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Pay the Debt

Date posted - October 14, 2013

President Obama has rejected all compromise proposals offered by the House Republicans. He wants an 8% annual increase in the rate of government spending and no changes in Obamacare. To meet his demands Congress will have to raise the Debt Limit more than $1 Trillion every year. Obamacare is a factor because it substitutes bureaucratic calculation for consumer values in decision-making about how $16 Trillion dollars of healthcare funds are spent. Politically-connected businesses already get contracts and waivers; while Obamacare regulations make other businesses less competitive or profitable. Government will have to pay for healthcare, adding $ Trillions to the Debt. We will have an inflationary yet stagnant economy that will not generate enough tax revenues to fund government operations, benefits or debt payments. We will go into default. Everyone who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution has a duty to maintain the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government. Every official serves the Constitution, not the president. The $19 Billion in interest and the $67 Billion in Social Security and $68 Billion in pensions benefits can easily be paid with the $350 Billion in revenues the government takes in each month. Require all office holders to fulfill their Constitutional duty to pay government’s creditors. If the Democrats vote against paying the debt and beneficiaries take the issue to the Supreme Court.


Michael McCarthy

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38 Responses to “Pay the Debt”

  1. Free Ride says:

    We already took this issue to the Supreme Court and they did not strike down the Affordable Care Act they upheld the law. It passed all three checks and balances. Like it or not it is the law of the land. Put a clean spending bill up to vote and stop trying to go in a round about way to defund something you don’t like. If you don’t like the congress that does nothing and is still collecting a paycheck during the government shutdown impose term limits on congressional office and get rid of the career politicians. And when it comes to the Debt Ceiling President Reagan raised it 18 times & George W. Bush did it seven times.

    • Lyonman says:

      If it is the “law of the land” as you say then why did the President get to “change” the law by postponing part of it for one year? He needs the individual mandate for ACA to survive and the corporate sign ups can wait that’s why. We all must follow the “law of the land” but not our own President is that what you really mean?

    • Doug says:

      While the law itself may have been legal, how it arrived there is questionable.

      What you and the mainstream media won’t talk about, is that the language in the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act originally passed in the House, was stripped out and completly rewritten as a different law by Harry Reid and his accomplices in the Senate. Then it was renamed the Affordable Care Act.

      The Constitution of the United States charges the House of Representatives with the responsibility to oversee the spending of this country, which was circumvented by this procedural variance. I don’t believe the law was challenged on this technicality at the Supreme Court level.

      The Framers of the Constitution didn’t include just one form of checks and balances in the document, and the power to fund the ACA has come back around to the House of Representatives who are refusing to fund it. They are fulfilling their duty to “maintain the full faith and credit” of these United States, and now you cry foul. Never mind that they were cheated out of their duty by the Dem-controlled Senate in the first place.

      Had the re-written bill gone back to the House as it should have, it never would have passed and made it to the president’s pen.

      Since the makeup of the House is subject to change every two years, the will of the people is more closely REPRESENTATED by that branch of Congress. And the will of the majority of Americans, is that Obamacare be re-written, or repealed.

      As far as the debt ceiling, this president has made NO good-faith effort to spend one less dime year-to-year during his presidency. If there is one true source of default on our debt, it’s Barack Obama. All he would have had to do, is try to spend less, and he won’t.

      Mr Transparancy can’t even live with his own 2006 statements:

      • Lee Ann says:

        The reason our President put the individual mandate in the ACA was because the individual mandate idea came from the Heritage Foundation, and Obama figured that the Republicans would like the idea better. It was actually a compromise, because the Republicans had been saying we needed an individual mandate so everyone would be in the ACA pool. However, once the Republicans found out about it being in the ACA, they began to yell that it was unconstitutional and horrible. It was the Heritage Foundation ‘s idea! That was one of the reasons it has been so difficult to get a health care bill passed through—–because the Republicans have wanted an individual mandate for years.

        • Doug says:

          It’s typical of your Talking Points to leave out the details of the type insurance suggested by the mandate then (catastrophic), and now (comprehensive), the costs associated with those two vastly different types of insurance, and the method of enforcing participation.

