR REGULAR tax rates. It is not a rep or a dem problem it is a American problem. There also the fact that many prior cabinet persons choose by OBama in his first term, were delinquient in their federal taxes. Number one law should be, you can not represent our people with a government position unless your taxes are paid. Without government decreasing their dependance on our tax revenue to balance our finances and to continue to act like they have the right to a UNBALANCED checkbook we will be facing a complete melt down of our country. If we as individuals continued to spend money we did not have ,we would be jailed for theft.

      • Chicken Strips says:

        Too many words. Condense. I read the first two sentences and thumbs-downed your paragraph. Just because you use more words doesn’t make you any more right (you’re not)!

      • Lee Ann says:

        If a company is incorporated, then any pay anyone takes is an expense, just like it is with any workers. Because the corporation is a person, you know. lol. So the officers of the corporation take a payroll check, and pay their regular payroll taxes just like all of us. The corporation is separate from the officers, and takes all payroll, even of their officers, as an expense. Corporations pay taxes only on clear profit. And there are so many loop holes, that many (most) corporations pay very little in taxes. That is what I am hoping they will work on–tax reform.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I think that calling the rich, the “Job creators” is a crock. We are the job creators. Supply and demand. If there are 400 people camping out wanting to buy a new product when the doors open, you can just bet that company will be hiring more people to make this product. When the middle class and the poor are doing well, they spend more money, people buy, goods are manufactured.

        Back in the 1950s, the economy was doing well, people were buying, having babyboomer babies, the tax rate on business was 95%, and it didn’t hamper growth at all.

        Historically, through out our entire history, the rich control about 55% of all money. right now, the rich control 96% of all the money in this country. No wonder we cannot get going, the rest of us are trying to circulate 4%.

        • Tim says:

          I am not going to debate your figures Lee Ann, but may I ask you something. The way I see what those who want everything equal and fair, is that they want to see no “rich” and no “poor” and no “middle”. Everyone on an equal basis. Am I correct? And if you say I am correct…then our country is on the right track as of 2013 and the current administration, with its policy of “spread the wealth around” is what you will like. But is that not a definition of a socialist society?
          A person who believes in an equal and communally beneficial system of government. Someone who supports such ideas as:
          *Public Health-care
          *Regulated economic market (no monopolies- therefore more selection for the public)
          *A smaller rich/poor divide.
          *a generally higher tax rate in exchange for high quality public services and transport etc.

          I thought our country was on a capitalist theory: capitalism, economic system based on private ownership of the means of production, in which personal profit can be acquired through investment of capital and employment of labor.
          Do you really want to punish someone for being succesfull?
          If we must have some kind of tax, I am all for a national sales tax, now tell me how that would not be fair? If you have the ability to buy, you pay your tax then..same for everyone. Help me understand?

          • Lee Ann says:

            1. I support single payer health care, I believe it is a right, not just for people that can afford it. 2. A well regulated banking system, Bring back Glass/Steagal regulations. 3. I would like to see the historically regular % of 55% held by the rich, and 45% to circulate. That has been that way for 200 years. 4. I am willing to pay more in taxes to have a form of medicare for all type health care system. I believe the utilities should be nationalized into a non profit system. But I believe capitalism is good for our country and like to see more and more businesses coming into being in this slower economy. I think the more business and the more manufacturing, the better. Why would I want to punish someone because they are successful? Regulation in business and banking is not a criminal sentence. It is also a protection for the smaller businesses, remember FDIC? That wasn’t for the banks, it was for small business. A national sales tax, they have in Canada, which pays for their single payer health care. One sales tax for the govt. and one sales tax for the health care. And the Canadians like it. However, If we increase sales taxes on everybody, the very poor would have more difficulties than they have now. If we added a tax of 10%, that would be similar to inflation of 10% to the poor and lower middle class.

        • Chicken Strips says:

          Regarding your first two sentences, I have always said the same as well. I tried explaining it to an in-debt Republican friend at election time. He refused to listen and thus unable to grasp the concept. An epidemic following up to the highest Republican; my reason for leaving the party!!!!!!

  5. HA says:

    Fair enough, I would like the same answer out of the people you voted the republicans into congress….

    No one has the correct answer. Tax cuts on the rich did not solve anything since they were enacted under Bush. So why is everyone afraid of taking that away. Props to Bush for trying something but it did not work. He is human and so is Obama. Once those tax cuts started there was almost an immediate deficit. Most of the people that are upset don’t even understand the difference corporate income tax and tax on the top 1%… One affects jobs and the other affects the toys the CEO’s can buy and write off. A top 1% person in many cases pays less percentage of a tax then the average small business owner.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I would even support a two tiered tax table for the rich. For people who actually own something that makes a product, a real manufacturing job, etc. a lower tax, and tax breaks for their business, if it was in the US. And for the idle rich, who make nothing of value, a higher tax. A good example would be RMT, which actually makes a product that is used on another product (big hydraulic trucks, etc. ) they make things. they hire people. I would support a smaller tax schedule for them. but for someone living off of dividends and interest, a higher tax. Because they are not working and doing something, they are vacationing all the time.

