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Pet Owners, Please Be Considerate

Date posted - July 25, 2014

Let’s be kind when walking the pets, to other Sheldon residents.  Please use a leash. It is not very thoughtful to let your pets have the run of the street, side walks and yards other then your own, when walking your pet.  Some of us have our own pets trained to stay within the boundaries of their own yard, but a dog being walked without a leash is asking for problems. It would be really nice to avoid any altercations of pets.

Also please have your pets restrain from going potty in other peoples yards or carry a doggy bag and clean up.  Just a little pet thoughtfulness would be so appreciated.

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6 Responses to “Pet Owners, Please Be Considerate”

  1. biker says:

    I agree. I have a dog, but stays inside all the time except when its time. There a guy that walks his black lab every morning. Useing the school grounds as a bathroom for the dog. Well, lets say when watching my grandson this summer play ball, look before you sit. Yes there are alot of dogs running the school but I live by the school, I watch this guy and his black lab walk every morning and use the school grounds as is own bathroom. The cemetary is also not a place to let the pet run, to many gooy mis-steps I have had going to visit the grave site. Just not nice washing my shoes off before I get into the car.

    • country gal at heart says:

      Thank you Biker Bob. I also see a guy and his big white dog use the school field by the middle school as his dog’s bathroom. This happens on a regular bases as well as letting his dog bite holes in the garbage bags along the sidewalks when it is dark out and he thinks no one sees him. There are also a few who use the cemetery for the dog and dogs as their bathroom. This is really disrespectful. I guess they have no one buried there to know how others feel about this. Common sense to me. Simple respect for others and their property is not hard. A little goes a long way.

      • Kizzy says:

        I have a dog and always use a baggie while walking her when there is a
        need. What bothers me are the people who think it’s okay for their dog
        to use our yard for a bathroom and not think they need to pick it up
        because we have a dog! We have small children and our yard is picked
        up daily as we enjoy being outside. It is disrespectful to see people
        not pick up after their pet when it is not their yard.


  2. Neighbor says:

    Another issue I see in my neighborhood with dogs is barking. When owners leave their dogs outside please pay attention to when they are barking. I hate nothing more than when my wife and I are sitting in the backyard relaxing and a dog starts barking which at that point we go inside because it wont stop.

  3. Citizen says:

    Witnessed it today. Walking the bike trail by the school and watch out …..right on the trail. Meet this guy with a large white dog and he really didn’t care. Then he heads off across the newly plowed ball fields, walks through the nursery, all while I watch his dog pee on half dozen bushes and walks off. I am thinking of talking to the nursery owners and maybe talk to this guy because I know him, lives close to the schools and really makes me angry.

  4. Kenny says:

    Just because you see someone walking their dog and carrying a bag doesn’t mean they use it. Saw ,on multiple occasions, people letting there dog go and then move on still with an empty bag. People, we see you even in early morning hours especially!