          So long as you can get “Republicans” and “fault” in the same post, fuzzy details don’t seem to matter.

        • ha what says:

          As a former Republican I have to wonder what your post is trying to add to this conversation. The only reason the Republicans get any votes at all anymore is because they are the farthest to the Right on the political spectrum among the choices we have. The Republican Party of today has moved way too far to the left. And that is why the party is split. I am sure that you have noticed all the “thumbs down” under your posts. You live in area where most people are well to the Right of the “TEA Party” that the media has done such a terrific job of trying to vilify.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I wanna know how America can get itself into more debt. It’s time to CUT spending. Obamacare will do NOTHING but harm to the US. America cannot afford any more debt. It’s high time to stop spending money that we don’t have.

  3. Bob says:

    If we want to cut the deficit, then we better look at a fairer tax system.

    We decided our economic priorities and now we have to pay for them. ACA is not the only priority, nor is it the most expensive priority. If we don’t want to raise taxes, and if we want a quick deficit reduction then we better look at ending Social Security (how would you like that, Baby Boomers?) or our expensive military campaigns for the War on Terror.

    • Free Man says:

      But the Social Security Trust Fund is safe and secure in a “Government Lockbox”. Al Gore said so and he would never lie, so there is no need to get rid of it.

      If we don’t get rid of Obamacare premiums will rise dramatically for the 18-35 year old healthy young people. How do you like that Gen X and Gen Y, you will be paying higher premiums to pay for the old geezer boomers.

      • Lyonman says:

        Exactly. That is precisely the reason the President can’t delay this individual sign-up like he did the corporate sign up. If he can’t get the healthy gen x and gen y folks he knows ACA is dead in the water because it will cost much much too much for everyone else. So what does he do BREAKS THE LAW and delays corporate sign ups then he must go all the way to default of interest on our debt because his legacy crumbles without gen x and gen y sign ups. I’m no Tea Party person and I say take this thing as far as the President wants. Maybe then our country will truly realize how much trouble we’re in as far as debt is concerned.

        • Bob says:

          Where is the evidence to prove that premiums will rise on ACA? We do not know the effects of when more individuals start getting into the insurance pool — I understand that since more risk will be spread among a larger group of insured individuals that the insurance premiums will decrease.

          Most of your post is based on speculation and has no merit.

          As far as the debt is concerned, what is your solution? Cut funding on everything as soon as possible? How detrimental would that be to our economy (the world’s largest) if we were to stop funding a majority of the programs that keep this economic engine moving? I think you are too worried about debt and not looking at the purpose of running a deficit to keep things running in our economy. Once we get out of this Great Recession, then I think it would be more appropriately to focus on reducing our deficits which in turn would decrease our debt.

          But seriously, what are your solutions? What are going to cut? How are you going to pay down our debt?

          • Tim says:

            You really think ACA will lower premiums?
            Second, one way to cut our budget is to stop stupid stuff like adding a 3 billion dollar earmark to a critical bill…Republican, or Democrat…it needs to stop!! Politics at its worst!!

          • Free Man says:

            I just received a letter from Wellmark today that states I may keep my current plan through Dec. 30, 2014.

            It also said this;

            “In addition to extending your plan, the only increase to your premium will be an adjustment to account for the new federal fees and taxes required by The Affordable Care Act (ACA).”

            My premium is going up $38.40 per month to reflect these new federal fees and taxes required by the ACA. I can’t wait till the end of 2014 to see how high they go with all the coverage I don’t need or want that is mandated by the ACA (ObamaRobertscare).

        • Tim says:

          Free Man..
          I think everyone got their premium notice from Wellmark today…ours, contrary to what I have been so reassured by my freinds who support Mr. Obama, just took an annual increase of $756.00 per year. The reason Wellmark said…”is an adjustment to account for the new federal fees and taxes required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)”
          So…..those who want to brag about how much the ACA will lower premiums….come pay my increase!!!