  6. frankie V says:

    237 or so years ago Americans fought for “INDEPENDENCE”. Our country’s greatest product today seems to be “DEPENDENTS”. My ancestors came to the US to seek greater opportunities and made a go of it by farming and then onto other interests, but they worked for what the have. Too many of our citizens are deprived of one of the greatest rewards there is in life “the self satisfaction derived from achieving your own success in life” because handouts are too easily obtained. Maybe we are getting closer to needing another fight for independence again–this time it would be independence from our own government and the supporters of the current system.

    • Lee Ann says:

      You are assuming that all of the people on unemployment, welfare and food stamps are just happy campers sitting there doing nothing, getting their money for nothing. there are a whole bunch of people that have struggled and struggled, day after day, unable to get past the “paycheck to paycheck” life. My family struggled throughout my lifetime. My Dad’s favorite saying was, “We can always sell the shotgun.” lol. sure, there is a good feeling of accomplishment when one succeeds in life. However, with the standard of living falling and people struggling more and more, I think your idea that all of these slackin’ freeloaders are just happy to accept giveaways. Sure, there will always be poor, that don’t even know how to break away from poverty. But in this time in history, coming out of the biggest recession in 80 years, I am willing to bet there are far more struggling families out there, living as carefully as they can, working two jobs, just to get by, rather than the slackers accepting handouts.

      • n says:

        but how does raising taxes and the cost of living help those living paycheck to paycheck? it doesn’t. all it does is make more and more people dependent on the government for money; which is hardly worth anything. We need to stop relying on the government for handouts and start our own recovery by relying on ourselves, friends, and neighbors like this country was built on. it sickens me to see how others money is spent by those who are on welfare and government assistance

  7. Nope says:

    Um actually Obama spent twice as much in 4 years as Bush did in 8. Check your facts.

  8. HA says:

    There is a problem with housing, food stamps, and other assistance. Even the people that abuse it agree and in many cases brag about abusing it. I know a few people right here in Sheldon that do and we are no longer friends because of it. I still voted for Obama. Having Democratic views does not mean “looking for a handout” …. The wars don’t cost money? The trillions spent on congresses perks and retirements don’t cost money?

    Democrats don’t always want free handouts and programs that give give and give. They want good education systems, law enforcement, fire fighters, affordable health care, equality, I could go on…. As soon as I say equality people yell “OH NO, they want free money.” SHUT UP AND LISTEN…. I want that guy on Wall street who makes 1.5 million per year to pay 15.3% income tax just like me while I make 20 thousand per year, even if I am male, female, black, white, young, or old…. It doesn’t matter…

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Most hard-working INDEPENDENT folks in NW IA have no idea how many “conservative” Republican people are on ALL SORTS of government assistance/hand-outs. It’s not all city-dwelling Democrats!!!!!

    • Lee Ann says:

      Here’s a link for you:

      Conservatives that say Progressives want something for free . No, I don’t want anything for free, I want it fair. I pay payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, medicare taxes, etc. I am certainly not asking for something for free. However, I am willing to pay more in taxes so that my neighbors can have health care at an affordable rate. Here in Sheldon, the taxpayers voted a long time ago that our taxes pay for children’s book fees , etc. in school. ALL children in school in Sheldon. I think that is great. I am willing to have a better safety net for the poor so that they can actually try to get a step up to help themselves.

      • Doug says:

        The Communist Party USA’s self described agenda, is often confused with progressive Democrats, far to the left of constitutionally limited government and sane tax policy

    • HA What? says:

      You want the wall Street Guy to pay 15.3%?
      Do you think that will be more then he is currently paying or less?
      Do a little research and you will find he is paying close to 50%

      • HA says:

        Yes, I stand corrected… I did have to do a fact check on the IRS website. The average person on payroll making one million per year will or was paying about 29 percent on average, the top 400 filers paid 18.1%… Everyone else was between 11% and 20%….

        The wall street guy to which I refer pays less then 15% capital gains tax…. The tax system is messed up just as bad as the assistance programs but the point to my posts was to point out the views of Democrats.

        Right now the word Democrat means “the 47%” “the worthless” “the idiots” “the uneducated” “the free loaders” Want me to continue…. Ever since the election I’ve heard it all.

    • MrRight says:

      Wow, I cannot like this post enough. Absolutely correct. Thank you!

