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Paying It Forward – Try It

Date posted - September 17, 2013

Have you ever thought about ‘Paying it Forward’? One simple gesture of kindness can brighten someone’s day in a way you’d never know. Here are some simple, easy ways to ‘Pay it Forward’.


-simple smile and a hello

-holding the door for anyone

-paying for someone’s food at a restaurant/drive thru

-paying for someone’s gas

-donating clothes/food/blood

-helping a person with their groceries to their car

-leaving a nice note on someone’s car windshield

-mow someone’s yard/help with house work

-buying two of something and giving one away

-handing out flowers to random people

-visiting elders at a home/playing cards with them



Don’t focus so much on the negative around you. Open your eyes and see the good in people/things. Life is so much more enjoyable if you enjoy it. Be happy and spread happiness to others; it’s the only way to be. Anymore ideas on how to Pay it Forward? Let’s share!

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10 Responses to “Paying It Forward – Try It”

  1. 77Orab says:

    I try and carry a extra $20 in my wallet and when I see a young couple with small children or an elderly couple in a restaurant, i ask the waitress to apply it tho their bill.

    I always ask to not be identified or acknowledged.

    • The waitress says:

      Thanks for the tip

      • Dug(the Dog) says:

        Yep, good job Waitress…that’s just the kind of thinking to have, right? WRONG!!!!!! Either you have no conscience or you are just that mean. Somebody tries to do something nice for someone else and that’s really what you would do to them(both parties)? That’s really cool!!! NOT!! Personally, I’ve been burnt a few times that I’ve tried to do a random act of kindness, but you know what? At least I’ve tried and I will continue to keep doing those random acts of kindness because that’s what we are supposed to do…be kind to your neighbor. I would have to say that, personally, when I see someone, no matter where I am, I smile and say Hello or Hi and it generally gets a positive response and if I can make one person smile in a day, then it’s a good day!!! Instead of having a cynical mind, try stepping out on faith and be nice to somebody today and see the results!!!! Remember, in the immortal words of somebody famous, “We’re all in this together”…

      • Sarcasm meter says:

        I read you waitress.

    • Murray says:

      Someone anonymously paid for my Mom’s breakfast one morning at a local cafe. She speaks of it often. Thank you!

  2. Lee Ann says:

    My Dad was always one to see a homeless person on the street and swing through the local fast food place, whether McDs or Arbys, etc. And buy a big burger and a cup of coffee and giving it to the homeless person. They were always slightly surprised but very appreciative, especially in the cold winters.

    I once had a woman in Walmart search all over the store for what I was wanting to buy, finally finding it after searching for about a half an hour. I emailed the main office, who sent it down to Sioux Center store. They were so pleased that I had emailed, they added an additional 50 dollars to her check that week. I found that if you email with compliments for their staff, as well as criticisms for poor service, the stores are very appreciative of your info. So if I get good service, extra service, I always let them know. they get very few complimentary letters about their staff.

    These are just little things. Being a nurse, I always seem to be around when little old ladies need help getting in their car, etc. The more we can do for each other, the better our world will be.

    • BVP says:

      I was at McDonald’s one day during my lunch break. I had a little wait, not bad. The gal who took my order was polite and quick. I received my food and it was “good”. All in all I had a very nice experience. So, before I left I walked up to the counter and a gal came over to me asked if she could help me and I had asked to talk to the manager. It was so funny because I swear, everyone in line stopped talking and stood in silence. Even the gal who took my order turned silent and I could see her eyes shift in my direction. I told the manager that I very much enjoyed the quick and excellent service and the food was really good and then I said thank you. The manager had a look of surprise and said thank you for letting her know and she said she would pass on my comments. I left with such a satisfying feeling just knowing that it’s obvious they don’t receive the thank you’s all that often, if at all. Kudos to Sheldon’s McDonalds!

      GREAT POST!! :)

      • J E says:

        An unhappy customer will tell everyone they know about their bad experience. A happy customer might tell just a few. Everyone likes to hear that they did a good job, thank you for being one of those that points out the positive.

      • debra weber says:

        the lady at the mcdonalds window gave me $1 too much change. I returned it to the manager at the 2nd window. she looked surprised.
        only a $1 you say… felt awesome to me!

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