          • LazloTu says:

            You might do well to challenge your insurance company re: increased premiums; I’m of the belief that insurance companies are over-reacting to the ACA rules.
            You my also do well to rethink the info from your earlier link, a far-right website giving dubious interpretation of the ACA.
            What does seem to be true is that the States opposed to the ACA (a law in place for some time now) are the least prepared to respond effectively to the residents. Conversely, other States have done the homework and have been able to effectively set up a ‘registry’ to accommodate applicants.
            Perhaps you would consider broadening your research and seeking assistance from your State’s resource list; unless, of course, you’d rather continue your rant against those not in your circle.

    • Dug says:

      And don’t forget the war on Pot(which would be a positive economic stimulus)…

      • Doug says:

        Just what we need….more impaired people to live, work, and drive with.

        • Ducky says:

          Actually, nations around the globe that have legalized/decriminalized marijuana have found a decrease in the number of smokers. Take alcohol, for instance. The death rate from alcohol (whether poisoning or car accidents) is lower in countries where there are fewer laws on drinking. In Germany, fewer teens die from alcohol because hardly any teen binge drinks. Kids here in the US binge drink because a) it’s “cool” and b) they don’t get many opportunities to drink, so they go all in for the maximum fun. In other nations, it’s just any other beverage.

          But what’s the difference between the prohibition between alcohol and the prohibition of marijuana? Regardless that it was illegal, people still produced it, sold it, and consumed it. Yes, alcohol has it’s purposes in the practical field, but only a few ranging from killing bacteria, numbing pain, and bio-fuel. Cannabis and Hemp can create strong ropes, clothing, bio-fuel, building materials, MEDICINES, lotions, paper, insulation, and more. In the days of yesterday, alcohol was only allowed in religious ceremonies and prescribed by a doctor. Today, a handful of states have medical marijuana, similar to prohibition.

          To be honest, I’d rather put up with a stoner than a drunk. Drunks can be violent or creepy. Stoners can be distracted by squeaky toys.

        • Lee Ann says:

          Surprise, the people driving after smoking pot, the irresponsible smokers and drinkers have always been driving while impaired. They don’t seem to care that its illegal, they are the people we have always had to watch out for. People have been smoking pot all along, even tho it IS illegal. Meth and crack are illegal, will hopefully always be illegal, but people are still cooking the stuff in their homes and vans. They will do so whether or not its legal. There are a whole lot of people out there that do illegal things. they didn’t stop because it was illegal. They continue on. I doubt that everybody is going to go out and buy ounces of marijuana even if it becomes legal. And the people that do smoke MJ are hopefully responsible enough to have a designated driver, just like drinkers should.

          • Doug says:

            Pretty much like criminals and guns eh? Criminals are always going to get guns, and the rest of us get the laws.

  4. Tim says:

    This morning MSNBC did a story on how Mrs Obama’s White house garden was going to weeds and nothing was being picked, peppers and tomatoes and all her veggies were going to waste!! Why you ask? Because the Republicans and the Tea Party shut down the gov’t. And her ‘gardeners’ must have been non -essential. Give me a break, Mrs. Obama, get off the high horse and go to your garden with your primadona daughters and start weeding and harvesting YOUR garden like the rest of us. What a huge story for MSNBC!!! WOW.

    • Murray says:

      I wonder if Michelle is doing the cooking and laundry now too. Doubt it!

    • Tim says:

      Oh My Goodness: MSNBC News Flash:….Because the Republicans and the Tea Party have shut down the gov’t, there is now “No Soup of the Day” they are having leftover Turkey Chili. Wow. Another fantastic news story!!!

      • Ducky says:

        Any more ridiculous stories like that and they might as well change their name to “Fox News”. But seriously? If you’re going to bash MSNBC for it’s “ridiculous” stories, why not also bash what Fox News has been saying for the past couple of weeks?

  5. Free Man says:

    This puts things into a much better perspective.