  9. I.M.Disgusted says:

    I was taught “Charity begins at home”. It is obvious, none of the Middle East countries want us there. They just want our financial support. Let’s close the purse strings overseas and administer to the people in this country first. Another thing, why is the US the only country providing ships and military support to protect the oil coming from the same countries that despise us? China, who uses a fair amount of oil, is not providing any help. Maybe it is time to just stop the nonesense and concentrate on the oil and resources we have right here and let someone else be the world police and be the open checkbook for other countries.
    Bring back our jobs from foreign countries, and once again, people will be working and contributing to the tax roles. I am also a believer in the Fair Tax. It does not penalize people from making massive amounts of money. You just pay on what you spend. So, even if you are here in this country working illegally, you will still pay tax on what you buy. No more income tax.
    In any case, I can’t help but feel sorry for our children and grandchildren for the mess we have gotten ourselves into.

    • Old ORAB says:

      China does provide Military assistance in exchange for natural resources. Southern Sudan is an excellent example. The “People’s” Army provides weapons and training that were utilized in Darfur. The Russians do the same as seen in Syria. Oil is $ and $ is power. Who do you trust to control that power?

  10. Facts says:

    Medicaid spends more than five times as much on each senior in long-term care as it does on each poor child, and even more per person on the disabled in long-term care. About one third of all Medicaid spending is spent on nursing home care, these elderly people are not “looking for a handout”, think before you talk. Do you intimately know the finances of all the elderly people in your own family? It may be your own relative you are trying to kick to the street!

  11. Rean says:

    Plain and simple, folks need to take care of their own. The family unit in the US has disintegrated. Used to be many generations lived in one home. The grandparents were taken care of, and watched out for the grandchildren, while the parents did the hard, physical labor.

    • Facts says:

      What century are you talking about, certainly not this one. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the grandparents you were talking about were probably in their 50’s and died in their 60’s. They certainly were not the 80 -100 plus year old age group that now populate our nursing homes. Many of the nursing home residents have children who are already retired and certainly in no shape to be taking care of their parents. Because of the many wonderful services available (many funded by medicare and medicaid) people stay in their own homes longer and by the time they enter a nursing facility they are in need of specialized care by skilled caregivers. They are certainly not capable of doing childcare. I guess you spend very little time in nursing homes.

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Kind of hard to do all that when upwards of 60% of all of the straight-folks’ marriages end in divorce. Humble thyself!

      • Rean says:

        Humble Thyself? How is my statement arrogant?

        An average generations is 30 years. So it’s safe to say that 4 generations can assist each other in a family.

        Yeah…I’ve been in nursing homes. What type of specialized care are you referring to?

        • Chicken Strips says:

          I never mentioned anything about specialized healthcare. “Humble thyself” is in regards to the straight-world’s despicable divorce rate! The family unit is a disgrace, courtesy of STRAIGHT-FOLKS and their proud ways! And they have the nerve to attempt to block gays from marrying???? To blame societal degradation on homosexuals???? Pathetic!

  12. frankie V says:

    In reply to no particular reply/comment. We could do well to get beyond the Democrat/Republican debate–I equate that to second grade behavior. We are all Americans and we all have a problem “we are going broke soon if we do not change some spending habits”. Our supposed leadership in Washington has taken us down a very unsustainable path. Are there really any “LEADERS” in Washington? We spent over $6 Billion on the recent election and look what we got. WOW are we ever stupid. It really does not matter who won the election (any of them) we spent our money very poorly–America should be ashamed. Less than a month later we are back to the “same-old, same-old second grade bickering”. Do you know of anyone who was not so unbelievably disgusted with the election ads by election day? How about we let national elections spend a specific amount of money–say $100 Million each side. It would take a “great” Leader and Manager to make the most of that amount of money. It would also allow the general population to fairly/equally assess what kind of money manager and leader we are electing. How many people do you know that “DREAD” election season anymore?

    On the religion issue. I previously was a member of the U.S. Jaycees. We concluded every one of our meetings by reciting the Jaycee Creed. The last line was “The belief in God gives meaning and purpose to human life”. Can you think of a more profound statement to guide a believer.

    As for Health Care. How about we turn it into a system similar to our Utility system in America. It is everywhere and is managed to be sustainable with limited profit margins and fulfills the needs of about everyone. We do not need the $100,000,000 facilities for probably 75% of all the health care needs the general population has. (Sure we can have specialized “regional” facilities for the special procedures–but you have to pay for the special services). We just need access for a reasonable price. I am a true believer that access to insurance is not what is wrong with our system it is the unbelievable prices we are charged. People are actually fearful of getting sick due to the extreme financial hardship it will put on their family–maybe that is by design. More fear causes more health problems which causes more fear ….. The U.S. Health system is the only ecomonic private sector business that I know of that is run by the supply side of the supply/demand economic model. If we allow the system to keep increasing prices–they will. As for Medicare/Medicaid why are there not limits per person? How about a means test for deductibles? If you believe in God do you really think he intended for us to spend unlimited $$$ on keeping every newborn with severe problems alive? There are just so many things in America today that we feel like we can tolerate or fix or make go away by throwing money at it–in years gone by we called it LIFE.

  13. Doug says:

    In response to the original poster, the plan is…exactly how Obama wanted it to be. Can it get better? Not until the socialist agenda, is recognized for what it is. I doubt most Obama supporters have the stomach to watch this video in it’s entirety.

    After watching, you won’t wonder why the Russian news outlet Pravda published an opinion column Monday, warning USA: ‘Never Give Up Your Guns’.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I watched about half of it. I have a real, honest question for you. Do you really believe all of this? If you do, you should check out the John Birch Society, because this is their idea too. The JBS believed that Dwight D. Eisenhower was a communist spy and that fluoride was brainwashing our children.

      The Koch brother’s Dad was one of the founding members of the JBS. the JBS went underground when William Buckley brought their ideas to light and explained what they are saying. Then the JBS went back underground, and I believe the Tea Party is the new JBS.

  14. Lee Ann says:

    I fail to understand why the Conservatives in this country are screaming “Socialist” at President Obama. He is a Centrist, he is actually to the right of Nixon and Eisenhower. Check it out.

    As for everybody saying, “never give up your guns.” who is asking you to? Obama actually increased places you could wear a legal gun, such as in federal parks. We’ve gone around and around about gun laws on this forum. Nobody has said anything about giving up one’s guns. Unless you have high capacity magazines in your closet.

    • Doug says:

      Let me get this straight. You watched that video, and fail to understand why people call him a socialist. Really? Seriously? I don’t think you watched it. There are undisputed comments in that video, by representatives of your own state.

      Have you read about the gun legislation that’s been introduced already this week?

      • Lee Ann says:

        Well, I watched half of it. That was enough for me. I actually didn’t get to any part where they are calling Obama a Socialist. and they got their facts wrong on the scale of different economic systems, faschism is on the extreme right, not the extreme left. Faschism is Conservatism gone wrong. Just as Communism is the other extreme on the left.

        The only reason the German Socialist party was Hitler’s party, is because before he came to power, he , as a nobody, joined the German Socialist party. they were the most popular party in Germany. he then methodically got rid of all the socialists (slightly left of Democrats), and took over the Socialist party. But he wasn’t actually a Socialist he was A Faschist, which is far right. That’s why the Communists so hated the Nazis. they are opposite extremes. I think either extreme is bad, and horrible for the people in that country. Any of the middle are okay, people find it acceptable to live in the centrist countries.

  15. Tim says:

    As I read all the responses from the original writer of this op-ed, I find it interesting that those who try to answer his questions, either try to blame some one else, or or seem to take serious offence to even asking the questions he asked. He wanted to know how we as Americans expect to pay this debt. I somewhat hear oh raising taxes on the rich will do it, it is fair. He also asked the question, Cut Spending. I may have missed it, but for those defending Mr. Obama, did they mention anything about cutting our spending, I don’t think I saw it. The original writer is correct, we are in a “give me society”.

    Doug this is for you: I watched the entire 1 hr and 30 min video. If a person watching that video does not come away with soooo many questions, he in my opinion, is not American. Who is this man that we elected? Very powerful with lots of indisputable evidence. WOW.

  16. Say What? says:

    This went from Paying back the deficit to Gun control? Can we keep one topic in one thread and not hijack another?

    • Lee Ann says:

      Obama offered a bill that was 1.3T in cuts, and 1.3T in revenue. The GOP turned it down, refused to even vote on it. Obama admits that there are lots of places we can cut out waste, etc. If they would get politics out of it, and sit down and discuss what is best for our country, maybe they could get something done.

      Ronald Reagan said a lot of times that Social security is off the table.. Medicaid has already had a lot of cuts in the past couple of weeks. We could start buying meds like the VA, buy the lowest bidder. and what’s left? Defense? Let’s start cutting that, getting rid of bayonets and cavalry, and make it a lean smarter machine. But the GOP doesn’t want to do that. We can already kill the entire world 14 times. But they insist we need more for defense.

  17. Jerry says:

    First off LeeAnn has way to much free time. Second answer for taxes two words FLAT TAX. Third gun control is a stupid idea who will protect the honest law abiding citizens here in NW Iowa you don’t understand how easy it is to buy illegal guns move to Chicago and you will find out anything is for sale if you have enough money.

    • Tim says:

      Jerry, Look at the 2nd amendment this way. If you don’t want to call it your right to bear arms…call it your right to protect yourself and your family any way you can!!

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