    * U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000 – Two Trillion, one hundred and seventy billion.
    * Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000 – Three Trillion, eight hundred and twenty billion.
    * New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000 – One Trillion, six hundred and fifty billion.
    * National debt: $14,271,000,000,000 – Fourteen Trillion, two hundred and seventy one billion.
    * Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000 – Thirty eight billion, five hundred million.

    Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

    * Annual family income: $21,700
    * Money the family spent: $38,200
    * New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    * Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    * Total budget cuts so far: $38.50

    Got It ?????

    • Jcs says:

      It sickens me to see these numbers,but I like the way you broke it down. You
      can’t make to much clearer than that.

    • Lyonman says:

      Wow!!! Incredibly great way of explaining our dilemma. Very very scary situation. It’s obvious that a bankrupt USA is not far down the road or perhaps we already are and we (USA) and our creditors (China etc.) just don’t know it yet. Is the GIANT bubble called the U.S. economy ready to burst?

    • Tim says:

      Free Man, Exellent example.
      What financial condition would your family be in with this example?? Would you tell your spouse and kids, hey we just can’t get ‘that’ this year? Or perhaps tell them, ‘hey we just can’t take that trip to Wonderworld this year. Or would you just keep going out and buying and spending anyway? What would that do to your credit rating? So, what do we tell our gov’t thru our elected officials? Do you tell them to go ahead and spend, or do you send them to Washington to try to curb spending and an out of control gov’t?
      Oh BTW…How’s that “Hope and Change” working out?

    • Ducky says:

      What is especially disturbing is that the government doesn’t even try to save money. You will see government contracts that pay $15 dollars for a half inch bolt. Every congressmen and women have a continental breakfast on Capitol Hill with $16 dollar muffins. Sure, there are big expensive programs or projects that could get cut to save money, but the little stuff adds up. And when you spend 2 trillion dollars, imagine how much could be saved if the government just bargained a little on every purchase. People without money tend to use coupons; so why doesn’t the government?

      • Jcs says:

        Dad always said if you watch the little dollars, the big dollars will take care of themselves.

      • Free Man says:

        The reason that bolt costs $15 is because of the traceability and the paperwork that goes along with documenting every step of the manufacturing process, from digging the oar out of the ground to the final inspection of the finished bolt. A ten cent bolt will not cut it on a multi million dollar fighter jet or heavy lift rocket. Now if we are talking about a $15 bolt for a government fleet vehicle we have a problem.

        • Ducky says:

          As someone who is entering engineering and design, I’m well aware of the cage code system. For the people who might not know what a cage code is: A cage code is basically a tracking number system. Very similar to how you might track a package you purchased from Amazon or Ebay, but a little more in depth.
          But these bolts (and other contracts) have a sticker price of 15 dollars from the manufacturer. I can’t help but think some manufacturers try to sap as much money as possible from government contracts to an insane degree. But what’s worse is that the government doesn’t even try to bargain shop anymore. The government does have very strict regulations and requirements, but this is ridiculous. I can understand from 50 cents a bolt to a dollar extra for the manufacturing processes, but Cage code system should NOT be that costly per bolt. Sometimes a bolt is only a bolt. They all get lazily thrown into a drawer in the end anyways.

  6. outsider looking in says:

    What an awesome breakdown, Free man! That should get everyones attention. I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat or Republicrat. The bottom line is we are ALL American. From all the passion spoken in hatred against each other, it is obvious we all still care about our country. So stop the mud slinging, neither side is without fault, because the government didn’t get this deep into debt overnight. Yes, there is many examples from each party of things done wrong, we get that. How about some responibility on everyones part, a good look at the situation and coming to a realization that this can not continue. We are in a deep mud pit, and instead of trying to find a way out, we are all just fighting at the bottom, blaming each other for falling in.

  7. Free Man says:

    Hurray! The House just passed a “Clean” continuing resolution that contained an earmark that pays the widow of multi-millionaire Frank Lautenburg (who’s family net worth is $116,000,000.00) $174,000.00 and another earmark giving $2,000,000,000.00 to Kentucky for a Water Project.

    Thank You Mitch McConnel and all the rest of the “Adults” who passed this “Clean” continuing resolution.

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